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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Would our quarry make a last desperate bolt for liberty? Everyone was on the alert among our little band who were in the van of the attack. Then we were joined by Mr Churchill, the two Chief Commissioners, Superintendent Quin, Chief Inspector MacCarthy, and Superintendent Mulvaney, who came across the street and took up their position with us in the yard or the shoeing forge. The Guardsman who was with us knelt to fire, and Mr Churchill stooped down and directed his aim.

Then Mr Churchill motioned to one of the policemen with a shot gun to come forward, and he too fired two more shots into the ground-floor windows. By this time the house itself was a roaring mass of flame from top to bottom. There was a consultation between the little group of whom Mr Churchill was one. At this time a Maxim gun from the Tower came up, but Mr Churchill ordered it out of action. And indeed by this time It became quite certain that there was nothing left with the breath of life in it in the Inferno, which was roaring and fuming only a few yards away.

About this time two single shots rang out from the back of the burning house. But we shall never know the truth of what went on inside that doomed house during those early morning hours! And they must have had enough ammunition in their possession to kill half London, for they were firing for five solid hours. So it was all over, the police broke in the door, and the fire engines dashed up and began to play on the blazing ruins. Mr Churchill made sure that there was no one alive inside and then he left the scene.

After he had gone, two guns from the Royal Horse Artillery at Woolwich came up, but as they were not wanted they passed through the street and went away. Wandering past Billingsgate Market before Christmas I was pleasantly surprised by the reappearance of a once familiar sight. When it was installed in and long afterwards it caused confusion to many drivers, however it soon became a firm favourite and became quite famous being voted the Top Roundabout by a motorist organisation. When the sculpture was removed in by Tower Hamlets Council, there was a campaign led by local councillor Gloria Thienel to find an alternative site in the area for the sculpture.

As we edge nearer to Christmas Day, I thought it would be interesting to view how different artists at different times have captured the Christmas Period. The book generated a large amount of interest as the following newspaper report in illustrates. In the junior classes special attention has been devoted to time and rhythm, and the children have been trained to execute maypole and morris dances, hornpipes, reels, and other folk dances.

This training in rhythm is continued in the higher grades, where more intricate movements are practised. Other topics studied in these classes are the evolution and history of music, the development of song; forms, the great composers and their chief works, the development of opera and oratorio, and the various forms of instrumental music. Harmony and counterpoint have been explained with such simplicity and clearness that many children have been enabled to harmonize simple melodies, and even to compose tunes suitable for use in schools.

He has dearly proved that, even in the limited time available for school singing lessons, it is possible to do much more for the musical education of children than has yet been attempted in most public schools. The Spectator in published the following review. An account of the attempt of an Elementary School master to educate his scholars mainly through contact with music and the drama. Mr Smith is clearly an educational genius.

The Riverman: Never Caught, But Paid the Ultimate Price

Though his book is extremely interesting and we are in agreement with the greater number of his contentions, he is obviously a man who could infuse life into a study of Sanskrit grammar. Thus, his contention that the drama and music are the readiest methods of humanizing the child, though perhaps true, remains unproved in this book.

My grandfather was a dustman who worked for Poplar Borough Council and he drove a horse and cart and he used to bring it home and park outside each lunchtime. The horse would then receive his bag of oats or whatever horses eat for lunch. I used to love stroking his head and his muzzle was so soft. He slipped and broke both arms and his kneecap was twisted. He suffered with the kneecap injury the rest of his life, one operation after the other, and he never returned to work again.

I attended Alton St. Mr Mills was the Principal and he introduced country dancing and we all loved that and we put on a show for our parents and all feeling very proud to do so.

Just before I left the school we had a surprise visitor who was a movie actress Paulette Goddard, who was once married to Charlie Chaplin who also came from the East End, she looked so beautiful in her white rabbit hooded long coat with gold sandals. It was the only school in London that each child received a large 20 pound weight box of goodies of tinned butter, a huge bar of chocolate which was so good as we had rationing for almost everything and confectionery was almost non-existent and other food stuffs that our mothers were grateful for.

