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The feedback on our poll was very encouraging. I loved how it was building up and how they discovered her powers after a while. I would like to read more of those sorts of comics. Clearly they are timeless classics, rather than ephemeral.

The Stories Of These Indian Paranormal Investigators May Convince You Ghosts Exist

None of these young readers thought they were old fashioned. Over two thirds wanted to see more comics available. I know several women in the media who grew up with and were influenced by Misty, just as AD inspired many artists, directors and writers. Good question. And with films like Hunger Games — a typical girls comic story — and Black Swan and Twilight , doing so well, how risky is it to do a Best of Misty?

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It is a specialist subject and you do have to know which were the cool and popular stories. They may be hoping for a larger publisher, but I fear only Titan is the likely contender. Or ask Titan to reconsider readerfeedback titanemail. Bunty was great, but Tammy was revolutionary!

For example, these astonishing stories from the early s, all created by Gerry:. Slaves of War Orphan Farm. The wartime evacuee farm is run by the cruel Ma Thatcher based on Mrs T, then infamous as Thatcher the Milk Snatcher and was truly terrifying with the evacuees having to fight, escape and defeat genuinely evil monsters. Ella on Easy Street — a profound and cool attack on middle-class values with beautiful artwork by Casanovas. Ella sabotages her parents plans to better themselves. She wants to stop them becoming high-achieving yuppies because she fears it could break up their happy family.

Behind the scenes, she cheats and mocks kids, hates them and lives a secret life of luxury, driving around in a customised Rolls-Royce. Hi Pat I was wondering if i could reproduce this post in full on the mistycomic. Well, I believe there is a fourth: the regular story. I hated the Storyteller btw.

I recall — rather stupidly — changing a script so he was blowing raspberries at the readers. Doubly silly. But it gives you an idea of how I loathed that patronising introduction to stories. He lacked the supernatural aura of other spooky story storytellers like Misty or Gypsy Rose. BTW, who would you prefer to give us these spooky stories? Gypsy Rose does have the advantage that she can also interact with her stories, acting as adviser and even exorcist. That terrible patronising of readers really killed a lot of comics.

As for TBTBC , the effort you and John Wagner put into it definitely seem to have paid off for some readers — and inspired some memorable work from Giancarlo Alessandrini, who seemed sometimes to channel the spirit of Ronald Searle through his depictions of a grinning Sado. Sado was popular in the company while we were writing it. I guess Sado was popular because he was so campy, even if he was evil? Making him a stereotype sure gave him the funniest lines, such as:.

He think he okey dokey, but he no get far — you see! Big boy like, too! Please to eat. No scratch Sado! Big boy bounce along path like rubber ball! Sado has his very own entry in the Hall of Villainy thread at the Misty site Community forum. I reckon the short life of Scream! At least Scream! Despite the mystery, it has some great moments as you say. My favorite — Blake trying to rescue his buddy who is sinking into a swamp. Find out next week! And it mocks the cliche ending!

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The first has scans of the original run. The second is a blog entry reappraising the serial. But I must say that there are still differences — the girls do not take punches, guns and other weapons to their oppressors, but the men definitely do here! It was widely read by secondary schoolgirls, so a suitably adapted comic book version had to have been a possibility. Yes — probably the sort of publicity where parents and teachers scream blue murder.

This became telling when Misty merged with Tammy because it is the regulars who keep going in a merger and carry on after the comic they came from disappears. They carried on for years after the comics they came from disappeared.

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina

Bessie and The Storyteller even carried through two mergers. It takes no thought at all to commission short stories, but a lot of energy to commission and get a serial right. But there were so many great possibilities as inspiration: a toned down version of Flowers in the Attic, for instance.

Oh well, sorted. As it happens G. Gesali is another artist from Spain and they worked together sometimes. I do not have more data on him at the moment, though. But probably only Glenda and Thursday would stand the test of time. You did come very close with that motorised wheelchair. I must check that out. I always felt i should have extracted a little more out of the story.

And I remember not being entirely happy with my explanation for why it happened.

