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If, for example, the cause of a spider phobia is non determined, the exposure and flooding method might be applied where you are gradually exposed to spiders, first by looking at images then handling them. If the phobia is associated with a panic or anxiety attack, medication to treat the anxiety might be applied. If the phobia is likely to have an evolutionary cause then cognitive behavioral approach and counseling might be used.

We will examine in the following the subconscious modalities of treatment as these seem to provide the quickest and most successful forms of treatment. Even better you can apply many of the methods yourself. The cause and creation of phobias, is not known with any certainty, there are in fact many different ways in which we can develop a fear of something. Generally within the Subconscious therapy modalities such as Hypnosis and NLP the cause of the phobia is not really the issue — rather the purpose of therapy is to change or eliminate the reaction we have about a particular stimulus.

A subconscious approach to treating a phobic response is to find the mechanism that is creating the emotional reaction fear stress anxiety etc to whatever stimulus is presented and change the way in which we automatically respond at the unconscious level. In this therapy model, your subconscious mind is attempting to give you what you want automatically so that you can process and respond to your world without having to put too much conscious effort into what you do.

Somewhere along the lines, either through past experience, or culture or parenting it does not matter what the cause your unconscious has made certain associations with the phobic stimulus and created your automatic response. By making this unconscious process conscious, it can be understood and more importantly manipulated and changed to get a different reaction. In order to do for yourself you will need to learn how to make conscious the unconscious patterns of response and this is done via the phobic icon. A phobia is the irrational emotional experience and the consequence behavior to deal with the stress of the intensity of the feelings.

For most people this is where their awareness stops. They are presented with a phobic stimulus either thinking about or in the presence of a situation, event or object and then the rush of emotional and physical reactions follow. This phobic icon in your unconscious mind, can be thought of along the exact same lines as a program icon that sits on your computer desk or mobile device. It is an image that represents a series of code and programming that produces automatically an end result.

In the case of the computer program or App icon, you activate it, and it runs a word processor or a game and all that you are aware of is you press the icon and you get a result. In much the same way, within your subconscious is an icon that represents the automatic programming associated with it.

When activated it produces a phobic response and it does not matter who created it, or when, or why — you activate the icon by a thought or experience and the program runs itself. Your Phobic icon is your unconscious symbol of the entire experience. It was created by your unconscious as an automatic response to a certain situation, a process that was designed to make life easier for you because it can bypass your conscious awareness.

This is one of the reasons why at a conscious level you might know all there is to know about spiders or snakes or driving — but the idea of these things still triggers your reaction. But unlike a computer icon, when you identify, and then manipulate that icon, by changing what it visually and spatially looks and feels like — it also changes the reaction you have.

This process focuses on first identifying your Phobic icon and the changing the characteristics on how you perceive it personally. The end result is very quickly a change in how your will experience your reaction to the real life phobia stimulus. The types of mental manipulations of this icon are referred to as the modalities. Within each modality are various elements called sub-modalities which when changed in your mental awareness create a responding change in your emotional response. For example, If you were to imagine yourself at a movie theater, you are watching a 3-D horror movie.

You are sitting in your chair, and you can hear each and every little sound. Footsteps in the distance getting closer and closer, the music volume rising as the danger gets higher, with that final loud noise that makes you jump. The movie that you are watching is larger than life. The screen takes up more of your vision than you are able to see. You can see the victims trembling lips and bulging eyes of fear. You can see the look of terror at that exact moment when the music made you jump as the movie zooms in and the image is huge, in your face..

You are watching the same movie. But this time you are out somewhere and it is on a little old portable black and white television. The goal is a renewed mind according to Romans and Ephesians , among other scripture. Be brave. At Biblical Counseling Center , we often say, Faith is believing the Word of God and acting upon it, no matter how I feel, knowing that God promises a good result. When I finally faced my phobia of highway driving head on, I had to make a choice to believe God and his care for me even if I had a panic attack.

I also made a plan of progressively tackling more difficult highway driving over time. As I mentioned, what you think becomes what you feel and do. To overcome a phobia or any type of fear and anxiety, begin with knowing God and thinking his thoughts. Most folks want the help of supportive people as they walk toward freedom from fear.