Walking behind a lady one day who had bought live eels from a barrow and they were wrapped in newspaper. Often we would go to Music Hall and I loved seeing the performers singing and dancing and got to learn all the words of the old music hall ballads. Fast talking barrow boys were entertaining and one had to be careful that during their banter they were only putting 10 apples in the bag but somehow they had counted 12 going into it. Massey Shaw was a former London Fire Brigade fireboat which was saved by a group of volunteers who have restored the boat to its former glory.

The Massey Shaw was built in by the J. Samuel White company at Cowes, Isle of Wight. When it was delivered it saw action straight away, when it played its part in putting out a major fire in Wapping. A newspaper report of gives more of the details. Colonial Wharf at Wapping , Sept. Twenty-four hours after the out break of fire at the Colonial Wharf, Wapping, firemen are still at work, seeking to subdue the flames which, though under control, continue to burn fiercely through the lower floors, with occasional explosions. The walls are gradually collapsing, and the stream is flowing with liquid rubber from the burnt stores.

The river floats continue their attack on the burning building, and firemen are perched precariously on cranes on adjacent wharfs. Fire engines from all parts of London and the suburbs were arriving during the day, bringing men to relieve those who had been on continuous duty for long hours, and a few of whom had suffered minor injuries. It is expected that it will be days before the fire is extinguished. It spread to an adjoining warehouse today, but was controlled. The district is covered with soot, and the schools and tenements are uninhabitable.

Once again a newspaper of tells the story. Volunteer firemen manned the Massey Shaw, and under the command of a naval lieutenant they crossed the Channel on Friday and brought back 60 soldiers from the beach. Under a naval crew, she returned to Dunkirk on Saturday and transferred men from the shore to larger ships, and then brought back 46 to England.

Later taking aboard a volunteer crew. Summer has finally arrived and it is time to enjoy some of the outside delights of the Island. On a sleepy Sunday morning, I made…. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Search Search. At last a new home has been found and the tree can start confusing drivers once again. In its previous home at Westferry. Let me remind you of some of our most notable visitors. The School of Life. But look, each one of us has a different reason for doing what we do on this case.

You, Keppel, and me. My reason is very simple. I need to make an entire department work On a budget that wouldn't pay for a decent bottle of scotch. I know that, sir. If you knew it, this report would reflect it. Look, I don't wanna fold your task force into homicide, But I got a lot of cases, and yours is just one of them. And it's about hookers. And half the time no one even knows if they're missing. Am I making myself clear here? It's about people, lieutenant. Yeah, well, you gotta learn to prioritize, detective.

Now, go on, get outta here while I figure out what to do with this damn thing. Keppel sent a copy of the report to the chief. He wasn't happy. Well, he'll get over it. Bob, it took me eight years to get my gold shield, and I would appreciate-- Eight years? Just eat your doughnut. Eat it yourself, Keppel. Oh, come-- relax. It'll blow over. Just have your coffee. What are you in this for, Keppel? The same thing you are. It's just it was so busy down there. It's never-Ending. What is it?

Hi, sweetie. Mail's on the coffee table. You want to tell me what's going on?

See a Problem?

I don't know what's going on. He has our address. How did he get our address? I don't know, and it doesn't matter. He's in prison. He's not going anywhere. You don't know that. He's escaped twice already. What are you doing? What am I supposed to do, just ignore it? That man is evil, Bob. He infects everything he touches. I don't want any thing from that man in this house.

Throw it out. I'm not gonna throw it out. It's what I do. Keppel, It's quite presumptuous of me to write, I know, But I think I might be of help With your investigation of the green river murders. I believe I have strong insights into the mind of the man responsible For placing the bodies on the locations you have found. Because of this, I believe I can bring a unique perspective To your hunt for the Riverman.

I look forward to hearing from you. We all do, but-- No, that was just history. It was years ago. I know, I know, I'm, uh I'm just saying that Okay, well, just Why are you doing this to yourself? You know, I'm not doing anything to myself. I'm just doing my job.

I know, I know, but it's my job to protect this family. I mean, do you think that you were the only one that-- Honey, sometimes you'd come home, your head was so far into Bundy, Those kids, they'd run into their rooms and hide. You'd come to bed, and you'd Hey, hey, hey I-I know it was bad. Neither of us want to go back there. You gotta trust me, Sande. It's not about Bundy. It's just about catching the killer of these-- God knows how many-- It's not about the eight women in Seattle that Bundy didn't confess to?

