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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Good points.. But let me tell you the main reason i use a bible app more than the actual bible. For one you can hold your phone in one hand, laying on your back, side etc and still be comfortable. You can read it at night no separate lights needed. Adjust the font to relieve eye strain.

I get terrible neck pains and headaches hunched over for more than 15 minutes. Again a phone can be held with one hand and can be held low, high in the middle etc without any arm strain. Try that with your 1 pound and heaver bible. Your arm will feel like its going to fall off. I say use whatever is most comfortable. Everyone is different. Does not matter how we are fed as long as we are being fed the word. And i can use the olive tree app with split screen with different commentaries and bible versions etc to compare notes for study. Cant do this with a paper bible. My 87 year old sister likes her Bible on her tablet, for print size etc.

The amazing thing is that we live in a day and age when the Bible is available to more people than ever before, thanks to digital, and freely available on line in so many languages, and for that we praise the Lord! And, I do still like my hard copies as well when the light is good and my eyes are not tired! I use Olive Tree with every available Bible translation downloaded. I can click on a reference verse and see the verse off to the side without losing my place.

There is no comparison. Respect your opinion the bible is a beautiful book.

‘Moved With Compassion’

But in the words of President Obama, we have fewer horses and bayonets also. Get the King James paper bible! When you read a Spirit filled bible your eyes will drop tears on the pages, and your mouth will give thanksgiving on what you are receiving from the word. Will not happen on an app , plus the Spirit of God has not been experienced in app. Not by me anyway , and I doubt if anyone else has. I appreciate this article so much…My Bible study suffers alot when doing tablets,too much going on.

The Book is so impressive and a good witness. I never write in printed books. Of any kind. But I take notes in my Bible apps all the time. I could not disagree more. It is faster when you also while studying to pull up a concordance page. I use world pad to make notes and look up questions for later. Not sure what your app is but mine has only Gods word and no distractions. Reblogged this on Jason Dorsett and commented: 8 reasons you should bail on your Bible app and get back to your hardcopy.

As I do agree with some of the points. So I am torn a little sometimes, but I do want to go back to my paper Bible at times. I have been using my Bible app for about 5 years straight!!! Do you know where one could find an exhaustive hardcopy of some at least commentaries in one collection like Tap, Henry, Spurgeon and Guzik? Hope that helps. I prefer the look and feel of my goatskin custom bound bible however it takes me twice as long to learn anything in depth with that alone. I often times find myself switching between translations.

I spent a years with a leather bound bible and studied a lot but the point is this. I use a wifi iPad for my bible and it does not have Facebook or games on it. It only has my bible app and the commentaries, atlas, word studies etc on it. My phone on the other hand has Facebook. I see people all the time in churches who have leather bound bibles and they are face booking on their phones in church.

If digital bibles are not your thing then by all means carry a hard print bible. If you want your library of study material at your fingertips at all times then digital is the way to go. We can continue this petty argument or we can get out there and witness to others in order to grow the kingdom. How many of those who use their Bible app exclusively can sit down right now, take out a piece of paper and list all the books of the Bible in order? Maybe try encouragement over slander. So so true! This was awesome stuff every word you said was true. I had a dream long ago and this was before I started my bible app one Sunday my Pastor was using her iPad as her bible for services that Sunday night I had a dream.

She was in her home kitchen and she was facing her counter in front of her was her iPad and above the iPad was a small Sharp knife and next to her iPad was her bible and above her bible was a Big Sharp knife. Suddenly thier was a huge big banging at her door. She left to defend her self so she grabbed her big knife that was above her actual bible. Instantly I knew what God was trying to say. Very hard to explain but me personally find it a lot more difficult to really take in the word on a phone vs the old page tome.

Thanks for your thoughts, Al. Invaluable post — I am thankful for the details. I love my hard copy Bible but as I age my eye sight is not as sharp as it used to be. Bible apps are easier to read because of the screen being bright and the words are much easier to read. Especially in a dimly lit room. And if you have to hold a Bible to be a witness of Jesus Christ then you may need the fire of the Holy Ghost to help you open your mouth and witness.

Holding a Bible is not going to draw souls. Opening your mouth and proclaiming the Gospel will. This is an excellent summary and so true. It has destroyed the consistency and habit I had developed of a quiet time in one place at the same time each day. It is easy to become a snacker instead of devourer of Gods word, and it is easy to do that snacking on the run instead of a designated place. Oh yes, my sentiments alike…. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow ; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart!

I agree with you.. For that, a physical Bible is my go-to! Wow—you got quite a discussion on this article, Griffin! I go to an extremely conservative church RCUS , and in order to spite the handful of KJV-ers, I stubbornly cling to my NIV it is true that the newer version of NIV is gender neutral, but as long as you stick with the version, which is no longer published, you are okay.

