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Supergirl tells Brainiac-5 that Nia is at the Fortress of Solitude, trying to dream up a lead on Luthor. Supergirl returns Brainiac-5's Legion flight ring. M'yrnn shows up at J'onn's office in the flesh, as he is meditating trying to commune with M'yrnn's spirit. M'yrnn says that J'onn's office reminds him of the library at the University of Z'onn Z'orr.

M'yrnn says that he returned in the flesh because J'onn failed and he is taking the Sacred Symbols back. J'onn passes out again as M'yrnn takes the symbols, now manifested as a vessel on J'onn's table, away. Lena leaves the hospital and visits Lillian Luthor in prison. Lillian says Lena was prone to migraines as a child. Lillian is aware of who Eve Teschmacher is and mocks her for following Lex like a love-sick puppy.

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Lillian says that Lena's friends will abandon her once they find out what she did to try and save Lex and that she'll be all alone again. Alex brings Lena in to help in the manhunt for Lex. Lena isn't happy about working with Supergirl, but says that finding Lex is more important than her grudge.

Eve apparently visited her every Sunday. Ben Lockwood has a meeting with a Senator Grandbury, who informs him that she changed her mind and is voting against the repeal. Her justification is that denying aliens with superpowers basic rights might lead to an all-out war with humanity. Lockwood suggests the Senator should fear the common man more than aliens.

She doesn't buy it. M'yrnn stays because J'onn passed out. He eventually agreed to stay and listen to J'onn's problems for one cup of coffee. Mary Teschmacher is revealed to be on vacation in Florida. Her house and plants are being taken care of by Bitsie Teschmacher, who claims to be Eve' s favorite cousin and bowling partner at family reunions.

Bitsie has twin daughters who are currently at camp. Bitsie Teschmacher says she hasn't seen Eve in months. Lena remembers from that Eve said the she had a cousin with cancer with two daughters who was in hospice care. Bitsie shrugs this off and says she's as healthy as a horse. Supergirl determines Bitsie Teschmacher is lying because her heart is racing like a hummingbird's. It is revealed that Bitsie was given the Harun-El cure after she accidentally takes a cake pan out of the oven without protecting her hands and breaks a kitchen counter by pounding it, insisting that she's perfectly normal.

Bitsie affirms that Eve cured her cancer but insists that she is a good person who could never be involved with Lex Luthor. She says that Eve came to her and cured her recently, while on the run from the police, risking getting caught to save her life. Eve had a secret lab at National City University. Eve and the Red Daughter are seen dressed as technicians working in an access tunnel. Kelly Olsen says she could fit ten of her apartments into James' office at CatCo. Kelly gives her brother referrals to other trauma psychiatrists in Central City. Lex Luthor tried to kill James Olsen on eight occasions.

James says the only time Kelly ever visited him was when he was in the hospital and she could tell him what to do. Eve's lab at National City University is lead-lined. Supergirl discovers Harun-El inside a safe in Eve's lab. Lena confesses that it was hers and that she synthesized more after giving all of the original samples to Alura Zor-El. Supergirl is angry about what Lena did but Alex points out that Lena's work has saved lives, including James'. Kara admits she was wrong and says that she is just stressed out by the thought of failing to protect the world in Superman's absence.

She apologizes to Lena for judging her. The three agree to let bygones be bygones. Lena finds blueprints of Lillian Luthor's prison in Eve's lab. Eve's computer password is ILoveLex. Even and Lex revived Otis using the Cadmus Metallo protocol. They had five failed test-subjects before bringing him back, one of whom was likely transformed into the robot guarding Eve's lab.

Alex and Lena are able to destroy the new Metallo with an improvised grenade. Brainiac-5 is given the Kryptonite hart of Metallo. Supergirl finds a Cadmus pistol in Eve's lab. This is the same type of pistol that shot James. Brainiac-5 later confirms that it is the gun that was used to shoot James. This suggests that Eve Teschmacher was the shooter, which makes sense as she could have gotten into CatCo relatively unnoticed without raising suspicion. Lena, Alex and Supergirl puzzle out that Lex was behind the plot to shoot James and, quite likely, behind the creation of the Children of Liberty.

Lena says that she will talk to her mother in prison and try and get more information from her on Lex's plans or what Otis has been doing. J'onn says that he is the Martian Manhunter and that it was a mistake for him to try and take up his father's role as a priest. J'onn says that he can take the sacred symbols of the Green Martian religion to the Desert of T'ozz - the place where H'ronmeer first imparted them to the Martians, They can lie dormant there until someone worthy comes to claim them.

M'yrnn reveals that he is just an extension of J'onn's memories of his father and that they have not really been talking. J'onn says he realizes that, but says it was still good to see his father again. Kara tells James that Eve was the one who shot him. At the press conference where Senator Grandbury announces her vote, Eve Teschmacher is briefly visible in the crowd of people behind the Senator after her image inducer briefly fails. Lena shows Lillian the blueprints that Supergirl found. She points out that Lex wrote out the notation for Lillian's cell in red ink - his subtle notation for marking people needed to die in his plans.

