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Once converted, the Lamanites did not waver. Once converted, this nation of Lamanite disciples called themselves the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. When they learned that the Amalekites and the Amulonites Nephite dissenters had stirred up their Lamanite brethren to war against them because of their new faith, they remained steadfast to their covenants. These Lamanites valued the Atonement of Jesus Christ and were so grateful that their sins had been forgiven that they risked their lives as opposed to breaking their covenant. Because of the example of the converted Lamanites, more than a thousand of their Lamanite brothers and sisters were brought to the knowledge of the truth and joined Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

We see another example of their conversion a little later in the Book of Mormon. What a wonderful example of conversion! Once the Lamanites embraced the gospel they dedicated their lives to keeping the commandments and would not depart from it. To achieve exaltation, each of us must become truly converted.

The Lamanites provide an amazing example of how to remain steadfast in our covenants in the face of adversity. Much like today, the Lamanites faced opposition from individuals in their communities, members of their own church, and others in the world who fought against righteousness. And while we may not face death for our beliefs, we often face other persecution or criticism that we can respond to the same way the converted Lamanites did: with faith and patience. The Lamanites kept records. We know that the Nephite prophets and kings recorded their history and revelations on gold plates that were abridged by Mormon and eventually translated by Joseph Smith into the Book of Mormon.

But were the Nephites the only ones who kept records? In Mosiah 24, we learn that King Laman instructed Amulon and his brethren to teach the Lamanites the language of Nephi. If we were to read the Lamanite records what would we learn? Perhaps we would learn how precious the gospel truly is in our lives. The Lamanite people offer a very unique perspective. Many of them grew up outside of the church and then accepted the gospel later in their lives.

Lamanites No More: DNA and Lost Ties to Father Lehi | Mormons in Transition

Experiencing this contrast likely contributed to their dedicated pursuit of a Christ-centered life. There were Lamanite prophets. One of the most anticipated events our world ever knew was the birth of Jesus Christ. Who did the Lord call to prophecy of his impending arrival in the Americas?

Lamanite DNA

Samuel, a Lamanite by descent. What are we to learn from this? I believe that the Lord is teaching us an important truth. All of us can be instruments in His hands regardless of our ethnicities, genders, ages, or nationalities. Judging others prevents us from seeing our brothers and sisters as they truly are, sons and daughters of God, and causes us to miss seeing truth and righteousness.

Do You Want to Be a Lamanite? Each time I read the Book of Mormon and consider the story of the Lamanites, I see how the Lord is merciful and willing to extend His loving hand to those who are trying their best to live the gospel. This gives me hope that the Lord recognizes my efforts and that each of His children are precious. We are greatly conscious of the fact that among the Lamanites — as well as among all peoples of other countries — we have a responsibility to see that the gospel touches their hearts and minds and that they understand it.

Prophet Spencer W. Those Indians , at least as many as I have observed, were white and delightsome; as white and fair as any group of citizens of our country. I know of no prophecy, ancient or modern, that has had a more literal fulfillment.

Lamanite Statements by Church Leaders

The Lamanites [Native Americans], now a down-trodden people, are a remnant of the house of Israel. The curse of God has followed them as it has done the Jews, though the Jews have not been darkened in their skin as have the Lamanites. The following are quotes from the Church-published pamphlet " Lamanites and the Book of Mormon":. You native Americans who are called Indians…your ancestors were once a mighty nation upon the American continent. The Book of Mormon tells how your forefathers came from Jerusalem about years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

An account is given of some of your ancestors who built ships and sailed from the American continent with their families, never returning. These people journeyed to the islands of the sea and have lived there ever since.

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He told them that there was another people in the world that he was going to visit. He was speaking of your people in America. Sometime following the three days of darkness a voice was heard by all the people on the American continent.

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MORONI, a righteous man whom the Lord allowed to witness the destruction of the Nephites, buried the record of your ancestors, written on gold plates, so it would not be destroyed. Your record lay buried in a hillside for more than 1, years. While [the Book of Mormon] is the history of the ancient Americans, it also contains the gospel of Jesus Christ. Members of the Church feel a responsibility to the Lamanite people, whose forefathers originally wrote the Book of Mormon.

