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But bright red vomit or clotty vomit ew, sorry could indicate life-threatening bleeding in the stomach or esophagus , and should send you straight to the ER. If your period is late , start with a pregnancy test—but know that stress, premature menopause, major weight loss, or chronic diseases like celiacs could be to blame.

But consistent, golf-ball sized clots could be a sign of uterine fibroids , non-cancerous growths that can develop in your uterus and cause abnormal and sometimes extremely heavy bleeding. This is a major red flag: If you suddenly lose strength or sensation on one side of your body especially in the arm and leg , you could be having a stroke. Each side of your brain controls the opposite side of your body, so bleeding in one side will manifest on the other. You should seek medical attention ASAP if you notice this. Heartburn could be to blame for that tight sensation in your chest, but so could a heart attack.

That squeezing feeling could also come with fatigue, throat pain, or shortness of breath. As awful as it feels, constipation —or having to go number two less than three times per week or not being able to complete your bowel movements—is NBD. But a thyroid problem, scarring from injury to the lining of the colon, IBS, or side effects from medications could also be to blame for your blockages.

It could be something as serious as a heart issue. If not, nausea could hint at a number of issues , from migraines to pelvic congestion syndrome where you have dilated veins in your pelvis , stress, or gallstones. Nausea is also a common symptom of cancer , including cervical cancer. If you can never get comfortable at room temperature, you could have a thyroid disorder. Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid speeds up your normal body processes, making you burn energy faster, which can cause you to overheat.

Conversely, hypothyroidism slows your body down, making it harder for you to stay warm. The burning sensation comes when a stone leaves your urethra and enters your bladder, which is irritating AF. Presented by. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. You need new glasses. Your belly button is killing you.

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Your skin or the white of your eyes is turning yellow. Pat Carroll. George Gaffigan. High Cholesterol. Tom Smith.

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Vasculitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. Nathan Terrence. Karen Foster. Alexander Fromm. Samantha Michaels. Lymphatic System Speedy Study Guides. James Gutirez. Living Healthy with Hepatitis C. Harriet A. Edmund Doyle. Lamellar Ichthyosis. Miriam Kinai. The Mayo Clinic. Pseudotumor Cerebri: Causes, Tests and Treatments. Michelle Gabata. Janine Tayag. Claudication: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. Chase Andersson. Brugada Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. Lamont Brashear. Back Pain Treatment. Ruth Pinon. Heart Arrhythmias: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. Louise Wood. Anatomy and physiology "The urinary system".

Amnesia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments. Jude McClee. Stroke Paralysis. Bimal Chhajer. Bullous Pemphigoid: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. GJ Thomson. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. We know that President Obama repeatedly told the people, "Your taxes will not go up one dime.

We now know that the costs of health care insurance went up by many thousands of dollars for families, and a thousand or so for individuals. Under the Tax Reform Bill passed by the Trump administration and the new Congress, the individual mandate was repealed. Nevertheless, many aspects of the Affordable Care Act are still in force as Congress was not able to repeal the entire law. Therefore, much of it still affects what is happening to patients who enter the health care system. Even without the ACA, many changes are being made by the federal bureaucrats who administer Medicare and those who administer Medicaid as well.

Many of these changes are negatively affecting patients and their relationship with their physicians as well as the treatments they may receive. Rationing is occurring though denied through "clever" changes to reimbursements that punish hospitals, doctors, and others for providing certain treatments, procedures, or surgeries, or ordering certain medications and medical devices for various populations. Financial punishments and rewards are given to those who provide health care services, just as was done by the worst of the HMOs and managed care organizations.

In effect, all health care is now "managed care" and physicians who are reimbursed through health insurance or government programs of any kind cannot freely practice medicine as they wish. How health care is provided to the elderly and disabled is being modified, significantly. Efforts to make Medicare and Medicaid services more efficient and less costly will affect many, and the changes made are not being made solely to make them more efficient.