It's under control. I know how far I can go. I will not put this family through that again. Dave, nice to see you. Come on in. I reread Keppel's report again and you're right, Dave. A couple of his points make sense. I sent it upstairs with a recommendation that we implement the suggestions. Chief Erickson agrees. He's expanding the task force. And he's giving us more money so we can do it right, And he wants Keppel to work with us, So he's now officially on board.

You're kidding. Now, enjoy your trip and report to me when you get back. What trip? I'll let him explain that. I-I can't go anywhere. I have to integrate the new people into the task force. Uh, see, the chief feels that with a task force this size, It'd be better if I walk the point. So you'll be my number two. Nice work, Dave. What the hell is going on? Politics is going on. I lost the task force. Downing played me like a fish!

That he did. You think that's funny, don't you? No, I don't, no. But the next time somebody tries to play you, it's not gonna be so easy. What's this? It's a plane ticket. We're going to Florida. For what? Ted Bundy. This here was used for quarantined prisoners back when they built the place. Bundy raised holy hell when I put him here. Some crapola about his rights. I told him he shouldn't have tried to escape. You'd think a right smart fellow like that would be thanking me, putting him in the coolest cell in the prison. Never has. This is the coolest?

Even on a hot day. Sammy will let you out when you've had enough. Thank you for your help, warden Owens. Keppel, But Ted Bundy ain't gettin' out of my prison. I understand that. I know you do. Other than a good shower when you get done with him. Oh, uh Long time no see. How you doin'? I'm good. This is my partner Dave Reichert from King County.

He's the presiding detective on the green river case. Listen, Bob, I, um, I think I made a mistake. How so? Well, I-- I think I wasted your time, Bringing you all the way down here. It was presumptuous of me to think that I could have any insight into this case. I mean, I'm-- [scoffs] I'm no detective. You guys are much better at this than I am. Doesn't mean you don't have good ideas. Your letter indicated some insights. We're looking forward to hearing 'em. I did have this one idea about catching him, but, uh If I felt that way about your ideas, I wouldn't be here.

Well, I People who actually act upon them. And I was thinking, if you held a slasher film festival In the sea-tac area, mm-hmm. I guarantee you that if you staked out the theater That's another discussion. Low-Risk hunter? They're bold, hard to intimidate, Cut off from their families. No one cares if they're missing for a few days. Can we just get some perfunctory questions out of the way? Are aware the interview's being taped?

And it's being done with your approval? See, this guy's a bottom-feeder. Doesn't have the moves, control for classy victims. Tell me about trolling, Ted. Well, it's, uh It's what he does. He knows his hunting ground. He trolls until he finds the one he wants. And then when-- When everything's right-- The time, The place, The feeling You'd be surprised at the kind of people running around out there.

It's, uh So what's a classy victim? Women with normal lives: Clerks, housewives, students. Subjects who live in neighborhoods With friends who'll miss 'em if they disappear. Subjects that take skill To lure them out of their comfort zones. Subjects you need to put the moves on.

In other words, things that are of an art. How does he lure them? What are his moves?

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The Riverman doesn't have moves. They come to him. We are talking about the Riverman, aren't we, Bob? Well, what else are we allowed to talk about, Ted? I can get you inside his head, but, um I'm gonna need the files to do it. What's this, one file? Yes, one file.

There'll be more later if it works out. Wait a minute.

the riverman 4 detective lorimer series Manual

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The crime scene photos, the coroner's photos. There's no photos in here. I heard you took it hard when the-- When the killer of those eight Seattle women got away from you. It's good to see you feeling better. Yeah, I'm fine. That boy's a piece of work, all right. Talking to him's like having a slug crawl over your face.

Yes, when you're talking to his good side. Thanks, Sammy. I thought you were playing me to get to Bundy. You sure I'm not? He what? Well, yeah-- What, does the judge think he's dealing with a shoplifter? That son of a bit-- Yeah, yeah. Thank you. The judge in Utah let Bundy travel while he's out on bail.

