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NET Web API a new framework for building HTTP services , updated default project templates that leverage modern web standards, solid mobile web application support, enhanced support for asynchronous methods, and more. Just as exciting, the ASP. NET MVC code is now released under an open source license that accepts contributions from the developer community. Perhaps code you write will ship with the next version of ASP. I encourage you to visit www. We all hope this book, and the knowledge within, represents the next step for you in your mastery of ASP.

NET developer! NET MVC has been a lot of fun to work with from the start, but the last two releases have added many features that make the entire development process really enjoyable.


The combined effect is that you can get started quickly with full-featured web applications. Join us for a fun, informative tour of ASP. If you are new to ASP. NET MVC, this book gets you started by explaining the concepts, and then helps you apply them through plenty of hands-on code examples. The authors have taught thou- sands of developers how to get started with ASP. We understand that many of our readers are familiar with ASP.

NET Web Forms. Many web developers have been giving a lot of attention to other web frameworks Ruby on Rails, Django, several PHP frameworks, etc. Throughout the book, we explain how things are designed and how best to use them. It explains what ASP. NET applications, offering helpful tips on how to write effective tests. It covers sophisticated scenarios in Razor, scaffolding, routing, templating, and controllers.

NET developers handled things like testing, membership, deploy- ment, and data migration when they needed to build a high-performance site on ASP. Visual Studio includes ASP. NET Product Team or some other information that is directly relevant to the surrounding text. We use bold to emphasize code that is particularly important in the present context or to show changes from a previous code snippet. We think this will make it much easier and painless to try out the samples.

Chapter 10 explains the NuGet system in greater detail. If you would like to download these NuGet packages for later use without an Internet connection, they are also available for download at www. Once you download the code, just decompress it with your favorite compression tool. Alternately, you can go to the main Wrox code download page at www.

However, no one is perfect, and mistakes do occur. By sending in errata you may save another reader hours of frustration and at the same time you will be helping us provide even higher quality information. Then, on the book details page, click the Errata link. On this page you can view all errata that has been submitted for this book and posted by Wrox editors.

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To join the forums, just follow these steps: 1. Go to p2p. Read the terms of use and click Agree. Complete the required information to join, as well as any optional information you wish to provide, and click Submit. You will receive an e-mail with information describing how to verify your account and com- plete the joining process. You can read messages at any time on the Web. If you would like to have new messages from a particular forum e-mailed to you, click the Subscribe to this Forum icon by the forum name in the forum listing. NET framework. NET framework are related. NET 1. NET and Web Forms as one and the same thing.

However, there was always the possibility of getting below all that — responding directly to HTTP requests, building out web frameworks just the way you wanted them to work, crafting beautiful HTML — using handlers, modules, and other handwritten code. By the time ASP. It is a powerful and elegant means of separating concerns within an application for example, separating data access logic from display logic and applies itself extremely well to web applications.

It has been used in dozens of frameworks since its introduction. The MVC pattern pres- ents a solution for handling user interaction, but says nothing about how you will handle other application concerns like data access, service interactions, etc. With ASP. We cover more on that in Chapter 3 when we dig into views. It responds to user input, talks to the Model, and decides which view to render if any.

In ASP. Occasionally I talk to developers who have used the MVC pattern in very dif- ferent environments, and they get confused, frustrated, or both confustrated? NET MVC works the exact same way it worked in their mainframe account processing system 15 years ago. NET platform, and that contextualization is part of what makes it great. NET language features, such as lambdas and dynamic and anonymous types. At its heart, though, ASP.

In order to understand ASP. NET c This section describes the contents and back- ground of each of the three major ASP. It was a simple appli- cation, containing a few hundred lines of code, but the promise and potential it offered for parts of the Microsoft web developer audience was huge.

As the legend goes, at the Austin ALT.

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It was a hit. In fact, many people were involved with the original prototype, codenamed Scalene. All these highlighted a philosophy that placed a high value on community interaction throughout the development process. I think this is a testament to the architectural design of ASP.

NET 1 shipped almost a decade ago. It works, but it was designed to support editing controls in a graphical editor, and that legacy shows. It has one main focus: code-focused tem- plating for HTML generation. A key example is the simplicity in transitions between markup and code. You can see this in action when writ- ing out some model properties in a loop: foreach var album in Model.

NET coding skills in a template in a very intuitive way.

You know HTML, you know. NET code. However, support was focused on a short list of top validation scenarios. For more information on validation in ASP. NET 3. NET 4 Data Annotations enhancements. MVC 3 picks up some new, very useful validation features available due to.

NET 4 support. NET 4 standard System. DataAnnotations Display attribute is. NET 4 to better work with the validation context for the entire model, greatly simplifying cases like validators that compare or otherwise reference two model properties. ComputeHash Message, AgentKey!

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4 is out!

For example, rather than hooking in via event attributes like onclick and onsubmit, the unobtrusive JavaScript attaches to elements by their ID or class, often based on the presence of other attributes such as HTML5 data- attributes. ActionLink and Ajax. BeginForm render clean markup for the FORM tag, wiring up behavior leveraging extensible attributes data- attributes and jQuery.

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MVC 3 completed the transi- tion to using jQuery for Ajax support by converting the validation support to run on the popular jQuery Validation plugin. Client-side validation was turned on by default for MVC 3 projects, and can be enabled site-wide with a web.

