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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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He is the author of the two-volume series Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics translated in 12 languages. Quintessence, , He runs a private practice limited solely to prosthetics on natural dentition and implants in Pesaro, Italy. Roland Frankenberger Marburg, Germany. FAU Erlangen. Eiji Funakoshi Fukuoka, Japan. He has had several academic appointments in periodontics at the above universities as well as at the Nihon University School of Dentistry in Tokyo, Japan, and Kagoshima University School of Dentistry in Kagoshima, Japan.

Currently he is a clinical professor in periodontics at Kyushu Dental University in Kitakyushu, Japan. Dr Funakoshi has published more than 50 publications in national and international journals and given more than presentations at national and international meetings. Christiane Gleissner Reichelsheim Wetterau, Germany. Focus of clinical activity: preventive dentistry, periodontology, endodontics. Focus of scientific research: Gender dentistry, periodontal medicine, assessment of periodontal risk and caries risk. He continued his education at the University of Kentucky, Department of Prosthodontics.

He received "The Smigel" award in October which is granted biennially by New York University College of Dentistry to honor the best esthetic dentists in the world for the social contribution they create, their support for the improvement of esthetic dentistry,their vision and determination and their ability to present innovative ideas around dentistry globally and the education they provide to the dental health professionals about advanced esthetics, technology and the new techniques in general dentistry.

He has been lecturing on dental aesthetics all over the world and giving post graduate lectures on aesthetics dentistry. He is the author of "The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers" published by Quintessence publications in translated into 12 different languages. He has been practicing in his own clinic in Istanbul, specializing in Aesthetic Dentistry, since A renown sportsman, Dr.

Manuela Hackenberg Edingen-Neckarhausen, Germany. Anke Handrock Berlin, Germany. Karsten Heegewaldt Berlin, Germany. Holger Hennig Hamburg, Germany. Elio Adler, Berlin. Hajime Igarashi Kyoto, Japan. I graduated from Asahi University School of dentistry in My Mentor is Dr. Smiler in Los Angels for training in implant surgery and prosthodontics. I have placed over immediate loaded implants for complete edentulous patients. Japanese Society of Oral implantology. Robert Radu Ilesan Romania. Tomohiro Ishikawa Hamamatsu, Japan. Since , he has been a founder and instructor of 5-D Japan, an institute of periodontics, endodontics, implantology, microscopic dentistry, and esthetics.

He is currently serving as the vice-president of the Osseointegration Study Club of Japan. Bei den Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro sicherte er sich die Goldmedaille, indem er seine Bestmarke auf 13,57 Meter steigerte. Denn bei allem sportlichen Erfolg hat er seine Bodenhaftung nicht verloren und vertritt in Sport und Gesellschaft eine klare Meinung.

Kathryn Kell United States of America. Matthias Kern Kiel, Germany. Juni Sep. Fouad Khoury Olsberg, Germany. Seit Beiratsmitglied mehreren Fachzeitschriften. Dr Marko Knauf Freiburg, Germany. Ralf Kohal Freiburg, Germany. Stefen Koubi Marseille, France. Dominik Kruchen Berlin, Germany. Since she was granted the degree of Doctor Medic.

Seit 1. Thomas Malik Allershausen, Germany. Philips Oral Healthcare, Hamburg. Siegfried Marquardt Tegernsee, Germany. He was a two-year assistant of Prof. Marquardt is founder and CEO of the Z. Fortbildungs GmbH, which organizes and promotes international dental symposia and practical courses. He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry EAED , as well as numerous other national and international specialist associations.

He take care of individual professional sport athlete and is the dental cooperation partner of the German Ski Association DSV. Bart Van Meerbeek Leuven, Belgium. In , he became Full Professor and teaches Biomaterial Sciences since His primary research interest involves studies related to the adhesion of restorative materials to tooth tissue and more recently also on dental zirconia, remineralization and pulp-capping. Kathleen Menzel Hamburg, Germany. Employed dentist in Hamburg, Germany. Marc Nevins D. Bosten, United States of America. Since January, own practice for pediatric dentistry in Jena - employed at the specialized pediatric dentist practice Dr.

Mark Stephen Pace Ispringen, Germany. I am actively involved in research, and have co-supervised over 40 Masters and PhD students. My primary research interests reflect some of the interesting challenges I face in everyday clinical practice and include survival of teeth, managing dental trauma, and the use of CBCT in Endodontics. In addition, I have published over 70 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and co-edited 4 textbooks; which have been translated into 5 languages.

