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After uploading your cover photo, click on the image to fill out the description. This is a valuable piece of real estate on your page, so make sure to utilize this area to share a tagline or a price point , and to include a link to your website or a product landing page. Adding a call-to-action button to your page gives people an easy way to do things like sign up for your giveaway or newsletter, buy something, and so forth.

Explore all of the types of call-to-action buttons to see which is the best fit for your business. Use the Description area to tell people what your page is about. The more information you give potential new followers, the more likely they are to stick around. Click on the Add a Short Description prompt and write one to two sentences , including keyword phrases where appropriate, to succinctly describe the focus of your page or business. To create a closer tie to your business and to make it easier for people to find you or tag you on Facebook, you can customize the latter portion of your Facebook URL with a unique username.

In general, you want to keep your username as short as possible. Want to save a few steps to navigate to your page? Enable Shortcuts to pin your Facebook page to the shortcuts section of your profile for quick and easy access your page. Open Visitor Posts and choose to allow people to publish posts, photos, and videos to your page. Allowing people and other businesses to tag your page and share it with others is a great way to expand your reach to other audiences. To take advantage of this, tick the Others Tagging this Page box.

If you have a business in the alcohol and tobacco industries or other age-sensitive products, it might be a good idea to restrict certain ages from seeing your page. The Age Restrictions setting has six options for you to consider. The Page Moderation setting is important if profanity filters make sense for your business. You can use this setting to block comments that feature specific words you choose. Want to show up when someone is searching for a certain topic or page on Facebook? Tick the Similar Page Suggestions box to allow Facebook to suggest your page as a result in relevant searches.

If you have a global or multi-lingual audience, you can tick the Post in Multiple Languages box and your posts will be shown to your fans and followers in their language. Do you have a preference for the order in which comments are viewed by fans and followers? The Comment Ranking setting lets you choose whether to show the most recent comments first or the most relevant comments based on engagement first.

Did you know that fans and followers of your page can download videos published to your page? Depending on the goals of your business, you may want to restrict downloading of videos by ticking the Content Distribution box. When someone sends you a private message through your page, you have the option to turn on the Response Assistant to deliver automated responses. While your page is created with a default order of tabs, you can customize the order and selection of tabs that show up on the left side of your page under your profile picture.

OPen Edit Page Settings to click on and drag each tab until you have the order you like. Another reason that the About section needs to be a top priority is that, whenever your business is tagged and a Facebook user mouses over the name, a little box pops up to show who it is. Along with the cover image, link, and recent photos is — you guessed it —the About phrase! Use this to its maximum effect. Urban Outfitters uses it to drive people to its e-commerce site. The Company Overview section is where you should give as functional a description as possible.

Think of something along the lines of the value pitch for your business.

How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Business Page

The company overview talks about the company as a business, its subsidiaries, and the different types of stores that it has. This part can be a little boring depending on your type of business. Even if your business niche is very specific, try to break up a description into short phrases. As a general rule, keep it short. You have the Story to go in-depth. A paragraph or two should be fine.

Just like the name implies, this is where you can tell a little bit about who you are and where your business came from. I like to think of the Story section as what a grandfather would say while recounting a story from the old days. You might think of a witty anecdote that portrays the business in a sympathetic way. You might be tempted to talk about some of your big achievements in your story section, and you definitely can. But if you need to break up the events and want to go further into detail, you can fill out the milestones section.

For many businesses, especially start-ups and businesses that are just getting off the ground, you might not have any milestones yet. The company has a history of product innovation it invented the aviators, after all so it has quite a few product milestones. More recently, the business started counting each time it passes another million fans:.

You should put this information over a map so that people immediately know exactly where you are. Then you must have your website link. Organic traffic coming from Facebook is very valuable. As the social network emerges as a more important search environment, you need to be found, and your page needs to drive people closer to you. Your website is one of the best places to convert customers. The contact section lets you go further and add your Facebook Messenger handle along with a button to contact you immediately.

