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Tristram defeats an Irish prince during his travels in Ireland. During these adventures he falls in love with La Beale Isoud. Eventually, King Mark accuses Tristram of treason for carrying on the illicit affair with the queen, Isoud, but he escapes. He marries another woman and continues his chivalric adventures. Tristram repels an enemy invasion and he is eventually re-united with Isoud.

At the end of the book, we find that King Mark kills Tristram by stabbing him in the back. Throughout these adventures and misadventures, these books weave in the story of Le Cote Male Taile and Sir Gareth in which he grapples with a mysterious man and a dangerous damosel. We are introduced to Sir Lamorak, the son of King Pellimore and one of the most powerful knights of the realm.

After arriving at the city of Corbin, Launcelot is seduced into sleeping with Elaine, the daughter of the king. She conceives Galahad who will one day surpass his father. As one of the most powerful knights in the world, Galahad is destined to discover the holy Sangreal. Launcelot returns to Camelot and Guenever discovers his secret. She is jealous but forgives him. Soon after this, Elaine comes to Camelot and seduces him again. He flees to the woods, living off fruit and water until he is finally taken in by a knight.

Guenever, in her despair, sends knights to search for Launcelot. The search continues for two years to no avail.

Launcelot finally makes his way to Corbin, physically and mentally broken. He is healed by the holy Sangreal. After this, he moves to the castle Joyous Gard with Elaine and Galahad. This is the most prized treasure throughout the entire Christian world at the time. All of the knights are dispatched to find the Sangreal. Galahad and kights set out to find the grail. He encounters numerous trails and performs miracles along the way. Launcelot is also in search of the Sangreal, but he knows that he lacks the faith for the task and struggles to redeem himself.

He must wrestle with temptation and purify himself along the way. This section concludes with Book XV in which Launcelot continues to struggle with his faith. Galahad meets what is called the Maimed King who claims to have waited years for the most pure knights to claim the Sangreal. The knights take the Sangreal to the city of Sarras. Following the death of the tyrant of Sarras, Galahad is made king. He dies in the presence of the Sangreal. Percivale dies two years later. Bors returns to Camelot with the Sangreal. Upon his return from the Sangreal quest, Launcelot and Guenever continue their affair.

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Fearing they will be discovered, Launcelot distances himself from Guenever. She becomes angry and banishes him. Launcelot does return to save her from being kidnapped. Later, Launcelot is wounded in a tournament. A young maiden named Elaine falls in love with him and tries to heal his wound.

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She dies of a broken heart after being rejected by Launcelot. With 12 other knights, they trap Launcelot and Guenever in their chamber. Launcelot escapes after killing all of the 12 knights and wounding Mordred. Though wounded, Mordred brings the news of all of this to Arthur. The grounds for revenge are set. Sir Gawaine seeks his revenge and begs Arthur to go to war. The war ensues. Launcelot finally manages to gain a peace and is banished to France. Gawaine refuses to accept peace and encourages Arthur to fight on.

During the ensuing battle, Gawaine is seriously wounded by Launcelot. Mordred forges a paper that claims Arthur was killed in battle. He is declared king. With questions like these and many others, Le Morte D'Arthur keeps our brains and our hearts fully engaged and ready to rumble. En garde , awesome readers.

Le Morte d'Arthur: Volume 1 by Sir Thomas Malory - Free Ebook

You're about to enter Camelot. Le Morte D'Arthur has been one of literature's greatest influences on pop culture for the past years.

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We know, we know: you'd probably never heard of it before your teacher assigned it, right? But you've absolutely heard of King Arthur, haven't you?

Who was Thomas Malory?

How about the sword in the stone? Or star-crossed lovers Gwenyvere and Launcelot? Or perhaps your Sean Connery obsession led you to First Knight. Regardless, the fact that you know who Arthur is in the first place is all thanks to Le Morte D'Arthur. That's because this book collected the numerous, scattered legends of the Arthurian tradition, from multiple languages, into one novel-esque narrative in English.

Le Morte D'Arthur immediately captured the reading public's imagination and boom! White was writing The Once and Future King , and then Disney was making it into a movie which is, of course, how you know a story's really made it.

Thomas Malory's 'Le Morte Darthur'

But what's so great about it? What's made this story so popular, for so long, and why does it have such a huge influence on literature and entertainment? Well, for one thing, it's a huge book with a lot of fodder for the imagination. Enjoy armor and swordplay and epic battles? It's got that in spades. Are you more of a romance fan?

It's got that, too. Do you enjoy contemplating big, philosophical questions, like what constitutes loyalty or betrayal, or what it means to be in the presence of God? Those kinds of questions are definitely in there, too. This mixture of genres and topics in Le Morte D'Arthur makes it well-suited for whatever purpose you might have in mind, whether it's a popcorn flick or a children's book or a term paper. And that means that the story told in Le Morte D'Arthur is here to stay.

So you'd better get crackin' — did we mention it's almost pages? All rights reserved. Cite This Page.

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