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You will learn to behave as a lady before you come to my castle. I will not go your castle! A true knight would never strike an older man, a wizard smarter than himself will ever be, she raged. Thunderstruck by her attitude, Prince Aksel released her as she shook loose from him and turned to help Frode and tenderly checked his wounds. She found no blood; his clothing had kept his skin safe from the lash of the crop.

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She dipped the edge of her smock in cold water from the drinking trough and soothed the red welts on his shoulder. My dear lady, Kaja, Frode spoke softly, be calm and polite to the young prince. He may return someday to claim you for his wedded wife. I will not wed a man who hurt a defenseless person. He best listen to your wisdom and not dispute it — not abuse you.

He be nasty and mean, she insisted. He whip his horse, he whip you. I not be careful of every word I speak just to keep a mean, stupid prince from whipping me on every whim! Later that day, Frode related to his King the confrontation and that Kaja disliked the prince because of it. He felt her sire should know what occurred. By evening, the prince had regained his composure and was relaxed after a pleasant meal of venison, fresh garden vegetables and a mug of ale. King Ivar talked with him as they strolled through the courtyard and the still empty village streets.

All the. Even in jousting, Prince Aksel retorted cynically with a laugh and toss of his head, for the ladies? Jousting taught to young men, yes, not usually ladies. Kaja enjoy competing with them in many things. Now she jousts with Jorgan, her brother, to keep his body active and strong, to fight this malady and make him well.

This be the best defense against the fever after it waned. The king continued, Frode be a wizard, a wise man, highly learned. He scribes a journal of observations, records plantings, results of experiments, problems and solutions which others reference in future as the need arises. We highly respect him here and other nearby realms.

All benefit from his knowledge. The young learn to read and write, which even I never learn when I be young. We treat our wise man with respect.

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If you disagree what he says, tell him so, he will convince you with words. However, do not abuse or punish him in any way unless the king approves. This, be for his protection.

He be too valuable for us, all of us. You understand this? They walked in silence for a while through the narrow streets lined with the thatched-roof homes of the people. None of them were out and about as the fever was still a very strong threat. The shuffling and sounds of their flocks and animals could be heard in the yards behind their cottages on the still, calm night.

King Ivar softly said, with a choke in his voice, Since your betrothed has been taken from us, you may have Kaja as wife when she be of age, as be the custom, he paused, If you so desire. Prince Aksel turned and looked at him with a startled expression of dismay on his face. Take that wild lass to wife?

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King Ivar felt relief, did he read that expression, under the dim light of the torch above the gate, as a negative response? Prince Aksel, lay awake for many hours before he fell asleep, thinking of the cruel turn of events which left him without a bride. He could find a lesser lady perhaps, a cousin to royalty as was his cousin. He still felt offense when the sun rose the next morning and decided to leave, not knowing if he would ever return. He told his companion as they headed up the hill away from Alfhild and those seeing them off in farewell.

Let us be gone from this place. I continue search the country for a more agreeable lady. He did not look back as they climbed the rocky path they had descended just two days before. Karl with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, asked his prince, If you find a docile lady to your liking, Cousin, may I claim this young maiden? Did you not see the beauty of her sister; the fullness of body, the hair of spun gold, fairness of skin and beautiful green eyes?

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Kaja yet a child, will grow lovely in time and be a pleasure to behold. Yes, I venture to say, a delightful pleasure indeed, a saucy green-eyed lady. He smiled broadly as he looked back, waved and bowed to her from his saddle, with a flirtatious flourish of his arm.

Kaja felt relief to see them leave, hoped they never returned, and waved back as they headed up the path. Papa, she asked with deep concern in her voice, do you really think he will claim me when I be old enough to wed? She looked up at him, a pained expression on her face, If he does come to claim, may I refuse him? Aksel raged for the manner his sire, King Gregors, escorted him, his son, to the longboat and ordered him to Get in the boat or I will lift you and throw you in.

Aksel looked at his father, standing firm of demeanor, whose jaw was set as hard as his own. He looked at the contingent of men his sire had behind him. He knew what his father would do, had seen what he could do when someone needed strong discipline. Did he want those men putting him aboard the longboat by force? The indignity, I a prince! My father be doing this to me? Yes, he do this, even to his son.

Aksel slowly climbed aboard, with Cousin Karl, Knight Ingvar and a purse with coins enough to keep them traveling and fed for several years. His king gave Sir Ingvar orders to Travel the seas to many lands, observe how kings rule and men live together in peace or harm throughout their lands. Return only when the willful prince has learned to be judicious and can stand proud among the greatest of men.

Aksel turned his back to his father, the hurt and hate he felt for him rising within. He did not look back to his land of birth as the ship slipped out to sea, roughly bouncing over the waves. Perhaps, he thought, I will never return. Aksel huddled, weeks later, in the bow of the longboat among bundles of cargo, headed to the Viking Colony of Thingvellir, Iceland, where an old friend of King Gregors was last known to reside.

He was miserable with the unrelenting lurching of the boat, the constant wind howling and blowing in the sail, the horrible stale bread, salty smoked meat, occasional raw fish and mug of ale presented to him daily. He watched as Ingvar and Karl took a turn at the oars, rowed for a short while, then tired and begged to rest. He noticed they rowed longer at the oars with each turn, as their bodies and muscles become stronger and accustomed to the strain.

Aksel stiff with inactivity, thought to row to ease the stiffness of his bones, but decided not, thinking — I a prince, not a slave - men of station do not do slave labor. They come to grief on an island in the Hebrides.

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Harald is now a young man whose father has died. He has a complicated series of adventures which takes him to a giant's treasure cave in Ireland, then Jebel Tarik Gibraltar , then to Miklagard the Viking's name for Constantinople where he joins the famous Varangian Guard. Eventually Harald returns home to Norway via the great ship-portage on the Dnieper. Harald is now a mature man who enjoys a peaceful life of farming with his wife and sons.

When his village is attacked, he forms a crew of vikings and pursues the raiders. The chase leads him across the Atlantic Ocean to the east coast of America. He and his crew encounter Inuit and then Native Americans. Harald's final fight takes place among the native tribes. In a great battle, it is revealed that he is a berserker. I think a concert with us is about creating that solemn, sacred space where there is room for everybody. In a world where everyone is glued to five-inch screens, where technology can have the effect of making us more isolated and solipsistic, Wardruna feel like a necessary reminder to not lose touch with the world outside the frame.

Not us on top of nature. That is the sense it creates. It is very much about nature, different aspects of nature and human nature and human relations, and relating to something that is bigger than everything, but it is everything at the same time. Things are supposed to take a longer time. It would have been totally wrong. Starker, more portentous than its predecessor, Ragnarok is an album that carves out its own immeasurable yet fertile space to draw from. The opening Tyr is stirring in both senses of the word, emerging slowly out of ominous ambience before forming a rolling, multi-geared warrior march amidst mass chants and blaring horns.

Wardruna have often talked about time being circular, subject to the same cycles of renewal as nature. Has the completion of this phase of the band, felt like a clean slate to them?