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Renting a new place to live. Paying rent. Repairs and maintenance. Privacy and harassment. Discrimination and human rights in housing. Moving out. Eviction process at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Tenant applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board. Getting legal help in Housing Law. Courts and partner abuse.

What is a Crime?

Criminal court. Family court. Human Rights Tribunal. Landlord and Tenant Board.

Edited by Markus D. Dubber and Tatjana Hörnle

Small Claims Court. Social Benefits Tribunal. Getting legal help. Police stops and searches. Rights of an arrested person.

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  2. LAW Criminal law 1 - Handbook - Monash University.
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Alcohol and drug offences. Peace bonds. Guilty pleas and sentencing. Going to criminal court.

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Getting legal help in criminal law. Birth and adoption. Separation and divorce.

1st Edition

Child custody, access, and parenting. Child support. Spousal support. Child protection.

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law, 2018 ed.

Partner abuse. Restraining orders and peace bonds. Out of court options. Going to family court.

Confiscation Law Handbook

Getting legal help in Family Law. Buying goods and services. Buying a used car. Collection agencies. Credit reports and repair. Debt and money problems. Identity theft. Motor vehicle repairs. Payday loans. Canadian citizenship. Getting legal help in Immigration law. Keeping your permanent resident status. Civil law.

Criminal Law - Attempts

Criminal law. Abuse of people with disabilities. Child abuse and neglect. Domestic violence.

Know Your Rights, Survive the System

Making a refugee claim. Completing your Basis of Claim form. Being detained. Making a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. Getting legal help in Refugee Law. Criminal offences are normally prosecuted by the State or the Commonwealth, whereas it is usually up to an individual to take a civil action to court. It is also possible for an individual to begin criminal proceedings, but this is very rare. Some matters, such as assault, can be both crimes and civil wrongs at the same time. The police can prosecute for assault and the victim can take civil action to recover money or some other kind of compensation for any injury suffered.

It is not always easy to tell when something is a crime. A person who takes money without permission commits a criminal offence, whereas a person who fails to pay back money commits a civil wrong not a crime. Although a civil action can be commenced to recover the money, the borrower can only be prosecuted for a criminal offence if fraud is involved.

Whether or not the police decide to charge a wrongdoer with a criminal offence is entirely their decision. A victim of crime cannot force the police to prosecute an offender but it is possible, although not common, to make a private prosecution. It is advisable to get legal advice if you are considering this.