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Signs around the room remind the handful of workers employed there which states allow them to deduct a fee and which offer the service for free.

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In Pennsylvania, the first state where JPay accepted money orders by mail, executives were surprised to see the number of money orders plunge by two-thirds in the first two months, Chief Financial Officer Mark Silverman explained in a brief interview. To impress state corrections officials and gain their business, JPay spends heavily on industry conventions attended by agency heads with contracting authority. The company has hired registered lobbyists in at least seven states.

Needles gives generously to Republican candidates and also lobbies for for-profit universities. That effort was not successful. JPay was founded in , just as the U. Shortly thereafter, as the economy went into recession, state budgets were squeezed and officials looked more aggressively for ways to cut spending on prisons. Already, private vendors had stepped in with a solution: They would charge prisoners sky-high prices for phone services, snack foods, hygiene products and clothing, then return a large cut back to the prisons — often 40 percent or more.

Shapiro was the first entrepreneur to see how financial services might provide another stream of revenue.

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For a fee, he offered to deliver cash in ways that saved time and effort for corrections agencies, and often to give them a portion of the proceeds, just as the phone and commissary companies were doing. Ten years later, he said, all of them were asking companies to submit bids for the work.

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Most states, including Virginia, now contract with JPay or its main competitor under a master agreement negotiated by Nevada in on behalf of a multi-state consortium. Participating states can simply sign on to the deal with one or both of the companies without the hassle of separately determining the best company for the job. JPay is protected from other market forces, as well. When states offer its music players and tablet computers for sale to inmates, they often confiscate radios that people already own, according to inmates in Ohio.

Jones was not a fan of the system. The earliest he may be released is , when his mother will be 87 years old.

Prisoners could earn release through education

He says companies that provide other services to inmates, such as phones and commissary, are the real problem. The commission capped rates for many calls under its authority to ensure that pay-phone rates are just, fair and reasonable. There is a crucial difference: The telephone industry is closely regulated by the FCC, which has explicit authority to set rates for pay-phone calls.

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Financial and consumer protection regulators have less power over pricing. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can sue companies for offering unfair, deceptive or abusive financial services. The bureau declined more than a dozen requests to discuss specific issues related to prison financial services. The actions were not designed to disrupt its business, according to the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, a trade group that represents these regulators in Washington. He says he feels trapped by the structure of the industry he has come to dominate.

Yet Shapiro says he is satisfied to compete within what he admits is a broken system, even if the system may be punishing some innocent family members. For many families, JPay has become that system. In a series of interviews it became clear that Shapiro was unaware of some of the fees related to his business. Applicants can identify in their cover letter. This job is being offered through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Applicants must be between 15 and Email resume and cover letter to booksbeyondbars gmail. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to move our library from its current space to a new space by Friday, February 8th.

This is all very short notice and there will be a huge amount of work involved in this move.

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In the next 10 days, we need to pack up our entire library and move it to a new space, or an interim temporary storage location. Our library has been in its current space for over a decade and is made up of thousands of books, from popular fiction and non-fiction to local authors and self-published works.

Please be in touch with us via email booksbeyondbars gmail. There are a lot of women inside right now and everyone is so grateful for your book donations. A big thank you to those people, places of worship and organizations who have been mailing us books as well! We so appreciate your support. Thank you to everyone who donated books to our October book sale and bought books during the event. We are grateful for the support of our community, which allows us to run impactful programming on such a small budget. Hi friends and supporters of BBB—thank you again for your continued support of our programming.

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It really is appreciated by the women on the inside. With the help of our supporters thank you! We will have a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction, arranged into sections for easy shopping. You're in Prison. You're in Prison 4. Add To Cart. Product Description: This book is about what happens when someone is sent to prison. Related Titles:. Mugged 4.

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