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Houghton Award and the American Geophysical Union Ascent Award for his work on black carbon climate impacts and the Global Green Policy Design Award for developing state and country energy plans. He served on an advisory committee to the U. Secretary of Energy, and appeared on the David Letterman Show in to discuss converting the world and U.

Physicist and science popularizer twice nominated for the Science Popularizer award. In his popularizing activities, he mainly focuses on communicating to people that the physics which we encounter in our everyday lives is extremely interesting and noteworthy. He is co-creator of www.

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About the lesson plan Introduction Many areas of our lives are associated with the use of energy — we use it in a variety of equipment and installations, or when travelling in vehicles. Most energy that we consume is generated by burning fuel such as coal. However, energy can also be obtained in other ways. How can energy be gained from the wind?

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During the lesson, students will learn what the wind is, how to measure it and, above all, how to make use of its force. By performing a series of experiments they will gain a better understanding of the concept of wind energy and how it can be used; they will also be introduced to the more general concept of renewable energy. Children will independently construct devices for measuring the strength of the wind.

Furthermore, in teams, they will build a working model of a wind turbine. Teachers have at their disposal a film featuring an expert — Mark Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, as well as instructions for performing the experiments and background information in the Materials for Teacher section. Aims Students : understand what renewable energy means, understand why wind is renewable, know how a wind turbine works and what is needed in order to be able to build one, know how and where wind energy is used, know the limitations and dangers which are linked with the construction of wind turbines and know how to prevent them.

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When they wrote to the Weather Bureau they wanted to gain data about wind speeds around the United States. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina provided the wind speed, isolation, and geographic terrain to give the Wright brothers the necessities to conduct their test flights. Prior to the Wright Brothers National Memorial visit, the teacher should lead a discussion about the features that the Wright brothers needed when choosing a location.

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  6. The following website can be used to help guide this discussion. Prior to the visit, also discuss the differences between an altimeter measuring altitude vs. Anemometer, altimeter app or device, graph paper, and a pencil. To download materials list and full lesson plan click the lesson materials link below.

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    Download Lesson Materials. Students will construct an anemometer and take wind speed measurements at various heights at Wright Brothers National Memorial.

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    They will then plot these coordinates on a coordinate plane in order to construct a scatter plot. Finally, they will look to see if a positive or negative relationship exists between the data points. Students will be placed in groups of Each group will utilize the tools to build an anemometer in order to conduct their tests at various sites around the park. Station 1 minutes : Each group will be given the following tools: a stopwatch, 5 small cups, 3 wooden dowels, scissors, duct tape, a single hole punch, and a water bottle more than one group can share the scissors, duct tape, and hole punch.

    Each group will construct an anemometer using the following steps. If a technological device is available, a video tutorial is also linked below: Steps for Anemometer Construction: Step 1: In 4 cups punch a single hole at the top of the cup. On the 5th cup punch 4 evenly spaced holes around the rim of the cup. Then using the scissors cut a small opening in the bottom of this cup. Step 2: Take two of the dowels and put them through the holes of the 5th center cup so that they cross through the middle.

    Using the holes punched earlier place the remaining four cups on the ends of the wooden dowels. Step 3: Secure each of the cups with duct tape to the dowels. Place the third wooden dowel through the bottom hole of the center cup and secure the three dowels with duct tape in the center. Also, secure the bottom dowel with duct tape to the bottom of the center cup.