Domenico Ricucci Cetraro, Italy. Since He has published 95 papers and has lectured both nationally and internationally. Since Own histology laboratory. Since He has authored or co-authored fourteen book chapters. An integrated biological and clinical view". Katrin Rinke Karlstein am Main, Germany. Katrin Rinke motiviert und regt zum Nachdenken an. Vorsitzende des Vereins "Wieder Lachen e. Irena Sailer Geneve, Switzerland. Since Associate Editor "Odontology".

Jan Schellenberger Hamburg, Germany. In Dr. Gottfried Schmalz Regensburg, Germany. Since Dr. Schwartz- Arad is the author of 78 scientific papers and 5 chapters focusing on immediate dental implantation, bone augmentation procedures for dental implants, the influence of smoking on the success of dental implants and more. Schwartz-Arad presented more than papers in scientific meetings and she is a renowned national and international lecturer. Frank Schwarz Frankfurt, Germany. Mitglied in zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Gesellschaften. Anton Sculean Bern, Switzerland.

Member on the editorial board or Editor of more than 14 dental journals. LUC van der Sluis graduated in , completed the postgraduate endodontic program in under guidance of prof. Wesselink and received his PhD degree in under supervision of prof. Wesselink and dr. Since Luc worked in a practice limited to Endodontics and held a position in research and teaching until at the Department of Cariology, Endodontology and Pedodontology at ACTA.

From until , Luc worked as professor at the University of Toulouse France. The current focus of his research is the prevention of apical periodontitis, disinfection of the carious lesion and root canal system, which he systematically investigates with specialists in biofilm research, fluid dynamics and sono chemistry. Organizing sports dentistry screening oriented projects in Europe and Asia. He works on the prevention and dental screening programs mainly on football teams and on the dental treatments of professional elite football players participating in competitions such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

Ana Stevanovic is a dentist, born in Serbia. She finished dental school in Serbia and was during her student time active as the President of European Dental Students Association and held numerous other positions. She is also a certified consultant with Proctor Gallagher Institute, coaching personal and business development to individuals and groups. Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi Nagoya, Japan. Tsukiboshi is a graduate of Osaka University School of Dentistry in He earned a PhD in dental materials from Kyoto University in and has been engaged in private practice since Tsukiboshi's interest in dental traumatology and autotransplantation has led to extensive clinical involvement, course presentations and publications.

Tsukiboshi has lectured extensively on dental trauma and autotransplantation; he has authored many articles and two textbooks, one on dental trauma in and one on autotransplantation in The books have been published in several languages, including English. Tsukiboshi is is the President of the International Association of Dental Traumatology in and Tsukiboshi is certified as a clinical professor of the dental school of Tohoku University in to Istvan Urban Budapest, Hungary.

He completed a full time program in oral surgery at St. Istvan Hospital in Budapest, Hungary After he graduated from the Fellowship Program in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California, he was appointed assistant professor the following year. Urban teaches implant dentistry in the graduate program at Loma Linda University. He is currently an honorary professor at the University of Szeged.

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Urban is a board member of the Osteology Foundation and has published scientific articles and text book chapers on bone regeneration and soft tissue reconstructive surgery around dental implants. Paula Vassallo received her degree in Dentistry from the University of Malta in and has been practicing as a dentist since She is also member of the health research group of the Institute of Small Island States, which is based in Malta. Michael Walter Dresden, Germany.

Since , Mr.


Strub, presently Associate Chair: Prof. He earned his diploma in Dental Technology from an apprenticeship program in Hannover, Germany. Witkowski was co-editor and -founder of the German journal "Implantologie" [Implantology] For the monthly journal "Quintessenz der Zahntechnik" [Quintessence Dental Technology] by Quintessence Publishing Berlin he was serving as vice editor-in-chief before being appointed as editor-in-chief He co-authored several book chapters, a textbook for dental students 1.

He was a member of the committee to set up the first program with an engineering degree Dipl. He was a consultant to the German "Frauenhofer Research Foundation".

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Stefan Wolfart Aachen, Germany. Seit Jan. Seit Okt. Seit Nov. Mehr als Sylvia Wuttig ist u. Masao Yamazaki Tokyo, Japan. Maciej Zarow graduated from Semmelweis University in Budapest in After a three-year training program he achieved specialization in Operative Dentistry in In he defended his PhD and in he achieved specialization in Endodontics. He is the Co- author of more than 60 papers published in Polish and international journals. He runs a private dental clinic since and postgraduate course centre since in Krakow, Poland. Matthias Zehnder was born in St.

