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Nerdosaurus Featured By Owner Jul 25, Crack is so delicious and especially this pairing and your fanfictions. Blueghostflower Featured By Owner Jul 24, Ahh, now I can finally comment on your stories. The reason for that is my comp crashed and pretty much died and I had to depend on my psp and on rare occasions depend on my friends comp. Now its fixed and now I can read and review your fabulous story. It was great, I liked both of them. It always makes my day to visualize your stories as I read.

All of these were really well written. You hit Kakashi dead on. I have no problem seeing him in these situations. The last two stories were excellent and I love how the first of them leads into the last. I look forward to reading more. Prev Next. Kakashi had already removed the hat and cumbersome robes, leaning back in his chair behind the desk. Mountains of scrolls to the left and right of him, all of them in need of approval. Kakashi bit back a sigh, it wasn't like to Copy Cat ninja to make noises of exasperation. He was close to doing so though. After spending ten minutes reading the same paragraph over and over again, it still didn't make sense to him.

Normally, he wouldn't have any trouble concentrating, maybe the heat was getting to him. Kakashi wasn't fooling himself, he wasn't Hokage by anyone's choice, rather he occupied the desk out of convenience. Naruto had gained a good reputation and a sense of trust with the village- the elders on the other hand were harder to convince, still seeing the boy as nothing more than the Fox's container. But, they would die,. I wanted to get this out the way first. A stickler for the rules, Kakashi wondered what weak point she exploited in order to break him down.

Hinata was far from a seductress, still like a child in so many ways. Yet it was her fingers entangled his hair, her touch Kakashi leaned into. It wasn't right this Age was only one problem out of many. He was too cynical, secretive, and set in his ways for her. Hinata needed a young buck; someone with enough energy, innocence, and ideals to keep up with her. Being around her made Kakashi feel old, older, and anc. Their mission to find Itachi, capture him, and then encounter Sasuke; had failed miserably.

And while it was noted everyone took the defeat personally; the person most affected seemed to be quietly withdrawing more from the group as the day wore on. Nervously, Hinata bit her bottom lip. Her fingers unsure to do with themselves curled up into the sleeves of the rain jacket.

Pale lavender eyes watched Naruto's slumped posture as h. He blinked, but otherwise remained impassive. Or as impassive as a man can be, while being a look-out for an unlicensed surgeon to performed an illegal procedure on a loved one. His brown eyes dead and unblinking in the face of so many felonies-to-be. The young man closed his eyes and breathed out, "Yes. The money has already been transferred into your account. If you back out now I'll sue you for fraud. For not performing surgery on your vegetable of a wife?

Summary: Surprisingly, this wasn't the first love letter Hatake Kakashi had received. However, it was the first time the 'sender' was shocked to discover she had written one to him. A tale of four springs. Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Naruto, characters included. Naruto belongs to Kishimoto, Shounen Jump, and other corporate entities. Not me. Bees were buzzing while their rotund bodies hovered from flower to flower.

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Animals stirred from winter slumbers and ambled about in search of food. Yes, it was official. Spring had arrived. Here's a little SasuHina one shot for you. Cracks, fissures, and chasms formed under her feet, threatening to swallow Hinata whole. Yet, she walked over the crumbling earth, oblivious to the irrevocable changes about to take place. Her arms full of freshly picked flowers, back from her well-tended garden; Hinata walked out of the warmth and sunshine and stumbled into a cold and winter-like atmosphere. A meeting of minds, deciding her future.

A place she didn't belong, nor where her opinion was welcomed. Looking into the. Possible OOC-ness. Also, this will be written mostly from Sasuke's POV. One from Hinata's will be written later. Charcoal-colored eyes watched the steady and unhurried inhale-exhale rhythm, of the warm body next to him. This wasn't what he had envisioned his future to be ten, five, or even three years ago. Sasuke had started his life of wanting to receive acknowledgment. Then, things changed. His fingers made a smooth line down her back, electing a shiver which rippled down the spine, then hidden underneath the wrinkled sheets.

