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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. Like most medieval philosophers, Olivi thought that higher animals and human beings have many psychological capacities in common. Author: Jenny Pelletier. In William Ockham on Metaphysics , Jenny Pelletier offers an account of Ockham's concept of metaphysics as it emerges throughout his philosophical and theological work. She argues that Ockham c. Metaphysics is the science that studies all beings and their most general properties.

Saggi di lettura , ed. Antonianum, I francescani lungo l'itinerario del Corridoio Bizantino e della Via Amerina , ed. Studia Lulliana , ; A. La rinuncia al papato nella storia del diritto e della chiesa , Biblioteca della Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa. Studi, 29 Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, Revista internacional de literatura i cultura medieval i moderna 4 , ; Robert D. Revista internacional de literatura i cultura medieval i moderna 4 , ; Annemarie C. Bartoli, W. Mastromatteo Bologna: Edizione Dehoniane, , See also: A.

Friar from the Provence. Confessor of friar Roger the Provence. Based on the information provided by Raymond was composed de first Vita B. Rogerii de Provincia. The vita was included in the Chronica XXIV Generalium , and as such can also be found in the edition of that work in the Analecta Franciscana series. Lector at the Toulouse Studium. Teaching at Paris ca. Provincial of Aquitania in first in and again in He would have died soon after his second election. Sermo de S. But the issue has not yet been resolved.

Sylvain Piron leaves both options open. Doucet, AFH , 27 , ; P. For the articles of Delormes and Doucet on the quodlibetals once ascribed to Raymond, see under Jacobus de Carceto. The Thirteenth Century , ed. Entered the order at the Troyes convent. Studied theology and received the licence of theology on 19 December After his degree work, Reginaldus served as provincial minister of the French province for fifteen years ca.

During his provincialate, he coped with conflicts between the conventuals and the observants a. Reginaldus was one of the founders of the Passion chapel at the Troyes convent. He inaugurated this chape; in After his death on 16 March , he was buried in the same chapel. Consistoriale 18 ff. Conventual friar from the Bologna province. Fulfilled his graduate studies in Paris, and afterwards taught theology at the studia of Bologna and Venice.

In Raymond was appointed archbishop of Ragusa and suffragan bishop of Bologna. He took part in the Fifth Lateran Council. He died in Articulos de la concordia entre Raynaldus Gratianus de Cotignola, ministro general de su orden, y Marcialis Boulie, su vicario de los franciscanos de los observancia, acordados en Valladolid, el dia Responsio tractatui a quodam Observantino contra privilegiatum statum Min. Paris, III, 40ff. Paris, III, First Benedictine monk Eynsham and St. Mary in York. Later he returned to Oxford and joined the Franciscans.

He composed astrological predictions of weather and eclipses. Digby 14th cent. Epistola de significatione Eclipsium Lunae []: Oxford, Bodl. Thorndike, A History of Magic English Friar. Member of the Norwich friary, and master of theology at Cambridge? Religious polemicist.

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London: Thomas Tegg, , 47; Norman P. The edition is available via Google Books. Belgian friar from Doornik Douai. Born ca. Became a well-respected Capucgin preacher in Mons, Doornik and elsewhere. Also known for a lengthy French poem La Magdeleine. La Magdeleine de F. German friar and member of the Tyrol province. Several times provincial definitor. Known for a work of the stigmata of Francis of Assisi. Rosetum seraphicum, fragrans flosculis, hoc est, figuris praecipuarum historiarum quae circa praeclarissimum mysterium impressionis sacrorum stigmatum seraphici Patris S. The edition is accessile via Google Books.

The work would later also appear in a German translation. Remigius de Sancto Romulo Remigio di S. Ligurian friar and member of the Capuchin St. Ludovicus province. Poet and hagiographical writer. Vita seraphici patris nostri sancti Francisci in libros duodecim distributa carmen heroicum Avignon, Fulfilled a range of high administrative functions in his order province and beyond.