Gall, Switzerland. He graduated from the University of Bern School of Dental Medicine in , where he received his doctoral degree in dentistry Dr. Subsequently, he worked in private practice and part-time as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Oral Cell Biology, University of Bern School of Dental Medicine. He then took a specialist training in Endodontology at Columbia University, from which he graduated in Matt's main research interests are to develop dental biomaterials, diagnose pulpal disease using molecular markers, and to improve approaches to disinfect dental hard tissues.

He is a former associate editor of the International Endodontic Journal, current editor-in-chief of the Swiss Dental Journal, and on the editorial board of some other scientific journals. Raquel Zita Gomes Maia, Portugal. Giovanni Zucchelli Bologna, Italy. Martina and of the chapter "Mucogingival therapy - periodontal plastic surgery" in the Jan Lindhe text-book "Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry", 5th edition - Ed.

Wiley-Blackwell Author of a book on esthetic mucogingival surgery Ed. Peter Eickholz. With more than 25 years of clinical experience and teaching practice, Dr. Zuhr has become a proven expert in his field well beyond the European borders. Otto Zuhr has written several refereed scientific articles in the field of periodontology and implant dentistry.

His research activities are focused on oral soft tissue wound healing and oral soft tissue reconstruction. Have you forgotten your password?

Shopping Cart empty Search: Books. Opening Convention Hall , Dr. Opening Ceremony , Dr. How age and regenerative therapy may make a difference Convention Hall , Prof. Eiji Funakoshi Our treatment goals for periodontitis usually requires life-long management of periodontally involved teeth and often includes various treatment modality. Discussion , Prof. Workshop: Dr. Marco Esposito This seminar will be particular useful for those planning to submit any manuscript to the International Journal of Oral Implantology and is aimed at introducing the topic of how interpreting and writing scientific clinical papers.

Periodontology Convention Hall , Prof. Frank Schwarz The management of infectious diseases affecting osseointegrated implants in function has become a demanding issue in implant dentistry. Giovanni Zucchelli New knowledge in soft tissue surgical management permits to achieve esthetic coverage in gingival recession with minimally invasive connective tissue grafts.

Discussion , Marc Nevins D. Creating bone from once there was none Convention Hall , Dr. Surgical and prosthetic concepts for the anterior maxilla Convention Hall , Prof. Workshops Uhr , Dr. Susanne Fath. Klaus-Dieter Bastendorf Der Fokus der parodontalen Behandlung lag in vorausgegangenen Jahrhunderten in der Entfernung der vermeintlichen Ursache der parodontalen Erkrankungen, dem supra- und supragingivalen Zahnstein und "infiziertem" Wurzelzement sogenanntes Ursachen-Wirkprinzip.

Shanon Patel One of the most important stages in diagnosis and management of endodontic problems is radiographic examination. The Pulp Raum I , Prof. Josette Camilleri Management of tooth tissue loss may involve procedures involving the pulp. Domenico Ricucci After a brief overview of tissue response to deep caries, the histological events that can be observed when pulp is penetrated by bacteria will be described. Traumatology and Surgery Raum I , Prof. Bun San Chong. Problems Raum I , Prof. From crack to fracture , PD Dr. Christiane Gleissner Dentista e. Strength in togetherness , Dr. Vesna Barac Furtinger.

Kathleen Menzel Dentista e. Hideaki Katsuyama To achieve long-term predictable results with implant therapeutics, stable hard and soft tissue around implant are prerequisite. Hideaki Ueda Number of patients have occlusal problems with or without clinical symptoms. Tomohiro Ishikawa In order to achieve esthetic results with anterior implants, it is necessary to three dimensionally augment bone along the dental arch to not only place the implant inside the bone, but to also support the soft tissue in harmony with the projected crown form.

Siegfried Marquardt Modern implantology is becoming established as a routine treatment in daily practice. Hiroyuki Takino Current periodontal therapy and implant treatment have made it possible to restore esthetic and function and to achieve long lasting treatment result. Kotaro Nakata DDS The pursuit of aesthetics in implant treatment catches the hearts of many implant logistics and doesn't hand away.

Masana Suzuki Soft tissue augmentation around implants prosthesis placed in the esthetic zone is the mandatory requirement. Paradigm shifts in the era of digitalisation Convention Hall , Prof. Wael Att The main goal of comprehensive dental rehabilitation is to achieve a pleasing harmony between the face, smile and teeth. Challenging nature in a guided way , Dr. Stefen Koubi. Anterior tooth replacement and esthetics Convention Hall , Prof. New frontiers in treatment planning Convention Hall , Dr. Mauro Fradeani MD, DDS Designing full-mouth complex rehabilitations on natural dentition and implants with optimum esthetics requires correct treatment planning, evaluation of the most suitable ceramic material and advanced skills.