And yes, this is definitely one of the livelier threads on the blog! This whole conversation makes me sad. The Word of God is living and powerful and is not limited to a particular medium. Hand them a King James Version; they have no idea what it says. Where do the illiterate get the word of God? We American Christians have a lot to learn about loving Jesus and his word.

I said I have the Bible on my phone.

Now I see his opinion is widespread and had nothing to do with a version just that it was not printed on paper. However, I will start bringing my hardcopy, so as not to cause my brother to stumble. No need to plan a flag on iPad versus book. Thank you Father for sending Jesus and making this possible through your Holy Spirit. My PocketBible app puts not only the Bible text from multiple versions plus Greek and Hebrew at my fingertips, but also a couple dozen volumes of commentary, an atlas, and several analytical dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Let your light shine. Rairdin, I agree with Griffin. Jesus looks at your heart, and He rejoices that you love His word! I certainly have not intended to dissuade anyone from going constantly to the Word of God—whether that be via the printed word or apps. I pray Bible apps continue to bear more and more fruit in our hearts and ministries, and that any issues they present will be mitigated by improving technology and increased normalization.

I still prefer printed Bibles for the reasons above, but I agree that no one need apologize for sincerely and joyfully reading the Word on a phone or tablet. From from it! Linda, thank you! Let us all be thoughtful and careful in our reading of the Word, but also compassionate and encouraging, spurring each other on!

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You are absolutely right that the Word of God is not limited to paper and ink, nor to apps, nor to oral transmission! Thank you for this article. It had some really good points. I would like to note something about one of your points, however, pun intended. I have been using my free version of the Logos software while taking notes in church. It is awkward typing on a tablet, even with a swipe keyboard, but I can look at those notes from any digital device.

I can also turn them off or on. Sometimes notes in the Bible become distracting from simply reading the Bible. By turning off the notes, I can read without any distractions. Just a thought. Again, I really enjoyed your article. I appreciate it, Daniel. The Word speaks for itself and is totally sufficient, apart from any notes we add to it even for our own understanding. Which makes it their problem and not mine. If a non-digital paper Bible works for you, then praise the Lord and more power to you! I would not persuade you otherwise. All I ask is you may want to ask yourself if your experience with a couple of eBible software programs is representative of all of them that are currently available.

Your reasons, particularly 1, 2, and 3 have more to do with the behavior of the people using digitial Bible technology than the fault of the technology itself. Might it be that your conclusions are based on limited experience? To pass judgement on all eBible programs based on the experience of a few is probably not sound judgement. My first two cars were clunkers, constantly requiring maintenance. But that did mean that all used cars are no good — just the two that I owned. I too have found some eBible software frustraiting and lacking functionality.

But I have also found eBible software that is faster than manual lookups, far easier to read by adjusting the font and font size, and supports all kinds of note taking capabilities. EBible software made it easy for me to complete a 12 week online seminary course which involved tons of online reading. I think that it makes most sense to use each type of Bible for what it does best. Sometimes that means paper, but more often for me these days I do it digitally.

PS — I guess that since you use a Blog to post your thoughts you are not completely adverse to the power of digital text? I think they are incredibly valuable and can serve their purpose well. I only mean to say I prefer hardcopies myself. That said, this post was written more than five years ago, and my thinking on the matter has certainly developed, as has the technology!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful response! I agree, it is very frustrating not to see my own note or an icon to my notes beside the scripture, but have to go somewhere else to find it. If they had been smart they would have done it that way, and also make it possible for that icon to my notes showing up at other scriptures that I connect to the study. It Looks Suspicious Related to the problem of distractions is the problem of appearances. Missed Opportunity for Evangelism A Bible app can and should be used to witness to others.

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Jason Van Bemmel September 25, at pm. Craig Rairdin September 26, at am. Clinton December 14, at pm. NIV Loading Diehl Loading RJ January 25, at pm. Mo Garba February 22, at pm. Very insightful!! Steve October 18, at pm. Donielle December 19, at pm. Diane Bryant March 19, at am. Plus at my age the screen is brighter and easier to read than a book. Rowland Parks December 13, at am. Griffin Paul Jackson December 14, at am. Craig December 13, at am. I scribbled all over that one, too. What bible apps do you recommend? I have glo and you version Loading Craig December 14, at pm.

Jerry horst March 14, at am. Waishes December 14, at am. Wilfredo Robles December 14, at am. Matthew McKinnon December 14, at am. I love your spirit!!! David December 14, at am.