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There is something else going on. Many worry that a government-run health care system will do away with the freedom to choose one's own physician, treatment center or treatment. Others have noted that some physicians are "opting out" of Medicare and Medicaid protesting that the reimbursement is often lower than the costs of providing services. With the budgetary pressures on our nation, many worry how this will impact end-of-life care for the vulnerable. Through the years, many people have called the Hospice Patients Alliance and many other patient advocacy organizations , pleading for help, reporting problems they have encountered, like the failure of the hospice agency to provide services as needed, reporting that the staff prevented them from giving food or liquids to their loved one when he or she could still take them in and benefit.

They sometimes report that their loved one was literally killed in a health care setting. I've listened and carefully thought about the depth of the problems. Through the years, the accounts given by these family members are eerily similar. When family members recount what hospice staff said to them, the language and phrases used sometimes are exactly the same, the actions taken exactly the same, the outcome exactly the same.

The reason? The staff at different agencies across the country are being trained in the same way, and the actions taken were quite contrary to what the patient and family expected. The services and treatment provided are not what the American people have come to expect from hospice. Those who report to us are not uneducated in the ways of medicine and health care. Many of those who call in are themselves physicians, nurses, social workers, ministers and lawyers. Yet, even with their training, some are unable to resolve problems encountered or to even prevent the hastened death of their own family member.

Those who are quite familiar with the standards of care in health care are often surprised at the wanton disregard for adherence to the standards by some hospice agencies and staff. They often cannot believe that the violation of the standards could ever be so knowingly and willingly done. This is not to say that all hospice and palliative care units violate standards.

Certainly not! But, there are too many that do, and there is a reason for it. There is a reason why government regulators surprisingly do nothing about it as well. Hospice Patients Alliance's outreach to the public was designed to bypass the media censorship and that's how we have continued to work, to get information out to the people directly and to work individually with them as problems arise.

Our website has had millions of visitors through the years. Those who need information are getting it because of what we provide. It is strange that of the thousands of websites maintained by all the hospice agencies, ours is the only one that has all the standards of care and laws set out for the public to access easily, along with easily understood explanations of what should be expected. Yet, it simply confirms what I noticed back in there was no place for the public to get complete information about what is going on in hospice and palliative care, what the standards of care are, what to do when problems arise, and what others are experiencing in this largely unregulated niche of health care.

Except for our organization, there still is no place for the public to get complete access to the standards of care with easily understood explanations, honest information about what problems do exist, and what can be done about them. Why should the realities be hidden from the patients and families that end up using these services? Why do the media's editors censor the truth so people are repeatedly blind-sided and taken by surprise when their loved one is medically killed in a hospice, hospital or nursing home?

I know that if you've had a positive experience with hospice and palliative care, you may be shocked and upset to read this, but just because you had a positive experience does not mean that all others will as well. You might conclude that I am against hospice and palliative care, but that would be completely untrue. I care very much about the field of end-of-life care and have the greatest respect for those who work in this field and dedicate themselves to relieve suffering while allowing a death in its own natural timing.

We've worked hard to encourage the highest standards in end-of-life care and have worked with many in the field through the years. Yet, we believe that it's important for the public to know the hidden truth about end-of-life care as well, because each of us will be confronted with these issues sooner or later. Whether you are a person of faith, an agnostic or atheist, this book provides a rare glimpse of the realities of health care in America that you will find nowhere else.

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There is much material here that you do need to know so you can see exactly what is happening, how it is happening, when it started and why. There is a lot of material covered, but bear with me and read on, because this book explains why you have not been informed about the hidden realities in the industry, why the major media is censoring one of the most important stories of our time, and why the realities of end-of-life care are not what the media portrays them to be.

This book is our way of reaching out to the public directly, bypassing the big media censorship, the government's silent complicity, and the industry's own deception. Our nation was founded upon principles that many of us still hold dear. It is true that some ridicule these principles Some are rejoicing that a socialized health care system may be implemented, while others are absolutely horrified.