A breathy sigh, before she curled closer, whether for warmth or affection, it was hard to s. To him, they weren't important and worth his time or attention. School wasn't a place to make friends, not when you were sweating over algebra and dodging fan girls. However, he couldn't help but notice when Hyuuga Hinata would linger at the school entrance a little over an hour after classes had let out for the day.

She wasn't part of any clubs, not that he could recall at least and even sports teams didn't hold junior high students for this long. From his spot on the school's rooftop, he saw the indigo-hair girl stand next to the open gate. She had her phone out and was texting someone This diversion only lasted for a second though, because Sasuke looked up again.

At that moment Hinata le. Note: Sasuke and Hinata's costumes and the concept for Seiryuu-Sasuke and Byakko-Hinata belongs to bjorkubus and partial ownership to warrior-of-ruin. Eyes closed, she breathed in deeply, smelling spring blooming not just in her hands but her surroundings as well. The temple grounds was covered in bits of budding green and renewed color. This was her first taste of the outside world in five years; the priestess had missed the warmth of sunshine, the smell and feel of flowers, and the sight of an endless blue sky above.

The war between Suna and Konoha- the lands her temple bordered- had forced Hinata to remain inside all that time. It wasn't that Hinata was a spineless or powerless Goddess, rather she disliked conflict for conflict's s. View Gallery. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain. Hinata was walking home from the hospital late one night when it happened. A huge hairy man smelling of rank sweat rushed from an alleyway and cannoned into her. She let out a terrified shriek but before she could do much, he had shoved her into another alley and had her pressed up against a wall, breathing heavily right into her face, a hand slapped over her mouth to stop her from screaming again.

He grinned at her. Hinata whimpered, so terrified she could barely breathe. Notice me :kakahina: Hinata. As usual, Hinata Hyuga was sitting at her desk, staring at her homework.

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Her homeroom teacher had been sitting and occasionally glancing at her, over his newspaper, but nothing really showed that he cared about whether her class was doing homework or not. Some of them were just sitting and secretly sending each other notes, or just plain talking. The girls in front of her were in fact so loud, that even if she had wanted to study, they would have made it impossible anyways. Akamaru yelped loudly when Kiba accidentally elbowed him when talking to Ino. Last year, Hinata would have killed for even just so much as a small 'Hi' from the boy. But this year she just brushed it off.

Sensei looked good lately, his hair was more groomed and for once it seemed like he started to care about his appearance, maybe he found someone he liked? The paper in front of her was oddly white, she should have written half an essay by this time, but for some reason the glances the teacher were giving he. Infectious Love It was a forbidden taboo.

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He knew it and she knew it too but either of them cared. All that mattered is their happiness and love for each other. He is Kakashi Hatake. She is Hinata Hyuuga. He is the teacher and she is the student. The secret love happened almost two years ago. Hinata entered into Gauken University as a transfer student, majoring in the education field. She wanted to teach children in elementary.

Kakashi had been her English professor. There wasn't an immediate attraction towards the older male. It had taken some time for her to notice him, due to her crush on Naruto Uzumaki. Kakashi on the other hand had always showed a mild interest towards the Hyuuga from the very beginning. He knew it was wrong seeing how he is fifteen years older than she is but age should never matter when it comes to love. At least that's how he always viewed it.

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There was something about Hinata that drew him in. Her calm and soothing nature, to her meek and timid voice and the blush that appears. Don't worry I am working on the other nine as we speak! I just wanted to show you guys what I've got so far.

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  6. Kiba for one was itching to get back with his team; training with his mom and sister was okay, if overall rough and lacking since he wasn't the leader. As he walked by the door, Kiba noticed the expired calendar tacked to the wall. The number boxes displayed the graffiti of many 'X's, notes scrawled in three different styles of handwriting, and memos for milk, eggs, etc Frowning for a moment,.

    Upon seeing you, he gives you a kiss on the forehead, which you told him your father has never done since mommy died. You agree, but you pout none-the-less and he amuses you with a puppet show using only a few of his puppets. You giggle and have fun. He has fun too. Hinata was sitting in her house back garden and wondered. Or maybe no? Why me? Does he love me? It was spring and sun was agreeably shining on Hinata's pale skin. She walked in house and found out that it really was him.