Of English or possibly Irish descent. In any case born in Wiltshire, England. Moved to the Continent and took his profession in the Franciscan order in Was ordained priest at Douai four years later. He was elected provincial in , and became the confessor of the female Franciscan tertiaries of Nieuport, who suffered from damp living conditions, and eventually resettled. Between and , he lived in England, functioning as the domestic chaplain to Lord Arundell of Wardour. He returned to the continent to retire at the convent of Douai. Productive author. Manuale Tertii Ordinis S.

Francisci Douai, A commentary on the Rule for Tertiaries with additional meditations, directed at religious women. Apologia pro Scoto Anglo Douai, Liturgical Discourse of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass s. Richardus Brinkley Richard Brinkel, fourteenth century, d. Logician and theologian, who joined the franciscans at Oxford and was active there in the s and s. He is sometimes is mistaken for Walter Brinkley. Several of Brinkley's philosophical and theological ideas were known during the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in Paris and Prague also in connection, or rather direct opposition with the views of the mid-fourteenth-century Oxford philosopher Richard Billingham.

Unknown whether Brinkley ever worked in Paris or Prague. Other works ascribed to him, such as his Distinctiones scholasticae , his Determinationes , and a treatise on metaphysics alluded to in his Summa as a work that he intended to write, have not yet been found. As a logician, he also was used as an authority, alongside of Walter Burley and Ockham. Interestingly, Brinkley defended a version of metaphysical realism, as well as a distinctively perspectivist theory of intellectual cognition. Hence he was not in line with the dominant scholastic tencencies after Scotus and Ockham.

Some even say that his Summa had an impact on the logical writings of Wyclif. The Prague manuscript also contains the Regulae solvendi sophismata of William of Heytesbury and the Sophismata of Albert of Saxony, whereas the British Library manuscript also contains the Regulae solvendi sophismata of William of Heytesbury, logical works of Johannes Venator, Sophismata de Jean de Hollande and other Sophismata of Richard Kilvington.

Summa Logicae ca. Texte z.


Geistesgeschichte des MA 18 Leiden, , [see on this also E. Ashworth, Speculum , 65 , ]; P. Wilson, Richard Brinkley's Obligationes. Tractatus Aureus , ed. Henrik Lagerlund Dordrecht etc. Henk A. Member of the Genoa province. Master of theology, known for his poetic and rhetorical interests. Merton College [Ricardus Carru super 4 libros Sentenciarum. See Powick, Medieval Books , no. Emden , O. Theologian and filologist. Entered the order at Chartres. Studied theology alongside Latin, Greek and Hebrew in Paris. SHortly after obtaining his doctorate he objected with others to a ruling of the Parisian theology faculty that asked orders to pay an additional fee for new Regent masters in Sacred Scripture.

The theology faculty of Paris approved in not only his Lombard edition but also his Antidotum , produced to refute Easmus' critique of the Augustinian rule. In the Franciscan general chapter made him expositor of the teachings of Scotus in the new studium generale of Mantua. Yet by 18 January he was back in Paris as he sighted then the list of Parisian doctors adhering to the Faculty's articles of Catholic faith.

Later that year, he joined a committee to investigate allegations of heresy against Dr. Claude Despence. Richard became guardian of the Grand Couvent de Paris in Between December and September he also took part in the council of Trent, and gave a solemn sermon to the Council fathers on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity 20 June Council documents indicate that Richard defended the authority of the Vulgate and spoke repeatedly in discussions on the sacraments, purgatory and indulgences. He also took part in a conciliar committee on the issue of justification, taking a stance against 'Scotist' teachings regarding the 'certitude of faith'.

Richard Le Mans collaborated with another participant of the council, Guillaume Sirleto, to establish the canon of Scripture, and Richard Le Mans would in this context also have written the Pro apologia ecclesiasticae editionis sive Vulgata utriusque Testamenti according to H. Richard left de council gathering in September In he was provincial minister of the French province elected at the chapter of Soissons. He died at Chartres three or four years later, leaving a considerable book collection to the friary there. Richardus Cenomanus super abusibus sacramentorum : MS Arch.