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It was not uncommon for the artists to use pseudonyms and, come to think of it, it does sound like a composite name. I think Gesali G. Gesali was the writer of some comic stories. Thank you for this blog, Pat. I do hope we see Misty, or something along those lines soon. Or if no new comic, a reprint volume for the nostalgia market and whet the appetites of the new generation.

This is all fascinating stuff — even to someone who never had a sister whose comics I could sneakily snatch a read of! So as a recap, in Misty you have wrote all the strips of these series? They had been unable to feed his nephew for one week. Whenever someone took food near the 7-year-old child, the utensils would be flung against the wall, by no one they could see. The man was terrified, according to Sarkar, as no one would believe them and even make fun of them.

Sarkar asked for video evidence. They said that they had taken the child to the doctor. The boy, the spoke in third person, and said that medicines won't help cure him.

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Whenever anyone would try to feed his nephew, the utensils containing his food would fly and fall somewhere. Like whether or not he asked lemons. Soon after, the child started convulsing, screaming, shouting and went out of control. It was impossible for even four adults to pin him down and make him sit," Sarkar says. Sarkar's office help made some tea and added a generous helping of salt to it. With great difficulty, according to Sarkar, they made the child drink the tea. That calmed the child down.

Sarkar soon started the interrogation and the 'entity', which was residing inside the body of the child, started speaking. Also, someone the family knew had invoked it with black magic to enter the child's body. During this conversation, the spirit sounded restless but didn't embark on more violence. They left with the child and said they wull feed him salt and tea when in trouble, though I repeatedly told them it's not a cure.

Don't know what happened to the child after that," he says. Rahul Kumar, Director and Lead Investigator in Team Pentacle, studied medicine and completed his degree before he turned to paranormal investigation. He recollects that while doing his MBBS, he laughed off the idea of ghosts and spirits like most others. However, a Halloween party that Kumar and his friends organised to get wasted, changed his perception of things. We did 6 back to back ouija sessions that day and nothing happened. I was convinced all this is hokum," Kumar says. Kumar says he wasn't prepared for what followed.

Two days from that party, Kumar woke up with three wounds on his right arm which were bleeding. The next day when I opened the bandages to put fresh ones, the marks were gone! What we did see was that when she was lying down one part of her body was longer than the other part -- by 6 inches! The morning after that, he woke up to find the same marks on his arm, which disappeared again a day later.

This went on for three days. Meanwhile, I was also dreaming about a voice calling to this one location in Bengaluru, where I lived. I went, just for kicks, with my friend in tow. Till this day, I can't recollect a thing of what happened after I reached the spot," he says.

I love comics. What else d'you need?

Kumar's friend told him that he fainted the moment he reached there. He claims that the renowned paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari, who was recently found dead under mysterious circumstances, helped him a lot. He then sought help of psychics and exorcists to get rid of the spirit haunting him. And he assures you, it's nothing like they show you on silly horror films or television shows.

Kumar also talks about a case he was investigating of a woman who was ailing from something inexplicable. Sure, there can be forms of muscle ailments but 6 inches is too much and kind of medically impossible. Nirvan Anand, an independent paranormal researcher, remembers a case in Panchgani where a woman claimed that she could see what's going to happen in the next 15 minutes. She got extremely hyperactive one fine day and her family couldn't figure out what was going on. They first ignored her thinking she is pulling a prank of them but when she narrated what's going to happen in the following 15 minutes, and exactly that's what happened they were shocked and terrified in equal parts.

She soon stopped eating and drinking. They first tried medicating her, but it didn't work. They knew something was up, but couldn't tell anyone because of the stigma associated with it, says Anand. They can be exorcised with a blast of positive ones," he adds. So he gave the woman a holy tabeez -- according to paranormal investigators, objects associated with divinity carry positive energy -- which forced the spirit to leave her body.

The spirit of a woman who was raped and murdered had taken over her mind and body. Anand also came across a woman in Maharashtra, who was in an mental health facility for 9 years. She was being given medicines prescribed my psychiatrists for years, but it wasn't a mental ailment," he says. When Anand met her, she was shrieking and angry. The spirit of a woman who was raped and murdered had taken over her mind and body," Anand recounts. It wasn't apparently easy to get her to talk at first.