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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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It means so very much. I am truly loving every moment of this author experience. It's been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old that, and being a ballerina which did not come to fruition ; Probably for the best Now back to squeeing over the great Brenda Novak! Help Me Spread the Word! Who wants to help the cause?

It's my first time being in mass market print, and I want to help new readers find me. If you are in a bookclub, belong to a group of women who love to read, work at or own a business where you interact with potential romance readers hair salon, schools, etc , or just have a large family of readers, please contact me in the contact form.

I'd love to send you some of these excerpt booklets to give out and help spread the word! October is going to be an exciting month!!!

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If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, please do and join me and Brenda in her online book club on October 25th at p. Hi everyone! I arrived in Orlando on Tuesday and it was a blur until I returned home on Sunday. I learned so much, though. Every year I come back feeling invigorated with my writing and yes, equally exhausted too.

The market right now is tough for everyone. There are a TON of marketing strategies out there. Find the one that works for you. And I got to meet my favorite marketing guru Mark Dawson! Writing your best book is and always will be the first priority. So on that note, friends, until next year in Denver! This astounded my teacher and let my parents know about it. My mom would read to me kids books as well as her textbooks. When my mom and I talked about this when I was older, she told me she automatically assumed I knew what she was reading in the kids books.

I just wanted to be with you. What helped? My dad said to read Shakespeare out loud since I like Shakespeare. He told me to pick which play I liked and read it quietly out loud. My dad re-iterated the reading out loud.

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My comprehension went up pretty much right away when I started. Introduce him to Andrea Norton. Her books were the first science fiction books I read and she does a brilliant job for young people. Sharon Lee and Stephen Miller Liad series should also appeal. Anne Bishop has a neat twist on werewolfs. You must be so proud of him! Kudos to his friend for sharing her book and sparking his desire to finish the book and starting him down the reading road.

Amazing what can be accomplished with motivation. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration! As aids may I recommend Dragon Naturally speaking and Kurtweil as support tools. I loved reading this! My brother had significant learning disabilities. How I wish he could have found a way through as your son did. And what a great lesson from the ALs on how to keep moving forward by knowing when to take a step back.

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I am big on the change of scene …. Inspiration as we all know comes in odd places……find a sunset? Good luck,we your readers look forward to your solution…..

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Writing is a different process for each individual. To do an outline or not, to fix it in first draft or after. You have to do what works for you. I would love to know what you are working on. I will read what ever it is, but is it more Hugh, more from the Hidden Legecy series or more from the adventures of Aunt Erra and Julie?

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Interesting, yes? I am still wondering how the first comment was posted. As others have pointed out, the first commenter Amanda? I love your ideas for Goodreads shelves. I actually also reported her to Amazon for having an irregular pattern of reviewing … That cup of tea person. You never know what you find in the crap writing. You may find something…you may find nothing.

The plot needed work, but I still hoping for a Baba Yaga inspired story about witches armed with mortar and pestle, demons, and a sentient home running around on giant chicken feet. I think the two writing styles are cases of global vs. You two set a great example for aspiring writers. After reading your writing blogs I am so grateful that anyone writes and that it is not me.

I have an extremely fertile imagination but sharing it is beyond me. Thank you that you are willing and able to write well and that you share it with us. Just reread Diamond Fire and as always found something new.

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I always wonder if all the little things are on purpose or if I just interpret them that way. Thank you for the enjoyment I get when I read your work. People who can write well and quickly amaze me! You can give my daughter a paper assignment and she kind of looks at the keyboard, then bam!

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Me…I work and work for that first paragraph. Not sure I have that many hours left! You guys are such GOOD writers. The story, grammer yes, sadly I notice , visual images, everything! Whatever it takes…even laundry…the BDH is so glad you write! Or longer. Or something. Clearly an artifact from another time. My dissertation had two main requirements: 1 it had to be biostatistics based; and 2 it had to do with public health since my doctorate is public health with a concentration in biostatistics.

Otherwise, the dissertation could be on anything and not on past papers. My dissertation was on women and coronary heart disease divided into two separate but related papers. It made it a lot easier to write than one huge paper. Page or time goals are not how our thought processes function. If you have to use that grease all the time, something is wrong. Fix it.

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Folding laundry is a productive way to take a break and clear your minds. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with to fix your scene. Not even any disagreement. That was the spat. My husband and I do that about once a week. Fortunately, we do laundry more often than that. Wow, I wish my husband would tell me he was going to fold laundry after a discussion. Practical Administrator: Write at your own pace, using the process that works for you.

Revise as needed. Most of us have read the stuff you scrapped for one reason or another. Most of us liked it. We will be here when you get back. The only time I ever got the plus words in a day I was in a full blown manic episode. Lots of words and nearly as many plot holes! I love the work you two create and hope you keep doing it.

My oldest brother is now through all of your books since I got him hooked on you in November…. It is surprisingly good advice for any kind of creative endevour: graphic design, gardening, home remodeling, craft projects, etc. Oooh Pain is gone now the admissjon has been made. In your writing process do you always wait for confession before confessing to where you see the … error. Eight years ago, we went to see Larry McMurtry, who wrote Lonesome Dove and lots of books and co-wrote the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain. He said, some days the work flows and some days it does not.

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When it was going well, he learned to stop at a certain word count, because if he did not stop, the next day would not go as well. I think the moral is especially true for you guys. Writing as a duo creates completely new dynamics compared to people like Koontz or King that work solo. I would have been looking for some space from my husband. I do some planning using a mindmap but tend to pantser a bit in between.

Then if I find I am not sure where to next I brainstorm a number of possibilities. It starts to flow again. Love your books so hope you figure out where to next in the story. Those mind numbing tasks or exercise times allow your subconscious to work on your options and come up with the next step too.