Do you want someone to walk with you? Find out the names of biblical counselors at your church. If there are none at your church or a church in your area, please contact us at Biblical Counseling Center. We counsel the hurting and help churches care for people. Click here to get your Thought-Emotion-Behavior download.

Lord, we praise you and love you. We thank you for your blessings.

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We know you do not want us to fear. Yet we sometimes get twisted in anxiety. Help us. We know you are trustworthy. We choose to trust you in all things. I need help. Many people fear flying. If you live in the Chicago area, you might consider scheduling an appointment with a biblical counselor at one of our four offices. If you live outside the area, some of our counselors meet counselees by Skype. Would you like to make an appointment? If so, please call our main number: May our loving God continue to bless you, as we know he will. I have had a lot of additional stress recently and I find my agoraphobic symptoms sometimes getting worse.

Today was the worst I have ever been outside on the street. I was paralyzed and could not walk, crying and panicking…it was awful…I felt stranded and terrified. One of my daughters who is also a Christian believes I need some kind of deliverance because the root of the problem is spiritual…ie fear. I pray for myself and know others are praying for me but it is truly a challenge. I am a born-again Christian and love the Lord.

Anxiety is hard. Let us know where your live generally. Perhaps we can point you in the right direction. Know God cares deeply. Hello Kristen, thanks for sharing your struggle. You can get help for your phobia through Biblical Counseling.

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There is hope. Please reach out to a biblical counselor in your area or contact us. Hi Leyna, would you like to set up an appointment? We are praying for you. Please feel free to reach out to one of our counselors for help. Bless you, BCC. I have hemopobaia Fear of blood,needle and medical stuff. Every time Before I went to get blood test I have axinenty very stess and suffer. I want to be free from this phobia untill I found this webpage from google search. I need your help. Is there a drug you can recommend?

I realize this is not a long term solution but he is not a believer in self-help etc and time is short. Please help. Akins Congratulation on your upcoming marriage. I am not a doctor and do not advocate drugs. If you wish to pursue this avenue please consult with your physician. I can't walk down the street if I see one, get out of my car if they are around and I once left my daughter and ran across the street because a bird flew near me! I have to cure this.

A few years back, I went on a holiday and had a rotten time because of the birds - they were everywhere - and of course most restaurants did not have glass on the windows so eating out was impossible. I believe this fear started when I was very small 2 or 3. A bird flew into our front window. My mom picked it up and brought it inside. Of course once the bird was inside, it panicked and "flapped" around and kinda "pecked" at me. I remember it thoroughly - the screaming and chaos - it was horrible. I have tried unsuccessfully different types of therapy - hypnosis, doctors - I tried to imagine if that was my own child who was "pecked" at and what I would do, I've tried imagining birds as cartoons - it just doesn't work!

I know this fear is real - I almost get sick when I see one - very sweaty and very agitated. This is my only fear - I could squish a spider with my bare hands if I had to or climb a ladder to the moon! Do you have any suggestions! I would love to cure this once and for all Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you! Henrietta" Hello Henrietta, Thanks for writing. I deal with many people who have tried doctors, counselors, psychiatrists and several who have tried hypnotherapy. Most doctors don't have much in their toolbox as far as phobias go.

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The main medical approaches to conditions are either drugs or surgery. Thankfully there are no treatments for phobias involving surgery that I know about. Though I don't usually use hypnosis for phobias I'm a hypnotherapist myself and have used hypnotherapy to eradicate phobias, so I know it works. Just like any other profession you have highly skilled hypnotherapists and those who have limited tools in their toolbox. Feel free to call me and we can talk about whether what I do would be appropriate in your case.

Sincerely, Keith Livingston "I have social phobia I have over the past 20 years tried several different therapists, but it has all been a total waste. I have been on different combinations of zoloft and effexor now. Nothing has worked yet. I hope you can help.

Feel free to call and discuss it. Keith Livingston I have had my fear of spiders for forty years. There is no way you can get rid of it so simply. I know you are some kind of fraud. You are bilking people out of their hard-earned money, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Hello Diane, Thanks for writing. It doesn't matter how many testimonials I put up on my site or what kind of guarantee I produce there are some people who just won't believe that it is possible. At one point I even offered to teach people the methods I use via phone and included a guarantee that they wouldn't have to pay unless their phobia was cured.