Dennis Grosse. Restoration Raum I , Prof. Maciej Zarow PHD Discoloured anterior teeth can have a very negative effect on a patient's appearance. Adhesion and Minimum intervention Raum I , Prof. Roland Frankenberger. Bart Van Meerbeek This lecture aims to provide an update on modern adhesive technology to directly restore teeth. Anterior Esthetics Raum I , Prof. EMadrid, Gaia. Crary, E. Madrid, Integral. Madrid, Narcea. Debarbieux, E. Paris, ESF. Elaborado por C.


Madrid: Publicaciones de la Oficina del Defensor del Pueblo. Coie Eds. Peer rejection in childwood. New Yor, Cambridge Studies. Dodge, K. Child Development, 61, Dominguez, T. Propuestas interdisciplinares para construir la paz. Edwards, C.

Escudero, F. Etxeberria, X. Farrington, D. Crime and justice. Review of Research, Chicago: The university of Chicago Press. Revista del Instituto de Investigaciones Educativas Argentina 16 69 : 89 - Barcelona: Icaria. El clima escolar como factor de calidad, Ed. Narcea, Madrid. CEP de Villaverde, Madrid. Bilbao: Bakeaz. Fonzi, A. En En P. Smith, y Morita, J. Junger-Tas, D. Olweus, R. Catalano y P. Slee Eds. London, Routlegde. Madrid Siglo XXI. Funk, W. Estado del Arte. Gento, S. Madrid, Sanz y Torres. Girard K. Manual para educadores. Buenos Aires, Granica. Guillotte, A. Incidentes, incivilidades y autoridad en el contexto escolar.

Buenos Aires. Edit: Amorrortu editores S. A Habermas, J. Hersh, R, y otros, D. Madrid, Nancea. Hirano, K. Hawley, C. Hoover, J. Y Hazler, R. Bullying: perceptions of adolescent victims in the Midwestern USA. School Psychology International, 13, Hugh-Jones, S. British Journal of Educational Psychology 69, Jares, X. El Viejo Topo. Judson, S. Barcelona, Lerna.

Kaufman, P. Publication No. Departments of Education and Justice. Kingery, P. MacIntosh, Peter C. Marasso, A. Gruppo Abele. Barcelona, El Viejo Topo. Mellor, A. Elliot, Ed. Harlow, Longman. Miller, A. Barcelona, Tusquets. Mooij, T. Moreno Olmedilla, J. Montagu, Ashley La naturaleza de la agresividad humana. Melero, J. Siglo XXI, Madrid. En Spotlights Edinburgh: SCRE. Meulen, K. Tusquets, Barcelona. Minton, S. Bergen Noruega. Tokio, Ministerio de Educacion. Y Ortega, R. Newton, C. O'Brien, S. Child Development, 59, Ohsako, T. Global issues and interventions. Olguin, R. La obra Argentina 70 O'Moore, A.

Iris Journal of Psychology 18, Olweus, D. Rubin, Eds. The Development and Treatment of Childhood Aggression. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Canywell Ed. Madrid, Morata. En Violencia y escuela. Onetto, F. Are teachers able to defend themselves against bullying? At risk teenagers. Possible intervention strategies in impossible realities.

At the school of relationship Prevention programme against violence. Attenti al lupo. Bang Bang You're Dead. Be Someone to Tell. Building a school without bullying. Bulgaria and the European program for child protection on the Internet. Bulli e prepotenti nella scuola. Prevenzioni e tecniche educative. Bullies and arrogant people at school. Prevention and upbringing techniques. Bullies and victims: research data for victimization in school and ways of prevention. Bullies are not able to quarrel! A discussion about conflicts and the community development.

Bullies Out. Bullismo a Milano. Bullismo e prepotenze : che fare? Un vademecum per le scuole. Bullismo- Comuni e Ministero per contrastare fenomeno. Bullismo: che fare? Bullismo: conseguenze e approcci di prevenzione nelle scuole. Bullismo: indicatori e fattori predittivi di un fenomeno in crescita. Tutela giuridica alla luce della Direttiva Ministeriale n. Bullying - Don't Suffer in Silence - an anti-bullying pack for schools. Bullying - violence at school. Bullying — municipalities and ministry to combat the phenomenon.

Bullying among primary school children in Athens, Greece. Bullying and arrogance: how to cope with them? A handbook for schools. Bullying and disability. Bullying and diversity in Greece. The necessity of intercultural education. Bullying and other forms of adolescent violence. Bullying and school violence in the Basque Autonomous Community. Bullying and vexation amongst students. Bullying and vexation amongst the pupils — The dark side of school violence. Bullying and violence in schools: a new reality? Bullying at school. Bullying at School. Bullying at school - What we know and what we can do.

