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Freshly milled grains are added to carbon-filtered water in our steam heated mash tank. The grains cook over several hours to convert their starches to sugar. This new mash is cooled to the perfect temperature to pitch the yeast and begin the fermentation process. The mash is pumped into one of our glycol-cooled fermenters, where it rests for up to a week.

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This allows the yeast to eat the sugar created during the mashing process and creates the ethanol alcohol. Now that fermentation is complete, the mash is pumped into one of our custom copper stills. Designed to completely separate the ethanol from the other compounds in the mash, the stills produce a pure, high proof ethanol base. We barrel-age certain spirits to draw forth the complexities and uniqueness of their ingredients and personalities. We're an independent, small batch distillery making handcrafted spirits for people who care about how things are made. Using only hand-selected grains, we mill, mash, ferment, distill, age, blend, and bottle — bringing the highest quality spirits from the farm to you.

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Milling Grain

Vesey's Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Calhoun's Straight Rye Whiskey. Carolina Reaper Pepper Flavored Vodka. Calhoun's Rye Whiskey.


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Sussex Craft Distillery

Brooklyn, New York Brothers Steven and Philip DeAngelo opened the gin distillery in and have quickly made a name for themselves in the American craft gin industry, likely because of their "vacuum distillation," which removes air pressure from the sill during distillation and allows the gin to be distilled at low temperatures so delicate aromas aren't burned off.

Vashon, Washington It uses local, sustainable ingredients to make gin, vodka, whiskey, and even coffee liqueur. Portland, Oregon Not content with just making award-winning Aviation gin, House Spirits also makes vodka, whiskey, coffee liqueur, and aquavit. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania It may be known for its Bluecoat gin, but Philadelphia Distilling Company also puts out an impressive absinthe and a Chesapeake Bay-flavored vodka that tastes like Old Bay Seasoning.

It is much more herbaceous and less sweet than any of the others I have tasted. A filter distillation process differentiates the vodkas, and the gin is distilled with a house blend of botanicals.

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The vibrations intensify the maturation of its brandy and absinthe from a brandy base. Sheridan, Oregon In , Tad Seestedt used his life savings and maxed out his credit cards when he opened the distillery. He started off making only au de via, grappa, and brandy but then branched out into wine two years later. Ten years after opening, whiskey, gin, and vodka were added to the roster.

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    Boom Or Bust: Making It In Micro-Distilling

    Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it. Clear Creek Distillery Portland, Oregon Founded in , Clear Creek was ahead of the craft curve with its eau de vie, grappa, and whiskey, each distilled with Alsatian and Swiss techniques. Batch Distillery Seattle, Washington Batch was only founded in , but quickly started racking up prestigious awards for its superior gin, vodka, whiskey, and even moonshine.