I didn't even ask for a credit card number until they themselves admitted a complete and total cure. You know what? People still thought I was a scam artist. They'd ask me questions such as; "Is this some sort of toll number I'm calling? I understand that you don't believe me or believe in what I do. I encourage you to use my book to gather some information on other techniques - perhaps you can find some help there. You might even find a treatment difficult and timeconsuming enough for your tastes.

Whatever you do I would suggest doing something different. What you have been doing for the past 40 years has not been working very well. It is rewarding work. This book is dedicated to them and written with the idea of providing hope to others who suffer similarly. The names and some identifying details of some of the case histories have been changed to protect the identities of these good people.

These folks were all treated successfully using NLP techniques found in this book. I have found phobics to be intelligent folks who have often bravely fought down their fear in a phobic situation. Many of the people who come to me for help have tried drug therapy and less often counseling and found it to not be effective in their particular case. They kept trying. I thank them for what they have taught me about bravery, perseverance and the possibilities of the human imagination I met Kristine at a seminar the weekend before I filmed her session June I spoke with her for a few minutes and learned she suffered from a phobia of snakes.

She said she would like to overcome her fear. Since I was looking to film an actual phobia session I asked if she would be willing. She consented to having her session filmed. Kristine had suffered a 20 year phobia of snakes. She is a kind person, one who likes living things and it was out of character for her to loathe one of God's creatures so thoroughly. She even felt some remorse at the fact she hated them. Her fear interfered with things she enjoyed such as gardening and being outdoors.

On the video we visit a pet store. Kristine begins to feel symptoms rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, stomach sensations, sweaty palms even before we get through the door. In the video, you can see that Kristine is unable to approach an aquarium that contains some small snakes. As soon as she sees a snake move from 20 feet away she "freaks out" and begins backing rapidly out of the store.

After witnessing her initial reaction, we went back to my office and started to work. At one point she was in a swimming pool that had a lip on it. Some snakes happened to be in the pool and were swimming in circles trying to escape they were as afraid of her as she was of them. To her, it seemed as if the snakes were circling her. Her grandfather helped her get out of the pool. The second incident involved her parents telling her what to do in case she saw a snake. She was supposed to protect her younger sister.

When she did see a snake, she froze. I felt like we had the "root causes" of Kristine's problem in those two memories. Often, one or two emotionally charged, related events lead to phobias. We took the memories and ran them through the NLP fast phobia procedure. Kristine felt some relief. Somewhere in the process I figured out that Kristine carried an image of a snake, ready to strike, in her mind's eye. I could tell because her eyes kept going to the same spot whenever she talked about snakes.

I don't know if this image was a "snapshot" from a memory she'd had or one she just created internally. Whenever she thought about or saw a snake, this image would come to mind. This image was helping her drive the fear. We took this image and used a visual swish pattern on it. Kristine felt immediate relief. At this point, I felt it would be useful to test how far we'd progressed.

We made some distinctions about her personal safety. Obviously, it's not safe to hold a poisonous snake, she didn't want to hang out with poisonous snakes - just to be in control of her mind enough to react with intelligence. I asked Kristine to imagine she was holding a non-poisonous snake in her hands.

She said "It still feels 'yucky. Before this point she had been talking about her feelings in terms of fear - now it was more disgusting to her. I pointed this out and asked her if this was different than the fear she was feeling earlier. She said basically that the fear was either gone or reduced but she'd been feeling this yucky feeling along with the fear.

This sometimes happens. Fear may not be the only negative emotion attached to something. Kristine apparently had fear and a "yucky" feeling attached to snakes. I had her get into the feeling and describe it to me in detail. We then used the affect bridge technique to locate the source of that feeling. She remembered holding a caterpillar in her hands as a child and being disgusted and the way it moved all squirmy. OK, it's easy to see how that connected up with snakes.

The common thread was the undulating motion. I asked Kristine how she would like to feel when she was around snakes. This question usually gets me a blank stare. If you could wave a magic wand a feel however you wanted, how would you like to feel in the situation that caused your phobia? For Kristine the answer was awe, calm and a few other positive emotions. I anchored those positive emotions and did an anchor collapse. I had her feel the positive emotions while imagining holding the caterpillar until the old feelings shifted for her. I spent about 40 minutes working with Kristine in my office.