Facebook has become a true e-commerce driver in its own right by adding a big blue button to its Business pages.

15 Steps To Creating An Effective Business Facebook Page - GetResponse Blog

But Facebook now lets you go further by adding a Shop feature. Now businesses can list their products and visitors can shop them directly as if they were on Amazon or Google Shopping. The product feature is great since it lets people discover and browse products without leaving Facebook. The first step is to get all of your products uploaded to Facebook.

Then, set the featured products, which are products that people will see as soon as they get to your page. E-commerce on Facebook is beginning to take off, so if e-commerce is part of your sales strategy and you are not creating product pages on Facebook, you will leave money on the table! Not all businesses are online, of course, and many times services and businesses cater to a specific local area.

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In this case, it is crucial to have up-to-date information about your locations, hours of operation, and contact information. If your business is a chain with multiple locations, you should consider creating a Facebook page for each location. Then the pages start to show up as places. Facebook offers more and more functionality for more and more industries, so check to see what types of buttons are available for you. There are lots of settings — so many that the font can get really small when sifting through the options! First, page visibility. Is your page visible to people on Facebook?

Second, visitor posts.

Get More Facebook Likes - My Secret FREE Strategy That’s Working Like Crazy!

Do you want people to post to your page in a way that will be visible to others? Instead of giving these people immediate access to your fans, you should be able to prevent that information from getting out. Third, if your business has an international focus, there are a couple of settings that you should activate. Fourth, page updates. If you update information on your page, Facebook can turn that into a status update.

How to make a Facebook page for your small business

For certain types of things, like adding a collection of products, you will want to alert your audience to the change so they come and check it out. Facebook has really been evolving toward video over the past few years. Video is an extraordinarily effective way to get your message across. Facebook is not only a place to post videos. You can now have profile videos, and what is really cool are cover videos. This lets you provide an immersive experience to the people who come to check out your business page.

You should adapt or create specific video content for the horizontal format so that, as soon as people arrive, you can start storytelling.

Why Is Facebook Engagement So Important?

You can grant them different types of access to your business page. Even if they are your BFF, you want to keep a professional page as closed off as possible. With the recent hacks and attacks on the Internet over the past few months, greater access leads to reduced security. If you administer more than one Facebook page, select the correct one. Go to your Facebook page and click the Edit Page button at the top right. Select Apps in the links along the left side. Locate the app that you just created, and then click Edit Settings to add the tab to your page. Select Edit Settings a second time if you want to rename the tab.

If you want to change the content on the Facebook page, you must first edit the file that you created for your website and then re-upload it to your Web server. Ready or not, the Timeline layout is now coming to all brand pages on Facebook. Here's how to give Here's how most social media campaigns fail, and how most companies miss the point of social tools. Twitter has evolved into a powerful social medium and an effective platform for engaging customers Good Yelp reviews can boost your business.

Too many bad reviews can sink it, even if they're wrong Groupon might seem like a great advertising scheme, but it can spell disaster for unprepared small With Facebook Ads, you can target a narrow set of users as well as their self-described interests Online fund-raising is changing the way people finance and create everything from movies to iPhone Consumers are increasingly separating their personal and professional identities online, new data Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime AMD's superb 2nd-gen Ryzen processors get massive price cuts in Ryzen 's Social Business Reality Check: Move How to make a Facebook page for your Facebook Ads: Success Secrets From a Crowdfunding Helps Cool Tech Projects Show More.

IDG A Facebook page can help you interact more with customers than a website can. Creating a Facebook Page From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation. IDG One of the early steps of creating a business page on Facebook is to choose your business type. Information to Include When Facebook walks you through the initial steps, it will request information about your business—a logo for the page avatar, details for the About section, contact information and hours, and the URL of your website.

IDG Pagemodo is a tool that lets you create a custom Facebook page without possessing any coding expertise. IDG Building a Facebook page with iframes involves creating an app. Next page: Know your SSL requirements Claim Your Brand on the Social Web.

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