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Reggie December 14, at pm. Joe Faulkner December 14, at pm. Evan December 15, at pm. I do think some of the other points are worth at least considering. Reblogged this on Jason Dorsett and commented: 8 reasons you should bail on your Bible app and get back to your hardcopy Loading Cara Street December 16, at pm. Adam Pequette December 17, at pm. I prefer scrolls. They are more real. Griffin Paul Jackson December 18, at am. On second thought, maybe I prefer oral tradition! Willie Herring December 18, at pm. Chucklemethis gmail.

Joseph Smith: A Prophet of God

Matthew February 22, at pm. Robert June 15, at am. Chris July 29, at am. Craig July 29, at pm. Casey August 23, at am. Christina August 31, at pm. Al November 24, at pm. Griffin Paul Jackson December 7, at pm. Many thanks, Mica. Monica Niekoley May 5, at am. Thank you so so very much. This is exactly what I needed and also believe! Ssenyange Geoffrey May 17, at pm.

Lorre Hopkins May 18, at am. Grace August 13, at am. Norma Gonzalez October 30, at am. Griffin Paul Jackson January 3, at am. Evette November 17, at am. And thank you for reading! LindaVH January 3, at am. LindaVH Loading J lane February 23, at am. Craig Rairdin February 23, at am. LindaVH February 24, at am. Rairdin Loading Griffin Paul Jackson February 26, at pm. Thomas April 6, at pm. LindaVH April 11, at am. I agree—reading your Bible on your phone has become completely common! So this was not some superficial reaction from the Son of God. He was moved deep within Himself.

Jesus was moved because there was still so much that could be done! This passion to send the good news to these spiritually bankrupt people drove Christ to stop at nothing to teach them. We see this in Mark 6, where Christ was about to get away with His disciples for some much-needed rest verses They tried to get away privately, but the multitudes still followed after them. Jesus Christ reacted emotionally to this, but not the way you or I might. Then, as it turns out, He did not want them to go away hungry, so He performed a miracle so they could all be fed!

Matthew 15 contains another account of Christ trying to get away privately, the multitudes finding Him, and His subsequent reaction. Some men may think it is not masculine to show emotion! But here Jesus Christ was not only feeling these strong, deep emotions toward these people, but He even expressed how He was feeling to this group of men. See also Matthew ; Matthew ; Mark and Luke In Mark , Jesus healed a deaf man with a speech impediment. The Greek expression for sighing means to draw deep sighs from the bottom of the breast.

Jesus Christ did not put His emotions to death. Imagine if you were privileged to witness these moments—from seeing how Jesus would utter a prayer of healing to seeing how He handled the frustrations of dealing with the Pharisees. He would have exuded so much personality, enthusiasm, joy, compassion, vigor, energy, grief and empathy. You would have seen Him smile a lot, laugh heartily, weep heavily, sigh in frustration.

He was a powerful and dynamic speaker, full of vigor and enthusiasm for His message.

Is God in Your Bedroom?: (Volume 1)

In fact, when it came to the temple, we see an abundance of emotions from the Son of God in the flesh. How did Christ react? This was not some violent tantrum, but rather the righteous emotions of God the Father expressed through His Son. The disciples saw that the Messiah was prophesied to be a passionate, zealous man.

The Greek for zeal means excitement of mind, fervor of spirit, ardor in embracing, pursuing, defending anything. It comes from a root word meaning to boil with heat. The more Christ comes in our flesh see 1 John , the more we will take on His nature—His zeal. We must boil with it to where we will do whatever God requires of us—from pursuing His truth to defending the state of His house.

On one occasion, Christ entered a synagogue on the Sabbath and there found a man with a withered hand. The Pharisees watched to see whether He would heal him on the Sabbath Mark It was not a selfish grief. We find a similar reaction from Christ in Mark 10, when parents brought their children to Jesus and His disciples rebuked those who brought them. That phrase in the Greek means to be moved with indignation, and its root word means to ache.

Christ was indignant against what His disciples were doing. He ached. He was passionate even about the little children. After Lazarus died, Mary, sister of Lazarus, came out to meet Jesus. The Son of God shed tears over this. Jesus then reminded Martha that she would see a fantastic miracle. He proceeded to pray to His Father. He was not a soft-spoken, effeminate weakling! This was a chief, intense desire of His—to celebrate Passover with His disciples.

This is what He craved. This is what He was passionate about. On that night, Christ spoke a lot about joy, despite the suffering He was about to go through. These are the words of a man who was about to be slaughtered. He not only focuses on their joy but says His joy should be in them—to the full! He was full of deep, godly joy even just before His brutal murder. You would have seen that joy in Him. To the carnal mind, someone fraught with grief and sorrows is not one whose joy is usually overflowing.