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Her writing is evocative and emotional. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to feel the pulse of the heart of Mexico. April 28, - Published on Amazon. This was one of those 'perfect' books for me.

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It started with a chance encounter of the author at a Book Publishers Northwest meeting in Seattle. Judith Gille and I chatted during a break, and we shared titles of books we had written.

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To me, Judith is the quintessential expat. She bought a home in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato , embraced the culture, learned Spanish, allowed time and energy to establish friendships with locals. As I read about her journey from novice expat to committed expat, I learned about the struggles and joys she encountered. April 13, - Published on Amazon. Judith Gille's book is both a wonderful memoir and an insightful look at the relationship between two countries. It is told primarily as the relationship between Judith and the women of Callejon Chepitos where she bought a home on impulse during a difficult time in her life.

The impulse to live in San Miguel Allende SMA is one that lay dormant for thirty years since the time Gille had traveled there as a free spirited student. She returns to SMA as a mother of teenaged kids, a wife, and the owner of a series of boutique hardware stores that have not weathered an economic recession. She has had to make hard choices about shrinking her business, laying off beloved employees and, in doing so, facing both internal and external disappointments.

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In a sense, she's struggling to figure out what to do for "Act III" of her life. Mexico answers the call, but it takes many insightful pages for her and the reader to figure out why. What seems like an impulsive reaction to difficult circumstances, a desire to escape perhaps, turns into something bigger and more significant.

Unlike many expat memoirs, Gille isn't fully immersed in Mexico. She and her family go back and forth between SMA and Seattle though each trip south brings deeper insights into and love for the people in her neighborhood.

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Her kids make quick connections, but it takes the author years to make true friendships with her neighbors. The story of these friendships and how they transcend nationalities and generations is the strongest and most enjoyable thread in the book. Celebrations and tragedies, marriages and immigration provide an emotional, cultural, and political backdrop for the many interesting stories about life on both sides of the border. As an U.

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Things as simple for her as crossing the border are nearly impossible for her neighbors. She has a keen eye for our differences, but refrains from judgment except in circumstances where her sense of common humanity is violated as in the example where she breaks up a street fight or helps her Mexican god-daughter deal with an unpaid coyote, a human smuggler, on the north side of the border. There's also a bit of American cultural history here. Gille was a child of the sixties and partook in the ambiance and cultural upheavals. Add to this an impulsive nature and a lifelong struggle to find favor with her stern, non-demonstrative mother and you have an interesting set of back stories woven into the primary theme of finding oneself amidst between two neighboring countries.

I read this book while traveling in the region and finished it in San Miguel Allende. It illuminated my trip in ways a traditional travel guide would not have. Reading the book gave me a greater sense of knowing where I was and better understanding my surroundings. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Audible Download Audio Books. I saw the quality of books they were producing and heard one speaker talk about the dynamics of self-publishing. The positive energy swirling around the presenters talking about self-publishing was so much more uplifting than the dour talk about the trends in traditional publishing that I decided to look into doing it myself rather than continue searching for an agent.

I started with the e-book because it was cheap and easy to get online and I could do it from Mexico where I live part-time The e-book was doing well, but my demographic is middle-aged women who still like to take real books to bed with them. So I did a print run, too.

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I started Davis Bay Press because it was important to me to have an imprint. The challenges of selling paperbacks are different than the e-books. Distribution is the big issue when you have hard copies to sell. Having a distribution plan from the get-go is critical to your success in selling actual books. Finding your tribe is the biggest challenge in e-book publishing.

So it was back to Platform Building for me, just like those twelve agents all recommendedJ. I was talking with a friend recently who has published three cozy mysteries over the last two years and is under contract for two more with the same big publisher. I thought it would be easy to get an attractive, well-written, award winning book into independent book stores.

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After all, I own retail stores in Seattle and we sell lots of products from local artists and producers. What surprised me here is how critical building an audience through social media and other connections is to the success of an e-book. I totally underestimated what it takes to market a book. Building a relationship with your readers is like working on any other kind of relationship, it takes time and effort and good intentions. Produce the best book with the highest quality production values you can afford. Hire an editor and a proofreader. Writing a book without an audience in mind. Same goes for e-books, only three-fold.

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The most successful e-books are in specialty genres that already have built-in readerships. All an author needs to do, in that case, is learn is how to tap into that particular market, some of which are huge. Creating a story with a clear narrative arc. I can see why so many people prefer writing fiction. The same things that make a successful novel: a great story line, compelling characters, vivid description. But in memoir I think a sympathetic narrator with a lively, personable voice is essential. What advice has had the biggest impact on your success in life and as an author?

I screwed up a lot when I was a kid. In 9 th grade I was voted least likely to succeed.