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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Cat has written and been published in. Presenter for:. Fiction Writing Masterclasses These are two-hour super sessions packed with information, tips and resources. Get our FREE newsletter! Free weekly newsletter? Read our full privacy policy. Portfolio See Our Work in Action.

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McQuillan Brothers Click Here. Texas Air Authorities Click Here. Cool Experts Click Here. William Lewis 20 Jun Brandon Phillips 29 Apr Clean Extreme 14 Apr Clean Extreme 13 Apr Darrell Whiteaker 06 Mar Dustin Miller 24 Feb Tom Dearden 15 Feb Raymond Ferraro 08 Feb Ross Trittipo 07 Feb Steve Graul 29 Jan Umut Bitlisli 22 Jan Air Source 19 Jan If you know of a book or journal you think Dao's readers would be interested in knowing about please send details to Dao's editor Colin Hambrook via editor disabilityartsonline.

Within her artistic practice Rachel Gadsden has been exploring derelict Asylums seeking to examine the traces of life within their fabric despite the neglect and decay.


This narrative by Tim Hayton is based on her collection of paintings, 'Beyond the Asylum'. John Exell explores Job Seeker's Psychosis in an extended poem written during the recession in the s. What would a dialogue between Lord Nelson and a social worker have sounded like? Ann Young, wizened disability art chick and groupie, brings the historical character into the present and makes some terrible jokes in passing. A new piece of prose from disabled writer Peter Street evokes a vivid picture of a day centre somewhere in the north of England in May He was raised in Bolton by his mother and a stepfather: Thomas Edgar Street.

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He was recipient of a Royal Literary Fund grant in It is who I am. In many ways it has been the making of me View the Con.

Text is a unique audience engagement project devised by artist and writer Gini. Visitors were invited to take a comfy seat and chat about their own journeys and their thoughts on the 'The View from Here' exhibition, which took place at Salisbury Arts Centre from 9th November to 23 December Text' is a poetic response to Sue Austin's underwater wheelchair live art piece 'Creating the Spectacle!

Published by Penniless Press, 'Listening to the Dark' is Street's fifth volume, which includes a diverse range of topics from growing up in Bolton, living with disability, his experience as a war poet in Croatia and voicing the concerns of plants and trees. DAO presents a sampler from the online anthology. Oliver Swingler from the choir sent the following song to DAO. He says that if anyone else wants to record it and publish with acknowledgement of Oliver and the choir , they are most welcome.

Lynne Blackwood started writing in April after illness terminated her professional activity.

Kit de Waal's inspiring speech on diversity in Literature at CFLA 2017

She is of Anglo-Indian descent and her emotional heritage plays a strong part in her writing sensitivities, reflecting a mosaic of experiences and cultures. DAO is proud to present a series of her short stories.

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Gini was awarded a Diverse Perspectives commission to make creative responses to conversations with artists and audiences at Salisbury Arts Centre. The scrolls she produced give a creative insight into peoples' reactions to work exhibited and their reasons for coming to the Arts Centre. Sean Burn's third and latest full volume of poetry 'Is that a bruise or a tattoo? Richard Longstaff submitted the following selection of his poetry. He submitted a selection from his forthcoming poetry pamphlet due to be published by Survivors' Press in summer John William Brown is a poet, painter and performer based in Norwich.

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She says: "Writing about life experiences through truth and humour is a survival mechanism. Poetry is therapy and any chance to express hidden darkness is a reason to live.

Carol Robson loves the performance genre.