This means that he was coming for Lillian, not to break her out of prison, but to kill her because she knew something that could be used to track him. Ben Lockwood is revealed to be ignorant of why Senator Grandbury changed her vote. When he asks why she changed her mind, she glances at the disguised Eve Teschmacher, and tells Lockwood to just take the win. This done, the Caribs, throwing down their arms, rushed into the canoes of the others and embraced them.

Indians, however, were not the only neighbors of the colonists. When the necessities of hunger required or they had time to spare, they went hunting or fishing. Wild hogs and deer were very plentiful, and they also shot rabbits, partridges, etc. The fish caught in the stream were abundant and of excellent quality. He was al- Wyapoko River ways making long excursions and spying out the land. Splendid situations for cities and fortifica- tions were found, and good tobacco fields, where the leaves of the plant were two and a half feet long and one foot broad.

The dye itself was called annotto or arnotto and produced a vivid red color known as "bastard scarlet. It was as hard as ebony and weighed about eighty pounds to the square foot. Orellana is the name that was at first given to the Amazon after its discoverer, Francisco Orellana. It was much used in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as a substitute for precious stones, being cut and faceted like rose diamonds.

In September Jesse visited the Caribs in their settlement at Cayenne. They received him very kindly, undoubtedly remembering his good serv- ices at the time when he averted their fight with the Aricoures. Eight months had passed since the sailing of the Pigeon. Day followed day, each of them full of busi- ness, but on none did the ships arrive containing the families. Still, Jesse did not despair, and he was actively exploring when on October 13th "he had a sun stroke, as the sun was very strong that day.

A severe fever ensued, and two days later, under advice from those who had lived in the country and understood its climate, they bled him. Three days longer he suffered and then we find in the Journal this entry : "On the 22nd of October [] our said captain died, much regretted by the Christians and Indians who had taken a great liking to him. Thus we must leave Jesse the Walloon alone in his strange sepulchre, in the land of his hopes — the new world to which he had so ardently desired to lead a colony of his countrymen.

He had planned, he had petitioned, he had waited.

The Lockwood Chronicles Episode 2: Reunions

Finally he had set forth, not as he had wished but as he could. Here, too, he had been honorable and resourceful and self-sacrificing. Now the end had come — an end full of the irony of a great tragedy. With Jesse, their Captain, no longer there to lead them, various incidents occurred which show that they missed his judicious mind and steadying hand.

One very wise decision they made about two months after Jesse's death. Now, how- ever, matters were becoming serious. Provisions and goods for barter were running low and there was no way to replace them. The Indians had been kind and helpful, but would they be as helpful when the supply of barter goods was exhausted? Their own [SI ] Jesse de Forest JVyapoko River methods wcFC to hunt OF fish when they were hungry and to gather cotton, oreillan, and other products only when they really had some immediate use for them; but the Walloons needed more dependable aid than the Indians did and had to have more systematic plans for the future.

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They wrote: "Fear- ing that in time we should be obliged to force the Indians to give us food, we assembled the other Christians who were at Commaribo to consult to- gether as to what we ought to do. This decision was reached on December 20, The most important thing to do was to reach the Caribbean Islands, where European ships touched frequently.

On one of these ships they could prob- ably get passage to Holland, or, even if that were not possible, they could there await the arrival of some of the West India Company's vessels, which it was known often stopped at the islands. But how were the colonists to get to the Caribbean Islands.? The pinnace had seen much service and was by this time unseaworthy; and as for tools with which to make another, they had no saws — only axes and planes with which to build a seagoing craft!

Nevertheless, they were not to be daunted, and on January i, , they left Commaribo to find a suitable place up the river for building their boat. They chose a place where the conditions were good for shipbuilding and natural provisions plentiful, and there they worked so industriously that in six weeks they had hewn " ' planks 20 feet long and i foot wide, with prow, knees and other necessary things. Meanwhile new sails were made from the men's hammocks; for necessity, as we know, is the mother of invention, and the cotton hammocks "hamaka" which the Indian women made were wonderfully fine and strong.

After their return the boat-building went bravely on. The keel was thirty feet long and the boat was to be thirty-six feet over all and twelve feet wide — about the proportions of the pinnace. When their boat was so far advanced that its builders hoped to launch it in three weeks, there suddenly ap- peared at their landing on May 23 rd a boat full of Dutchmen! Van Stapels who was immediately called "our Master" told the boat-builders that he had been with Vice-Admiral Lucifer on the Amazon, where they had been engaged in that greatly heralded "Conquest of Brazil. This, as the colonists said, "gave us great joy.

