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You are introduced to two simple, foolproof, methods of taking yourself into a trance. A lack of an ability to visualise frequently discourages people from engaging in beneficial activities like guided meditations and other mind training activities. The author explains how everyone can do what is necessary to create the mental images you need in order to change your life for the better.

Another area that frequently causes failure with self-hypnosis and affirmations is the wording of the self-suggestions. The problems are explained and you are shown how easily you can create powerful mind and behaviour altering suggestions to re-program your subconscious mind. Mind In this section the author looks at four basic problem areas that prevent life being lived to the full: confidence, self-esteem, anxiety and how to resolve relationship difficulties by working on yourself.

Although phobias do not affect a most people they can be severely disabling and so solutions are provided here. Body The Body section teaches you how to use your mind to influence your body. Frequently Western medicine lets us down in those very areas where we most need help.

This section gives you some general guidance on how to use self hypnosis for self healing. It then covers in detail some common problem areas that you may need help with: physical pain, excess weight, smoking, blood pressure and sleep. Spirit Here the author lifts the bar a little so that you can begin to stretch yourself and fully appreciate the power of your own mind. The earlier sections dealt with fixing problems that prevented you from living a normal, healthy life. In Spirit he moves on to demonstrate how you can use your mastery of self hypnosis to begin the process of creating the life you want rather than the life you have.

Release Blocks to Growth. Take Control of Your Mind & Body.

Here you will find an introduction to the idea that we create our own reality along with techniques to increase happiness, wealth, and freedom in your life. Offer good through July 31, Have a better coupon? Add to cart, then apply your coupon. How gifting works. Create Widget. About Michael Hadfield. Bringing you to a place to be more present, turning up the brightness on the future, clearly seeing and feeling that magic is all around us and it comes in big and small moments.

Kassia Meador begun her wave riding journey 20 years ago traveling the world as a professional surfer. In she was introduced to Sound healing and in felt the call to start working in the vibrational therapy space. She has brought her sound healing around the world, and has collaborated with celebrated events and organizations such as Summit Series, Soho House, Mercado Segrado, Rama Yoga Institute, Love Yoga and many others.

Join Morgan Yakus at Lunya on the Spring equinox and full moon in Libra, a very favorable day for manifesting your dreams. These techniques can be used to remove blocks and achieve goals, creating changes in all aspects of your life, manifesting the life you desire. Bringing into focus where we are out of balance and clearly creating new beginnings.

Through the evening you will create a deeper internal connection within yourself, which will include a live active meditation specifically curated for the group, to expand your vision. The active meditation is designed to help you gathering resources from the future to use in the present. Free event with Lunya. Morgan Yakus has worked all over the world teaching workshops which have a foundation of neuroscience and keeping the brain in mind. We will create a space for you to understand what intuitively makes you happy, easily returning to the resources with in you whenever needed.

Ashley will open the Akashic Records for the group and channel wisdom and support on connecting to yourself and your inner knowing. Therefore creating a sense of calm and ability to shape decisions easily in your daily life. When you trust your self the more empowered, stronger and happier you can be. Come explore your present and the future path you would like to create. How intuition works and techniques for tapping in for your highest good. Ways in which we receive and process intuitive information everyone is different. Active meditation to remove blocks and realigning to tune into your intuitive radio station.

Akashic Records channeling by Ashley for the group to inspire an energetic shift at the root-level consciousness and active reconnection. Please bring a notebook and a pen, yoga mat, blanket anything else that encourages comfort for you. Many more surprises which will get you that much closer to becoming all of who you want to be.

Ashley Wood is an international Akashic Records reader whose channeled wisdom on self-love, wellness and lifework empowers people to trust the inner knowledge and guidance we all carry within us. Ashley was born into this life for this work. After discovering that her energetic gifts have been in her soul lineage for centuries, Ashley launched her practice in and has supported hundreds of clients, including celebrities and elite athletes, in over 75 countries around the world.

Her approach to channeling Universal energies is grounded in her relatable and personal human nature. She offers guidance and support through workshops and courses, guided meditations and one-on-one client sessions. She is also the host of the grounded spirituality podcast MANIFEST THIS , where she shares her personal journey and channeled teachings, as well as the stories of modern spiritual leaders accessing their inner wisdom and living in alignment with their authentic truth. We are all born with gifts to share with the world and hers is to help you discover yours.

In the past eight years Kassia a holographic sound practitioner and vibrational therapist, has held sacred sound space for groups and private clients. Bringing you to a place where you can release things no longer needed and gather resources from the future realigning your present self.

For in order to create a future vision, the mind must see it first. Come explore your present and the future path you would like to create to shift the view from the present. Kassia Meador the true spirit of California, Kassia Meador creates a new and refreshing approach to the traditional medicine path, surfing the wave of sonic evolution and transformation since with immersive sound bath experiences.