While there are court challenges to the health reform law, changes are being implemented anyway. No law is required for government administrators to modify some of Medicare and Medicaid's internal administrative rules. The Centers for Medicare Services already has authority to change many things. With the threat of drastic changes in private health insurance, some private insurance companies may go out of business.

Other insurers are making changes that drastically affect how they do business, and as the trend continues, many changes will be irreversible. By the time some of you read this, the high court may have already ruled, however, businesses around the country have been scrambling to try to comply with the regulations of a law that will comprise thousands of pages with all the administrative regulations included.

Small businesses don't know what to do and must consult attorneys, tax accountants, and other experts to plan what to do, further bogging down productivity and economic recovery. Same thing for large corporations. The uncertainty of "what the federal government will do" is like a cloud over every business in America. The certainty of changes already made is depressing business as well. With economic pressures mounting, deficit spending completely out-of-control in a manner never before witnessed in America, and international leaders urging that the world abandon the U.

It clearly is! We live in especially "historic times," I tell my son. And, "there has never been anything similar in American history. When what our elected leaders have done through the years to endanger our nation's economic security is fully known, Bernie Madoff the convicted Ponzi scheme investment leader will seem like a saint. Our national trade, tax and regulatory policies have decimated the manufacturing base in this country, sent jobs and corporations overseas, and made us debtors to the world. A once proud nation is imperiled, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and the health and economic well-being of its citizens is imperiled with it.

Nations are discussing returning to a worldwide gold standard , rather than the American dollar being the global reserve currency. Even if the gold standard is not adopted, simply downgrading the U. This may eventually trigger austerity measures in the U. Threats of terrorist attacks on our people are taken very seriously, but nobody really knows what to do to stop them.

We must trust the government to protect us; that is what the government is supposed to do. But when the government itself makes changes that are inconsistent with our values and Constitutional freedoms, the people become alarmed, awakened and move to block those changes and re-assert the foundational freedoms of our nation. That is the beauty of our nation's regularly and freely held elections. When it comes to health care, there are numerous arguments about what solution can be found for the problems of rapidly rising costs, people who can't access care, and how best to distribute tax dollars for health care.

Those of us who are focused on health care hear about "evidenced-based medicine," but in the major media there is little or no discussion of the potential misuse of evidence-based medicine. We hear about "comparative effectiveness research," but in the major media there is little or no discussion of the potential misuse of "comparative effectiveness research. Why have we not had an open dialog about the benefits of, or problems with, the ideas that are changing the way health care will be delivered?

Why do most people have no idea what these three concepts involve and how they will dramatically affect their lives and those they love? Probably most physicians today want their decisions to reflect the latest medical science and the evidence. It makes sense. But anyone who knows anything about medical studies knows that different studies result in different outcomes and conclusions. The design of the studies, the number of subjects, the controls used, and so many other factors effect what conclusions are reached.

Sometimes, if you want a certain result, you can be sure to get it if you design the study just so. In fact, there are well-respected physicians debating the whole idea of "evidence-based medicine. Critical Debates in Evidence-Based Medicine" with leading physicians, bioethicists and professors of philosophy debating the pros and cons of this whole field of endeavor.

Topics included: "What's right and what's wrong with evidence-based medicine? If evidence-based medicine is used to ration care and decide what treatments are offered citizens under Medicare, Medicaid or a possible national health system, who decides what evidence and what studies are used? Who decides what the conclusions should be? Will the physician and patient decide or will a bureaucrat somewhere in the government, a PPO, HMO or other managed care company decide?

When it comes to the care of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill, many questions remain.

12 Health Problems Your Hands Are Warning You About

Even among those who respect and value life, there is a lack of information about what is going on in the end-of-life care arena, what the hospice leadership is doing, what the successor organizations of the Euthanasia Society Of America are doing, who the major players are and how they operate. I'm sorry to say that many leaders of the culture of life, pro-lifers, have no idea what is going on, really, even if many of them think they do.

