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Scientists claim the brain activity may allow people to have memories of the period before death. The mother from Arizon is not alone and there are numerous others with similar visions and beliefs. Just weeks ago a motorcyclist called John said he was "teleported to a desert" after suffering a life threatening injury. He added vivid description of what he say bt then "snapped back to reality" and found himself in hospital.

Another man, writing in the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, said he was "in blackness with hundreds of sparkly lights". He then saw Jesus "standing on the other side of a bridge" and revealed Jesus asked him: "Gary would you like to stay for eternal peace and happiness or go back? He wrote: "If an experience like this doesn't change you, then there's something wrong with you. And Dr Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York, recently said in a debate how people describe a "sensation of a bright, warm, welcoming light".

But Dr Parnia insists there is a scientific explanation and that the brain scans itself as a survival technique. Tina told AZfamily. The colours were so vibrant. She orders the Cybermen to destroy the plane and teleports away, leaving the Doctor. Boat One explodes and the Doctor is thrown clear of the debris.

Seb and Missy watch on from the Nethersphere, remarking on how boring his death will be. Seb is excited over the turn of events, to which Missy replies that Seb is merely an AI. Seb continues to be enthusiastic before Missy promptly destroys him.

The Doctor materialises in the graveyard and warns Clara that if she deletes Danny's emotions, he will kill her. He denies that he will, and the Doctor says that the difference between himself and Missy is emotion; "pain is a gift". He tries to get Danny to tell him what the cloud will do, but Danny says he isn't fully integrated into the Cyber hivemind and cannot see. Danny then laughs that all of the Doctor's bravado just crumbled in the sight of a tactical advantage, mocking the Doctor as a typical officer who has to keep his hands clean. Knowing how much it will hurt Clara, the Doctor sadly tells her that he has to know.

Teen Claims He Visited Heaven During Near Death Experience

Clara takes the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, telling Danny she loves him. Danny says the same, joking that he'll never say that again. Smiling through her tears, Clara turns on the emotional inhibitor. Danny stops smiling and goes blanked faced. The Doctor asks him what Missy's plan for the Cyber Pollen is. He tells the Doctor that the cloud will convert all of humanity into Cybermen. Anguished, Clara hugs Danny, who remains motionless. Missy then teleports into the graveyard. Seeing Clara in agony, Missy offers to "pop away" the pain; however, the Doctor tosses Missy's device into the graveyard, already sick of the senseless murder.

Missy apologises since she tends to get carried away; she tells the Doctor to cheer up as she came to give him a gift. Missy speaks into her bracelet, which controls the Cybermen. She then demonstrates plane safety tips and random movements. She then gives the Doctor the bracelet, allowing him the same control, as a birthday gift — "It's lucky one of us remembers," she notes. The Cybermen bow. With this army, the Doctor will now have the final say in the result of every great battle in the history of the universe. He can even save the people suffering in the Dalek camps and overthrow dictators; the universe would be at peace eternally.

Tearing off the bracelet, the Doctor demands to know why she is doing this. Missy says she wants to show him that they are not so different; after all these centuries of fighting each other, she wants to rebuild their friendship. Seeing the Doctor panicking, Missy asks him if he can trust himself with this kind of power; if he can stay morally pure.

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The Doctor takes a moment to reflect all every time he wondered if he was a good man since he asked Clara back in Into the Dalek. He suddenly has a realization and thanks Missy for helping him. He declares he is not a good man, nor a bad man, nor a hero, nor a president, nor an officer as Danny had described him. He says that he is "an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning".

He tells Missy that he doesn't need an army, as he has his companions. He points to Danny, stating that he would never harm Clara; love isn't an emotion, but a promise.


Danny raises an arm and holds the crying Clara, much to Missy's shock. Danny orders the dead to save the living from the Cyber-pollen. The Doctor laughs that Missy didn't notice the only Cyberman not listening to her orders, right in front of her. Missy wonders what Danny will do. Danny states that the clouds will be burned. When asked by what, Danny states himself; Missy laughs, noting one burning Cyberman won't destroy the cloud. With a smirk, Danny tells Missy she's right.

Danny commands the Cybermen to attention. He tells them that this is earth's darkest day, but the dead shall save the land of the living. This is the promise, the promise of a soldier! In the graveyard, Missy recites the coordinates of Gallifrey, claiming it has returned to its original location. Clara threatens to kill Missy with her own weapon; the Doctor takes it from her and prepares to do it himself to spare Clara.

Seeing that she's finally brought the Doctor down to her level, Missy asks him to say something nice. With a sigh, the Doctor tells Missy that she's won.

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  2. Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court!
  3. Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor;

However, right before he can kill her, a blast from behind them hits her, seemingly disintegrating her. A Cyberman is behind them. It lowers its weapon and points toward another section of the graveyard; Clara sees Kate Stewart lying there, still alive, muttering about her father. The Doctor, now understanding, turns back to the Cyberman, who he realises is Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart , and remarks, "The Earth's darkest hour, and mine.

Where else would you be? The Cyberman Brigadier then flies up into the sky, with the Doctor whispering "Thank you" after him Two weeks later, Clara awakes in the middle of the night to find a portal to the Nethersphere in her hallway. Danny speaks through it, saying that the Nethersphere is collapsing and that the bracelet only has enough power left for one one-way trip. Instead of coming through the portal himself, however, he sends through the young Afghan boy he killed, telling her to find his parents.

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Crying, Danny says he is sorry and the portal closes, leaving the boy in the hallway along with the broken bracelet. The Doctor meets Clara in a restaurant, the latter remarking that he is two weeks late, an apparent improvement compared to previous errors. He notes she is wearing the bracelet and assumes Danny has returned from the Nethersphere; she tries to tell him he hasn't, but he thinks she is trying to say that she can't travel in the TARDIS anymore. He says that it is fine and that he has found Gallifrey exactly where Missy said it was, and that, "for once, she wasn't lying".

In fact, it is revealed that the Doctor travelled to the coordinates Missy gave him and found nothing but empty space. Closing the TARDIS door, he entered a fit of rage and attacked the console before sinking to the floor and weeping for his lost home planet. At the end of the day, Missy has had the last laugh. However, the Doctor lies to Clara, telling her he found Gallifrey to make her believe that he will be fine without her. Hearing this, Clara changes her mind and goes along with the Doctor's belief that Danny has returned and that she too will be happy without the Doctor.

Clara asks what he will do now; he says that Gallifrey can be a good place and that he will try to make it one. He says it's a long commute and Clara and Danny mightn't be able to make it. They leave with a hug. Clara asks why he doesn't like hugging and he responds; "Never trust a hug. It's just a way to hide your face. In a mid-credits scene, the Doctor is brooding alone in his TARDIS when he hears someone knocking at the door, telling him that "it can't end like this" and that neither Clara nor the Doctor is "okay".

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