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You can have up to friends and you're allowed to "like" up to pages. You're only allowed to have one personal profile. You can control your visibility with the privacy settings. Groups are for people who share a common interest. Group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs and invite members who are friends to group events.

Breaking Facebook rules may result in having your page shutdown without notice. Be familiar with the TOS. Keep in mind that TOS may change without noticed as we recently saw with the Cover image rules. By using the Page and Post Export option in your Facebook Page insights, you will have valuable data to help you understand how people use your Page and what works best for your business. Facebook insights can provide valuable data to help you measure your Page success.

Keep track of your numbers and adjust accordingly! Facebook Help section can provide valuable information and is often underused. If you're stuck, visit the help section first!

11 essential social media tips for small business

Respond to ALL comments and make sure your settings under Manage Permissions allows for people to post on your Page and your Page has turned on "messages", so that people can send you private messages. To increase your Page visibility, you need to tell people about it. Don't forget to link your personal Profile to your Page. Promote your Page on:. It's becoming clear that Facebook ads are no longer an option for businesses. Include Facebook ads to your marketing budget to help increase your Likes, engagement, visibility, promote events, market your products or services, etc.

Promotional content includes selling your products or services, posting about how great your customer find your business unless your clients post it directly on your wall , showing your work or portfolio, promotion of your accomplishments, etc. Relevant Content. Provide a mix of content related to your products or services.

All too often we see Pages that post about random topics that are totally unrelated to their business. Don't stray too far off your topic! What's In It for Them? Whenever you post to your page, remember that your page visitors want to know "what's in it for them". Be mindful of the content your post on your page to make sure you provide value to your visitors and fans. Most Facebook users Like pages to:. Don't put all your eggs in Facebook's basket!

Facebook can be a great marketing tool, but it still needs to be supported by other channels. Follow Genevieve Lachance on Twitter. The must-read news, updates, and insights into all things social media marketing. Search x.

Top 10 Must Read Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Business Page

An article from. Author By Genevieve Lachance vasimpleservice. Share it post share tweet. Here are 10 tips you can use to run a successful Facebook Business Page: 1.

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Find the Answers Why: Why should you be on Facebook? To create content your audience will actually read and use, it helps to never stop learning about their interests, needs, and fears. In addition to reading their tweets and engaging directly with them, you can also use apps like Trendspottr to find and share trending content. Mix up the length of tweets, and remember to use a URL shortener like Ow.

You curate content when you sort through the massive amount of content online and share the best of it with your followers in an organized, meaningful way. At Hootsuite, we share the best content we find with our followers using the hashtag ChoiceContent. For tips on incorporating content curation into your overall strategy, see our guide to using curated content on Twitter. Hashtags ensure that your content is being seen by as many followers as possible. Hashtags enable you to classify content so that your tweets are grouped with other relevant Twitter content.

This helps other Twitter users find your content easily, just as it can help you find influencers and others in your industry. The popularity—and effectiveness—of multimedia continues its meteoric rise on social media. A survey of Twitter users found that the majority 82 percent watch video content on Twitter, and that users want to see more videos from celebrities, other users, and brands. You might tweet out videos your organization has created, retweet relevant video content your audience would find valuable, or explore ways to share real-time video on Twitter.

Include relevant images to catch the eye of your community and encourage engagement. Ah, GIFs. With users sharing over million GIFS on Twitter in , they can be a great option for adding some relevant fun to your tweets. And for a wealth of ideas, you can check out our GIF guide for social media marketers. TacoEmojiEngine pic. According to Wiselytics, a tweet has a half-life of just 24 minutes and reaches 75 percent of its potential engagement in less than three hours.

That means you need to tweet at the right time to reach the most potential followers and maximize engagement. We recommend tweeting at least once a day to attract and engage Twitter followers.

Experiment with posting more than that, and then pay attention to how your followers react to find the frequency that works best for you. Research has shown that the best posting times are generally 12 p. Consider posting at these times in your initial strategy, then flesh out your schedule as you learn more about what times get the best results with your followers. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your Twitter messages manually or in bulk, and you can even set up Hootsuite to automatically post at optimal times.

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But without engagement, your follower number is just that—a number. From the start, Twitter has been designed to help people connect and engage on a personal level. Use that strength to your advantage and engage daily with your audience.

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  5. Vote now and watch our Periscope tomorrow! Keep listening for opportunities and pain points. Measuring your Twitter marketing results allows you to evaluate your success, see what kind of content your community engages with, and shows you opportunities for areas to further refine your Twitter strategy. Here are a few ways to get the data you need:. Twitter Analytics gives you an overview of how your tweets are performing, who is engaging and when, influencers in your network, and metrics for individual tweets.

    The complete guide to social media for small business

    You can tag tweets connected to campaigns or events, then track, analyze, and report on their performance. As great as your social media strategy may be, there are times when it makes sense to supplement your organic efforts with paid advertising to achieve your objectives on Twitter. Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to show thought leadership in your field while building advocacy, loyalty, and community. Using a shared hashtag, users meet online to catch up on industry news, discuss issues, and share ideas. To learn more, see our step-by-step guide on how to run a Twitter chat.

    Here at Hootsuite, we engage with our community through HootChat , our weekly Twitter chat. We collaborate with influencers in the industry and encourage questions and discussion with our Twitter community.

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    5. What are some tips to writing engaging captions? HootChat pic. Given the exploding popularity of video on social media, adding live video to your Twitter strategy is definitely a promising area to explore. In , they opened the tool to everyone on mobile, and marketers have been using it to round up recipes, collaborate with influencers, and even create fan recaps for TV series. From serious to silly , Twitter Moments offer new ways to put Twitter to work for your business.

      With 67 percent of customers in the U. Whether you use your primary Twitter account or a devoted one for support will depend on the size of your organization and the type of support you offer. You could do worse than to follow the example of our favorite brands leading the way in social customer support. So sorry, Lia. Mind sending us a DM with your contact info and the ingredients you need? Thank you!

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      Use Hootsuite to execute your Twitter marketing plan alongside all your other social media activity. From a single dashboard you can monitor conversations, grow your followers, schedule tweets, and much more. Try it free today. Get Started.