So where is he? He's here. Ted Bundy, law student. Pride of the Seattle Young Republicans. You read that article in the P. Politician runnin' off about how it couldn't be his friend Ted. Let's see what he has to say. Hey, Ted. You need some help with that? Oh, no, no, I-I got it. Bob Keppel, king county. You guys must think I'm a-- a flight risk, huh? We just think we have eight open cases we'd like to talk to you about.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but, um Bundy is gonna use the Riverman to tell us about himself. It's because he understands the Riverman, Dave. We'll still get-- [giggling] [giggling] [giggling continues] Tell me you didn't bring those with you. I take 'em everywhere. Relieves tension. No, I I-I didn't. I mean I wouldn't.

I'm married. Buzz off, Keppel. You are Jimmy Stewart, aren't you? I am-- I am So what do you think got the biggest reaction yesterday? The photo. It got to him. And you know what? He's scared. Of what? Probably scared of being worthless. He wants us to know he's important. So we're gonna tell him he's aces. We're gonna respect him. Can you handle that? I don't know. This is a continuing conversation with Ted Bundy. The time is hours. Go ahead. Hey, Bob. I don't suppose you can have a word with the warden, See if we can do these interviews out there?

I feel kind of claustrophobic in here. Well, I don't know. I'll-- I'll see what I can do. Let me say first of all that I have a lot of preconceptions based on nothing, Just based on a feeling, intuition. And having said that, I went over the file you gave me, And, uh, it sort of reshaped my feelings, looking at what you had here. And then I just got to, you know, Jotting a few things down, and you see here, It shows the date And given the data, you can that see he must work odd hours.

At his day job, not his night work. That's good work, Well, I'm no expert in this area, But I do have a degree in psychology. Am I loud enough for that tape? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, it's making-- It's making sense. Just keep going. Thanks, Bob. I hope it's helpful. As you can see, he's only taken one victim on a Friday And one on a Saturday. Clearly he prefers to hunt Sunday through Thursday. Well, what do you think about that? He's got a weird day job.

Yeah, or he spends weekends with his family. Yeah, yeah, that's good thinking. Or he works Sunday through Thursday And trolls while he's working, like a-- Like a cabbie. Yeah, like a cabbie. Or a bartender Not anyone. Anyone nonthreatening. Yeah, he's just a normal guy, Bundy. He is a normal guy. That's the point. Normal guys don't kill little girls. Normal guys don't leave heads in fields. Dave, can it. You know, Bob, I'm sick and tired of being treated like an animal or ogled at like I'm some kind of weirdo, because I'm not.

And if you think you're gonna catch the Riverman, Dave, you're very much mistaken Because you don't have the guts to pay the price. You know what? Well, let's see what Thetacoma Herald had to say about it, shall we? Detective Reichert of the green river task force must be feeling the heat with more than a dozen unsolved murders-- Dave, no, no. Wow, that's some review.

Yeah, there are still more bodies out there. I guarantee it. I wanted to waste him. I really did. I wanted to kill him. I never done that before.

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Maybe he's right, Bob. Maybe I'm not cut out for serial work. You through whining? Go to hell! What is it with you anyway, Keppel? I screw up, and all you can do is joke about it? Dave, did I say we were gonna try and keep a low profile so the press doesn't find out we're here? Your fan club's been busy. Ah, geez! Reichert, you have message.

Don't they usually leave messages in your room? Found another dump site. You know, I don't think Dave's gonna make it, Bob. Well, he's too confrontational too judgmental. You'd last a second with any of the guys on the row with an attitude like that. Well, first you have to establish trust. How do you do that? How do you get 'em to talk? Well, I play at being intrigued at what they did. See, each guy has a particular view of the world, So I just figure out what that is. I'm sorry. I'm not really following you. Can you give me an example?

There's this one guy I got talking to here. He told me all about the women he'd killed, but Finally he admitted that he couldn't talk about it because people would think that he was a bad person. Get what I'm saying? Anyway, I was, um, I was going over my notes last night, and And how young is young? Doubt it. He's got girlfriends? Well, if there is someone, It's more than likely there have been relationship problems. I also think there's an excellent chance That this guy's been picked up for something. Assault, battery, maybe. He's impressive Yeah, yeah, but these are- - I mean, they're tough.

They're street-smart girls. I mean, how does he do it? Well, he blends. He knows the scene. Yeah, he knows it better than his prey does. And then, then when the time is right, He moves He's flowing now And she? She belongs What's going on in his mind when he's got her in the well, it's hard to say. I mean, how can I get deeper into his head? You sure you wanna go through that again? Yeah, but I need you to help me.