Kristine was a nearly ideal client. She did everything I asked of her whole-heartedly. At the end of the session we went back to the pet store - she held and petted a baby python or a boa constrictor - I never can remember. She reported to me that she felt awe and calmness when she held the snake.

”Overcoming Your Fear of Flying Can Be Easier Than You Think...”

I spoke to Kristine toward the end of She's still fine with snakes. She reports she's seen 3 or so snakes out in the garden. She even saved one that was injured! Ashok his name has been changed at his request was one such person. Ashok lives in India and his multiple phobias were ruining his life. He had no credit card and no access to a bank account but he wanted help very badly. Things did not go smoothly with Ashok. There were lots of ups and downs. I think it's important to give people a true picture - not everybody gets over their phobia in 15 minutes!

Ashok is an example of what you can do on your own, if you keep working at it, even with the most severe and pervasive phobias. I would like to point out that there were many times when he could have quit and decided it wasn't working for him - but he kept at it. Ashok did all the work. I am grateful to him for showing me that even people with multiple phobias could make great progress on their own.

I think his emails tell the story better than I could. I have included my responses and comments where they shed light on the situation. For the most part, I responded to each of his emails in basically the same way. I told Ashok to notice what thoughts immediately preceded the negative feelings and deal with those thoughts using one of the techniques in the book. Here's his first email to me I stay in India and am eager to make use of your techniques but I dont have a credit card.

Is there any way you can bill me Please! I am very very interested. Dont disappoint me by saysing no. I know there has to be a way I can get myself rid of Fear! Do try and help God Bless You. Ashok" It took us quite a while to get him his book and password, here's what happened when we did Thank you so much for the password. I ran home to read the book after I checked from my office that you sent me the password!

Keith , I will start applying the methods to all my fears I have many of them I guess I may have agoraphobia! Heaven knows I am exteremely happy I am sure you are a great Spiritual person inside and want to genuinely want to help people I admire you Thank you so much! May I be in touch with you? I shall mail again only with your permission! Thank you once again God Bless Good luck!

I have tried the fast Phobia Cure on some of my phobias I am yet to test them out How should I treat my fear of being alone? I dont stay alone now so much so I am Safe but with a very Limiting life style! Please reply only when you have time!

Thank you and God Bless You! Ashok Hi Ashok, Treat your fear of being alone just the same as the other fears. Find a safe way to test things out. Maybe you could arrange to be alone for just a few minutes. When you are and get any anxiety about it, explore what images or sounds coincide or precede the feelings. Use the visual or auditory swish on those images or sounds. I would use a lot of future pacing with agor. There is no particular order though you might follow the suggestions in the overview section.

Keith Dear Keith, I was on a drive alone and went shoping just for a few minutes I felt overjoyed I have often felt this way and then it all seems to be comming back! I hope it just dosent recur! I fear it will The benefit though is that I have changed my attitudes towards life Thanks again and God Bless You and your family Help the world and it will alll come back to you Thanks again I am out of station but i shall keep in touch!

Deep regards Ashok Hi Ashok, Thanks for the update. Congratulations on a job well done. If it does recur you now have some powerful tools to deal with it. Good luck in the future! Keith Livingston Dear Keith, Greetings! I am back from my trip with family Please send me your bank account no and Bank name with address with your full name and mailing address so i can try to get the payment thru Thank you Keith God Bless you I am doing better His name is edited out.

Please accept this is as payment for the Book on Phobias. In the meant time I am daring I hope not intruding to ask you a few questions that are bothering me … So Keith Please answer my questions…. I trust you to give me good advice. Keith since I have been doing the techniquess taught in your book…my condition has gradually worsened!!!

I think I have sort of stirred a hornets nest in my subconscious mind…. What do you think I should be doing now? Looking at it objectively, do you think I could have reinforced the old patterns? Or, arethey on their way out? Please advice me. On the whole I manage to smile and laugh with effort!!! I have never heard of these techniques worsening a phobia.

Remember, the object is not to force yourself through a tough situation but to get yourself comfortable in a situation. Whenever you feel some discomfort about facing your fear stop - take a step backward from the situation and explore what your thoughts were immediately before you felt the fear. Then take care of those thoughts via one of the techniques in the book.