They have been misinformed or intentionally kept in the dark completely. I realize that may offend some, but our role is to serve and inform and provide complete information so that citizens can influence the course of our nation knowing all that is at stake. Many supporters of the sanctity of life simply do not know how deep this all goes and how successful the heirs of the original Euthanasia Society of America have been in our nation. They do not know how the Euthanasia Society is connected with the largest segment of the hospice industry in America , and when some have finally understood it, they have been shocked.

Most of those who affirm the sanctity of life view hospice as the rightful alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide; they would be correct in some cases, but wrong in many others! Those who affirm the value of each life have been outmaneuvered by those who hold a utilitarian worldview, and when some of them encounter a hospice that does not respect the sanctity of life and hurries death along, they realize bitterly that they have been betrayed.

Did you know that the largest hospice organization in our nation is the successor organization to the Euthanasia Society of America? Did you know that according to the most prominent hospice leaders in the world, many hospices in the United States today have no reservations about hastening death through a method called "terminal sedation," also "palliative sedation" or "total sedation"? Did you know that the federal regulations governing hospice are far fewer in number than those protecting patients in nursing homes or hospitals, or that state agencies inspect hospices less frequently than nursing homes or hospitals?

Did you know some hospices may go years without being inspected at all? Did you know that because of the HIPAA privacy regulations, nobody interested in researching what is actually going on in hospice can get access to the data, so hospices that have an agenda can act without any outside interference or supervision? This is how Robin Love's father who was not terminal was hauled off to hospice, deprived of food and water and was given large doses of morphine and sedatives.

He died shortly thereafter. Wendy Ludwig, RN reports that a Catholic priest she knew was hastened to his death as well. Some hospices have gone eight years without ever being inspected, except for the initial inspection when they opened their doors! What the public thinks about hospice is a carefully constructed image. In some cases, that image is fulfilled in practice, but sad to say, in many cases, it is not.

We have reports of young infants being hastened to their death in peri-natal hospice because they didn't die "soon enough! Some will admit the truth. You could say that our society has been manipulated, maneuvered, even "conditioned" to think in ways that are completely contrary to the way Americans thought for the past two centuries. And millions and millions of dollars have been spent to achieve this. The proverbial example of the frog in the pot of water applies here. Although there is debate about what really happens, if you put the frog in lukewarm water, he won't jump out.

If you put him in hot water not boiling , he will jump out, and will definitely notice that he's in "hot water. Slowly, but surely, the "temperature" has been "turned up" toward "culture of death" thinking and we don't even notice how "hot" it is anymore. You may be surprised but today, many people have adopted the "quality of life" ethic where it's "ok" to end someone's life because they are " seriously disabled," " very elderly," have dementia or any number of other reasons. In a very real sense, many of us have become numb to the killings so that we accept an increasingly larger category of lives that may be ended in a medical setting.

And many times, we don't call them "killings. That book is about the sensational cases that leaked out into the media and the killer nurses were apprehended and convicted. Articles like, " Angels of mercy: The dark side " would not exist. Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America is about the policies and actions that result in imposed death and are not leaked out into the media and are given the government's complete stamp of approval: death on demand, or "stealth euthanasia.

Not so very long ago when sanctity of life was the mainstream ethic for our society, we recognized that we are here to care for each other, not to kill each other. We've been conditioned to think otherwise. We've been conditioned to think that caring for the disabled is an exercise in foolishness, that the disabled and very elderly are "better off dead. We hear less and less about the blessings that come to those who serve and care for the severely disabled and dependent, the changes brought about in those who serve, or the blessings to those who are served.

Whether openly conveyed or subliminally imprinted upon us, the message for decades has increasingly been, "let them die," they are "better off dead," "let go," "kill them. House is portrayed as an obnoxious, arrogant, but strangely likable genius who serves as a platform for promoting the quintessential secular bioethical view; he is a skeptic and a utilitarian who ridicules people of faith, denies God and casually approves abortion and euthanasia. He exalts in his own intelligence without giving credit to anyone else for his abilities. The secular devaluation of life pervades our society and its messengers are getting shriller and less tolerant of other views each day.