    Actually it looked as if he was smiling because his mouth was hidden behind the mask. She remembered yesterdays morning. Flash back. Yes, this is slightly confusing I know. Forgive me? He smirked behind the mask. And everyone called Naruto loud and obnoxious Sure, Naruto lacked tact, subtly, and stealth; but he had mellowed out a little over the years- thanks to Sakura. Kiba, on the other hand, refused to be tamed. Bar keeper Kakashi's gaze would have wandered back to look. Obviously, I'm not dead- so Hatake Hinata didn't bury me six-feet under-. So, here's the next chapter! The door slammed behind her, fingers quickly fumbling to lock it.

    Hinata didn't even pause to take a breath; before pulling one of the heavy chairs to block the window too. Never ever The Kage robe was not shrugged, pulled, or eased off the young woman's shoulders; instead Hinata struggled with it, as if fighting someone. The poor garment didn't stand a chance; it fell the floor in a wrinkled heap, defeated.

    Never ever had she felt so Furiously, Hinata rub off the tears falling down her face. She needed to stop. Pull it together. For the sake of this diplomatic visit she had to be calm, collected Giving up fighting it anymore; Hinata closed the bedroom door and slid against the wood, until down on her knees. Not just her hands, but the whole body was shaking. Hinata wanted to sc. View More. The lunch bell rang and doors slid open as students exited them, all chatting excitedly.

    Kakashi nodded to the few students that always opted to eat in the classroom, rather than venturing out and risk being late to class, before slipping out the door, thoughts on his empty stomach and the bento he had not had time to pack this morning. Catching sight of a snack machine, Kakashi made his way over to it, stuffing a hand into his pants pocket in search of change.

    His fingers grasped nothing but air and lint, to his disappointment. Kakashi let a finger slide down the wall of glass separating him from the sugary snacks in the vending machine with a depressed sigh. As he stepped out the side exit door, the faintest hint o. Hatake Kakashi was getting agitated as each moment passed.

    The party was getting merrier, with catchy music playing in the background and crowds giggling and chatting the moments away. Almost everybody he knew was present, each clad not in their usual ninja attire. There was Naruto in black tuxedo and Sakura in a mini red dress. Shikamaru was dressed in a casual grey shirt and pants while Ino was clothed in a revealing piece of deep purple dress. Anko looked beautiful in an elegant black dress, while Yamato looked fine in a white suit.

    But none of them looked stunning enough to steal his attention, except for one Kunoichi that was his girlfriend, Hyuuga Hinata. Not that anybody knew she was his girlfriend, except for himself and Hinata.

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    They had agreed their relationship should be kept secret to avoid pandemonium. Though Konohagakure was a ninja village, some of the traditional values were retained. Some things w. As war divides us :kakahina: For days she had been staring out of the window, the soft breeze caressed her face, but she did not seem to register most of that. On the other side of the room, the tv was on, but no one was paying attention. People mostly just stared at their blank papers, or were socializing at their desks.

    They had been sitting in this dimly lit, small room for almost a month, occasionally people would bring them food or other neccisities. But overall, it was just them looking after themselves. Their task? Today it involved just writing letters to the people that have lost someone in the battle. The moment the war started, Hinata knew that Kakashi would be sent to the academy, to train a lot more ninja than he could handle.

    She sighed and closed her eyes, imagining it was just him and her. They had been together for over two years now. In that time she hoped that nothing like this would happen. Her old classmates had also been upgraded to jonin, while she went in the more medical direction; as did. Smoking The young man sat on the stairs outside of the library.

    He was smoking and staring at the skyline; he didn't look up when the girl sat next to him. It's bad for you. He turned and faced her, an eyebrow quirked. You're better than all the rest. The girl turned him around to face her; they were eye to eye even though he was two steps below her. Secret Love Love can be rather complicated at times. There are so many emotions involved with just that one word. From jealously, anger, sadness and happiness the list can go on.

