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Method of cooking using coconut milk. Due to the general nature of the term, it can refer to a number of different dishes, each called ginataan , but distinct from one another. Italy Tuscany , Northern Italy. Thin, lightly spiced egg-based soup prepared with primary ingredients of egg yolks, chicken stock, and Marsala wine or white wine.

South Korea Jeju Province. Beef parts such as ribs, oxtail, brisket, ox's head or ox bones by slow simmering on a low flame. The broth of gomguk tends to have a milky color, with a rich and hearty taste. Beef, pork , paprika , peppers, tomato, potato, and onion. Hungarian : gulyas translates roughly as cowboy. United States Louisiana. Creole soup from the American South, most popular in New Orleans. Often includes seafood, made with shrimp or crab stock and andouille sausage and thickened with a dark roux. Popular as a starter but is also eaten on its own as a light snack.

There are many variations and it is mostly served during Ramadan, although it can be made throughout the year. Soups from several Asian culinary traditions. In all cases, the soup contains ingredients to make it both spicy and sour. Mildly spicy pumpkin soup made with pieces of beef, potato, plantains and vegetables such as parsley, carrots, green cabbage, celery and onions. It is eaten every first of January in honor of Haitian independence in Although similar is shape, kusksu pasta, which gives the soup its name, is "not to be confused with couscous ".

Mixed soup of nine types of sprouted beans: black gram, green gram, chickpea, field bean, soybean, field pea, garden pea, cowpea, and rice bean. Indonesia and Malaysia. A Peranakan cuisine. Leeks and often potatoes. Popular during St. David's Day.

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Pictured is leek and potato soup. Lettuce is a primary ingredient. Red, green, or brown lentils. Popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean area. Lobster bisque. Egg noodle soup regional variants include Kinalas , Batchoy. Salmon , potatoes other root vegetables can be added such as rutabaga , carrots, onions , cream, and dill.

Oriental Ratsnake [ further explanation needed ] soup made with chicken, lemon, chili peppers, and Chinese vegetables. Beef, potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots and thyme, etc. Italy Sicily. Manhattan clam chowder. United States Rhode Island. United States Maryland. Vegetables, blue crab , and Old Bay Seasoning in a tomato base. Matzah ball soup. Jewish Ashkenazi. Staple food on Passover. The Matzah ball dumplings are traditionally served in chicken broth with sliced carrots, garnished with chopped parsley.

Matzo balls are also referred to as knaidel or knaedle. Soup prepared with melon as a primary ingredient. Pictured is a muskmelon soup. Tripe , calf's feet, chiles , hominy , and seasonings. Common ingredients include tofu and seaweed. Served with rice vermicelli. Tender shoots of the stinging nettle , popular in Scandinavia and eastern Europe. New England clam chowder. Bacon, mirepoix , clam juice and heavy cream, with other ingredients such as potatoes and chopped clams.

Ukraine Russia. Oxtail soup is made with beef tails. The use of the word " ox " in this context is a legacy of nomenclature; no specialized stock of beef animals are used. An ethnic dish of the American South which traces its lineage back to the pre-revolutionary war era, and a thick, rich, gravy -like soup popular in the United Kingdom since the 18th century.

Creole oxtail soup is made from a tomato base with oxtails, potatoes, green beans, corn, mirepoix , garlic, and herbs and spices. In Germany , there are lots of varieties of oxtail soup called Ochsenschwanzsuppe or Ochsenschleppsuppe usually containing oxtail, various root vegetables, herbs, and also Sherry or Madeira. Bread soup made with leftover bread , eggs , beef broth and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese. Made with broth, rolls and eggs. Made from peanuts , popular in African cuisine.

Pictured is peanut soup left with fufu. Philadelphia Pepper Pot. United States Philadelphia. Beef tripe pepper soup. Staple noodle soup made by simmering marrow -rich beef leg bones and knuckles with star anise , cinnamon , clove , cardamom , coriander , fennel , charred ginger , and charred onion to create the broth, served with rice noodles and various meats. Pho Dac Biet , or "Special Combination" Pho, usually includes rare beef slices, beef balls, tripe , and flank meat. Sriracha and hoisin sauce are also popular additions.

Chicken, seafood and vegetarian varieties also exist. Various types of pickled vegetables, dill pickle soup is a variety of pickle soup prepared with pickled cucumber. Thai cuisine ; [28] one version is called tom lueat mu. Also a part of Chinese cuisine , and was consumed by laborers in Kaifeng "over 1, years ago". Pork or chicken meat and broth, hominy , onion, garlic, dried chiles and cilantro, in a thick, hearty soup.

Pumpkin cream soup may contain some green pepper Italian , red bell pepper, onion, salt and some oil. Rucola leaves top the soup. Fresh or dried noodles in a variety of broths with a variety of toppings such as various meats like pork or lobster , onion and other various herbs miso , and sometimes even corn. Broth made in various ways using different spices and tamarind. Dill pickle soup. It usually contains groats, such as pearl barley , rice or oatmeal, potatoes, greens and herbs. It is either vegetarian or more commonly made with meat often offal , such as kidney.

