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Addressing America's competitiveness challenge will require many years if not decades; however, the requisite federal funding of much of that effort is about to terminate. Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited provides a snapshot of the work of the government and the private sector in the past five years, analyzing how the original recommendations have or have not been acted upon, what consequences this may have on future competitiveness, and priorities going forward.

In addition, readers will find a series of thought- and discussion-provoking factoids--many of them alarming--about the state of science and innovation in America.

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Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited is a wake-up call. To reverse the foreboding outlook will require a sustained commitment by both individual citizens and government officials--at all levels.

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This book, together with the original Gathering Storm volume, provides the roadmap to meet that goal. While this book is essential for policy makers, anyone concerned with the future of innovation, competitiveness, and the standard of living in the United States will find this book an ideal tool for engaging their government representatives, peers, and community about this momentous issue. The National Academies Press and the Transportation Research Board have partnered with Copyright Clearance Center to offer a variety of options for reusing our content.

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Translation and Other Rights For information on how to request permission to translate our work and for any other rights related query please click here. Whose rules shape this country? Who always wins? His sly, low-key swagger is instantly appealing, and his pliable voice can swoop and dive, glisten and crackle and croon at will. Under the dark curls, chill vibe, and artsy-sexy, I-play-my-own-guitar allure, his entitlement is harder to spot.

And so is the disquieting resonance of his cheerful signature tune. In this Oklahoma! Rodgers and Hammerstein were skilled combiners of romantic A-plots with complementary comic B-plots, and in Oklahoma!

DRONE VIDEO: See video above the storm damage in Ozark, Mo.

While Laurey steps carefully around Curly and Jud, her irrepressible pal Ado Annie juggles the ardent, none-too-bright cowpoke Will Parker and the slippery, marriage-averse traveling peddler, Ali Hakim. James Davis makes ebullient, robustly sung delight out of the doofy Will, and Michael Nathanson nearly steals the show with his deadpan turn as Ali, a rolling-stone opportunist who treats his Persian ancestry as just another bauble of uncertain authenticity, to attract local yokels.

But once their territory gets its statehood, the land will belong incontestably to men like Curly — and so will the women.

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Stroker is fantastic, with twangy country star mega-pipes and a devilish sense of humor. She holds herself straight and stares hard, seldom blinking. She does like Curly, and she does flirt with him. But she wants — well, more. Things to happen to you. Jones zaps the fluffy romance from this text and delivers it with quiet intensity, almost with anger. By putting Hamilton at the center of Oklahoma!

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Her want is embodied, and it gets almost 17 minutes of stage time all to itself, to leap and sweat and tumble and explore. As for the crime in question, it involves the two men looming over Laurey. The skinny, seething Vaill — who bears a passing resemblance to a young Willem Dafoe and should be first in line if they ever make a Kurt Cobain bio-musical — plays Jud as exactly what he is: the original incel.