It was a ship of ninety tons, with ten cast-iron guns and six sakers. On this the boat-builders placed all their clothing and the irons from the dilapidated pinnace, and so it was floated down the river. At Commaribo they collected the remainder of their stores, and after, let us hope, bidding farewell to the friendly savages, they gladly set sail on May 28, , from the Wy- apoko on the Flying Dragon. As they passed Cayenne, their friends the Caribs brought them some of the pre- cious "letter-wood" and a turtle which weighed five hundred pounds.

On August 3rd they reached Surinam, where they learned that the Admiral was still at Essequibo, and thither van Stapels went for orders. The Admiral then decided to transfer his command to the Flying Dragon and to send his own ship, the Black Eagle, back to Holland with the colonists and all the accumulated merchandise which his people had derived from trade. The two ships sailed north- ward together past Tobago and through the Lee- ward and Windward or Caribbean Islands.

At St. September 24th found the Black Eagle to the east of Sombrera Island, and the note to this effect is the last entry in their record except the final one : "On the 1 6th of November [] we arrived at Flushing " — an entry which concluded with the devout ejaculation, "for which God be praised. According to all accounts, Leyden had been by no means a "goodly and pleas- ant citie" in which to dwell, for during and the plague had raged with great violence. Poor Marie du Cloux with her five children no doubt had spent many anxious hours.

Her husband's brother, Gerard, was devoted to her, for he and Jesse had been very close to each other and to each other's families. In fact, one of Jesse's last acts before leaving home had been to be a witness at the baptism of Gerard's son Jeremie. After Jesse's departure his privilege as "dyer in colors" in Leyden had been transferred to Gerard, the latter having stated to the magistrate on or about December 21, , that his brother, Jesse de Forest, "who by virtue of your admission had dyed wools and camlets in this city, removed from here by the last ships which sailed from here for the West [ 57 1 Jesse de Forest's Children Leyden Indies ; and accordingly he the petitioner would be glad to be employed in dyeing in colors.

It was formally granted on Jan- uary 4, , and Gerard in consequence had a more important standing in the community. So matters progressed in Leyden until November 16, , when the Black Eagle arrived at Flushing with La Montagne on board, Louis le Maire also, presumably, and the six members of the crew of the Pigeon who had remained with Jesse; but with no returning husband for Marie du Cloux, no success- ful founder of a Protestant Walloon colony in the New World! After the return of the Black Eagle Marie du Cloux is referred to in the Leyden re- cords as a widow, and Jesse's name never appears again in church or city documents.

La Montagne undoubtedly did his best to com- fort her with stories of her husband's wisdom and courage. She was then living on the Voldersgraft, not far from the university; and as La Montagne intended again to join that institution, he evidently found it convenient and pleasant to become an in- mate of her household. Here he met Rachel de Forest, the only one of Jesse's daughters who was then living at home. Leyden Considerable as was the difference between their ages, there were forces at work so potent that they overcame this obstacle to a union, and on December 12, , at the Walloon church in Leyden, Rachel de Forest and Jean Mousnier de la Montagne were married.

The bridegroom's witness was his "friend," Gerard de Forest, and Rachel's was her aunt, Hester de la Grange, Gerard's wife. The following year, , a son, Jolant, was born to them. By this time the fever was once more upon La Montagne — the fever of the explorer and the pio- neer; he felt that he must again visit those tropical regions where his experiences, it would seem, had been such as to deter him from another venture. The object of his yearning was Tobago, one of the Windward Islands, northwest of Guiana, and then owned by the Dutch.

La Montagne must have seen this island when the Black Eagle was on its way north from Guiana. We must therefore tell of the setting forth of La Montagne and his young wife, possibly with little Jolant, on their voyage to the West Indies.

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Vincent, and here a rather curious incident occurred, which obliges us to pause for a little retrospect before continuing our tale. It will be remembered that it was the Zeeland Chamber of the West India Com- pany which had sent a ship to Guiana to bring back Jesse's colonists, should they so desire. La Mon- tagne and le Maire thus finally reached Flushing in November, , after the many privations of their prolonged and unfortunate stay on the Wyapoko. It is therefore rather surprising to learn that only a year later a certain Jan van Ryen obtained permis- sion from the same Zeeland Chamber to take out a band of colonists to the Wyapoko River.

Admiral Lucifer was put in command of a fleet of three ships which were to carry the expedition, of which one was the Flying Dragon, with Gelyn van Stapels still in charge. They set sail on January 23, Annual Report of West India Com- pany, When in the Fortuyn arrived at St. Vincent, the outward bound colonists found there two Dutchmen, the remnant of Jan van Ryen's unlucky band, who had succeeded in reaching this island. These men said that in their sloop there had been at first seven men, but that two had died at sea; and of the rest three, who were French, had in turn met their end when the sloop encountered savages from the Island of Grenada, who were on bad terms with the French.

