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He now trains the majority of new hires, and also works to train at a national level.

'Surreal': After years of struggle, UNC's Hunter Sigmund is unashamedly himself

His work includes Safe Crisis Management, but it also stretches to specific trans-inclusive training, that will help social service agencies including Maryhurst handle any staff in transition, and deal with the possibility of children with gender-identity issues. The binary pops up everywhere in childcare, in ways that might not even occur to someone at first. Can you line up by height?

She also suffered from depression, and dealt with suicidal ideation while she she watched her life come apart. So much so that, at first, she shied away from speaking about her depression. But in one year I lost my right to an education, I lost my career, I lost my family, and I lost friends and everything. All in one year. Rogers is the cis-gendered, odd man out in this article. He met me to share his thoughts about employing trans folk. In this article, to talk about being trans at work is to talk about being visibly trans.

Prelude. We’re all in this together

For Neary, the wedding photographer, her inability to pass as a cis-gendered woman causes a very specific problem in her line of work. In a good way or a bad way. Ideally, the brides or the groom are. I have a big bald spot. And some genetic women do, but I have male pattern baldness. Along with passing comes the question of transitioning.

Gilliam and Neary are both in the process of transitioning, having come out fairly recently. Whipple transitioned fully within a year, and has had four years to settle into being seen as man.

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When I first came out was about three, three and a half years ago. All the people I spoke with had to have conversations about their gender when they came out, and began trying to transition. When I first spoke with Neary, she seemed fine with the arrangement she had with her employers and the outcome of that conversation. Castillo had a great talk with her favorite manager at a previous job, but eventually the conversation had dire effects. Whipple had the strength of his longtime relationships at Maryhurst to draw on, and another employee who had already transitioned at work to show him the way.

Rogers has had that conversation from the other side. While Castillo was already out and proud when she was hired, her unashamed attitude inspired a closeted coworker to come out. I feel like I wanna transition to being a female. Rogers admitted that his first feeling was confusion. And kept listening.

Following the instinct to keep quiet and listen to his employee before opening his mouth, Rogers quickly realized the person was serious. When I began interviewing for this article, I assumed the majority of the horror stories would in the form of awful customers. The majority of the the negative experiences I was told about came from interacting with fellow employees, or, even worse, employers.

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Castillo also had run-ins with fellow employees, though, in our interview she seemed eager to gloss over the bad times. A lot of people are working on getting it right, and I think Maryhurst is in that boat. Rogers was more open about the problems his business had with a particular employee. For two of the women I interviewed, harassment from fellow employees was overshadowed by being fired by their employers.

Both women felt that being trans was the cause for being fired. Before she came out as trans, Castillo had a job she liked, and she was working her way up to management.

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She was in charge of an important section in a large retail store. For Castillo, the trouble began when her section was taken away.

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She worked in candy, and had supervised the section, a task which includes monitoring and ordering stock, upkeep and other duties. And had done it with a lot of really positive feedback. Then she came out as trans. Many might recognize this treatment.

My Gender Transition From Female To Male • Dear BuzzFeed

In retail and service industry work, managers and employers frequently refuse to fire people outright. The same manager she had initially spoken with about coming out, a person she trusted as a friend, was forced to let her go. Within days she was thrown out and within a few months she was fired from here hospital job. For Lili, there was no contest. I was profoundly moved, it blew my mind. I found it extraordinarily passionate and deeply felt. I told Tom I wanted to be part of telling this story.

Redmayne, who gave an Oscar-winning performance as Stephen Hawking in Theory of Everything last year, was a controversial choice. Some, upon learning of the casting of a cisgender man in the lead role, were upset that Hollywood had once again seemingly ignored the transgender community, despite The Danish Girl employing numerous transgender actors and extras. He was confident that Redmayne was right for the part — even more so after casting the role of Gerda.

On paper, she had everything Hooper wanted for his vision of Gerda. Vikander was more than up to the task. But it was better than good. As Redmayne and Vikander finished their scene, where Gerda confronts Lili after she kisses a man at a ball, they turned to look at Hooper.

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He was in tears. But the truth was evident. He felt lucky to have found Vikander, particularly when they began discussing Gerda and their vision for the character. And so we wanted to capture the strength of her. Vikander was able to deftly balance the pain Gerda experiences as she loses her husband, with the innate love she feels for Lili and her desire to aid in her transition. She is a good character, something Hooper believes is hard for an actor to truly accomplish.

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Gerda, for instance, has long been discussed as being at least bisexual, if not a lesbian, but such explorations of her sexuality are missing from The Danish Girl. Coupled with her strong desire for motherhood, the limited scope of science at the time would eventually lead to her death in her late forties, after a failed surgery to craft the necessary anatomy to enable her to have a child.

Going Through Menopause Changed The Way I Think About Gender

I felt that love was the way of doing that. That could involve putting a framework up. Was it the way in which she slept? I looked into that. He pauses for a moment while considering his answer. So the culture is capable of incredibly rapid change. He wants it to build into real change — the kind of change that affects legislative agendas. Will [the film] help in the fight against transgender hate crimes and acts of violence, which have been pretty horrific, particularly against trans women of color, this year?

It helps that The Danish Girl has already made history. Hooper recalls standing next to producer Gail Mutrux, who first optioned the film in and has suffered through every stumble until Hooper came on board. President Obama may be the first president to ever use the word transgender, but there was one other event this year that cemented as the year transgender rights finally received the attention they deserve.

Two weeks after shooting wrapped on The Danish Girl , Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer to confirm that he was transgender at the time, Jenner was still using male pronouns. Then, this summer, an even more momentous reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair. The result is that audiences are perhaps better prepared than ever before for a film with a transgender lead character.

He said he was very moved, because she had the choice to go and she stayed, and so he was very moved by the act of caregiving, the fact that Gerda chose to stay. Speaking with Hooper, who talks so eloquently about transgender issues and his hopes for future change, there is undoubtedly a current of passion that many in the LGBT community will resonate with. Asked why he prefers to film period pieces, Hooper responds that he prefers being in a dialogue with things that are electric in current culture. The Danish Girl opens December 11 at area theaters.

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