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I know this because I have the same standard issue. The ball strikes me hard in the lower left shin. White searing pain shreds up my leg and body like a thunderbolt. I stumble.

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My rifle catches most of my weight as I plow it into the soft earth from where I had just risen. But the shock is too great. I lose my grip—falling hard and fast to the cool soil where I crush my face against a large granite boulder. The flavors of shattered teeth and metallic blood sour my mouth. I did find it annoying when words were used erroneously such as the use of 'shutter' at least three times when the correct word should be "shudder. I also found the attraction to a dying man by a young girl a bit difficult to believe. Most young people are so very attracted by appearance alone and this man's appearance had been well described as pretty awful.

Otherwise, I enjoyed my time with this story. Jan 20, Haley Whitehall rated it liked it. I like to read novels set during the Civil War. I am familiar with the horrors of war and the horrors of slavery. Most of the time I can handle dark fiction but this one was even too depressing for me.

This book is well written, but it jumps around a lot from Eli's childhood to present day where he is being tortured in a cave. I have done a lot of research and have not found much evidence of soldiers being tortured at least not to this extent. His drug induced ramblings are interesting but the s I like to read novels set during the Civil War.

His drug induced ramblings are interesting but the story didn't seem to have a coherent story line. This is an original, well researched story. However it is clearly not for everyone. Aug 19, Tom Elder rated it it was amazing. This book is so well written that you actually feel as though you are there at the time of the civil unrest in America. This story takes you back and forth from present times and when he was growing up.

It covers his life, loves and disability s in which he gets part of his leg removed. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride with your emotions changing m Van Heerling Well written Dreams Of Eli Eli West is a southern soldier , he weakens up in a cave held captive by a union soldier. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride with your emotions changing many times.

Mar 19, Patsy rated it liked it. This was a very entertaining book. It was written a little different from other books. This was the life of Eli sometimes it would be in the present time as how Eli felt then and the things he was doing. Sometimes he tell of his dreams, other times he would tell of his wife and then he would be dreaming telling about his childhood days.

The plot was good, very entertaining, a lit This was a very entertaining book. The plot was good, very entertaining, a little hard to keep up with but a good read.

99 Cent Dreams

Nov 27, Jennette rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. This is another book out of my comfort zone. Eli is injured in war in and while recovering he dreams of his childhood and other past experiences. I want to type so much more, but I would spoil the end for other readers. This was a great read! Mar 22, Maureen Kennedy rated it it was amazing.

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I found this book interesting and although a bit dark in the beginning, the story makes a degree turn and shows the friendship and generosity of people to those in dire need. It also flashes back to a love story and the pain of loss. The ending was very surprising and I'm not sure I entirely understand why the author decided to end it that way. I started reading Van Heerling's short story sample Malaika at the end and it looks to be another thought provoking novelette. Feb 02, Laura rated it it was amazing.

This is not the usual go to staple book that I read. I am normally your fantasy, sci fi and suspense reader. The title of the book caught my eye.

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I am so very happy it did. I became thoroughly engrossed in the life of Eli from the very beginning. This was one of those stories that makes you want to pick back up your book at every possible opportunity. Even now the story still pulls at my memory. I very much recommend this book. Oct 29, Faith Cummings rated it it was amazing. Dreams of Eli: A tale of war and peace This is a story of friendship and loss, joy and grief.

It is a portrait of sickness and healing, pain and love. Out of the midst of the Civil War, one of the worst events of our history, comes a picture of peace in brokenness, and a friendship so poingnant that it even survives death. I recommend this novella to anyone seeking a place of quiet in the middle of chaos. I look forward to other books by this author.

Jul 19, John rated it did not like it. I could not finish this book. I read about ten percent of it and gave-up. The constant switching between present and past kept the story from flowing. I also do not understand the whole being captured and tortured thing As someone who loves reading about the Civil War, this was a major disappointment. Jul 29, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Amazingly a beautiful book. I was at first thinking this was a gruesome book, till I read further on Is touched my heart in so many ways.

It was hard to put down. It is a short story, but I loved it and wish everyone to read it! Mar 17, Kathy rated it did not like it. The story was OK, but I found my self asking "Why?! Maybe I missed something important somewhere alone the line, but I don't think so.

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It seemed like the author got tired of it and killed it to put us all out of misery! Mar 21, Jonelle rated it really liked it. A story of two childhood friends. One black and one white. Trials relating to their lives and the Civil War. The story goes back and forth from childhood to the present. Very well written.

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  • Very sad. Oct 08, Lucy rated it liked it. A really quick read and not bad. Jumped forward and back in time a lot which took some getting used to, but it was well noted as to year and age of the main character so it wasn't a bad way to tell the story.

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    A little sad. Sep 26, Marcia rated it it was amazing. It is the first book in a long time I read in one day. It was based on two men before and during the Civil War, One white, One black. The way Van Heerling wrote this was very easy to read and depicted the life of the characters during this time. A very good read! Readers also enjoyed.

    Since meeting Norwood in , they have had many conversations about their goals and about the struggles and successes of owning a business. Dye remembered Norwood going through a lot of frustration and battling himself to stay positive when pursuing his own business. He wants to help them be more vulnerable and open, he said. Norwood said his students have opened up since the first painting class.

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    They were all stiff with their brushes at the first class, afraid one stroke would ruin the painting, said Norwood. The class ends at p. Norwood walks around the room and asks each woman individually about her painting. He asks them to explain their painting, but the conversation usually leads to them talking about their lives, he said.

    He wants to invite people into the process, he said. He said he wants them to become more of who they are and to be comfortable with themselves.

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    One woman with a more positive, bubbly personality has smaller brush strokes. Another woman with a more relaxed, soothing personality has longer, smoother brush strokes. We all have a rhythm about us, said Norwood, and it is displayed more and more in the paintings of his students as they go from week to week. Norwood also teaches and leads a drum circle on Thursday evenings for Community Education of Warren County. He said teaching the drum class can be more challenging than the painting because he has to teach his students how to properly hold and hit the drums. However, as the last class approaches, Norwood said the two women in the class have made a lot of progress.

    She said she looks for variety when she plans classes for the community. Norwood said he would not argue if someone said art was not important. Norwood used a library as an example.

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    • Blog at WordPress. By Katelyn Latture Most of his weekdays are spent working as a greeter supervisor for the Graves-Gilbert Clinic, but Elijah Norwood, 25, finds his real purpose and passion in art.