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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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This was done simultaneously with a financial restructuring, a change in staff working, and a preparation for a digital revolution in banking. At Credit Suisse, the Smart Working programme has a mandate for all non client-facing areas: eliminating assigned desks, reducing the emphasis on job titles, installing a floor with project zones, quiet, home and garden zones— which have more plants, and privacy, with space intending to foster collaboration.

This can be risky, leading to a pitfall of absolutes. It is counterproductive to press people into operating in a uniform way without taking different personalities and preferences into account. While employees have to embark upon a potentially difficult process of changing habitual behaviour, businesses all the way up to the boardroom must be prepared for significant and sometimes unpredictable reactions.

It is critical, therefore, to carefully structure each phase of the process, factoring in time to harvest- and process - employee feedback, and distinguish fleeting, from more fundamental, concerns. The report provides suggestions for how greater access to public transportation can improve youth reconnection.

Social Science Research Council. The SSRC is an independent, international, nonprofit organization. It fosters innovative research, nurtures new generations of social scientists, deepens how inquiry is practiced within and across disciplines, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.

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Sex Trafficking and the Social Construction of Race. The Immanent Frame publishes interdisciplinary perspectives on religion, secularism, and the public sphere. Conversion and demographic anxieties. New vistas in studying religion and public life. Kujenga Amani facilitates the exchange of ideas about diverse aspects of peacebuilding in Africa. Rural Banditry in Zamfara state, Northwest Nigeria. Amanda Coffie.

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What might gun violence research look like if we centered our analysis on victims? Others claim that the dominance of English will force young academics to publish only in English-language journals, subjecting themselves to a sort of scientific rat race that neglects quality in favour of mere quantity. Last but not least, they claim that one cannot function on the same level as native speakers in academia without perfect knowledge of a language. These were exactly the arguments that I was confronted with during a recent hearing in the Dutch Parliament, where I was invited to make the case for English as an expert.

What were my arguments? First of all, I made it clear that the question should not polarise us as academics. Of course there must remain a place for Dutch educational programmes in the Netherlands.

Programmes such as Dutch law and medicine are taught in Dutch, because students will have to deal with Dutch clients or patients. But we also have a European Law School and an international track in medicine for students who aspire to an international career. And we have programmes such as international business, European studies and global health that we offer only in English.

Read more: Developing an internationally relevant curriculum. This is my point: English-language education in a country with another national language should not the default choice, but must be based on how international a subject is, and the international employment potential for students after graduation.

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A recent Erasmus study showed that 92 per cent of employers seek graduates with transversal skills, such as intercultural skills and proficiency in a second or even a third language. And there is another important argument: choosing a world language such as English which is arguably also the lingua franca of science in most disciplines creates a level playing field for students from different backgrounds and nationalities.


It enables them to interact in what we call the International Classroom , an environment where students address challenges not only on the basis of knowledge that they have acquired, but also within the context of their own cultural background. With almost 50 per cent international students from more than different countries, the impact of culture is an important part of the learning process for us.

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Yes, of course, but as English is the most commonly used first foreign language in most countries, it does not only create a quick common base, it is also an asset for international employment opportunities. And, let's face it, the great trade tradition of the Netherlands, a comparatively small country, has been built on language competencies beyond Dutch.

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Recent statistics rated the Dutch as the people with the broadest base of English knowledge in all non-English-speaking European countries. Last but not least, we should not be afraid that a broad use of English in Dutch universities will lead to the extinction of the Dutch language. Nobody will question whether Hebrew is dying out in Israel because of the long-standing tradition of Israeli universities to teach in English, nor has the focus on English publications in my own native country of Germany threatened the native language competencies at universities.

This went through my head when I was speaking to the parliamentary commission in The Hague and, as the speaker before me held the view that you could only gain a top job in the Netherlands if you speak fluent Dutch, I could not resist briefly teasing him. Nevertheless I am glad to be the president of a Dutch university. Martin Paul is president of Maastricht University. Get a month's unlimited access to THE content online.

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