Thus the two Dutchmen at St. Vincent who had escaped were apparently the only sur- vivors of van Ryen's colony. Did La Montagne, hearing all this, feel that by mere chance he had escaped a like fate on the Wyapoko or did he consider that under the wise and considerate treatment of the natives by Jesse de Forest's colony such a catastrophe could not have occurred? As a matter of fact, the colony with which he was now emigrating to Tobago lasted only until , when it was destroyed by Caribs and Spaniards!

The climate of this island was said to be very trying to northerners, the reason, perhaps, why little Jolant if indeed he had accompanied his parents "died young. Apparently he was born in Tobago, for it was only in 1, two years later, when still another baby was expected, that Rachel, then only twenty-one years old, probably having found her previous experience too terrible, returned with little Jesse to her Dutch home, her husband remaining in Tobago.

Her third son, who was named Jean after his father, was born in Leyden. La Montagne re- turned to this city, presumably in , for here his first daughter, little Rachel, was born the following year. Leyden The University still held attractions for La Mon- tagne; on March 3, , he joined it for the third time. Rachel was not the only one of Jesse's children who early ventured across the seas. Her brother [6a] Preparing to Emigrate Henry Hendrick de Foreest, as the Dutch called Leyden him , who was three years her elder, began his career as sailor and pioneer in 1, when he was twenty- five years old.

In telling of Hendrick's adventures we are fortunately able to avail ourselves of some newly published material, the "Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts. To appreciate the situation in New Netherland at this time, it is necessary to give some further details regarding the affairs of the West India Company and its patroons. This company, as we have heard, ob- tained its charter in June, , from the States General of the Netherlands.

Van Rensselaer had business relations with Gerard de Forest and so it was probably through his uncle Gerard's influence that Hendrick de Forest came into the service first of the patroons and later of the West India Com- pany. The ship arrived on the South River early in 1, and the settlers, after building suitable fortifications, engaged in whaling and farming. Unfortunately that same year, through a blunder on Houset' s part, the In- dians got into the fort and "all the people and the animals were," according to the record, " lamentably killed, whereby they [the patroons] suffered incalcul- able damage"!

Everyone was horri- fied at this catastrophe. Kieft, afterward Director- General of New Netherland, in alluding to the fate of the Dutch settlers, spoke of the tragic experiment as one which had been unhappily " sealed with our blood. A yacht was often sent in those days as an escort to a larger ship. The ships were usually large and unwieldy, whereas the yachts were swift-mov- ing, easily managed vessels which could be readily used for attack or defense. In fact, the word Jaght denoted swiftness or chasing.

A yacht would there- fore be used as the defender of a large ship. In this particular instance the names of the ships rather amusingly indicate the difference in their size and agility. Captain de Vries was himself to take com- mand of both ship and yacht and was to act as pa- troon as well. On February 12th the new agreement was entered into by the patroons and the ships were made ready; but before they left the Texel news of the disaster at Swanendael was received and their departure was delayed for a time.

This might well have been a re- lief to Hendrick, but he was apparently not fright- ened. Men were always in danger in those days, if not from Indians, then from Spaniards or Turks or pirates or wild beasts. Like all other sailors or ad- venturers, he was ready cheerfully and carelessly to take chances.

The Swanendael patroons felt differ- ently, however, and the ships did not sail for several months. Hendrick, however, considered himself to be definitely engaged, and so for five months he waited patiently. Then at last his chance came. In May the patroons determined to send over the ships, [66] Preparing to Emigrate after all, but these were first to visit the West India Amsterdam Islands and not to reach the South River until De- cember, when the whales would begin to come in.

Accordingly it was decided that Hendrick de Forest should "be employed for whatever he should be found capable of performing," but nothing further was said as to his compensation. The pilots of both ships, as de Vries says, "dared not leave me for shame, seeing that I remained aboard with eight or nine raw hands. Those men," he added, "who had appeared fierce as lions, were the first to escape in the boat.

The big trader was taken to Portsmouth for repairs, and it was late in June before she was ready again to set forth. Voyages from Holland to America, , May The steward proved to be a drunkard, and Hendrick was appointed " commis of the victuals " in his place.

Hendrick himself says that he, the deponent, "observed his duties faithfully with all diligence. Appar- ently de Vries' object in coming to St. Martin had been the acquisition of a cargo of salt, and so all hands were set to work at the new duty of collecting it. Hendrick among the rest was kept busy "going out with expeditions and mounting guard. One of the West India Company's ships happened to be in the harbor of St. Martin, and with the approval of de Vries, Hendrick left the employ of the Swanen- dael patroons and went into that of the West India Company.

The subsequent shabby conduct of the patroons of Swanendael in regard to paying him cer- tainly justified his decision to leave their employ. They gave him nothing whatever for the more than ten months during most of which he had worked hard and faithfully in their interests, and he was obliged, years later, during his own absence, to get his uncle Gerard to sue them for the amount due him. Martin we hear nothing more about him until four years have elapsed.

