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2. Sloppiness in the Work Delivered

You've been doing it wrong - here's how to really get unconditional love from your cat. Share Tweet Share Pin. We really know nothing about our cats For instance, you know how your cat rubs itself against your legs and it seems really cute? Thinking your cat is super loyal Cats are only loyal to a point — and that point is self-preservation. You need to go at their pace. The term covers written as well as oral communication and some forms of behaviors in a public setting. It is also sometimes called antilocution and is the first point on Allport's scale which measures prejudice in a society.

In many countries, deliberate use of hate speech is a criminal offence prohibited under incitement to hatred legislation. It is often alleged that the criminalization of hate speech is sometimes used to discourage legitimate discussion of negative aspects of voluntary behavior such as political persuasion, religious adherence and philosophical allegiance. There is also some question as to whether or not hate speech falls under the protection of freedom of speech in some countries. Both of these classifications have sparked debate, with counter-arguments such as, but not limited to, a difficulty in distinguishing motive and intent for crimes, as well as philosophical debate on the validity of valuing targeted hatred as a greater crime than general misanthropy and contempt for humanity being a potentially equal crime in and of itself.

The neural correlates of hate have been investigated with an fMRI procedure.

In this experiment, people had their brains scanned while viewing pictures of people they hated. The results showed increased activity in the middle frontal gyrus , right putamen , bilaterally in the premotor cortex , in the frontal pole , and bilaterally in the medial insular cortex of the human brain. Hate, like love, takes different shapes and forms in different languages.

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Thus a certain relationless hatred is expressed in the French expression J'ai la haine , which has no precise equivalent in English; while for English-speakers, loving and hating invariably involve an object, or a person, and therefore, a relationship with something or someone, J'ai la haine literally, I have hate precludes the idea of an emotion directed at a person. French forms of anti-Americanism have been seen as a specific form of cultural resentment, registering joy-in-hate. A United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom and religion cited the concept of collective hatred based on religion, which he described as a man-made phenomenon caused by deliberate actions and omissions of hate-mongers.

There is also the emergence of Islamophobia in parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, which was created through the incitement of religious hatred as evidenced in the initiatives of the British Far Right organizations.

How to Turn Hate to Love

For example, homophobia is typically defined by gay rights activists as not only including refusal to bake a gay wedding cake, but also religious teaching that homosexuality is evil, which results in censorship of religious freedom. Hatred can also be sanctioned by religion.

The Hebrew word describing David's "perfect hatred" KJV means that it "brings a process to completion". It is explained that religion aims to convert new adherents and that extreme speech made against other religion or its adherents is considered a tool so that changing other's beliefs is effective. Philosophers from the ancient time sought to describe hatred and today, there are different definitions available. Aristotle , for instance, viewed it as distinct from anger and rage, describing hate as a desire to annihilate an object and is incurable by time.

The goal for me is to start the discussion on the list and prioritize it, too, so please comment. You cannot work with a self-absorbed developer. Arrogance makes you think that your code is perfect. You may even blame customers for being stupid and for crashing their program rather than reflect on why your software crashed.

The problem with arrogance is that it is a behavior that will prevent you from improving. Some of you may already know the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Hat Not Hate – Stand up to Bullying

We will mention this effect a few times in the list. Here is a graph explaining it:.

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There are many ways developers can show sloppiness in the code they deliver. We all know at least one developer who:. They annoy the hell out of their colleagues. The best way to solve this is for these developers to start to take pride in their work not to be confused with the arrogance mentioned in the first point.

The two things developers hate most are interruptions and unnecessary meetings. And every developer knows that. Most developers are enthusiastic people, but sometimes you may have the chance or misfortune to work with a negative one. Negativity is infectious.

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If someone complains, it focuses the attention on the negative side of things. They will criticize every choice made: the language, for instance, although, most of the time, those developers are clearly at the top of Mount Stupid in the Dunning-Kruger Effect. But you could try CompletableFuture to have a taste of what a monad is. I will show you what you can do with that. This can be done through an email to management, a 1-on-1 talk, or another sneaky, non-straightforward way.

Developers value competence above all.

This is pretty high up on my list, as I feel it creates a lot of tension and distrust. For greedy developers, such strategies might produce short-term visibility. But in the long run, they will be alienated.