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This is not to say that NED-funded groups cannot at times have a positive impact on the lives of average people in repressive environments. But their work is always part of a larger agenda, with ulterior imperial motives guiding them along the way. A controlled opposition can make some changes, but it always remains controlled. Yet another speaker at the Socialism Conference works for a liberal foundation directly funded by the US government. The Socialism Conference website did not provide a bio for Gopal, yet alone disclose that his employer is funded by the US government.

Anand Gopal has harshly attacked the anti-imperialist left for opposing the international proxy war on Syria. He strongly supported the Syrian opposition, which is dominated by Salafi-jihadists, but which Gopal has consistently whitewashed and portrayed as a supposedly progressive force. Farber is a Cuban exile who left the country for unspecified reasons in — a year before its revolution — and spent the rest of his life as a professional critic of its socialist government.

Today, he contributes regular attacks on the Cuban Revolution to journals from Jacobin to New Politics to In These Times, where he published a trenchant denunciation of Fidel Castro upon his death in In June , as a US-backed, violent regime-change attempt surged across Nicaragua , threatening the rule of democratically elected President Daniel Ortega, La Botz attempted to mobilize left-wing US support for the anti-Sandinista opposition.

The verdict

The event featured speeches by several Nicaraguan anti-Sandinista activists who were involved in the regime-change attempt, including self-described students who wore masks on stage, concealing their identities from the audience. The students beamed with pride, appearing without masks in photo ops with the avowedly anti-socialist members of Congress. Their trip was financed by Freedom House , a right-wing soft-power organization that is funded almost entirely by the US government. Humbled to meet with Nicaraguan student leaders who are risking their lives fighting for freedom.

SOSNicaragua pic. Victor Cuadras AndinoCuadras , the Nicaraguan student coup leader who was flown to DC by US govt freedomhouse to drum up regime change, echoes and endorses Donald Trump's anti-migrant fanaticism against the Caravan pic.

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Anti-Sandinista insurgents dragged an unarmed, on-leave police officer to death from a truck and then burnt his corpse at a roadblock. They raped a year-old girl at a roadblock and burnt the homes of local Sandinista legislators. The armed opposition wreaked this havoc while attacking police stations with mortars and gunfire, during a national dialogue in which the police were ordered to remain in their barracks. There, he was challenged by Gunar Olsen , a contributor to The Grayzone, about the event he organized last year with masked right-wing Nicaraguan students sponsored by Freedom House.

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And I said, that sounds great. I think they were four young people coming to this country that wanted to speak there.

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Would I do it again? The Tides Foundation is well known for funding progressive groups, but only as long as they do not rock the boat too much. In fact, while the Tides Foundation was serving as one of the biggest financiers of the ISO, it was also funding Democratic Party-aligned organizations and even pro-Israel groups like J Street and the New Israel Fund, which actively campaign against the Palestinian call for BDS Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel and support the preservation of a settler-colonialist ethnically exclusivist state.

While the ISO was marginal during its existence, it punched above its weight through front organizations and prominent members who worked in the mainstream media and academia. Haymarket has indeed published many important books on pressing issues. One such memo, dated April 24, , features advice by al-Haj Saleh apparently delivered to US officials in the country to use Islamism as a weapon against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The manifesto features ham-fisted attacks on journalists Julian Assange , John Pilger, and Seymour Hersh, along with unqualified support for virtually every US and NATO military intervention in the past 30 years, as well as the dirty war on Syria and the Maidan coup in Ukraine.

No evidence was provided to support the extreme claim. Trotskyite groups are notorious throughout the world for their extreme sectarian tendencies.

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The organizations rarely last long, frequently splintering into tiny groupuscules over political disagreements. Nils McCune, a socialist and environmental activist who has lived in Nicaragua for years, explained in an interview on our podcast Moderate Rebels that one of these parties, the Movement for the Renovation of Sandinismo MRS is a tiny group that is irrelevant in the country.