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  • We presume, however, that he continued to follow the sea, for when we next find him, he is acting as mate on board a ship. Appendix, p. It was fifteen years since their father had planned his Virginia colony and thirteen since he had sailed on the fateful voyage to Guiana, but the two lads, who were only seventeen and seven years old when their father left them, knew even then that his fixed purpose had been the founding of a home for them in the New World and that to emigrate was the family destiny. Their opportunity came in the fall of when Kiliaen van Rensselaer determined to send a ship to New Netherland, of which, as we know, he was one of the patroons.

    Previous to this time he had estab- lished a colony called Rensselaerswyck, on the Hud- son River at Fort Orange, and to it he now planned to send a ship of his own with settlers, cattle, and merchandise. The goods received in exchange were to be stored in the same building. If the crew discov- ered any "minerals, pearls, fisheries, salt pans or anything else ," a liberal reward was to be paid to the finder but the find was to belong to the joint owners of the vessel.

    The partnership was to con- tinue for a year. The ship purchased was not large; Kiliaen spoke of it usually as "my yacht" or "my little ship," and it was appropriately named Rensselaerswyck. In this yacht Kiliaen planned to send, as he wrote to his agent, "38 persons whom I have engaged for my colony. It was very likely he who had suggested Hendrick for the position of mate on the Rensselaerswyck, although Hendrick, as we know, had previously been in the employ of the Swanen- dael patroons, of whom van Rensselaer was one.

    Uncle Gerard was also able to offer to other mem- bers of the family an opportunity to sail for New Amsterdam. Isaack de Forest availed himself of the chance, as did his sister Rachel, with her bus- Land, La Montagne, and their three children. He was glad, however, to invest some of his savings in the enterprise and promised to provide fl. He was evidently one of Uncle Gerard's "associates.

    There were six members of Gerard's own family aboard, not counting Hen- drick, the mate, and there were also on board two good practical men, by name Tobias Teunissen and Willem Fredericks Bout, whom he had engaged to aid his nephews in their new undertaking. Both men were natives of Leyden ; Teunissen, a wool-washer, was a man of middle age and a widower, while Bout was a lad of sixteen, who afterward became a car- penter. They both contracted to "serve said De Forest, or his agent, three successive years after arriving in New Netherland. When it was really decided that the ship was to sail, great preparations were to be made and no time was to be lost.

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    Kiliaen had to select the goods for his cargo: merchandise of all kinds — dry goods, hardware, seeds, agricultural implements, tools, harness, etc. Perhaps this was sent as an economical [73 ] Jesse de Forest's Children Amsuraam measure, as the brandy sent over earlier had "wasted very much. The ship with the equipment flo6 The cargo The food stores Total fl.

    It was set "at 6 stivers [12 cents] a day as long as the voyage shall last," although Kiliaen acknowledged that the actual cost would be less than five stivers. Another letter was sent to Kiliaen's agent in New Netherland, in which he was especially urged to aid the freemen then be- ing sent out: "You will accommodate them as best you can and assist them to earn their bread with honor, and see that each one according to his thrift may prosper a little in order that others may not be discouraged but attracted thereby.

    So Kihaen was full of business ; for him it was only business, but for poor Hendrick de Forest the voy- age meant separation and heartache as well! Less than three months before the day set for sailing, Hendrick, who apparently was then living in Am- sterdam, married a young girl there, Gertrude Bornstra by name, whose family came from Fries- land. The wedding had taken place on July i, , and must have been a charming one ; for on this oc- casion there had been two brides and two bride- grooms, Hendrick and his cousin Crispin Gerard's son marrying two sisters on the same day, while Gerard acted as witness for both the young men.

    And now Hendrick was called upon to leave his young bride, for it had evidently been deemed wiser for her to wait in Amsterdam until her husband had prepared a home for her on the other side of the ocean. At last, on September 25, , the ship set sail on board the Rens- from Amsterdam. Log of the ship Rensselaerswyck. In the first place, on account of the sick people whose num- ber increased daily because of their hardships and, in the second place, because we feared that it might last a long time yet. They made an effort to get back of Cape Cornwall, but, as the log says, "We got aground near the Cape and at twilight our foresail blew away, for we were obliged to carry all the sail we could, and our mainsheet broke and we allowed ourselves to be driven to the north with one sail, but in the second watch the mainsail had to be taken in too, for it was no longer possible to carry any sail.

    Commending ourselves to God, we ran toward it with reefed foresail. In the midst of all this stress a little boy was born, who was appropriately named "Storm," a name to which he afterwards added the words, "van der Zee. The blacksmith's helper, whom the patroon was sending to the colony, quarrelled with his master and finally killed him ; and although the officers of the ship immediately delivered the murderer to the authorities, the latter insisted on mooring the ship and then took away the rudder so that the Rensselaerswyck could not escape.

    This incident and the continued bad weather kept them in port eight additional weeks, and it was not until early in January that the wind became more favor- able and they had thoughts of setting forth once more. Meanwhile Kiliaen, at home in Holland, was much worried about his yacht, especially as day followed day and no news came.