Antidotum contra Erasmi censuram in Regulam D. Agustini In response Erasmus' evaluation of the rule of Augustine in the Enchiridion and elsewhere. Peter Lombard, In totum psalterium eximii prophetarum David commentarii absoluti ex selectis et orthodoxis aucthoribus, more suo consarcinati Intertexta est per eundem ecclesiasticae editionis vindicatio circa hebraismi praejudicium et diversarum translationum collatio vice apologiae ubicumque lectio vulgata ab hebraica veritate aut alias variare videbatur Paris: Jean Loys Tiletanus for Poncet Le Preux, Reprinted in Patrologia Latina Paris, , Epistula de differentiis inter Graecum et Latinam novi testamentu textum , printed in: Josse Le Plat, Monumentorum ad historiam Concilii tridentini Georg Schreiber, 2 Vols.

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Herder, I, ; James K. Franciscan friar. Presented with 21 other Franciscan friars including John Duns Scotus and Robert Cowton to the bishop of Lincoln John Dalderby in to obtain permission to hear confession. This request was apparently not successful: eight friars received permission, but Richard was not one of them at that time. He was by then almost or already in the Oxford theology degree program.

Prior to that he might have been studying in the lectorate program at Paris, sometime in the early s. His use of the works of Henry of Ghent who died in might point in that direction see below. Whatever might have been the case, Richard read the Sentences pro gradu in Oxford in and Graduated as magister theoligiae at Oxford in or , to become regent master in the Franciscan school ca. Thereafter magister regens in Cambridge, where he lectured on the Bible.

Provincial minister of the English province between and As provincial minister, he took part in the council of Vienne and he became active participant in the poverty controversy. His treatise Beatus qui intelligit on poverty from this period follows the explications of Exiit qui Seminat. Richard eventually retired to the Cambridge convent, and died there c. Aside from his poverty treatises, Richard is known as the author of 7 disputed questions and 2 quodlibets. Bayerische Staatsbibl.

Knowledge, Discipline and Power in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of David Luscombe

Clm s. Pelster, Franziskanische Studien 17 , ]; Vat. Quodlibet : BAV Vat. Clm f. Royale, II s. Library, Cosin V. AFH 24 , ]. MS Santa Croce Plut. Douie, AFH 24 , , 25 , , Responsiones ad Rationes Papales : ed.

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Quaestiones Ordinariae , ed. Studia per M. Der mittelalterliche Beitrag zu einem Ausgang vom Unbedingten. This contains a new edition of Quaestio I. Quodlibet , ed. I, 1]. Richard Conyngton, Fr. Walter Chatton and an anonymous from MS V. Douie, The nature and the effect of the heresy of the Fraticelli , , ; F.

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Und zu Anfang des Brown, 'Richard of Conington ca. Brown , ed. Kent Emery Jr. Active in the Parisian convent and at the Oxford studium. One of the masters involved with the Rule Commentary of the Four Masters. Sermo , ed. Davy, Les sermons universitaires Parisiens de Paris, , This sermon was held at the occasion of the feast of St. Nicholas 6 December , Oliger Rome, Engelse minderbroeder. Auteur van het eerste deel van de Lanercost Chronicle van tot het tweede deel van tot is waarschijnlijk door een andere franciskaan geschreven.

Hiervan is een bewerkte en sterk ingekorte copie overgeleverd als appendix van de kroniek van de augustijner kanunnik Roger of Howden ms. Richard schreef zijn kroniek waarschijnlijk tussen en Gransden, Historical Writing in England c. English friar of noble Norman origin. As Bacc. His theological works advocate central Franciscan elements, such as the doctrine of the plurality of forms, yet he abandoned the Bonaventurian notion of special divine illumination to certify the human understanding of universal concepts.