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  • As Blumenthal, a co-author of this article, revealed in MintPress News , the MRS has received direct support from the US government in its campaign to prevent the election of Daniel Ortega as president, and lobbied for sanctions against Nicaragua after he was elected. Escuchamos sus planteamientos, y coincidimos en la necesidad de resolver los problemas de los venezolanos. Seguimos trabajando y escuchando a todos los sectores que quieren un cambio VamosBien pic.

    Together, they provided the intellectual justification for replacing Arab workers with Jewish ones in Jewish communal settlements, built on annexed Arab lands. The two policies ultimately received widespread support, at once backed by non-Marxist Zionist parties such as Hapoel Hatzair and Zionist formations that were otherwise quite socialistic notably Poale Zion, Workers of Zion. In , Ben-Gurion and his comrades founded Ahdut Haavoda Union of Labor , a labor federation that opposed membership in the Communist International and aligned itself with the Zionist Organization.

    By the s, Ben-Gurion was pushing for the realization, by force, of his Hebrew Labor doctrine across the entire Jewish economy in Mandate Palestine.

    Party of European Socialists

    In fact, Ben-Gurion repeatedly disputed the more romanticized views of the kibbutz. Socialist Zionism thus entailed the total racialization of the class struggle and the reconfiguration of labor along strictly demarcated ethnic lines. For Labor Zionists, Arab labor was nothing but a primitive mode of production unfit for the proletarian revolution.

    Only Hebrew Labor could power the Socialist Zionist project. To foster its national and state-building enterprise in Palestine, Labor Zionists worked to organize Jewish settlers into a Jewish-only working class. The Jewish kibbutz, meanwhile, was branded as the prototype of the future Jewish state. It was, simply, a Jewish state. In Mandate Palestine, Socialist Zionism made more enemies than comrades — not surprisingly, its Jewish-only policy both alienated and antagonized the native Arab population.

    By , only 5 percent of the Arab workforce had worked in the Jewish sector mainly in agriculture , with virtually none on kibbutz-owned land. Over the next half-decade, the dispossessed rebelled.

    Democratic socialism

    A five-month general strike in — triggered by the near monopoly of Labor Zionism and its Hebrew Labor policy — was quickly followed by a three-year national uprising led by thousands of impoverished workers, marginalized laborers, and landless peasants. British Mandatory forces, with the help of Zionist paramilitary forces, responded by crushing the uprising — a decisive victory for Labor Zionism, and a decisive blow to socialism in Palestine.

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    The tragedy is that there were a variety of genuinely left-wing paths on offer — the Labor Zionists just rejected them. They spurned Territorialism, which called for a Jewish national homeland in Palestine or elsewhere; they opposed autonomism, which advocated non-territorial national rights for Jews in multinational empires; and they denounced folkism, which promoted a Jewish cultural identity among the Yiddish-speaking masses.

    So too were non-Jewish socialist parties, whose Jewish members opposed Jewish nationalism in both its Zionist-territorialist and Bundist-cultural forms, calling instead for a socialist revolution. And pacifist formations — including Jewish anti-Zionist communist organizations, who advocated Jewish integration into the local Arab society — met the same fate. By the final years of the Mandate, Labor Zionism had morphed into a militaristic movement.

    Most of its labor groups were collapsed into the defense and paramilitary organizations of the Haganah and the Palmach, which constituted the core of the Israel Defense Forces IDF. The roots of this nascent form of capitalism can be traced back to proto-Zionist organizations like Bilu and Hovevei Zion , which were established in the late nineteenth century to promote Jewish agricultural settlements and colonies in Palestine.

    The divorce was then consummated with the founding of the State of Israel. The kibbutz — the building block of Labor Zionism, the practical expression of its deepest ideals — is inseparable from this history. Ethnic separatism, not class-based egalitarianism or socialist internationalism, guided the founding of the modern kibbutz. Rather than forging class solidarity across ethnic lines, Labor Zionists reinforced social hierarchies, ethnic hegemony, and religious oppression.