    At first he said, "The danger is largely within the first two or four days. After that the danger is not so great. Another thing gave Kiliaen much anxiety. Gerard would not or could not pay the remainder of his share of the expenses. He still owed over fl. At first Kiliaen spoke him fair and asked him to " please exert further diligence"; then he entreated him. Sometimes he wrote day after day, but he was always polite, urging him at one time, "Do not sleep on this but please satisfy me and answer at once.

    Gerard paid part of his own share promptly, but his asso- ciates were the ones mainly at fault. His nephew Jan was especially delinquent; when a whole year had gone by, Jan still owed his fl. But we have left the seafarers waiting all too long, for when we last spoke of them the wind was becoming more favorable. On January 8, , Stam, Schellinger, and de Forest wrote their last joint letter to the patroon. They gave him scanty news but said, "Thank God, we are all of us still hale and hearty and agree well with one another.

    Hendrick also during this time of enforced idleness wrote letters to Gertrude Born- stra, but she seems to have kept the contents to herself. Then, all things being ready, the yacht on Jan- uary 9th again set sail, but it took them two months more to reach their destination. During the voyage to the southward the crew and perhaps the pas- sengers also occupied themselves with making gun- carriages for four of the cannon which they carried on board. One of these cannon with its ship-made gun-carriage was afterward taken to Rensselaers- wyck and is still in the possession of the patroon's descendants.

    In the vicinity of Madeira an evidently hostile sail came in sight, but the voyagers, conscious of their four cannon, felt no alarm. They cleared away the chests and cows "with which the deck was en- cumbered " — where did they put the chests and especially the cows? Nothing very exciting happened during the re- mainder of the voyage. According to the usual cus- tom, the ship sailed as far south as the Canaries be- fore turning to the west, in order to catch the trade winds.

    During the entire voyage the navigator cal- culated time by the hour-glass, "four glasses" rep- resenting two hours — not a very accurate method, one would think. At length, on March ist, the Rensselaerswyck, surrounded by an escort of whales, "some ten or twenty swimming for at least two hours about our ship," approached her destination. On the same day the skipperanchored" behind Godyn's Point " Sandy Hook and entered in the log the fervent exclama- tion, "God be praised for his mercy. Every one was in a bustle, for each had something of immediate importance to attend to. The women and children were landed, the marketable goods were stored, the empty water-casks were brought ashore for re-filling, the babies born during the voy- age little Marie La Montagne among the rest were baptized, and, last but not least, the widow of the smith who had been murdered at Ilfracombe three months before was married to Arent Steffeniersz, a fellow-voyager who was also one of the patroon's colonists.

    Since Hendrick de Forest was trader or merchant as well as mate, to him was entrusted the sale of all the goods not needed at Rensselaerswyck, which Schellinger had brought on shore and de- posited in a house. The yacht, after all the business connected with it was completed, sailed up the river to Rensselaerswyck with the patroon's colonists and was gone nearly three months. The northern boundary of the tract was at about th Street, while on the south it included the high land in Central Park at about th Street.

    Vols, xii-xiv edited by B. Albany, and 83 [commonly called New York Colonial Documents], vol. XIV, p. The period was often, how- ever, much longer. To build a house on such property was not an easy matter in The land had first to be cleared and many logs prepared, for not only were they to be used for the frame of the house and barn, but also for a heavy stockade or palisade which must be erected to surround all the buildings.

    This was to serve as a protection from wild beasts for the settlers and their live stock, and also as a defense against the Indians, whose trail ran near the house. A great deal of ardu- ous labor was involved, but for this it was possible to secure the services of the "werkbaas" workboss and certain slaves who were owned and maintained in New Amsterdam by the West India Company and let out for hire to the inhabitants. Indeed, there is little doubt that the werkbaas was so employed on Hendrick's land, for in a deposition of March 22, , concerning buildings erected and work done in New Netherland through ofiicial aid during van Twiller's time, there is the statement, "Much work has been done at la Montagne' s Bouwery.

    The house is said to have been "42 feet long, 18 feet wide with 2 doors. The Dutch farmhouse of that period was a combination of dwelling-house in front and barn in the rear. Judging from O'Callaghan's trans- lations of the specifications of other houses, there is very little doubt that the term which he translates as "doors" was in the original text "uytlaeten," literally outlets or extensions.

    This expression does not refer to doors but to long narrow compartments, usually extending the full length of the barn between the outer walls and the posts which supported the roof, as indicated in the plan below. The width, eighteen feet, refers to the open floor in the centre, which was used for threshing. The spaces on the sides, the "uytlaeten," were for stabling purposes, and the open lofts above them for fodder. The house had a thatched roof made of reeds, for the construction of which nine hundred bundles were used; it had also a brick chimney, which it took "Dirck the mason" ten days to build.

