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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Unorthodox because I doubt anyone would agree that I'm going about it in the right way. I help people sell their homes at the best market value in the best time frame for the market and I help buyers find the homes of their new homes! I try to do meaningful work and my best every time. I believe in sharing what I learn and know with others. I help people to help other people raise money for charities, lifelong student, proud husband, Dad. Programmer, aspiring writer and builder of things people hopefully find useful.

I perform in public spaces to help bring live music into the urban context. I document these experiences in my video series The Inspiration Project. I coax poetry into cloth from leaves and flowers, the earth is my printing plate and time is the press. I write what I can pull out of this mess of a brain and hope that someone somewhere will find coherence in that.

Now Project

Evolving to Civilization 2. By day I manage web development projects and by night I take photos and tinker with analog tools. I sing and make music for anyone who will listen and help others to do the same. Babble on about vim and various programming topics and read about them twice as much.

The Clock and Library Projects

I work to enable people to use technology effectively. More succinctly and generically : I do what is needed when it is needed. I help give life to creative things that need to be, but sometimes I just make bad ideas happen. I write software to pay the bills so that I can go on adventures and inspire others to do the same through photography and storytelling. I want to make great things while building and maintaining wonderful relationships. I help entrepreneur to reach their goal s and audience s with their websites. I help people align short-term actions with the long-term vision they have for their lives.

Right now, I work on email campaigns for putting butts in seats for the performing arts as my main gig. I am first and foremost a storyteller, and I use narratives to help transportation agencies find ways to better serve their community, whether through operational consulting or technology. I make art, daydream, and help you to be undeniable by untangling online marketing and business. I'm a heart-led, people-driven creative who can't sit still while the world feels wrong.

I'm a Technical Leader with a passion for building software that help others in profound, meaningful ways. Using my "Strength Finder" traits: I create, strategize, maximize, adapt and communicate. I help people identify what they want from their lives and find the courage to live it. I help unconventional executives develop the mindset and practice habits of the world's most wise and compassionate leaders. I solve problems using design, writing and code to make the world a little bit better. I live fully in the present moment, communicate sincerely and share strategies and techniques for how to design and live a meaningful life.

I Write a code which helps million of people across the globe. Also, keeps the backend oiled and running in Crowdfire. I help people and companies build and sell things online, while better understanding the internet and how it works. I love helping entrepreneurs survive and thrive at building their teams and businesses.

Michael Chabon on Long Now

Teach regular people - translating the usual audio tech jargon - how to record professional sounding audio from home, getting the best quality from even the cheapest gear. I try to learn, and try harder to remember, and try hardest to apply, in business, and in life. I help people become the musicians they always wanted to be, by putting their heart, head and hands in creative and technical alignment.

I am working to build a strong, loving and enduring relationship with my love one. I break down difficult concepts and explain them in ways that are engaging, instructive, and fun. I'm a progressive rock songwriter writing about broken people looking for hope. I entertain people. I try to do this in a way that also fulfills me on an emotional and physical level. I help people think, talk, read, and write about the most important decisions in their lives.

I bring ideas to life that make this world a better or at least more fun place to live in. I help energy utilities run their energy-efficiency programs more effectively. I reflect life through music and spoken word with my right brain, and I do analytical work as an Oracle DBA with my left brain.

There's always purpose, humour and wisdom in everything I do. From cartoons, logos, websites to business solutions. I help B2B membership organizations develop premium pricing and benefit structures in order to deliver more value to members. I help people figure out how to build better relationships and build better businesses to build better people. I try to build human understanding, community and shared purpose in this world through music. I help small businesses grow by maintaining consistency in their online marketing efforts. I learn about technology. I build software systems.

I build learning cultures. I raise my kids. I write thriller novels with a supernatural edge, and I help people who want to write. I help others craft and tell better stories, whether that's with my business Osborne Strategies, LLC or my project for big families Above Average: The podcast for big families. I help leaders and companies overwhelmed by information overload develop clarity through mindfulness training to be fully present and aware, work smarter not harder for ideal life-work balance.

I design and develop software for teaching people computing and technology skills. I constantly grow as an educator and look for the opportunities to make connections that will lead to a better future in education. I bring business owners together to share stories that help each other, especially around reinventing ourselves. I create products for introverts, help teachers teach better, and show people how to travel for free.