The major media outlets do promote hastened death in many ways. Our society is almost "schizophrenic" when it comes to how it approaches these issues. On the one hand, almost everybody openly praises the Special Olympics, and applauded how actor Christopher Reeve fought to regain function through rehabilitation therapy after he became a quadriplegic due to a horseback riding accident.

Yet, there are many who would say that Reeve should have committed assisted-suicide or that those competing in the Special Olympics should never have been born! Killing a congenitally disabled baby before birth is applauded as the "right decision" by leaders and especially many doctors in our society. While under existing law, killing a baby a few days after birth is technically still a homicide, many in our society view the killing of a severely disabled baby or child, or a very elderly disabled person, as a "mercy killing.

My Death. My Choice. Many praise those who care for the disabled but hide their wish that many of the disabled not be alive at all. Health care reform, whether implemented through the new law or through changes to Medicare and Medicaid, will bring rationing of treatment in that spirit. It will have life-changing and life-ending effects , and we will see exactly how.

Many disability advocates favor government-provided health care, universal health care, but like pro-lifers looking to hospice for an alternative to euthanasia, they will be disappointed when the government uses a heavy hand to limit expenditures for the disabled, elderly and chronically-ill.

We can get a taste of what is coming by looking at the United Kingdom's socialized National Health Service where the disability rights group, "Scope, found that 70 percent are 'concerned about pressure being placed on other disabled people to end their lives prematurely'" if assisted-suicide is legalized there. Anyone who has read the book, To Kill A Mockingbird , by Harper Lee, knows it is a modern classic dealing with race relations. It portrays the struggle of attorney Atticus Finch who heroically defends a falsely-accused black man in a racist society.

Yet, there is a parallel theme considering the societal attitudes toward the mentally-ill or disabled. The mentally-ill but good-hearted character, Boo Radley, shuns any public interaction, but manages to watch over and save Atticus' children from harm. Author Harper Lee says that Atticus is a model for Christian honor and conduct who treats the town recluse Boo Radley with kindness and gentleness. Her message is that we all do the same. People like Atticus Finch still exist, however there are some today who are less tolerant of the mentally-ill. Some view the mentally-ill as less than fully human and less worthy to even be here.

Members of our society are quite divided in how they regard the disabled, the mentally-impaired or ill, and about how they should be treated. Not all would look upon Boo Radley with the same loving-kindness of an Atticus Finch. The vulnerable are among us, but are often not so visible. I have written this to help us remember what it means to be a humane society, to save the vulnerable and re-establish a just society, to make a difference in your life and the lives of your friends and family. If it is not shared widely with others, then it will not have satisfied my goal to alert people throughout our nation.

We are distributing this book online for free so that all can benefit from the information being shared, and our hope is that the book or links to it will be re-distributed virally by email throughout your own circle, posted on your own websites, social-networking sites, blogs, or printed out and shared with those who do not have access to the internet. Some tell me that people won't appreciate this book if we give it away. Some tell me that I should not mention much about abortion "it's too controversial" or have too many religious quotes in here "people will get turned off" , and I've thought, "well, they're right, some people won't appreciate this because it's free.

And some people won't read this because I have faith and share it a little here and there. And some say I should leave the controversial abortion topic till later in the text. But I've thought about it and the material is presented in the context of how changes arose in the United States historically which makes the most sense if you truly wish to understand how we got to where we are today and where we really are today. I can't promise to please all the people, and I know if it's the truth, it will really offend some.

Some people oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide yet approve of abortion. It seems that I can't help offending some. I have to "call it the way I see it. I do promise to give you the truth, and give it freely as the dear Lord has given so much to me.

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I never set out to be where I am today, sharing this information which is so troubling to me and so many others. I just couldn't turn away and say "no" to those who were and are now suffering. I knew that I had to do something, and this book is part of that effort. There is no question about the direction our nation's health care is being taken. Donald Berwick, who our President appointed administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, is a strong proponent of Comparative Effectiveness Research which will also be used to ration care.