Everything that exists is made of sound and vibration.

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Sound healing helps release the tension of day-to-day life and opens the door to enhanced intuition, improved immunity, better relationships, lower blood pressure, reduced stress hormones, stabilized moods, and better sleep. Through sonic vibration your brain will reach a deep healing theta state through a process called entrainment.

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The tones and frequencies of the sound healing instruments we use work with your life force energy centers, helping to move a lot of energy quickly and clear any blockages. Join us at The Bedroom, LA to find out.

Space is limited. For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice" - T. New Years resolutions can seem hard to achieve and often times we have a long laundry list of the things we "must" do for the year. Come join Morgan Yakus on the full moon to begin your manifestations. Research now shows that creating a theme instead that can be woven into every action rather than having a list of goals is more effective. Having a theme for the year like health, productivity, organization and healthy relationships, money and success have more staying power than a long list of resolutions.

Outsmart Your Brain

In these two hours we will focus on how to uncover and actualize your goals in a way in which you can see results. Morgan will teach you how to transform your list into easy action steps which allow you become a successful creator of your own destiny. There will be a group hypnosis to receive more information or shedding blocks that may be present. Which will make it easier to achieve the goals with out feeling like its a chore. We will cultivate a theme that will reflect your top resolutions on your list as well as working with them in hypnosis.

So that a positive change can be created by you. Come experience the direct results of shifting your mind waves to shape your the way you want it to be. The hypnosis will support your goal in opening up to feel happier, present and create motivation and expansion around your goals. The Class by Taryn Toomey.

A practice of self-study through physical conditioning. Deep Human Connection. Come transform your relationship to money and success. The active meditation and manifesting tools in this workshop will support. Unplugged Self Exploration. Rebecca Hall. Lindsey Kimura.

Heather Parkin. June Wee. Julie Evonne. Rebecca Maas. Marcia Lopez. Nicole Torres. Jori Adler. Lizzie Rose. Actress, Activist and Fortuned Culture Founder. Kimberly Johnson. If you or anyone you know are interested in attending but are experiencing financial strain, please email info thefem. In this group hypnosis session, we will work together to gain the keys to your success. We will create a dialogue to remove the block for you to be happier on your chosen path. It's designed to help if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed by a business idea, stifled creatively, shy about marketing yourself or have blocks around the energetics of money.

Working with the Gemini full moon, hypnosis and tools this workshop will support your goal in opening up to feel certain you deserve success. Creating the steps easily to move forward. Come join us in creating your future! All issues related to work, business and money patterns are welcome. In many ways tech is altering how systems work, how industries compete, and how we ourselves think and act.

At TechonomyNYC, May , we bring the pieces together by convening a diverse group of experts—practitioners of innovation, business leaders who are open about their challenges, policy experts who go out on a limb, and plenty of young entrepreneurs. You should be part of it. In this workshop, Jessa Blades celebrity makeup artist, herbalist and pioneer in the natural beauty movement and myself will come together to share our combined knowledge:. To reconnect to the self in the present moment and design your future self using the teachings of herbs, self care rituals and short cut techniques to dispel old patterns.

We will use plants and flowers to guide you to uncover what the present and future self wants and needs, creating clarity to uncover what feels good and true in any aspect of your life. We will drink the plant, revel in the smell and journey using the plant as an ally in an active meditation accessing and creating a transformation. Space will be created for you to formulate your own bath soak which will support sealing your intention in after the workshop.

Taking away a restored balance in the body, mind and spirt strengthening the connection to activate all of your senses and step into all of who you want to become. Jessa launched Blades Natural Beauty in , marking the beginning of a fifteen year journey to educate and empower women to heal themselves and their skin from the inside out using food, herbs, and the best products products available. In addition to coaching her clients one-on-one through simple plant-based beauty and food routines, Jessa has expanded her practice to workshops and masterclass trainings to educate inspire with a focus on wellness, cannabis, natural beauty, Ayurveda, and food-as-medicine.

She works with Clients all over the world through Video. Please email me if you are interested in a private session. In this workshop join Morgan Yakus, a bi-cosatal modern hypnotist and active meditation teacher who has worked all over the world teaching workshops which have a foundation of neuro science and keeping the brain in mind.

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During these two hours she will support you in a gentle way to release the blocks and design a new future version of you. When the brain sees what you want it to work towards it can move in the direction you desire. Its easy to get stuck in years of old patterns or to experience confusion around what the body should be eating and when. Through this process you can reboot and align your system, creating a clearer intuitive connection between the mind and body.

See your present and future path you would like to create, or shift the view from the present creating a mind and body alignment. Everyone is welcome! She will help you expand the creative vision of your life. Tapping into the inner knowing of what you desire and the life you would like to live. The workshop is designed to remove the blocks, so you can be more confident in your choices and decision making process, opening up to your best future self.