I make products for a living, and I like to document my discoveries and publish them on my blog. I help online businesses get more orders, sales, subscribers, leads, customers, and conversions by writing or improving their direct response copy using the latest behavioral and psychological persuasion strategies. What's not to like? I figure out things I don't understand, share the results with others, and build the things I wish existed. I create songs, images and healing experiences, in order to uplift the human spirit and shine a light into the darkness.

I teach, write and podcast about how to practice yoga and live life in a more fulfilling way. I help business leaders and owners to do less, yet achieve better business results, while living a vital and fulfilling personal life. I interweave my passion for and experience in both the creative and business sides of the music industry to help musicians and songwriters. I am a generalist. I sit between different disciplines and people, all required to make software and business happen, and facilitate getting things done. I am company sensei. I optimize repetitions and forms. Also, I help them to find their spirit.

I take sights, sounds, and stories and cram them into little chunks of time. Ideally, to the delight of others. I play gigs with various projects locally,do studio jobs,compose, teach students to play piano and to understand music. I write and record songs, ride an exercise bike and keep living spaces hygienic. I help people bring the world to their kitchens with recipes for food, peace, and community.

I write health and wellness content for organizations and I develop workplace meditation online courses and books.

I coach product teams on how to use user research and experimentation to make better product decisions. I tackle problems and turn into solutions. I solve problems programming mainly focusing on maintainability and on the fact that needs, technology and problems evolve through time. My personal motto is "don't propagate evilness". Build self-sustaining companies, fly airplanes, travel the world and take photographs, scuba dive in remote locations - and I like long walks on the beach. I share knowledge about better lifestyle choices and distribute food that helps make them.

I also write about whatever excites me. I help people master their habits, optimize their performance, and take control of their health and happiness. I help people who don't fit into the lifestyle create products and services that help people. I write, act and direct to express myself and move people, and I help others to do the same. Ram Dass said, "We're all just walking each other home" and I am creating a virtual 'home' for disenfranchised, unemployed Baby Boomers by crowdsourcing a movement.

I make cool stuff that makes my life easier, mostly websites, and I try to live a good life. I design and develop websites, apps, and identities for organizations all over the world. I help small businesses fix productivity leaks, expand operations and generally level-up. I teach up and coming piano students how to play while I perform myself for the enjoyment of others and in church music ministry as well as arrange, compose and record my own music. I draw portraits of people and pets with character, and cartoons about the state of the world.

Lean methods teacher. I challenge conventional wisdom to find ways to do things more efficiently, simply, and beautifully. I design and build websites, software products and things with microcontrollers. I engage with the world around me, I love the art of clear language, I tell stories, and I travel.

Beside working for clients I'm also creating my own software projects. I create paintings, combining the vocabulary of Pop Art with an Italian Renaissance sensibility. I study how international NGOs work in authoritarian countries and make beautiful academic books. I juggle words and family; write science fiction, fantasy, and mystery; and educate people on the proper use of semicolons.

I draw inspiration from personal adventures to create writing and videos for people intrigued by a nomadic, intentional lifestyle. I make user experience jokes and help businesses build products that show they understand their customers. I make sure chemicals play nice with each other, create music apps for underrepresented markets, and make interactive learning tools. Find top stories on cleantech matters, give them to writers and write some myself, edit articles on these topics, and engage socially around these topics.

I work hard, not only to improve myself, but those around me. Occasionally I turn those experiences into stories and books. I use stories to help people travel responsibly and unlock their curiosity about the world. An earth rider. I think of myself as a steward of my own life and anything I touch. Respect the past but don't dwell in it.

Somehow, raising awareness and funding to find a cure for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex has become a huge part of what I do. What else is there? I've spend 22 years invested in the complexities and challenges of understanding how to give these offspring their best chance in life.

In the meantime, it's become a calling. Running and writing are vehicles to spread the message, any message really but particularly sharing the revelations of the path and process. I write great software and interesting stories, capture beautiful pictures, and teach technology that makes a difference. I'm an advocate of good user experience and get all 'grrrr' about stupid, meaningless posturing! I ask "Why not? I create events and learning experiences to connect and inspire people around topics that matter.

I collect inspiring words of wisdom and life lessons, and share them with the world. I help people become aware of their unique knowledge and then broadcast it to the world. I'm building a startup and investing in other smarter people that are building theirs.

