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Our Sarah: Made in Alaska Audiobook by Sarah Palin, Chuck Heath Sr., Chuck Heath Jr.

Christian Supply Helping you grow for over 50 years! Heath, Chuck. She chooses to live the life she lives--not out of a need to be center stage, but out of a desire to make a difference. The authors inform the readers that even at a young age, big things seemed to be on the horizon for Sarah, and they tell us of people who, during the course of her upbringing, recognized her as someone "special," someone who just had a certain "something," and someone whose destiny called for greatness.

They don't belabor the point, but it's certainly there. Our Sarah took me through the full gamut of emotions. In the span of neighboring pages, I found myself seething with anger, laughing uproariously, and weeping uncontrollably. I was riveted while reading just how close death was at different times, and moved at how far away answers to life's biggest questions sometimes were.

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I saw the frustration of both a protective brother, as he realized that there were battles he could not fight for his younger sister or shield her from, and a dad, as he observed his daughter so viciously wronged. Sarah's brother and father show us their lives and her life, so ordinary that as I read of their regrets, challenges, and questions, I thought of my own.

Though we're all so very different in background and experiences, it's all quite familiar. The range of emotions, therefore, is only natural. Readers who have fixated on how different they are from Palin should be prepared to come away realizing something else altogether. Sarah Palin's father, whose love for the great outdoors took him and his growing family to the Last Frontier, was eager to find rewarding work, satisfying adventures, and robust competition. Their family of athletes learned to push themselves to the limits, and they reaped the rewards of perseverance and hard work.

As I turned the pages of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, I became increasingly aware that Palin did not arrive at such heights of personal and professional achievement by accident. Concerning sports, it was tenacity, not just talent, that brought her the success she enjoyed. She refused to give up. This didn't dissipate as she got older and faced bigger challenges. She enjoyed greater successes with seemingly insurmountable odds. Her own self-determination and hard work, coupled with her ability to garner the support of others, propelled her into a career of public service that eventually propelled her onto the national stage.

Her faith in God, though it was misrepresented and ridiculed on the campaign trail, remain at the forefront of her life, something she inherited from her mother, Sally. And this is the first time, at least as far as I know, that Chuck, Sr. Never before have I read a book that so passionately details the events of a life that it made me want a do-over. These authors stirred that within me. As I read, I began to feel that I had been cheated as a child. An upbringing in the cold wild of Alaska is not what I'm talking about. Snowmachining, hunting, and hiking sound wonderful, but that's not what I'm talking about, either.

What the authors manage to do is adequately describe how they view the world around them, which they see in a way that I could not fathom as a child. Admiring mountains and lakes and the history contained in them never dawned on me when I was a kid. Getting up before school and hunting was certainly not something I ever did.

Neither did it ever cross my mind that others were doing it. Even as a youngster of faith, I never led a group of my peers at school in prayer. Reading their details of this kind of life, the kind that Sarah enjoyed, made me wish I could go back and do it again, do childhood again, and do it the Heath way this time--with the adventures, the expectations to work, and the deep family bonds. Granted, it wasn't all fun and games in their family.

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There were hardships, too. There were risks, estrangement, discovering dead bodies--and almost becoming one. But their account of their upbringing sounds like truly living to me. Their book makes me want to love deeper, dream bigger, and run faster--literally and figuratively. I already knew much of Sarah Palin's fascinating life story, and I didn't think there was room to grow in my respect for her, but this intimate look, through the distinct perspectives of two of the closest people in her life, made me respect and admire her all the more.

I do not know if that was the authors' intent, but they certainly accomplished as much. Of course, Chuck, Sr. Where were they when they learned she was Senator McCain's running mate?

Publisher's Summary

Did she ever drop a hint before then? What stood out at the start of her RNC speech? These answers are all in Our Sarah, along with deeper things like what causes resentment to build in a father and what causes it to melt like the snow at the end of an Alaska winter. Turning pages, I recognize names of people in the grassroots and blogosphere who have made an impact on Sarah and her family, promote her cause, and continue to provide support since the election, and I am reminded that she, like they, never forget even the little people who help along the way.

