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Again, it comes down to time and how computer savvy you are. My ebook formatting was done by Streetlight Graphics. Look at various ebooks and print books to get an idea of how to phrase you copyright notice. The UK Intellectual Property Office IPO states a UK author does not need to register copyright and that copyright protection is automatic; they provide an example of what you can put in your copyright notice.

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The US Copyright Office states the same but advises registration, first to make it a matter for public record, and secondly to have a registration certificate in case an author wants to bring a lawsuit for infringement of their work. I ended up registering with the UK Copyright Service. This was for peace of mind more than anything else. Also, my US based contractors kept urging me to do so because pretty much everybody does it over there. With regards to pricing your ebook, do your research.

See some of the links below. Also, be aware that whatever you set the digital list price at, Amazon may discount it. There are two different approaches to pricing. A lot of Indie authors sell their books at very low prices e. Another group think they should be pricing close to what their competition is selling and believe they deserve to earn a decent profit because of the amount of time and money they have invested in producing the book; after all, this is their business. Also, you can change the book price even after you publish or offer greater discounts.

Some authors did the opposite. I bought mine six months before I was due to publish from reg. Again, said friend professed that I could design my own website. At this stage, I was ready to throw my own poo at him, like a monkey at the zoo.

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This step of the process is probably easier than designing the book cover. A lot of authors use the WordPress platform to design their own websites and blogs. You can outsource this to a professional if you would rather spend the time writing and have money to afford it. Check out other author websites.

Or email the author and ask them. Contact a few website designers, read reviews of their work, check out their portfolios, and get quotes. Another reason to check out as many author websites as possible is to see what they have on theirs. It will give you an idea about what you want yours to look like and what you want to have on it. Some website designers also provide hosting services. You can purchase hosting services separately. Can you tell that my website is WordPress-based? My site is being hosted by Hostgator.

Everyone will sell their ebook on Amazon. It has the largest market of ereaders in the form of the Kindle. If you want to sell your ebook with all these retailers, you need to open an account with Amazon and Smashwords. We are now able to upload directly to them without needing a US bank account. The US has a tax treaty with the UK. This means that as long as you provide the right paperwork to Amazon, Smashwords, or any another distributors, you can claim full exemption from tax withholding and pay no tax to the IRS.

What the retailing platforms need from you is a signed IRS form W8-BEN, which you have to send to them by post keep a copy, obviously: the address is on their website. You need only one. The IRS will only supply you with one number. EIN is for businesses and individuals.

1. Decide on KDP Select vs. KDP

I received the confirmation letter from the IRS in the post three weeks later. Apart from the cost of the phone call, I did not pay a thing. There are also acceptance agents in the UK working on behalf of the IRS that can process the application for you. Yes, you read that right. I set up a separate business account with my bank for my writing and operate as a sole trader.

It was the obvious thing to do in terms of keeping my income and expenses for the writing business separate from my other accounts. If you are thinking of approaching a bank or building society where you have no accounts, be prepared to supply a business plan for them. H Paypal and other e-commerce platforms. Paypal provides a very good service for both the buyer and the seller. Joe Konrath sells his ebooks from his website. You have to register your business with HMRC either the day before or on the day you start trading. Check out their website for sole trader information.

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There is a form on there that you have to fill and send to them. You can do your own tax returns for the business if you want, or you can get an accountant if you can afford it. He also does my personal tax return. My advice? Get an accountant. The biggest surprise to me when I set up my limited company in was what I could claim as an expense. Pretty much anything from part of my mortgage and house bills to my new laptop and stationary. You know that ink cartridge you just bought for your printer? And that writing conference you went to?

Business expense, including the petrol for your drive or your train ticket. Why are expenses important? Because they are non taxable. A is gross income, B is expenses, C is profit. You pay tax on your profit, not your gross income when you operate as a business. Whatever A might be, the bigger you make B, the smaller C will be and the less tax you pay on it.

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There is no hiding from the fact that in this day and age, you have to do both if you want to achieve financial success with your writing. Social media and marketing can be hard work until you understand what it can do for you and how to do it more efficiently. There are also good online courses and short ebooks to train you into how to do this part of your writing business better. It used to be that traditional publishing houses assigned a small budget for their authors usually someone new they were launching, but more commonly their bestselling talents for the marketing side of a book launch.

Those days are long gone and most traditional published authors have to do a lot of their own marketing. In terms of marketing, the digital age has major advantages. You can do most of it from the comfort of your own home heck, you can even do virtual book tours where you sign ebook copies for fans online.

21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs and other social media including writing forums, are a fact of life nowadays. But you need to try and do SOME of it. There are also fantastic social media dashboards like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, and Buffer that can incorporate your feeds in one place, bypassing the need to log on to multiple pages. Look at author and writing sites and see what people think about the various marketing tools using social media.