    A brick chim- ney was an unusual luxury. The early chimneys 1 N. Colonial MSS. Of course such a method of con- struction was the cause of many fires. Hendrick's house may have been "half timbered"; that is, the frame built of heavy timbers and the wall spaces between them filled in with clay or stone. On the other hand, it is not unlikely that it was clap- boarded. Many farmhouses were so built even in those early days.

    After the carpenters had put up the frame, the farmers themselves would often nail on the clapboards. Jasper Donckaerts, who travelled through this part of New Netheriand in , gives a graphic even if a cheerless account of the clap- boarded houses, as follows : — "The dwellings are so wretchedly constructed, that if you do not keep so close to the fire as almost to burn yourself you cannot keep warm, for the wind blows through them everywhere. Most of the English, and many others, have their houses made of noth- ing but clapboards, as they call them here, in this manner: they first make a wooden frame, the same as they do in Westphalia and at Altona, but not so strong; they then split the boards of clapwood, so that they are like cooper's pipe staves, except they are not bent.

    They are about 5 or 6 feet long New Nethriand and are nailed on the outside of the frame, with the ends lapped over each other. They are not usually laid so close together, as tq prevent you from sticking a finger between them in consequence either of their not being well joined or the boards being crooked. When it is cold and windy the best people plaster them with clay. Such are most all of the English houses in this country, except those they have which were built by people of other nations. Hendrick had other duties besides those connected with his bouwery, for he was still the mate and trader of the Rensselaerswyck.

    When he had been only three months on shore, the yacht returned from her cruise up the river and he was summxoned to sail with her for the English colonies in Virginia. Memoirs Long Island Historical Society, vol. IV, p. Had it not been for this unfortunate voyage, on which Hendrick contracted a fatal disease, he, not his younger brother Isaack, would probably have be- come the founder of the de Forest family in America.

    On that same day Hen- drick was sent on shore "to further the work. The coast of Virginia was at that time exceedingly unhealthful during the months of June, July, and August. Captain de Vries wrote of it: "They at- tribute the mortality in this land Another traveller in wrote: "It is certain that Virginia being lowest on the sea is most unhealthy, where they [die] by thousands some- times, of the epidemical disease of the country.

    David Pietersz. Franklin Jameson, p. According to custom, for each pall- bearer a silver spoon was provided by La Montagne at his own cost as a memento of the deceased ; un- limited beer was drunk and pipes were smoked; and then the scene closed over Hendrick de Forest. Hendrick, like his father, had been eager to seek his fortune in the New World, and, like him, had there met nothing but disaster and death. Each left a widow in the old Dutch home who for months did not know of her bereavement.

    It was fortunate that La Montagne was on hand to take charge of Hendrick's affairs. He was a man of considerable executive ability, quite equal to the responsibility of finishing Hendrick's house and car- ing for his property. He was in charge of the bouwery from July 3, , to June 22, Under La Montague's direction the farm was cultivated in a satisfactory manner; the first year's tobacco crop two hundred pounds sold for fl.

    Stefan tries to ease himself back to sleep, but something is still bugging him. Stefan tries to scare Katherine away with threats. But this is NOT a girl who scares easily. But Katherine can do better than just ONE reason. Ummmm, Katherine? Not to be nitpicky here. You love me. That is not the same as stabbing you in the back. However, Useless as Aunt Jenna is, she only actually had one friend in high school well. Yes you are! Yes you are. I needed that arm! But before Katherine will reveal any more information about George and the werewolves, she has some questions for Stefan.

    Stefan moves toward her slowly, as TVD fans collectively hold their breaths. He then runs his hand across her cheek, and looks deeply into her eyes. Stefan then chains Katherine up in his basement. According to Katherine, she had struck a deal with George the Werewolf Lockwood. Katherine gave up all of her vampire friends and family, in exchange for safe passage out of Mystic Falls on the night of the raid.

    You are an angel. I kiss you, and I know that I am falling in love. Who knew our Little Stefan was so poetic? I know it was a hot corpse!

    1. Emperor of Dawn (Prince of Sunset series Book 2)!
    2. Sleepover Fuck (F/F Lesbian BDSM Erotica);
    3. The Empty Boulevards;
    5. Genealogy Records and Family and Personal Papers Collection Descriptions.

    Different strokes, for different folks, I guess. Useless Aunt Jenna? Can we talk? Fun things! X-rated things! Things that did not require clothing! And you chose. The only one allowed to kill Stefan is ME! Spark a doobie or something! You have to. We are both played by Nina Dobrev. Outside La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Katherine encounters Damon, and warns him that, if he messes with the werewolves and tries to play hero, he will get himself killed. Have you become a Team Kefan convert? Who do you think Tyler will eventually kill to become a full-fledged werewolf? Tagged as 4 , 8 p.

    I mean, literally. To be honest, that was a little disappointing. So, without further adieu, what do you say we chain ourselves to our minivans, and bark at the moon? Hey, boys and girls! Why did they invite Alaric, you ask? You see, the Salvatore brothers. It also included lycanthropes or, more specifically, werewolves. If werewolves exist, where the hell are they?