You know what you are? You're a fisherman who fishes for years and only catches small fish. Deep down, you know there's a real big fish under there, One that always gets away. But you'll never catch him. The only way you're gonna know what goes on under the water is to go under the water. But fisherman drowns going underwater. I can take you there without drowning, but I might be able to do it with that. These are complex people, Bob.

People who have things to teach us about life Yeah, everything's fine. How are the kids? They're fine. David's practicing, and Ally's making like a pretzel. Bob, are you there? How are the kids-- Sorry. How are you? I'm fine. How's it going with Bundy?

Oh, it's a piece of cake. It's okay. Honey, I got a real long day tomorrow, okay? I love you. Hold on. Ally wants to say hello. Here, sweetie. No one can touch him. He is invincible. And what else does he feel? Anticipation, Excitement, arousal. Very high state of arousal. Can he satisfy his arousal? Only by possessing her And how? How does he possess her completely? Well, the ultimate possession is death.

It's an aura. It's hallucinogenic. But at the center, At the center, there's clarity. Ice in the fire. And he must keep it that way. Why is that? Well, a symbol doesn't create problems. Humans do. So he doesn't let her talk. He chatters, he entertains. And she is captivated. How do you feel, Bob? Could you-- Could you see her, smell her, taste her? Keppel, you got a phone call out here. No, not now, Sammy. No, it's your partner, sir. He says it's important. You were there. I mean, I know you were. No, you were there, Ted.

Yeah, I was. But I was helpful, wasn't I? Well, we'll see. You know, you should go to the Strip, Bob. See what he sees. Be the Riverman. Who knows? Maybe you are. This better be good, Dave. He's starting to talk. He keeps at it, he might even buy himself some time. We have a suspect. After what Bundy said, I checked out the guys who've been picked up on the Strip. He was busted for soliciting an undercover cop in April of '82, divorced twice with a history of spousal abuse. He admits to a fascination with prostitutes. And this. That's about 20 minutes from the Strip.

Come on. This is how you want it, right? You're a pretty one. You like this, don't you? Near the green river. She called the des moines police and swore he was trying to kill her. The cops stop his pickup, and he says he choked her because she bit him. This happened three years ago. And nobody thought he might just possibly be a suspect. It was buried in the Port police files. So they let him walk. Why not? Lift your right arm. Is that comfortable?

Answer truthfully to the best of your knowledge. Is your name Gary Leon Ridgway? He volunteered to take it. Quiet, Haney. What else you got on him? Questioned again by the Port police in ' They found him parked by the field where Wim's skeleton was found. Says he might've dated her, but he can't remember. Answer truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. Do you work at Kenworth Trucking? Tell Downing to search his house again And this time look for souvenirs like jewelry and clothing and hair, teeth. Anything that could've come from a victim. You should get started with that.

Will do, Mr. With primer spots. That's my truck. I, um, got it in, uh Hey, beautiful. You're-- You're home. Is everything all right? We got a suspect. I need a shower, and I gotta go back to work later, but not before I've had dinner with my wife. Dad, I got this. The hunting's good, isn't it? So you troll. And you find her. And you know it's her The chosen. She belongs to me. You're my subject. My cargo. Out of the car now! Get out of the car! Get your-- Get your hands off!

Get your hand off me! You have no idea who I am! I don't care who you are! Get those cuffs on him! It's all right! He's a cop! Show him your badge! You got a badge? It's all right, guys. It's all right. He's on the job. All right, guys. Sorry, sorry. Kinda quiet, Dave.

You all right? I'm all right. You're my partner. Talk to me. Why didn't you tell him you're a cop? I did. After I yelled at you. That was scary, Bob. Yeah, well-- listen to me. Listen to me, Bob! We have another problem. Ridgway passed the polygraph. You got company!

I'm Bob Keppel. This is Dave Reichert. Remember him? Someplace we can go and talk where it's quiet for just a minute? A room over here. Yeah, it's kinda-- I mean, I just wanna clear a couple things up with you. Pretty busy day. This gonna take long? Nah, maybe just five minutes. You'll be back on shift.