A beef stew in black keluak soup that originated from Surabaya, East Java. Middle East Palestinian. A whole lentil soup made with hand cut wheat noodles similar to linguine and flavored with fried garlic. Germany Munich , Bavaria. Simple soup prepared with barley or barley meal and dried peas as primary ingredients that was utilized to feed impoverished people.

United States Hawaii. Fresh, soft, undried egg noodles in bonito fish or shrimp broth with Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean, and Portuguese influences. Sambar, also spelt sambhar, is a lentil -based vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind popular in South Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines, adapted in each to its taste and environment. Chicken ginseng soup made with glutinous rice , jujubes , chestnuts , garlic , and ginger.

Indonesia Java. Mutton , barley , and various vegetables. Shark's fin , nearly tasteless, an expensive delicacy valued for its unusual texture. Generally, meat analogue means a food made from vegetarian ingredients, and sometimes without animal products such as dairy. Many analogues are soy -based e. The market for meat analogues includes vegetarians , vegans , non-vegetarians seeking to reduce their meat consumption , and people following religious dietary laws in Hinduism , Judaism , Islam , and Buddhism. Tofu , a popular meat analogue made from soybeans, was invented in China during the Han dynasty.

Meat analogues such as tofu and wheat gluten are associated with Buddhist cuisine in China and other parts of East Asia. In Medieval Europe , meat analogues were popular during the Christian observance of Lent , when the consumption of meat from warm-blooded animals is forbidden. Meat analogue may also refer to a meat-based or less-expensive alternative to a particular meat product, such as surimi.

An alternative modern technology is cultured meat grown in vitro from the muscle tissue of animals. Drawings of tofu production have been discovered in a Han dynasty tomb. Tofu was widely consumed during the Tang dynasty — , and likely spread to Japan during the later Tang or early Song dynasty. Prior to the arrival of Buddhism, China was predominantly a meat consuming culture. The vegetarian dietary laws of Buddhism led to development of meat analogues as a replacement for the meat-based dishes that the Chinese were no longer able to consume as Buddhists.

Meat analogues such as tofu and wheat gluten are still associated with Buddhist cuisine in China and other parts of East Asia. Chopped almonds and grapes were used as a substitute for mincemeat. Diced bread was made into imitation cracklings and greaves. The American medical physician, inventor and businessman John Harvey Kellogg developed meat replacements variously from nuts, grains, and soy, starting around , to feed patients in his vegetarian sanitarium.

Some vegetarian meat analogues are based on centuries-old recipes for seitan wheat gluten , rice , mushrooms , legumes , tempeh , yam flour or pressed- tofu , with flavoring added to make the finished product taste like chicken, beef, lamb, ham, sausage, seafood, etc. Other alternatives use modified defatted peanut flour , Yuba and textured vegetable protein TVP ; yuba and TVP are both soy-based meat analogues, the former made by layering the thin skin which forms on top of boiled soy milk , [6] and the latter being a dry bulk commodity derived from soy and soy protein concentrate.

Some meat analogues include mycoprotein , such as Quorn which usually uses egg white as a binder. A mixture of soy and pea proteins, fiber, and other ingredients, the well-received product was marketed as a healthy alternative to chicken meat. The California-based company developed a number of other imitation meat products including three different products to mimic beef and one to mimic pork sausage. In , Impossible Foods introduced a beef substitute, which it claimed offered appearance, taste and cooking properties very similar to meat. It uses a synthetic heme compound that is produced by genetically modified yeasts.

This trial product is currently only available in St. Louis , but it could be the largest rollout yet of the Impossible Burger. Dairy analogues may be composed of processed rice, soy tofu, soymilk , soy protein isolate , almond , cashew , gluten such as with the first non-dairy creamers , nutritional yeast , or a combination of these, as well as flavoring to make it taste like milk, cheeses, yogurt, mayonnaise, ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, buttermilk, rarebit or butter.

Many dairy analogues contain casein , which is extracted dried milk proteins, making them unsuitable for vegans. Egg substitutes include tofu, tapioca starch, ground flax seed, aquafaba , mashed bananas , applesauce and commercially prepared products that recreate the leavening , binding or textural effects of eggs in baked goods. Soy protein isolates or soybean flour and gluten are usually used as foundation for most meat analogs that are available on the market.

The process of extracting the protein from the soybeans starts with the dehulling, or decortication, of the seeds. The seeds are then treated with solvents such as hexane in order extract the oil from them. The oil-free soybean meal is then suspended in water and treated with alkali to dissolve the protein while leaving behind the carbohydrates. The alkaline solution is then treated with acidic substances in order to precipitate the protein, before being washed and dried.

The removal of fats and carbohydrates, results in a product that has a relatively neutral flavor. Lipids are added to the meat analog in the form of liquid or semi-liquid glyceride shortening from synthesis, or other sources such as plants or animals. The glycerides could potentially contain unsaturated or saturated long chain acyl radicals ranging from 12 to around 22 carbon atoms.

