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SQL Simply Put: 2. The WHERE Clause

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SQL in Web Pages

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Using SQL=

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Simply put, an index is a pointer to data in a table. An index in a database is very similar to an index in the back of a book. For example, if you want to reference all pages in a book that discusses a certain topic, you first refer to the index, which lists all the topics alphabetically and are then referred to one or more specific page numbers.

Welcome to SQL

Indexes can be created or dropped with no effect on the data. Creating an index involves the CREATE INDEX statement, which allows you to name the index, to specify the table and which column or columns to index, and to indicate whether the index is in an ascending or descending order.

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Indexes can also be unique, like the UNIQUE constraint, in that the index prevents duplicate entries in the column or combination of columns on which there is an index. Unique indexes are used not only for performance, but also for data integrity. A unique index does not allow any duplicate values to be inserted into the table.