    Apparently, the younger one played Wolfman in movies hence, the reference here. Wolfman was actually kind of hot. Unfortunately, for Elena, Stefan. Elena can still use Stefan to make Damon jealous! OK, Elena. Jeremy is still alive. Ahhh, Damon. Speaking of Ugly Ass Rings, is it any wonder that Caroline bitched about the lack of stylishness of her brand new Vampire Sunscreen one? Ummm Bonnie, what time of day did Caroline kill someone last week? Keep smiling, and shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure. Pull the damn thing out! It hurts so good!

    Thank you for this, writers. In that scene, Eric tricked Sookie into sucking a bullet from his stomach, so that she would be forced to swallow his blood, and, thereby, be bonded to him forever. Just ask Vampire Katherine. Daddy LIKE! Later, Damon sidles up to Elena to continue their Flirt Fest Unfortunately, Vanessa has to ruin all the fun, by launching into a seemingly endless monologue of Plot Explanation Sans Sexiness, which seems to be the only purpose, thus far, for her character being on this show. Vanessa explains to us that some Aztec curse made vampires Creatures of the Night, and werewolves Servants of the Moon.

    She also describes the two species as mortal enemies. And what exactly does it do to humans? Turn them into wolves? Give them a gnarly tattoo? I guess we will find out soon enough. While Elena and Damon are flirting over at Duke, Stefan and Caroline seem to be flirting with one another, back home. While the pair are going at it, Stefan receives a call from Elena, in which she relays to him the information she uncovered about werewolves, and the unique brand of danger they pose to vampires. Ever the concerned Papa, Stefan rushes off to protect Caroline. Meanwhile, Tyler is in the woods making out with Slutty Amy, a.

    How could you NOT like me? I wear pajamas to my own keggar! Down in the underground cellar, Mason has chained himself to some rocks, to protect Tyler and his friends from his Wolfy Wrath. So let me get this straight. So, you decided to. Nearby, Caroline compels Matt to forget that she ate him.

    Stefan then gives him vervain, to protect him from being a future Snack de Caroline. Following that conversation, Caroline purposefully ruins her relationship with Matt, in order to protect him from her. In making this decision, Caroline has performed a truly selfless act, one that not even the Saintly Stefan was capable of accomplishing. The question is. We are going to have so much fun together! Upon arriving home from Duke University, Damon corners Elena, once again, by the car door.

    Ahhh, memories! And yet, at the end of the night, Damon is feeling remarkably generous. I understand. But you hated me before, and we became friends. It would suck if it was gone forever. Is it is it gone forever? Elena tears up at the admission, but thanks Damon for being honest. You used me today. But Damon knows the unspoken response to that too. Pour yourself a drink. TV Recappers Anonymous. Skip to content. Home About. Source Sounds pretty awesome, right? Stupid vampire rules!

    The Lockwood Chronicles Volume I

    So, this. A LOT! A Tale of Two Exes. Meanwhile, in the present day. But, alas, it is not to be. Ruh Roh! Meet the Originals. Little Henry Original. You stole my heart! Reunited and it feels so. Source Careful, Damon! Source Speaking of people responsible for this mess, Mr. Speaking of diaries. Source The pair then make out. Yeah, we feel ya, Caroline. Among other things. Source Things get particularly difficult for our heroine, when Stefan starts pleading for her to help him, while claiming that he loves her.

    Source Wow, Ripper Stefan! Source Then, she gives Jeremy the necklace and starts crying. It all makes perfect sense now. Until next time, Fangbangers. I know, crazy, right? Meanwhile, Bonnie. Again, I mean. Will you stop it! One more Time! Truer words were never spoken. Kind of sucks, right?

    Breakdowns and Breakups I know this is probably an inappropriate time to bring this up, but. A distraught Damon stops Elena at the door. First Aunt Jenna, now Matt. Oh my! History repeating? Eventually, Mason loses it, and pushes Jimmy to the ground. Nice knowing ya, Carrot Top Jimmy. Now, every Full Moon, Mason has to get naked. Just a suggestion for next time, Kevin Williamson. Speaking of Big Fat Liars. Then Damon magically appears. Ever the expert at Personal Space Invasion. This sounds like a job for Mini Gilbert! Is she DEAD? Will Tyler become a werewolf now? I resemble that remark!

    NOW you tell me! Oh, the horror! Is it wrong that I find this photograph incredibly erotic?

    Publisher Description

    How cute are these two? Damon arrives home as Elena is heading out. Delena Fans? It is SO ON! In Other News. Not those bunnies. Paul Wesley. But WAIT! Raising the stakes. The two start making out hard core! How sweet! It is there that she runs into Katherine. How do we look exactly alike? Almost immediately, Stefan appears, and gives Elena a much deserved hug. I was wrong. The Lost Salvatore Brother? As for his father.