Tell your subconscious mind that you're not going to do anything dramatic or unsafe, you're going to help it make better decisions about what is safe. Tell your subconscious mind that you're going to give it some information and it can decide whether or not to be afraid. On other words, this is not about forcing your subconscious to behave a certain way or pushing feelings down, it's about teaching and explaining to the subconscious. Another thing to do is to ask yourself if there is any benefit from having the phobia.

What is it that you don't want to do that you would have to do if you didn't have the phobia? What do you do now that you wouldn't get to do if you got rid of the phobia? Sometimes the subconscious mind makes decisions based on ideas which are not logical to our conscious mind. No one would consciously choose to have a phobia but the subconscious mind may have its reasons. If you find some subconscious reason for having the fear, you'll have to deal with that issue too. Just ask yourself "What is the reason for holding on to this fear," and pay attention to any images, sounds or feelings that come into your awareness.

On the other hand, if your symptoms are not getting better then you haven't found the root cause of your problem yet. Ashok, What I would suggest at this point is to work slowly and carefully.

Anxiety disorder

Communicate with your subconscious mind an a respectful way. If you try something and feel worse as a result, send me another email and explain exactly what happened. Sincerely, Keith Livingston Dear Keith, 1. I am really glad you replied. You mail have been really very educative. From your mail I learned the following… I cannot reinforce a phobia by the methods used. I must communicate with my subconscious in a respectful manner I have been actually tearing it apart When situation worsens I must NOT rough it out I do it all the time …and fail and end up depressed as a failure then have to take medication I must find the root cause…: The images that come to my mind are the ones I have done fast phobia cures on and the images and sound I have used the swish patterns….

I am now increasingly doing Future Pacing My question : when and how should it be done? I must ask myself what it is I get from holding on to the phobia answer at first thought is : Security Could that mean I am afraid of independent responsibility? If yes could future pacing be used here? I must work slowly and carefully… and that means that there is no failure — every Panic attack is an attempt at getting better. So I must Hasten Slowly. How should I become Unemotional or Logical? Question : I am a occupation deleted and for the last years have been personal information deleted — They report that I am a very good occupation deleted and speak excellently information deleted ….

For some I am an ideal ironically. Yet in front of audiences I shudder …. I never speak!!! I panic!!! I have not gone to information deleted for 15 days! I apologise that my mails are geeting longer … Its after long I met a person who can understand my problems. Do it as many times as it benefits you. If security is an issue for you, make sure your future paces include security. In other words, send a message to your subconscious that you will respect its wishes for security and when you future pace make sure you add the element of security into your scenarios.

There's no need to become unemotional or logical. If you are having an emotional response that you don't want simply explore the images and sounds in your mind immediately before you experience the negative emotion. When you find the thoughts that are creating the emotion, simply swish them to thoughts that have you feeling more the way you want to feel. Sincerely, Keith Livingston Dear Keith, Here is some Important Feedback that I thought Id give you, which you may find useful in helping others face their problem of agoraphobia: 1.

Though Phobias are learnt in an instant I agree Agoraphobia is not just learnt in an instant. It is a series of instances and those who are in the process may not know that they are in the end going to end up as agoraphobics as in my case. Hence for Agoraphobia may be the cure may not be dramatic but slowly and steadily after the constant application of the techs described one may actually be free.

Compare it to a sort of Incremental wave pattern and a drecremental wave pattern. Solving an Agoraphobia problem may be a bigger challenge as it requires more determination and continuous practice with techniques. The Key is to understand that one is suffering and tackle the situation in the best manner possible. Increasingly the situations will seem to be less problematic. My Pick: a. If you can identify a Trigger event a phobic situation do the Fast Phobia Cure. It will cause a dent!!!

Overcome Social Phobia and Develop Calm Confidence

If every normal event causes and root causes are not known do the Visual Swish do it frequently and on all images that came to mind c. In case the trigger is a sound the audio swish will help. For a more balanced and healthy life in the future just do Future Pacing. Until it gets ingrained in your subconscious mind.

God Bless You Ashok I thought it was important to include this feedback here. Keep in mind that each person is a unique individual. The combination of these tools that work best for one person may not be the same combination that works best for another. In my experience, you don't need to keep doing swish patterns over and over - a few times in enough.

