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Imagine a wooden robot, designed to teach children how to code that doesn't use screens or require children to be literate. The Cubetto Play-set consists of a friendly robot made of hard-wearing wood, a physical programming board, and a set of colorful coding blocks that make up a programming language you can touch. Such play-sets encourage imagination and exploration into the world of programming and provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child's creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills.

In today's digital era, we cannot completely move kids off screens, but we can definitely try and ensure that the time is used productively. If you have a kid older than five years, there are umpteen coding clubs today that ensure coding can be fun and interactive. Using the approach of 'learn by doing' in a game style environment, platforms such as RoboGarden, with the help of different learning's extracted from school curriculums; provide curated games with scenarios tailored into a story suiting varying age groups.

25 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids - DIY Kids Crafts and Games

With the help of blocks and visualizing tool, kids can be taught literally any subject and utilize the screen time in the best way possible. Other such initiatives such as Hour of Code are worldwide movement organizing 1-hour free coding workshops, online and offline. Read: 10 activities to boost your brain. In the end, as parents and educators, it is our duty to pave the path of interactive learning and move kids away from rote learning. Enjoy the holidays! Here are five things you should do in your break to engage your mind and have fun doing so.

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The summer holidays are here and it's time to plan your activities for the break which will exercise your brain and also make your holidays fun. Remember playing indoor games with your family?

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Earlier, kids would always go out in the evenings to play. Now, things are changing with more mobile and video games. Let's change it back again for a healthy body and mind. With the increase in tech addiction, gone are the simple joys of having fun in nature. Help bring it back for young students.

Reading helps you become a better person in multiple ways. This is one activity that you should always encourage your child to pursue. There are a number of ways to train your brain. You have have to make sure it keeps analysing new information and doesn't rust!

What can I do with my Child During the School Holidays?

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Do You Like This Story? Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn't like in the comments. Tags : Follow Summer holiday Follow student activities Follow purposeful learning activities. Does education suffer during school holidays? How can I educate my child during the school holidays? Here are some ideas for educational activities you could try: Reading is a vital skill for your child to practise. Visit your local library and let them choose books that interest them. Encourage them to write reading lists of books read, using a scoring system — or book reviews The holidays are a good time to do homework, revision and projects and to work on any areas causing children problems.

If your child needs a personal tutor to catch up or get ahead, several agencies exist. Are there any educational family outings? Here are some ideas: Planning a day out can be an educational holiday activity in itself! Many art galleries and museums have free entry and these make pleasant educational days out for the whole family English Heritage or National Trust properties such as castles, gardens and stately homes throughout the UK can provide a fun, educational day out.

Many have events and activities for children during holidays Spending time at a zoo or safari park can enhance learning — through identifying different species, or doing projects on animal lifestyles, behaviour, and country of origin Visit local attractions such as theme parks, activity centres, farms Go to family festivals for music and workshops — incorporated with camping Prepare a picnic.

Get cooking or shopping. Pack a basket of lovely treats and head to the nearest park! Go on a family nature walk in the park or countryside, or get your bikes out and go cycling in the sunshine or the rain…! You can make trips and shopping educational, too. Ask your child to devise their own learning activities What activities are there for children during the school holidays? Here are a few suggestions: If your children are more active or need exercise, let them burn some energy with sports activities. Enquire at your local leisure centre for a timetable of activities and give them the opportunity to try swimming, football, dancing, karate, judo, tennis etc.

School holiday clubs and summer camps are great solutions for working parents, giving children the chance to make new friends and try new things Local theatres and drama groups often run projects throughout the school holidays. This is an opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills and improve confidence. They may even put on a show for parents! What can we do at home during the school holidays? Here are just a few ideas: Encourage your child to make a gift for someone, like a trinket box or greeting card.

Search for ideas and instructions online Anyone can get involved in cooking or preparing food if only by tasting! Bake some cakes or biscuits and take them to elderly relatives and neighbours Reminisce.

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Sort through old photographs, make a scrapbook of memories, watch old home movies Create a family tree. Go and visit relatives to hear interesting stories and record them or write them up, with illustrations or photographs Let your child spend time with their friends on Skype or phone. In fact, keeping a diary or journal is a great way of encouraging writing, and also provides a creative and emotional outlet.

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