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Breng me op de hoogte Op verlanglijstje. Houd er rekening mee dat het artikel niet altijd weer terug op voorraad komt. Anderen bekeken ook. Mary E.

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Hines How to Make Her Happy 52, Van K. Curtis Faith Way of the Turtle 30, Jack D. Schwager The New Market Wizards 15, Marcel Link High-Probability Trading 35, Wade J. Savage 25 Letters 18, Bekijk de hele lijst. Of course, considering the current temperature, nobody but hardcore enthusiasts had the courage to do that.

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They had another telescope that was not in use. Sophie and he could share one. As for Brother Wolf and the rest, they were uninterested in stargazing. Compared to Li Du, Depp and the rest of the people were more professional. They did not need a computerized map to look for the stars. They simply took out their telescope and a physical map. They were able to locate the stars as they continued to have their discussion. After viewing the stars for some time, Li Du felt that his eyes were tired. It was only then when he left the telescope reluctantly. As he had been gazing at the stars for a rather long time, when he looked down on the ground it seemed to him as though there were stars shining there as well.

Two things in the world can touch human hearts. One is the compass of values hidden in our hearts and another is the gorgeous starry sky above us. Slowly, the camp started to fill with a scent that was alternately fragrant, refreshing, or minty.

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It was a sign that insect repellents were being heavily used. Li Du did not use that, but hung up a mosquito coil. The little animals hid in the tent unhappily. The surrounding camp was dimly lit, and there were only traces of bonfires at the mouth of the valleys. Unlike in the camp itself, many people were singing and dancing around the campfires near the valleys. In the dark, a few young men walked past the bonfire cautiously.

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  8. They were walking towards the campsite. What if they are not? We are not stealing. We are just taking back what others took away. The young men looked at one another and pursed their lips. They continued to inch towards the campsite, keeping their bodies low. Check if they are asleep. Grande trudged over and forced his eyes to open wider.

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    It was already one or two in the morning. The camp was dead silent and most people were now asleep. Only a few people were still looking at the stars through their telescopes. Grande did not dare to go too close.

    He looked around from a distance and felt that the campsite was very quiet. There was no one keeping watch. Hence, he quickly rushed back. Habri nodded and waved his partners over.

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    7. Pay attention, and once you find the telescope, we will carry it out. We must stay silent; there must not be any sound! The bunch of men edged cautiously towards the campsite.

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      They had even removed their shoes and walked on the grass in their socks. That was intended to reduce the noise from their movement. As the surrounding lighting was too dim, they could only vaguely make out the silhouette of the telescopes. They did not notice that the tent next to the telescopes were unzipped and open. Brother Wolf looked at those young men blankly.