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Local Beekeepers' Associations Some LBAs will distribute a swarm or colony removal request to their members, who, if interested and available, may be able to follow up.

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Search the internet for bee rescue , bee removal , or beekeeper, or look in the Yellow Pages under beekeeper. Proper clean up is essential. Without complete removal of dead bees, honey and wax, you risk attracting more bees or wasps, or other pests, such as mice, rats, or skunks.

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Swarming is an instinctive part of the annual life cycle of a honey bee colony. It provides a mechanism for the colony to reproduce itself.

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Honey bees in a swarm are generally gentle and not inclined to sting or attack unless threatened. They will usually leave on their own within a day or two for a permanent home. Ask for a quote up front. Some beekeepers may offer their services for free. While bumblebees, carpenter bees, mason bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are important pollinators, most beekeepers do not have the expertise or availability to assist with their removal.

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    Do you have a swarm or nest of honey bees on your property? Other Options Search the internet for bee rescue , bee removal , or beekeeper, or look in the Yellow Pages under beekeeper.

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    There are thousands of different types of bees found around the world. While most bee species tend to make nests in the ground, there are several that build nests in trees. These nests can be found in both dead and living trees. The possibility of having bee nests in trees depends on the types of bees that live in your environment, the types of trees in your area and the availability of other nest material.

    Honey Bee Nests

    Wild honey bees, with the scientific name of Apis mellifera, will build nests in hollowed out areas of trees. They will not burrow through trees, but will only make nests in already existing cavities. The honey combs that are made in beehives are also made in the trees. The bees will use this nest for many years as the workers and queens can survive in the nest over the winter.

    Wild Honey Bees

    Traditionally they will nest in the ground, but they can sometimes be found in trees. Their tree nests, however, will not be found very high as the bees like to be close to their food source, namely flowers. These are not aggressive bees and will only sting if the nest is in danger.