His quodlibeta alone have been preserved in thirty manuscripts from all over Europe, and eventually were printed in by Lazaro Soardi in Venice. Sent : a. Ansbach, Staatliche Bibl. Augustine's BA. Comunale E. See Castro, Madrid , no. Naples, Naz. Quodlibeta : a. Sermones de Tempore : Erlangen Univ. In I-IV Sent. The second, third and fourth volume of the edition are now accessible via Google Books.

A French translation of In I. Ii, qq. I-IV has been made on the basis of the edition collated with the text witnesses in MS Assisi , ff. Suarez-Nani, O. Ribordy, G. Evangelista, G. Schultheiss, Translatio. In I Sent. Daniels, in: Quellenbeitr. Und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Gottesbeweise im dreizehnten Jahrhundert , beitr. Der Philos. In III Sent. The brescia edition is available on Google Books. Quodlibet I, q. Quaestio de Gradu Formarum , ed.

Quaestio de Unitate Formae , ed. Quaestiones Disputatae de Deo, de Angelis et de Homine 45 questions. Not all of these have apparently been edited. Dio e le cose nel dibattito universitario del Tredicesimo secolo, I. Quaestio Disputata utrum voluntas angeli possit movere seipsum , ed. Questions , Le premier principe, l'individuation , ed. Alain Boureau Paris, Quaestiones Disputatae q. Quaestio Disputata 38, a. Delorme Quaracchi, , Sermones de Tempore , ed. Hocedez, Richard de Middleton, Sa vie Sermones in Festo S. Hocedez, in: Richard de Middleton. Studien zur Philosophie Platons und zur Problemgeschichte des Platonismus.

Festschrift Hirschberger , ed. Kurt Flasch Frankfurt a. Wissink Leiden, , ; H. A biographical dictionary , ed. Jana K. Schulman, The great cultural eras of the Western world Westport Conn. Chris Schabel Leiden-Boston: Brill, , esp. Grayling, A. Goulder Thoemmes: Continuum, a. Milan, settembre , ed. Assisi, ottobre , Convegni S. At first, he was active in he order as a tailor, but he also was a staunch supporter of the Recollect reform.

He was able to obtain a transfer to Italy, where he joined the Ara Coeli friary in Rome, and later the San Francesco friary in Trastevere, in Rome's popular quarters. He was chosen to become a missionary in the East Indies, and for that purpose transferred to the Discalceate Alcantarine order province of Madrid, adding to his name the 'surname' 'de Santa Anna'. He departed for the Philippines in , via Mexico. Once arrived in the Philippines, he was ordained priest in Cebu, in He wished to be sent to Japan, where a number of Franciscans and Jesuits had been martyred a decade before.

A first venture into Japan followed, but Richard soon had to return to the Philippines, as the Japanese authorities forbade Christian missionaries to reside on their lands. In , in spite of this, and possibly encouraged by a temporary more positive attitude towards Christian missionaries of the emperor Cubosama, Richard returned to Japan in to become a clandestine missionary.

This worked for about four years, but he was arrested at the end of , kept for several months with a number of converts in a cage of some kind at Omura and then burned alive with 44 others missionaries and adult converts on 10 September Others were burned after decapitation. Several missionary letters by Richard on his missionary labors in Japan between and apparently have survived. Fonteyn, ; [P. Sentenzenbuch des Heinrich von Friemar d.

Franciscan friar from Surrey, who made a career in the Irish province. Spent some time in the London convent, before he, in all probability, embarked on non-degree studies at the Franciscan studium generale in Avignon, where he came under the attention of John XXII. One of his first acts was to hold a synod to overcome the resentment of Irish and Anglo-Irish alike. The ordinances published afterwards prohibit concubinage, they condemn the farming out of benefices to laymen, the violation of sanctuary, and the celebration of clandestine marriages.

During his long episcopate, he run into a range of conflicts, predominantly with Anglo-Irish settlers. Besides, he became entangled with the succession struggles surrounding the English crown, which cost him the favour of the new King Edward III. This forced Richrd to spent a range of years on the continent and in England, away from his Irish diocese between and Aside from his troubles with the Anglo-Irish, and his conflict with Edward III, Richard Ledrede is predominantly known for his zeal in persecuting alleged heretics. In this, he probably was following directives of the Avignon papacy.