Under the new law, "Accountable Care Organizations" are set up which will force very aggressive rationing practices by medical groups. Cass Sunstein, who our President appointed "Regulatory Czar," states that unless you specifically record your wish not to donate organs, doctors should be able to harvest your organs should you be declared "brain dead" for donation on the basis of "presumed consent," even if you never actually give consent. He also has stated that an economic crisis can be " used to usher socialism into the United States. Regarding end-of-life care within the health care system, as we shall see, the nation's most prominent hospice physicians such as Joanne Lynn, MD and Ira Byock, MD are proponents of terminal sedation to hasten death.

Willard Gaylin, MD, co-founder of the Hastings Center is a proponent of euthanasia who applauds the efforts to expand the definition of "death" in order to overcome obstacles to legally performing euthanasia. Gaylin is widely accepted in the mainstream media and policymaking circles, and the Hastings Center is one of the organizations that has most influenced the modern American hospice industry to betray its original mission to care, not kill. Although Holdren is a man-made global warming alarmist in the present necessitating dramatically increased government-imposed regulations , in the late s he was warning about disastrous global cooling necessitating dramatically increased government-imposed regulations.

It is not a mistake that these specific leaders were chosen to shape our society and our nation's policies. Each of them has at one time or another stated that he is not what the record shows him to be: an advocate of a much bigger government role in our lives. Their public reassurances and denials of the obvious are not credible. Taken all together, it is certain that increased government-control of our lives and health care based upon a utilitarian philosophy is being promoted. America will certainly be changed by their collective efforts.

The role of secular culture-of-death hospice and palliative care within the health system will be expanded dramatically. So, it is right to be wary about the changes being proposed: we are swiftly moving toward a utilitarian-controlled and callous society that will victimize many. It is already happening to many at the end-of-life. This book will explain exactly what is happening, how it's being accomplished, who is responsible, and why it is being done. The book will also explain what must be done to truly reform the health care industry, our government and how to restore the American respect for life.

We cannot rely on the government to respect the sanctity of life at any stage of life, even though respect for an individual life is central to traditional American values and our Constitutional system. Respect for life is central to preventing harm to patients, patients who could be your loved ones. Health care professionals who have a reverence for life view their work as a mission and an opportunity to express their love for each patient.

Those with faith, view their work as an opportunity to glorify the Giver of life through service to those who are most vulnerable. However, federal law and Congressional budgetary expenditures approved by the Presidents current and past encourage abortion, eugenics and stealth euthanasia. You will understand exactly how after reading this book. The simple truth is that we are entering an extremely dangerous period in American history If people contemplate and really see the sanctity of life, their quality of life arguments fall away and they will understand that we are here to care for each other, not to kill each other.

Caring, and not convenience, is the sign of a civilized and just society! Although the health care reform law was opposed by many who value our freedoms, utilitarians know that their decades-long activities shaped the thinking of our leaders and made it possible. The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's" enactment represents a coup by elites who believe they know better than most Americans what is best for Americans.

It may be hard to believe, because nobody has been speaking about it, but it represents a "fait accompli" for the Euthanasia Society of America's descendants in this generation. You may find such a statement completely shocking, especially if you think that government is the answer to most of our society's problems. And you will reject the statement if you believe some of the language in the law without reading all of the law. We have to remember that it is the people who implement the technical details and interpretation of the law that will have the greatest impact on what really happens.

Many segments of the law have vague language such as, "the Secretary "Secretary of Health and Human Services" shall establish For example, if you read the following segment of the law, and take it literally, you may come to believe that a utopian health care heaven has suddenly emerged and taken shape in America:.

D ensure that health benefits established as essential not be subject to denial to individuals against their wishes on the basis of the individuals' age or expected length of life or of the individuals' present or predicted disability, degree of medical dependency, or quality of life;. Ah, the devil's in the details. What exactly are "essential" health benefits? And who will receive them? The language is made to sound as if everyone is going to get the essential services that would reasonably be expected to be provided.