    For Hinata Hyuuga, she felt sadness and rejection after her confession to Naruto. It had taken the male a year and a half to finally give her a response. Prior to answering her, there was a war going on which she understood as to why he couldn't give her a response right away. After the war, Naruto had pulled Hinata aside telling her that he appreciates the affection she has for him but could not return the feelings because he was already in love with someone.

    She cried. She didn't want to cry in front of him but she had and felt pathetic doing so. He had tried to comfort her by attempting to hug her but Hinata didn't allow him to touch her. She merely replied with a big smile on her face saying that she was fine. Since that day she has not spoken to the blonde. That was nearly six months ago. Since then, the Hyuuga has t. Freedom: Imprisonment. I opened my eyes at the sound of gunshot.

    My body moved on its own and few moments later I was in Hanabi's room, holding Hanabi's lifeless body in my hands. The decision turned out to be easy. As per Sharon's new second rule of clothes, I was henceforth, never, under any circumstances, allowed to wear underwear between seven pm and seven am. I chose to wear a short, black, clingy dress, which would show off my erect nipples and continuously ride up my thighs.

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    The third rule was that I must never mess with my clothes, that is, if a dress rides up, let it, if a skirt blows up in a breeze, let it, and so on, but despite that problem, the dress was just the most suitable garment to wear to a club. Before putting the dress on, I spent a lot of time on my make up. Sharon had instructed me to wear a lot more make up than I was used to, and since I was being tutored by her, I tried to follow her guidance.

    You look fantastic darling! Not at all," he insisted, "I just got so turned on seeing you looking so sexy. You do understand that the plan is for me to have sex with another man tonight, don't you? Let's have another drink. I had hold up stockings on, and I had checked in my full length mirror before leaving home, and confirmed my suspicion that the lacy tops were clearly visible under the hem of the very short dress. I still can't believe that my husband is Ok with this plan. It's his biggest fantasy, and you are making it happen.

    From his point of view you are graduating from loyal wife to Goddess. Just after she said those words my biggest fear became a reality. This was a man I knew well, but also, worked with. He was renowned in the office as Mister Grope, and he quickly confirmed his reputation by squeezing my right bum cheek.

    Let's find out. I can't wait to tell everyone at work about my discovery. His thick clumsy fingers were worming his way inside my wet vagina as he leered at me. What do you want in exchange for your silence? I couldn't believe that my husband had agreed to let an awful lecherous man fuck me in the car park. I felt angry, disgusted, and incredibly turned on. As we walked out of the door I noticed that David and Sharon were also following, so I was going to be putting on a sell out show.

    Gordon directed me to his dirty old car and pushed me forward over the bonnet. He pushed my legs apart and hoisted the hem of my dress so my bum was on show to everyone, and a few seconds later I could feel his cock poking around my sex, trying to find the entrance, and then suddenly he was all the way in. The first thing which struck me was that his cock wasn't very big. In my fantasies about extra marital adventures, I had always imagined my lover to have a much bigger cock than my husband, but Gordon's weapon wasn't as thick, or as long, and as he pumped rapidly in and out of me I realised that I wasn't likely to orgasm on that puny penis.

    In about two minutes he exploded inside me, then pulled quickly out and tucked his deflating organ back into his trousers. Sharon moved close to Gordon and spoke into his ear. Despite all the scheming and planning, between myself, David and Sharon, aimed at getting my wife to cuckold me, there was still a small niggle at the back of my mind which worried that when it came to the actual event I would have a sudden overpowering feeling of jealousy. As that dreadful man finished inside Sally, I felt a huge surge of joy. Seeing her fucked by another man was simply the most erotic experience of my life.

    Of course I was disappointed that he didn't have an enormous cock, disappointed that he didn't make her cum, and, I have to confess to being disappointed that Sharon had warned him off expecting repeat performances, however, when Sally seemed pleased that she'd broken the seal on her fidelity, I wanted to shout with joy. I have no idea why I got so excited seeing my wife fucked by another man, but I did then, and I still do now.

    We all clambered into the taxi and he drove us to Crawley and dropped us outside the club. If we end up going to hotel rooms or a guy's apartment, I'll text you and you can both go home. We went off to a pub for a quick cheap drink before going in to the club.

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