I interview trailblazers so others can learn from their wisdom and write about whatever's on my mind. Other times I write and take photographs. I'm a master at time management. Working an average of 70 hours a week while raising 4 smart responsible kids. I help businesses enter and operate business in Hong Kong and China through my agency, as well as free blog, podcast, and videos. I help international students learn English so that they can attend college in the U.

I work hard, ship stuff and try to be a reasonable sort of a person along the way. I can take a person into a spiritual experience by hugging them.


I also make natural, organic, edible beauty products. I write feature stories about the wild world that is North America for an international audience and help other stories look their best. I make connections. I act as a conduit for positive change. I collaborate on storytelling at conferences, events and with filmmakers.

I work hard to show the world the power of student voice and that all things nerdy are actually beneficial to society. I write strange songs while bashing pianos. Sometimes I pretend to be different people. I write books about wine and outer space, and build websites about wine, technology and toys. I help individuals focus on relationships, meaningful work, and creative projects by using the tools of photography and writing.

People wanting to feel better, behave more efficiently, stop limiting beliefs come see me. I teach a repertoire of techniques that work really well. As a hobby, I give free hypnotic orgasms to people I meet because everyone deserves to feel good! I help people build and preserve wealth, while side-gigging in sustainable ecology.

I document what goes on behind closed doors Oxford, to help people understand more the work that goes on in the day-to-day. I use sound to think through ideas related to mental health, perception and subjective experience. The results are both beautiful and disquieting. I create theatrical enterprises that nurture artists, entertain audiences and connect both to each other. I inspire people to live young, live passionately and live with heart for ultimate enjoyment of life. I program applications mostly for the web while savoring the excitements and struggles of coding.

I lead teams to build things. More than anything else getting groups to ship is my talent. I wish it was guitar and singing, but it's not. I help hospitals with their Electronic Medical Record implementation, taking care of their HL7 interfaces. I tell stories about random things that interest me, in a visual format. Also I eat a lot. I help people make better products on the web or in print, using my ninja-like design and writing skills. I want to blow people's minds by taking a different look at everything I do.

I am hiring! I join the fight against malware and ransomware every day. I mentor software engineers and engineering students. I also publish a tiny weekly newsletter called Six Bullet Sunday, which helps people grow personally and professionally. I travel the world on my own terms, pushing boundaries while being nice to every person I meet. I show people that less can be more, intention is the best starting point and that there is beauty in white space. In a world inundated with images I am working to create my own signature technique to capture my world perspective, and then I write about my experiments and thoughts.

I create useful things for people who want to build profitable online businesses. I photograph couples in love and provide them a very personal and down to earth experience. I help people discover ways to optimize their health, while trying to manage a busy life. I turn complicated and jumbled thoughts into words and stories so that other people can understand them. I live to entertain and delight. Through meaningful stories presented in compelling ways, I help people spread their message. I tell travel tales of dodderin' derring-do - inspiring others to likewise slap on a backpack at any age and follow their dreams.

I make the complicated simple by thinking like the user, crafting beautiful interfaces, and stitching it together in a way that thoughtfully works. I help businesses grow by connecting them with the best growth experts online. I help people realize the hidden power within all of us to lean into the journey of starting over in life. I work with publishers to improve their revenue. Someday I'll be a radio host. I solve technical problems in creative ways from small satellites to app development. We are focused on living a life focused on happiness, travel and adventure I read the best blogs to people on my podcast "Optimal Living Daily.

I write software. Specifically web software and anything to support Judo events. I am a writer who sketches with an ink pen. I inspire people to leave their own paper trail of pictures and words. I am also a mom of six learning to live a debt-free, simple, pared-down life. I photograph things. I design things. Mostly, I love helping others create their own things. I try to have helping conversations with people. And I share the ideas and practices that are dear to me with colleagues.

I create theatrical events that make people laugh and learn. Currently also developing and participating in a "Rogue MFA". I'm passionate about making products on the web that millions of people use on a daily basis. I help create things that don't exist, document those that do, and improve those that need change.

I help develop intuitive software for ambitious business owners, and write about the new world of work for women. Just trying to leave things better than I found them and smile in the process. I designs interaction for creatives, and solutions with a wide impact on society. I design to: prototype possibilities, simplify complexities and bring the future a little closer. I help non-technical people use the computers in their lives to maximum effect.

