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Copyright Notice. Everyday Americans, Exceptional Americans. Skip to content. Freedom on the Frontier. Historical Background As the colonists begin to develop an American identity, several events create tension between their British roots and their growing American culture and way of life.

9c. The Boston Patriots

Lesson Objective How did the Patriots unite opinion in support of the American War for Independence and how was their cause viewed by the British, the Loyalists and the Neutrals. The lesson will begin with a brief cartoon illustrating perspective, a very brief review of the reasons the sides were so split, a re-analysis of the cartoon, mnemonic refreshers for the two sides leading to the Boston Tea Party.

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As a collaborative effort, the class will discuss and answer the questions regarding each primary source. Close reading: What do you see in this picture? Who are the people in this image?

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What is happening in this picture? What symbols do you notice?

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What is the overall message of this image? Sourcing: Who do you think created this image? Contextualizing: Why did the author create this image? Who was the intended audience?


What significant events happened before and after this image? Corroborating: What viewpoints does each of these images reflect? Given these different viewpoints, what can you know about how people felt about British actions in the American colonies?

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Assessment The students will analyze part of the third primary source image questions together, then will write in support of their opinion regarding which side the third image most reflects. Post a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Cohort Highlights Featured Websites. Identified as related to American nationalism , despite many diverse ethnic backgrounds in the United States, pride in the American way of life is common amongst all of the citizens; the US constitution is at the center of this national pride.

The purpose of the tax was to pay for British military troops stationed in the American colonies, but it was bitterly opposed by the colonists as a violation of their right as Englishmen to assent to such taxes through parliamentary representation.

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There fierce opposition made the tax uncollectable, and caused direct harm to papermakers in England. This caused Parliament to repeal the act.

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The colonial opposition, led by Samuel Adams , "created Committees of Correspondence in the various Colonies to begin the long, slow work toward gaining independence from England. Samuel Adams took this chance to rally the Boston Tea Party : "The taxes of Americans were being increased without any comment or input from the Colonies.

Cries of 'Taxation without representation! However, some younger radicals, such as Thomas Moore, sought a more violent reaction. The aftermath included many American ports rejecting incoming tea; though some shipments were offloaded, no one wanted to claim the tea. Resulting rotten tea after 3 years of sitting on the shore, the tea was dumped into the harbor. Ports in Philadelphia and New York refused to unload the shipments, causing the ships to turn back to England.