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The body doesn't recognize the fetus as foreign, so it simply remains there without being broken down or expelled.

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It's an accurate term, and the results, like the one pictured, tend to be both fascinating and horrifying. Oddly enough, most women who experience a calcified fetus aren't aware of it. Instead, women simply experience pregnancy symptoms, and then they go away. Poor ejaculation ,If you're not ovulating, you won't be able to get pregnant.

Anovulation is a common cause of female infertility and it can be triggered by many conditions. However, regular menstrual cycles don't guarantee that ovulation is occurring. Am Hellen, thanks to Dr oniha who cured me of fallopian tube blockage and fibroid with his herbal tuber cleanser.

Rare 40-Year-Old 'Stone Baby' Found in Elderly Woman

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In case you want to contact him for a similar problem, or all other issues, you can reach him through his email: drosaze39 gmail. Saturday, 24 January It Was First described by Dr Albucasis an Arab Muslim physician and surgeon who was the first physician to describe an ectopic pregnancy, and the first physician to identify the hereditary nature of haemophilia. Lithopedion ; a fetus that has died during an ectopic pregnancy pregnancy outside the Uterus,in this case mostly abdominal pregnancy and has become calcified, ossified or hardened.

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The scan showed an unidentifiable large mass. He suspected that it was some kind of calcified structure, and so he referred her to a specialist radiographer.


Finally, the MRI scan confirmed that it was indeed her calcified unborn baby. It was a hard decision whether operating would be safe or not. When the surgeons operated, it was discovered that the fetus was entirely calcified and was a hard, solid lump. After nearly 4 hours, the surgeons successfully removed the calcified fetus from her.

The 15 Stone Babies Part 1/4

The fetus weighed 7lb, and it was 42cm in length. A calciferous shell that forms around the dead fetus to protect the mother from any infection causes the tissues of dead fetus to be dehydrated mummified making it a lithopedion or stone baby. It can occur from 14 weeks gestation to full term.

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