He probably also was more than keen to persecute as heretics some opponents of his episcopal politics. Most infamous is his role during the early years of his episcopate in the witchcraft persecution of Dame Alice Kyteler and her acquaintances. Alice herself, a wealthy Kilkenny woman, whose affluence had caused accusations of obtaining wealth with the help of the dark arts, was able to escape to England.

According to John Clyn, this was the first execution for heresy in Ireland. Another Franciscan bishop, Roger Cradock, bishop of Waterford brough several Irish people to trial in Killaloe where he did not have official jurisdiction. These people were burned in This brought him several enemies inside and outside his diocese as can be seen from accusations that Ledrede was trumping up charges of heresy against simple people in order to extort money from them. Salimbene, Cronica , ed. Holder-Egger, The Red Book of Ossory c. On ff. Thirteen songs deal with Christmas numbers 1 to 5, 10, 41, , , ten are for the Epiphany numbers 8, 11, 13, 15, 33, 35, 38, 39, 51, 59 , and ten for Easter numbers 19 to The titles of the poems are: 1, f.

Green ed. Stemmler ed. Attributed: Proceedings against Dame Alice Kyteler , ed. Wright, Camden Society Publications 24 London, Journal of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society 15 , ; A. History and Society. Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County , ed. Richard Leomynstre Lemystre, Lemestre, fl. In , the Black prince accorded him a yearly pension of 20 Pounds. Richard Studied in Oxford and was permitted to incept without having to reign in theology notwithstanding complaints from the university.

English friar from the Norfolk region. Member of the Norwich friary. Reached the doctorate in theology. Apparently active as a lector and as a preacher. English Franciscan friar, possibly from south-west England. Studied liberal arts in Paris before he Entered the order in After his profession he studied theology at Oxford and subsequently, after his inception there, he continued his studies at Paris Lector and master at Oxford after fifth lecturer of the Oxford friary, as the successor of Thomas of York, who had left for Cambridge.

After his death, he was eavily attacked by Roger Bacon for the philosophical errors in his Sentences lectures and in his disputed questions. In Sent. This Commentary stemms from Richard's Oxford teaching period.

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  4. Abbreviatio Comm. PK MS Theol. Chapter Library M. Wood, Franciscan Studies , 44 , ]. Miserabilis est Humana Conditio : Assisi, Bibl. Bonaventurae , ed. Image et message de St. Thomas Aquin. Hommage au Professeur J. Torrell OP Fribourg, , See also Noone, Franciscan Studies , 49 , [on the authorship of the metaphysica commentary]. Fragments have been edited. See: G. Noone, in: Fishacre and Rufus on the metaphysics of light.

    Quaestiones Disputatae , ed. Plevano, Medioevo , 19 , []. Speculum animae , ed. Speer Berlin, , ; R. Speer, Misc. Linos G.

    Current Research , ed. Von Richardus Rufus bis zu Franciscus de Mayronis , ed. Investigations and Juxtapositions , ed. Insterstitial Vacua and Aristotelian Science. His Thought and Its Impact , ed. Friar from Cornwall Trewidland. Joined the Franciscans at Hereford? Became active in Oxford between and London B. L Cotton Vespasian E 12 editions. De Laude Universitatis Oxoniae , ed. Rigg, PhD.

    Diss Oxford, , I. As James Clark , said: 'Trevytlam's assault rehearsed the proscriptions of the canonists, and of their patristic archetypes: the monk out of the cloister is but a fish out of water. Trevytlam also introduced a new dimension to the debate over the scholar monks. Not only were they aliens in the academic community, thay also challenged its probity and purity, pursuing controversial and secular studies rather than theology. Pages The Habitus of Choice.

    What Does a Habitus of the Soul Do? Intellection in Aquinas: From Habit to Operation. Thomas of Sutton on Intellectual habitus. Are Cognitive Habits in the Intellect? Durand of St. Peter Auriol on Habits and Virtues.