See what your favorite authors are doing and whether they do it well or not. Google Plus is gaining rapid momentum. Although I was initially going to blog regularly, I decided against it in the end. Because a blog needs to have a function. I also subscribe to various publishing industry, author, and blogger sites through feedly. If you opt for Facebook, develop a fan page for yourself as the author or your book some authors even have fan pages for their characters: sounds like fun, but you need to have the time to maintain all those pages.

You can have someone design a Facebook or Twitter banner for you. Update Canva is a great free platform for designing anything from a Facebook banner to a business card. Make sure you write a good author profile for any social media or writing forums you subscribe to. That way, if someone accidentally or intentionally throw them all in the bin, you would not have lost a lot of copies in one fell swoop.

I have seen a few authors successfully do this. You will need to send them an electronic file for an ebook or an advanced reading copy for a paperback.

These reviews can then be included on your book jacket, website, and other virtual places where you will do your marketing. Check out Kindleboards and Goodreads as well. Note that you may end up waiting several months before you actually get these advanced reviews as the busy reviewers have long waiting lists. And they do it for free, so be patient and graceful in your approach to them!

You can also organise Book Tours via professional sites once your book is published. Again, do your homework, look at testimonials and reviews, and get quotes. For a self-published author, POD print on demand is the way to go. Print on demand means exactly what it says: your book is only printed if someone wants it. After carefully studying their costs and publishing processes, I decided that I would go with either CreateSpace or Lightning Source. CreateSpace is easier to use but does not cater well for authors outside the US.

Lightning Source is very complex to use but already has a good international presence and has a base in the UK. It looks terrifyingly complicated to a newbie author.

How to Self Publish a Hardcover Book on Amazon

A lot of authors have painfully learned how to do the whole Lightning Source content and cover formatting process on their own; from what I read, it was torture. Luckily, you can outsource this as well. I used Everything Indie to do my Lightning Source cover and interior formatting for the first book and have used Streetlight Graphics thereafter. Whoever you go with, make sure you read their publishing guide carefully. With regards to pricing, see what I said above for the ebook. Remember that your print book price RRP will have to be much higher than your ebook if you want to make a profit.

Do your maths. Make sure you know how much it will cost to print your book before you decide on the price. Do you need to have an ISBN for a print book? Most definitively. Do you need one for an ebook? This is a grey area. The guys doing my ebook formatting told me no. Most ebook cover designers, formatters will tell you no.

The reason? I decided not to have one.

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For the print book, you will need an ISBN for each binding style, i. It tells you what you need to do. You can also ring them and talk to them, they are very friendly and approachable. Once your ISBNs are allocated, you will receive instructions on where else to register your book. However, if you want to multiply your income as a self-published author, then steps three and four are critical.

In step one, your goal is to help the right people discover your book. It is important you focus on your ideal readers and not just anyone. People who are not interested in your topic are unlikely to buy your book. Or worse, they may buy your book and leave a negative review. Once the right people discover your book by visiting your Amazon book page, you want them to buy your book.

In step two, you make your book irresistible to your ideal readers. Your aim here is to attract more readers and earn higher royalties. Your following is a group of people who want to buy your books, products or services. In step three, you build a tribe who want to hear from you and who you can help. Once you attract the right followers, you give them unbeatable value. You build trust over time. This leads to more sales beyond your initial book royalties. In the following example, the number of book buyers and new email subscribers are based on the results from my first book.

These percentages are based on my experience selling information products online. We talk about the products and services you can create for your subscribers in chapter The above example is conservative. Once you become established in your space, you can introduce high end offerings. For example, I now offer four-figure coaching packages.

Also, this example does not consider the spike in sales when you first launch your book or other offering. Here is how a product launch may look. Fast forward two or three years and your email list now has 2, subscribers. At launch alone, you make 20 sales 2, email subscribers multiplied by one percent. At this point, you may be thinking you just want to write books. You are an author and you have no interest in learning how to create online courses or deliver coaching services.

If this is the case, you can still use the four-step system to increase your earnings. By building a list of engaged email subscribers, you have an audience who are eager to buy your books. In chapter 15, we will explore ten ways you can earn more money. These options include writing more books, creating book bundles, and generating other book formats such as audiobooks.

Perhaps you picked up this book because you already have a manuscript sitting on your desktop. When you read this book you are going to save time. You can stop trying to figure things out on your own. You are also going to save money. I tell you exactly how to get your book edited and formatted without breaking the bank. I even give you my day-by-day launch plan, which is proven to work.

My book reached over 1, readers in its first month and I still sell multiple copies every day. These strategies have not just worked for me. In writing this book, I interviewed other self-published authors. I asked them exactly which promotion and monetization strategies worked for them. Their responses are included in these pages.