Our Sarah helped me understand the humility that Palin exemplifies, as well, in spite of her fame and success. Chuck, Jr. Never one to toot her own horn, you get the distinct impression that she takes everything that has occurred, particularly since , in stride--the instant celebrity, the fortune, the opportunities.

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She's made it into the end zone, but she never spikes the ball. She acts like she's been there before. She acts like she belongs. Through the stories relayed by her father and brother, we see that she has been there and she does belong. With every early morning hunt, every basketball practice, every mile run, every child born, every sign-waving gathering, every campaign, and every speech she stepped into that end zone, and she learned how to handle it well because of her character, which was carved out of those lessons taught, people encountered, and experiences lived.

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska lives up to its promise as an intimate look into the various adventures, challenges, and influences in the life of Sarah Palin. I couldn't put the book down. It inspired me, it fed my curiosity, and it left me wanting more. Glancing at the cover, before reading a word, I sensed the aura of family, home, and love that I also found waiting once I opened the book and began reading. However, on the cover or not, Chuck, Jr. The more I read, the more I connected with Sarah Palin and her family. The more pages I turned, the more deeply I understood who she is, not through the ill-intentioned--or even well-meaning--words of someone who doesn't really know her, but through the words of two people who have known her all her life and whose book has helped to make their Sarah our Sarah as well.

Oct 20, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , first-reads. Sometimes I think that as a Canadian living about an hour outside of the rockie mountains, I have more in common with Sarah Palin than most urbanite Americans. I enjoyed the stories of the outdoors and athletics in this book and found the Heaths' stories easy to read and relatable.

I don't necessarily agree with Palin's political beliefs, but was interested to learn more about her and her family. I'm often shocked by what people will believe based on what they hear from friends or in the news. I find it almost incomprehensible that Sarah Palin, a mother of 5 and generally upstanding citizen, receives such an unfair representation in the media. I can name at least 5 American politicians who've had affairs, engaged in prostitution and a variety of other reputation damaging acts that do not get even half the attention that Sarah's alleged activities do HOW does this make any sense!?

Clearly there's an unwritten higher standard that women in politics are held to when compared with their male counterparts For the record, I also think Obama often gets a raw deal in the media, but for some reason people discount what's said about him much more readily than what's said about Sarah. You know, a lot of blame is placed on the media in this day and age, but if the public wasn't BUYING it, they wouldn't be selling it. We want to be entertained! We want scandal! Instead we should be asking for the stories of those individuals who exemplify the American dream, growing up in small towns or poor circumstances and realizing great accomplishments, so that future generations can be inspired.

At the very least, we should be critical of the things we read and hear and realize that everyone has an agenda.

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For those of you who love Sarah Palin, you will undoubtably love this book. For those of you who have already made up your minds about her, this book won't change that.

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  6. But for those of you who are interested in hearing both sides of any story before you make judgements, this book is for you Jan 25, Steve rated it really liked it. No doubt the over-riding purpose of this release was an attempt by the Palin family to set the public record straight. Since she became a household word in the summer of , the mainstream media has bombarded us with all the dirt they could dig up on the Alaskan governor and her family. The Heaths have done a good job of sharing their family stories. The format is very similar to one recently used by Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez, taking turns writing each chapter.

    I could not find one criticism of Palin on any of these pages. Not one. Oct 08, Michael Sherwood rated it liked it. A very loving portrait of Sarah Palin by her father and brother. Sep 23, Jill rated it it was amazing. An untainted glimpse as to who Sarah Palin truly is without the media slant. She certainly has my vote in if she runs.

    This country needs a fresh face in Washington like Sarah!! Dec 26, Meredith White rated it really liked it.

    New Book Release - 'Our Sarah - Made in Alaska' 09/24 by Roderic Deane | Politics Conservative

    Overall, it was a simple read that gave insight to life in Alaska, and the family of Sarah Palin. Oct 12, Hannah rated it it was amazing. Good book. Well written and nice. Nov 28, Aaron Bourlard rated it liked it. Jun 13, Darryl rated it it was amazing. Awesome book. Really Loved Learning About Sarah. Patricia rated it did not like it Oct 04,