Due to the target audience of meat analogs, plant based lipid sources such as soybean oil, olive oil, canola oil, and others alike are usually used. Food additives include flavor compounds, coloring agents, leavening agents, and emulsifiers.

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Sodium bicarbonate is a commonly used leavening agent in a variety of baked products such as bread and pancakes. The carbon dioxide released by sodium bicarbonate aids in the expansion and the unilateral stretching of the protein network during production. A variety of emulsifiers can be used to stabilize the meat analog system. These could include, but are not limited to polyglycerol monoesters of fatty acids, monoacylglycerol esters of dicarboxylic acids, sucrose monoesters of fatty acids, and phospholipids.

Polyglycerol monoesters consist on average of 2 to 10 glycerol units and an average of one acyl fatty acid group per glycerol component.

Meat analogue

The polymer is created from esterification reactions with fatty acids and contains 14 to 16 carbons per polyglycerol moiety. Sucrose monoesters are derived from the esterification of sucrose with a fatty acid ester or a fatty acid and it ideally should have a fatty acyl group ranging from 14 to 18 carbon atoms. Lastly, phospholipid such as lecithin , cephalin , and sphingomyelin can also be used as effective emulsifiers. Meat analog products are currently made by two basic processes, through either thermoplastic extrusion or fiber spinning.

My boyfriend and i are starting out 2 year backpacking trip in Japan in September and traveling through Asia before migrating over to Europe. Good luck on the final planning stages of your trip! Two years will be quite the adventure, and Asia is a wonderful place to start — you will have plenty of recipes for your blog!

Good luck and safe travels :. Wow, this is a pretty awesome guide to the food! I am not a huge fan of vegetarian food but this looks delicious. I love the fruit as well. I am trying to work more veggie options and healthy foods into my diet so these really do look good. I am not sure when I will have the chance to try Burmese food but now I want to! Thanks Jeremy! But in SEA, the food is actually crafted with the flavors in mind — and delicious! I will be in SF for a couple of weeks in July. I will try and find it! Fantastic blog yet again Sharon, though I must be partial when I say that no other country beats India when it comes to pure unadulterated veggie cuisines.

I often wonder though…. Even though I do eat everything meat and seafood included , honestly, I think some of absolute best Burmese dishes happen to be vegetarian. Love the dishes you highlighted, your photos and descriptions. Great guide! Thanks Mark! I know what you mean about crossover foods.

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Thanks for sharing! I honestly thought I might run into that issue in Burma like I had in China but I was delightfully surprised by the options. If you make it to Burma, no doubt your sister will love it! For food taxonomy purposes to help you the next time you come or anyone else who will use this :. Thanks for weighing in and adding some of the names, I put them in the post along with your tips on the dish. Hope your tohoo was tasty, there are twinges of jealousy creeping up in me right now at the thought. I really appreciate your feedback, it was quite a task to find the names and descriptions since there is so little information about Burmese food on the internets :.

So glad Naomi! When are you heading there? And let me know if you have any questions before you go! Mmm, looks tasty! I really want to eat that Shan Tofu soup! Look at all that food! Okay…I will be printing off this guide when I travel there…thank you! Just found it slightly amusing…. Do you have plans to head to Burma any time soon? These all look delicious! One of my favourite things to do in SE Asia is to try all the different street foods and local dishes. Sounds like I will love Burma. You will be in heaven in Burma becuase the foods are so different from what you find in Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

It was a lot of fun to see how different dishes had integrated into the culture, and sample all of the new flavors! Hope you get over there soon! And if you go to restaurants, rather than all street stalls, it could be no issue.

Vegetable Jambalaya

Also, ask your first hotel to write it down for you in Burmese script, and that can help! Thank you Shannon! I have offically added Burma to my travel list because of the food! I do have a question…the term you used to have vegetarian food, how is it pronounced phonetically? I always mix up vowel sounds in other languages and it would be helpful to know the sounds a bit better. Hi Eeva! That is likely hardly doing it justice, but your hotel your first day will likely break it down for you very happily!

Safe travels! Looks amazing! I would have to say the one that looks tastiest to me was the tea leaf salad lephet thote — those tea leaves are intriguing me! Looks soooo delicious! As a veggie traveller too, I know how challenging it can be to find vegetarian food on the road. I think I know the word for vegetarian in at least 10 different languages :.

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Thanks for this! Yay for a fellow veggie traveler! Mouthwatering photos and list of food. Will definitely be a useful reference when we go to Burma. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous resource. The country is so beautiful, and changing quickly with the new reforms and that such…plus you get some tasty foodie delights!

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Share Such a amazing post about Burmese foods! So glad you found it helpful! Happy and tasty travels! Oh enjoy your trip!! Hi Shannon, this post is so good!

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That looks like a feast! I like the look of the soups and hot pot dishes! The soups are delicious! Hope you get a chance to try them, thanks for weighing in! Yep, Burma Superstar, : Let me know how it tastes! Fantastic article Shannon! Such a great post! I definitely have to run and make myself lunch after seeing all of this! Hope you found something tasty for lunch yesterday! Have a great day :. Best post about food in Myanmar, yet!