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We know just how to turn your event idea into a unique unforgettable moment. Some call it magic.

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We call it the Disney touch. So, if you want to add that special something to your event, we have the professional know-how and technical wizardry to make it happen. Let us do the heavy lifting… and imagining. Follow our simple guidelines and get in touch with us right away.

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Printable version. The imagination and creativity of our teams will ensure that your guest will experience the most unique and unforgettable moments thanks to our numerous theme evenings ; Chicago, Hawaii, Tropical, Far West, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Cinema, to name a few. Evening Entertainment and Evening Interaction activities. Let us assist you in putting together and adding some exciting evening entertainment into the mix.

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Engage and impress your colleagues, guest or audience with interactive activities, events and themed evenings. No matter what you are requiring there is an entertainer for you. Office Idols. Themed Events.

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Are you looking for other kinds of entertainment such as a comedian, clown, a particular type of musician then have a look at our entertainers page. If it is a professional or guest speaker you require, take a closer look here.

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Please note that not all venues can accommodate all the activities, let us know what you fancy doing, or do you already have ideas? Entertainment and entertainers are subject to availability at the time of your booking.

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Sherri Zwiefelhofertziegen 19 is on a field trip to the Mid-Eastern nation of Kharnstan for Arabic studies when a friend challenges her to steal some saffron from a sacred field. Sherri finds herself in a magnificent palace where she is befriended by the court sorcerer, Thaled.

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Just when she begins learning how to fit in the culture, a deadly situation arises: finding his wife, Aniz, having an affair with a cook, King Srayar orders her to be executed, but the king's son goes further. Prince Badir coerces his father into wedding a new wife each day, killing her the following morning.

But the king's vizier, Zaman, loves Aniz, and arranges for the despised prince to die instead, as aided by Thaled.