For Ashok, that was not the case Dear Keith Thank you so much. I am now able to go out of house with a relative and alone for some time, however I feel sort of tightening muscles at the back of my neck and I feel faint, even so much that I feel acidic at times I have developed a sort of faith that I shall soon be OK. Question: Apart from images and sounds sometimes there are only feelings - no images no sound - a perfect blank state of mind - and fear feelings!!

Does Swish Pattern work for feelings too??? Ashok Hello Ashok, You can do what is called a kinesthetic swish. You start off by becoming aware of as many of the qualities of the negative feelings as you can. The location of the feelings in your body, the temperature, whether they move or are stationary etc. Then, shake that feeling off and think about a powerful positive feeling you'd like to have.

Step into a time when you've had that feeling and get as much information about that feeling as you can. Where do you feel it in your body, does it move etc. Note the differences between the two sets of feelings. Let's say that the negative feeling is a cold, tense, moving feeling in your stomach and the positive feeling is a warm, open solid feeling in your chest. Start with the negative feeling and warm it up. Then make it still. Then move it up to your chest. Then make it feel more open. After you've changed the negative feeling to a positive one distract yourself for a moment think about something else.

Then start with the negative feeling and move to the positive feeling again. It usually takes a few minutes the first time you do it then it gets faster as you practice it. What you are doing is creating a strategy inside so that whenever you start to feel the bad feeling, it automatically "swishes" to the more positive feeling.

It sounds like you are doing well and are continuing to make progress. I am better Thanks to you. I feel much much better though I have lingering feelings of lack of Confidence. But when I do get out of the house I can with some degree of freedom and within a limited reach. I I now can see flashes of the swished image new on its own. I am aware of my thinking process. I even do swishes in my sleep on disturbing images.

I want to tel the world that you speak the truth!!! How do I get rid of the feeling of " will it happen again " Often when I am strained or tired or not feeling well these feelings are greatest. How do I tackle them?? Thanks Keith God Bless You. Ashok Hello Ashok, The feeling of "will it happen again" is driven by images or sounds just like a fear.

Figure out what image or sound you are making inside your mind that drives the feeling of "will it happen again. I hope that helps. Keith P. May I use your email as a testimonial? Dear Keith, Thanks, Yes you may use my mails as testimonials for sure only keep me anonymous I hope you understand!!! Ashok Thanks Ashok, Of course I will keep you anonymous. Keep up the good work! I am doing well. Better and Better. I can now stay out of the house at Safe places and often with safe people for hours I have a question I often feel stressed out during the day and feel sick often even if it may be a sniffy cold or something Every physical discomfort puts me in the feeling of "I could be better at home resting" - not the panic run away sort of thing but just to rest I find the kinesthetic swish diff to do Also I have been doing only the image swish - it works best - do I need to do anything more?

Please find time to answer me. God Bless You Ashok Good work! Try an anchor collapse with those feelings. Another alternative might be an auditory swish for internal dialog. Especially if you are actually saying to yourself "I could be better at home resting. The techniques work differently for different people. Some find that one technique works best and stay with it. The way to judge whether or not you need to do anything more is by how you feel. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Sincerely, Keith Dear Keith, Greetings! I am happy to write to you as I am doing quite well now…much better than the time I called you the first time.

I am however writing to you as I have some selected problems than I am unable to deal with effectively. I have done a root cause and found that once I had a panic attack when I was alone in a cab in Bombay and was suffering from a sever cold and since then I fear traveling alone. The memory is faint and I have done a Fast Phobia cure many times… But I simply cant reduce the level of anxiety I feel when I have a cold.

Given the condition above racing pulse, hyperventilation and high anxiety level my level of work stress also goes up, I get tense on job if I am not well. On one such occasion in the past I had to go to hospital to see my uncle and he passed away with a heart attack — I got a Panic attack — Result I fear death and hospitals! I always had a slight fear of doctors and hospitals and now it went worse I feel highly stressed when there is a medical emergency. All these factors sort of compounded in to agor.

What picture do I swish to? Dear keith, with your help I am way better but I still feel more comfortable with a relative even when on job the safety factor. Please reply as and when you feel comfortable. Thanking you for your kind help. In that case, you need to explore what thoughts are creating the fear.