The Lord has given his restored church the responsibility of returning your book to you and of teaching you its message. This name very soon took on a broader application, however, when Laman, Lemuel, and some of the sons of Ishmael rebelled against and sought to kill Nephi, in whom the Lord had vested his authority. At that time the Lord cut them off from his presence and caused a darker skin coloring to come upon them. See 2 Ne. The Lamanites of this definition survived beyond the close of the Book of Mormon record, and it is these people from whom the Lamanites of today descended.

Who and Where Are the Lamanites?

Certainly they have mixed with many other lineages at the far reaches of their dispersal in the Americas and most of the islands of the Pacific since the time when Moroni bade them farewell in A. In this composite group is the blood of Israel , for we know that Lehi was of the tribe of Manasseh see Alma , that Ishmael was of Ephraim see JD , and that Mulek was of Judah, being a descendant of King David through Zedekiah. Therefore, the Lamanites of today—all the mixed descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples—have a legitimate claim to the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant and, in turn, the duty to now carry these blessings to those nations of the earth who yet remain in darkness, the remainder of the descendants of Noah.

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  • Joseph Smith did not have many opportunities himself to directly teach the descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples. On one occasion, however, he was called upon by the Indian chief Keokuk. It was the summer of in Nauvoo. Keokuk was accompanied by Kiskukosh, Appenoose, and about one hundred chiefs and braves of the Sac and Fox tribes, along with their families.

    Elder B. Roberts gives the following account of this visit:. The legion band and a detachment of the legion met them at the landing, but as soon as Keokuk failed to recognize President Smith among those who had come to bid him welcome, he refused to land or allow any of his party to go ashore until the president made his appearance.

    I believe you are a great and good man. Keokuk looks rough, but I am a son of the Great Spirit. I have heard your advice. We intend to quit fighting, and follow the good talk you have given us. The mission in Hawaii was opened in , and several years later the work was extended to the Lamanites in New Zealand. All of these missions proved to be very productive.

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    • The census in that country indicated that as many as 26 million of its people at that date were of Indian ancestry. Many of the more recent developments have been motivated in large measure by President Spencer W. Kimball, who for a number of years served as chairman of the Church Indian Committee. An extensive educational system has been developed throughout the Pacific and in Mexico, Central America, and South America. The great majority of these students are of Lamanite descent.

      They are receiving opportunities to develop talents and leadership abilities that will undergird the great growth of the Church yet to occur in these same areas. Through this program, thousands of Indian boys and girls have been taken into the homes of non- Indian Church members to enjoy the advantages of superior public schools, full Church activity, and the special intercultural exchanges that occur in this setting. Larsen, Ensign , December And we also pray that we may see the beginning of the fulfilment of thy promises contained in the Book of Mormon to the Indians of this land, who are descendants of Lehi , millions of whom reside in this country, who have long been downtrodden and borne many afflictions and suffered because of sin and transgression, even as the prophets of the Book of Mormon did foretell.

      Other Comparisons Outside of the Book of Mormon

      Oh, Father, let thy spirit work upon them and manifest the truth of these things unto them, as we and thy servants who shall follow us shall bear witness of thy precious promises unto this branch of the House of Israel. Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin J. Ballard , Bryant S. Hinckley, Deseret Book Co.

      This process of redeeming the Lamanite people has been far from easy, especially for the Lamanites themselves. For a thousand years after the closing of the Book of Mormon record, these people wandered in spiritual darkness and were scattered upon the American continents and the isles of the sea.

      They lost their written language, their high culture, and, worst of all, their knowledge of the living God and his work. Faith was replaced by fear, rich language by crippled dialects, and an understanding of God and his ways by idolatry, even human sacrifice. Since the coming of the white man to the Americas, they have been driven mercilessly, killed, and degraded.

      Route of the Lamanite Mission. Maps via josephsmithpapers. Other Formats. Printable PDF YouTube Link. Tags Lamanites. Early Church History.