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These dreams may also be related to random memories about a past pregnancy of your own or someone else's, Dr. Pelayo says. Say that you had bad morning sickness during your first pregnancy: Any time that you feel a little nauseated during the day is a chance for your brain to remember that morning sickness and give you a dream about being pregnant.

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Dreams about being pregnant might be about a different kind of birth, so to speak. Pregnancy dreams may represent your excitement around a creative project in your home or at work, she says. Barrett says. Do you have a friend who takes up all of your emotional space or is using you in other ways?

Some sleep specialists suspect that dreams are a way for our brains to reset memories and emotions; we collect so many memories throughout our lives, memories that are often tied to emotion, that our brains eventually have to decide what to remember and what to forget.

When Is My Sex Drive Likely to Increase During Pregnancy?

They also have to decide how to connect these memories together. Pelayo explains.

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So ask yourself, do I wish for this or fear this? What in my waking life feels like the baby in the dream? This can help you dissect what it might mean if it means anything at all.

Why Men Like Pregnant Women

Are pregnancy dreams really bothering you? For decades, researchers and physicians tended to think about pregnancies as either planned or unplanned. This fact may reshape how doctors and policymakers think about family planning. A new analysis of the results from the Guttmacher Institute combined these results with data from abortion providers.

Other research has asked people whether they want to have children, or have more children.

This Is Why You Keep Having Dreams About Being Pregnant

Women ambivalent about pregnancy tend to be younger, wrestling with financial strains and life plans, or older, nearing the end of their fertile years. They are more likely to be black than white. They are more likely to already have at least two children, said Isaac Maddow-Zimet, a senior research associate at Guttmacher, describing an analysis that has not yet been published. But a year ago, when she and her husband felt financially secure, they decided to see what would happen if she stopped taking contraception.

To her shock, a pregnancy test came up positive within weeks. A few weeks later, Ms. Jennings, 33, was offered a big promotion at her job at an industrial company in suburban Cleveland.

Karelasyon: A woman's desperate attempt to get pregnant (full episode)

I need to focus on my job. She loves her month-old daughter, Jade, and is thriving in her new job. But she said that she felt lonely in her ambivalence at the time.