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But we human beings can go either way, so to speak.

This research suggests that there may be two distinct types of individuals within each sex pursuing different mating strategies. Rather than it being a whole gamut of mating strategies, there seems to be two potential phenotypes within males and within females.

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Maybe size does matter, at least when it comes to fingers. Typically, higher levels of testosterone lead to higher rates of promiscuity. People with relatively shorter ring fingers can be rock-solid faithful partners. And someone with a really long pointer finger could break your heart into a million little pieces by cheating on you with a million people of various sizes. Buy Now, Pay Later. Already a Subscriber?


Log In Here. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Log Out. Finger size matters: 5 strange things we learned about sex this week New research reveals we can learn a lot from the size and dimensions of a man's hands Related The high cost of sex. NSFW: The pool man to the stars.

Does Size Really Matter?

Netflix and a chilled fertility rate. Editor's Picks Cooking is easy, if you're born to it.

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  • New research reveals we can learn a lot from the size and dimensions of a man's hands.
  • Finger size matters: 5 strange things we learned about sex this week.
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Our awakening to Marianne Williamson. How Philip K Dick turned to Christianity.

Does Size Really Matter?

Why Trump's London trip costs millions. Clarence Thomas: Birth control is next. She confesses she was so saddle-sore after a romp with a bigger-than-usual guy that the next day she made an emergency appointment with her gynecologist. And although they dated for three months, she refused to get back on that bronco again.

Does "Size" Matter for a Happy Sex Life?

You Can Really Get Hurt Anecdotes aside, accommodating an extra-large penis can result in vaginal injury. With larger girth, tearing could occur and cause bleeding. Making sex pleasurable with a well-hung honey comes down to three things: lubricant, patience and position experimentation. Although too big can certainly be a big problem, nobody wants a pinkie-sized fellow either.


Take my friend Claudia, who dated a guy with an outsized sense of himself. He stretched the truth about what he did, where he lived, what he owned. In short, he was a showboat.

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When Claudia finally got into bed with him, she understood what he was compensating for. I got a similar surprise one night when I was out with a guy that I had a huge crush on one summer. He was big and burly, and when we kissed, he literally swept me off my feet. After too many drinks, we ended up back at his place.

But lo and behold, where I expected a giant redwood was Have a couple of children the old-fashioned way, and you may not be as tight down there anymore. That can make a slender penis feel too small. Help for the Size-Challenged Toys can help. Rings and penis pumps can temporarily add girth for guys with more modest holdings.

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  • Does "Size" Matter for a Happy Sex Life?.

Can he please you in other ways? Being attentive to your needs is the most important quality in a good lover, regardless of his penis size.