Bullying at school : understanding and reaction. Couples and families Lifelong learning organization recognized by the French Community of Belgium. Bullying at School and online. Analysis of the phenomenon and practical intervention strategies. Bullying in Greek Primary and Secondary Schools.

Bullying in Lithuanian schools in — Bullying in Milan. Bullying in poor countries: Prevalence and coexistence with other forms of violence. Bullying in primary schools: Prevention through the implementation of Social Work programmes. Bullying in Schools - How successful can interventions be? Bullying in the primary school. Theoretical and practical handbook for teachers and operators. Bullying into schools. Bullying may stop.

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Bullying prevalence in schools. Bullying status in schools of Lithuania. Bullying: analysis in Spanish Schools. Bullying: its consequences and prevention approaches at school. Bullying: predictive factors for a growing phenomenon. Bullying: recognise, avoid, prevent. Bullying: Teachers and Parents. Bullying: threatening and violence — The Greek school. Bullying: what do we have to do? Deviance or Young Styling and fashion? Judicial protection according to the Rule n. Chatten ohne Risiko. Child is experiencing humiliation in school. Child suffers humiliation. What can parents do?

Childrens spiritual health — in cinderellas position. Ciberbullying, un problema de acoso escolar. Diferencias entre el alumnado de secundaria. Classroom as affective and moral life-time. Clima y violencia escolar. Combaterea violentei in scoli: Butoane de panica, camera video si patrule in scolile Sectorului 1. Conception of bullying at comprehensive school discourse on reasons, forms and consequences.

Construct coexistence. Construir la convivencia. Convivencia: A model of prevention of violence. Cooperative learning and violence prevention. Coping strategies, mediators of the long-term effects of victims of bullying?. Correlation of deliberate self-harm and stressful life events in adolescence in Lithuania. Counseling of children who have a tendency to commit the violence: Practical advises. Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Crozza and son against bullying in a short film. Crozza e figlio contro il bullismo in un cortometraggio.

Crying for Help - a No Blame Approach. Cum poate fi stopata violenta in scoli? Cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying UK. Cyber Training. Cyber-Mobbing in Schulen. Cyber-Mobbing: Tod eines Teenagers. Cyberbullying - Approaches in Europe. Cyberbullying, a problem of school violence. Differences between secondary school students. Dal bullismo al baby killing. De ce apare violenta in scoala? Dealing With Bullying. Decalogue for a victim of cyberbullying. Definition, context and knowledge of school violence - Definition, Context and Knowledge of School Violence. Dentro il bullismo. Un projet humaniste contre la violence.

Determining violence. Difendere i figli dal bullismo. Different perspectives of students and teachers on school violence. Distinctions of bipolar disorder symptoms in adolescence. Early learning prevents youth violence. Educare le life skills. Educational file — Stop to Cyber-bullying. Eduquer la violence par la construction de la loi. Efektyvaus bendravimo su vaikais ir paaugliais vadovas. Effective communication with children and adolescents.

Effectiveness of Programmes to Reduce School Bullying. El aula como escenario de la vida afectiva y moral. El Proyecto Sevilla anti-violencia escolar. Emotions of agressors and victims of cyberbullying: a preliminary study of Secondary students. Enchancing the life skills. Equipos de ayuda, Maltrato entre Iguales y Convivencia Escolar.

Europe vote for a safe and tolerant school. Everything is ok. Bullies, victims and bystanders. Exploring cyberbullying in Spain. Expression of jeering experienced by adolescents who go in for sports, who do not and who belong to risk group and of their jeering at coevals. Family factors affecting school aggression of students: research data. Family relations, peer rejection and school violence. Figure di supporto alla famiglia e alla scuola: un riconoscimento immediato del problema. Focus Gewalt in der Schule.

From bullying to baby killing. Gewalt an Schulen. Gewalt im Web 2. Gewalt in der Schule - Bestandsaufnahme im Jahr Gewalt in der Schule. Gewalt und Mobbing an Schulen. Aktuelle Erkenntnisse aus der Forschung und Praxis. Giovani a rischio. Giovani e bullismo, vittime e carnefici. Girasoli e aquiloni. Good practices of secondary education school units regarding prevention and tackling of bulling among students.

Group Violence and Aggressiveness in Schools. Harassment from the peers at school. Attitude towards the victims. Helping teams, bullying and convivencia. Home, family, school: on the pupils' aloofness from their school. Homophobic bullying. How can schools best support pupils showing bullying behaviours. How do they do it - anti-bullying in Norway.