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I uphold the sacred obligation of schools, introducing things to kids that they don't yet know they love. I educate people about email marketing and design so that we can all move past the spam. I add more joy, and delight, and understanding to the world with the power of imagery. I teach entrepreneurs how to collaborate, build self managed teams, and be better leaders.

I help people identify, develop, and credential digital skills. That often involves change management and helping organisations work in a more agile way. I bring together theories on psychology of time and creativity and develop interventions that fuel the innovative processes and change. I travel with my wife and son. Professionally, I help membership grow beyond stagnation. Design resilient self regenerating human habitats - from small gardens to urban spaces and beyond. I tell stories and teach writers how to reach their maximum authenticity and originality in their writing.

I create stories from the experiences of myself and others, and put them into songs. I help people get productive with my apps and I teach programmers to craft better software. I create music Folkwave style , teach musicians how to be entrepreneurs, and travel a lot!

So you want to be a mindfulness teacher

I make photographs and help other photographers learn and do more with theirs creativity and business. I help businesses achieve their goals through custom WordPress implementations. I write code and use technology to help people lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

I am a freelance focus puller and camera operator working on primarily long-form narrative projects ie. I sing at beautiful places and events to make them even more wonderful, and also make them memorable through photographs and writings. I'm a "content guy. I lead companies to leverage content marketing and storytelling to attack obstacles and stand out from the masses. I teach people how to code, then help them start professional freelance careers.

I explore London through iPhone photography and share the best locations for a photo of this city. I resolve to make lives less iffy and way more spiffy through bold, minimal visual dopeness. I help people make better sense of the world, through my writing, my design, and my directions to lost strangers on the street who inevitably ask me.

I am working on continuing to learn new things, getting healthier, having a successful retirement. I code, design, teach, speak in public, and try my best to give you my fullest attention. Helping people achieve mental and emotional wellbeing and accomplish great things in life. I look for solutions to problems. It doesn't matter if they're mine or yours.

I want to fix it. I design, code, and write with a focus on simplicity, usefulness, and delight. I help the financial media community reach more people with their positive money message. I write fiction with poetry, music, and philosophy as my primary inspirations. I do all kinds of things related to marketing and to pool billiards. And I write more and more. Design experiences that delight, reduce friction in people's lives and increase success. I lead a team of software engineers improving Google's geo data infrastructure. Trying to be a great dad who made the world better through those I touched and influenced.

I share how I leverage and monetize my expertise online so I can enjoy fatherhood and achieve ultimate freedom. I sell digital products, run an online puzzle community, and specialize in internet marketing.

About - The Long Now

I design and make leather goods and patterns for others to make leather goods. I combine comedy with mental health, science and life experience to amuse and help people where possible. I'm a diagnostician, and I solve problems by connecting the dots that others overlook. I write about productivity, personal development, and living a meaningful life. I help professionals brainstorm and turn their ideas into an action plan to start their dream business, one step at a time. I read books to distill the key learnings and share them with people that don't want to read the whole book themselves.

Doing my internship in Mexico and working on projects from branding to interaction design. A teacher and content developer, helping people find freedom and happiness in life. I am, what the cool kids call, a multipod, which means I do more than one thing. I paint pictures. I write books. I make images. I podcast. I take photographs. I write music. The artists in residence are invited to prepare a site specific project. Each project will be built along with the Atla s now curatorial team and with the local community, and the artist will use only local material and labor to carry out the work to encourage the principles of microeconomics.

The territory, through the widespread presence of the Museum and the growing of the professional skills of the instructors, will result in an increase in turistic opportunities, through parameters of great ethical and ecological value and wider cultural significance. In the future we will prepare an application form, but now, due to the complexity of the territory where we are working, we are research directly for artists with work and attitude fit for the project.

In the meantime we will review any proposition and project sent to us, and in case will be in line with ours project we will take in consideration. Ettore Favini Mohamed Mo Baala You hosted our creator and project director Tula Goenka in Fall and Summer to help us spread the word and recruit participants, and we were delighted to share information with your viewers today about the finished show. There is no entrance fee, and all are welcome.

You can listen to the podcast here. Please visit and help us share the stories of 44 breast cancer survivors from Central New York. Skip to content.