Yet, the man our President appointed Health Advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, has stated , " services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed. This is not surprising since Dr. Emanuel is a fellow at the Hastings Center This is the same Hastings Center that has worked side-by-side with hospice industry leaders to transform hospice and palliative care into the practical laboratory where its utilitarian, pro-euthanasia ideas are implemented, practices we now know as stealth euthanasia and direct euthanasia.

Utilitarians, like Dr. Emanuel, refer to individuals who are not working, not producing goods or not providing services for society, as non-participating citizens. These are the dependent individuals who society normally cares for or assists with the activities of daily living. It is very clear that those who are brain-injured, cognitively-impaired, developmentally-disabled or very elderly fall into the category Dr.

Emanuel is referring to.

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If there is to be no "discrimination" resulting in "denials of care based on their age," or "disability" why would Dr. Emanuel categorically state that the disabled or very elderly those who are "irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens" should not be guaranteed services?

The Slim Book of Health Pearls: Symptoms Never to Ignore - Sheldon Cohen M.D. | Feedbooks

Why would the government set up the mechanisms for rationing care known as the "Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute PCORI where "comparative effectiveness research" will be done and committees will decide what treatments are appropriate or effective for different populations of patients? Shouldn't such decisions be made by a physician and the patient? Not according to the new health care reform law. Not according to those who will run the government-run health system. Shining a light on how services can be denied, "Dr.

Richard Della Penna, M. Laura Shumaker, the mother of an autistic child, writes that in , she "received [her] first set of denials associated with basic treatment for my son's disorder. To deny these treatments to children with autism is the equivalent of denying insulin to a diabetic or chemotherapy to a cancer patient. These are examples of the callous hand of rationing for profit in real life.

When it's your loved one being impacted, you understand how evil it can get. CEOs of these corporations make millions of dollars per year, but basic treatment for many of the disabled and chronically ill is denied! All in the name of rationing or having "effective" practices. There is a difference between making health care more efficient while making a profit and unethical exploitation. With the U. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, a non-elected committee will be making recommendations that will likely be accepted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in deciding what treatments it will or won't cover.

If treatments are not covered, they won't be available to anyone, or they won't be available to "selected" groups within the American population! Those promoting "controlled death," "death with dignity," or outright "euthanasia," know what it all means, what the implications are for changes to come in the future, even if those on the side of life still don't fully "get it.

And while the major media produces programs and prints articles that ridicule those who criticize the law as "right wing nuts," the aggressive rationing of health care it involves will eventually, directly and negatively impact the lives of you and your family. The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" enshrines into law a system diametrically opposed to what most Americans believe. It creates a system where government bureaucrats not the public determine whether care is provided or not.

Its mandate that all Americans buy into the government-approved system negates the basic freedom that Americans have always had to choose whether to buy something or not. While promising to extend health care coverage to all, they intend to limit care that is provided to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill. How do we know this is their intent? The leaders the administration has put in place to design and administer the program have told us what they think, what their goals are and how they will implement them.

It is clear they will achieve some of their goals by limiting reimbursements to those who provide medical services. We know that rationing is on its way when we see that reimbursement to medical providers will be limited severely. The American Medical Group Association , whose members provide care for "roughly 1 in 3 Americans" has analyzed the regulations regarding accountable care organizations "ACOs" created under the new health care reform law. The AMGA regards the regulations as, "overly prescriptive, operationally burdensome, and the incentives are too difficult to achieve.

And we know that when reimbursements are limited, the medical groups will take steps to limit services and treatments to minimize their losses, i. The AMGA also warns that, " if ACOs are not successful," they are "concerned that the only alternative to future delivery system "reform" will be draconian cuts across the provider spectrum. Government officials and bureaucrats may not target you or your loved ones individually, but they definitely will target government's reimbursements to providers for specific groups of individuals, and then, medical providers will allow or deny access to treatment based on government-designated reimbursements for these categories of the population.

There is no need for the so-called "death panels" for lives to be shortened.