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This is especially useful in advanced Ajax scenarios like client templates and data binding that need to post data back to the server. They were implemented as custom attributes that could be applied to controller actions or to an entire controller. This is especially useful for application infrastructure concerns like error handling and logging. Throughout the platform are obvious design decisions that indicate the assumed usage: responding to requests from browsers and returning HTML.

However, ASP. It still had some quirks, as you were using a website framework to deliver services, but many found that it was better than the alternatives. This includes both modifying some ASP. The binding system is extensible and includes the same attri- bute-based validation that you use in MVC model binding. For instance, adding an [Authorize] attribute to an MVC action will prohibit anonymous access, automatically redirecting to the login page. So, for example, a GET request would be automatically dispatched to a control- ler action named GetItem. This means that your con- troller can supply XML, JSON, and other formats you can add your own , responding to whichever the client most prefers.

This allows you to add support for new formats without having to change any of your controller code. Although ASP. In fact, it has no dependencies on ASP. This means you can run Web API in any. NET application, including a Windows Service or even a simple console application. For a more detailed look at ASP. When you created a new MVC project and ran it, you got a white square on a blue background, as shown in Figure A new MVC application appears as shown in Figure NET MVC x 13 In addition to a more modern design or, some would say, any thought to design at all , the new template also features support for mobile browsers through adaptive layout.

For example, if you have a generic view titled Index. Additionally, you can register your own custom device modes that will be based on your own cus- tom criteria — all in just one code statement. For example, to register a WinPhone device mode that would serve views ending with. NET 4. This system reduces requests to your site by combining several individual script references into a single request. This system works on CSS as well, bundling CSS requests into a single request and compressing the size of the CSS request to produce equivalent rules using a minimum of bytes, including advanced techniques like semantic analysis to collapse CSS selectors.

For example, the MVC Internet application tem- plate includes a jQuery bundle that is not tied to the version number: bundles. As of MVC 3, these were included via NuGet, which makes it even simpler to upgrade them and manage dependencies. NET: Json. NET is a. It was included in MVC 4 as part of Web API to support serializing data to JSON format, allowing for data contracts, anonymous types, dynamic types, Dates, TimeSpans, object reference preservation, indenting, camel casing, and many other useful serialization features.

However, you can make use of Json. The Account Controller is set up to make it easy to add support for Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter; however, since these logins are built on top of OpenID and OAuth, you can easily plug in additional providers. OAuth namespace to simplify common usage. Miscellaneous Features MVC 4 includes a lot of features not listed previously. Routing is discussed in detail in Chapter 9. Due to popular request, that template has been renamed Basic, and the new Empty project template really is empty.

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However, the use of the Controllers folder was purely for organization. MVC will recognize any class that implements the IController interface as a Controller, regardless of its location in your application. This allows you to organize your controllers however you would like, perhaps separating them into logical groups or separating MVC and Web API controllers. Both are planned to ship later as out-of-band releases. The team initially worked to allow extending the MVC tooling e.

Phil demonstrated a View Mobilizer sample Recipe that created mobile versions of existing views with a simple checkbox dialog. However, the team realized that Recipes had a lot more potential than just extend- ing MVC tooling. NET MVC has been under an open source license since the initial release, but it was just open source code rather than a full open source project.

That changed with the ASP. This announcement marked the transition of ASP. All code changes and issue tracking for these projects is done in public code repositories, and these projects are allowed to accept community code contributions aka pull requests if the team agrees that the changes make sense.

External code submissions are reviewed and tested by the ASP. Same amazing author team, same way to get the sample code NuGet , same technical editor, same bobsledders. Oh, but the bobsledders have been upgraded, remember. And speaking of our technical editor, I want to call out what an amazing job Eilon Lipton does on this book. In additional to top notch technical feedback, he also regularly points out bigger issues in structure and content.

He regularly recommends that we cover content or features we'd left out, or that we stop recommending something that's not a good idea, or just tells us that a part of a chapter is boring or hard to follow. The book wouldn't be what it is without his invaluable input. The whole team at Wrox has been great, too. It's both humbling and incredibly rewarding to work with a sharp editorial team, and this was another great experience.

Weren't you listening? There's tons of new content. This book is about ASP. Look, you can still use your old copies of the book for other things. For instance, the whole bobsled book family makes a great play set Grats on the book, Have my copy sitting on my reader already. Thanks for the detailed write-up.

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It's appreciated. I guess you can buy on Kindle, take a quick look, and return if you don't think it's worthwhile. Jon Galloway - slightly confused as to why the kindle version is so much more expensive that the paper version on. Worst case scenario it should be the same price surely? I bought the book the day it was released and have started reading it However, in the book you talk about how you hope that the by the book comes out simpleMembership provider for MVC I have looked on NuGet and do not see I've preordered my one so its already there and on the shelf :- Thanks for that very cool book, Best wisches.

Jon, the Wrox PDF is definitely in color. At least mine is. I'm reading through it now and am so far very happy with your work. Great job. Toggle navigation Jon Galloway. Home About Archives Sign In. Look what showed up yesterday! E-Book Versions There are two E-book options, both with some nice features.

I think they turned out pretty nice: The other option is to get the e-book versions from Wrox. Better Flow I had some beginning developers tell me that the book started throwing advanced concepts at them too early, while some advanced developers told me the book seemed too basic.