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Unfortunately the Selaesori Qhoran , the ship Mormont hires to take them to Volantis , is waylaid by slavers, and he, Tyrion and Penny are sold at markets in the shadow of Meereen, claiming to be an entertainment act. From there, Tyrion sneaks his way to the camp of the Second Sons , led by Brown Ben Plumm , and pledges his sword to them as another step in getting closer to Daenerys. Though Victarion has few chapters in this novel, they reveal that he has been given possession of Euron's dragon-binding horn.

He also comes across a red priest, Moqorro who was last seen on Tyrion's ship, being washed overboard not long before the slavers attacked. Moqorro brings Victarion to believe in R'hllor , the Lord of Light, by demonstrating his power, and claims to know how to use the dragon horn safely.

Victarion's men call the priest the "Black Flame" after "Moqorro" proves too difficult for them to pronounce. He has a parchment signed by Ser Willem Darry many years ago, establishing that his elder sister Arianne Martell is to wed Prince Viserys Targaryen when he comes of age; it is Prince Doran's wish that Quentyn and Daenerys stand in place of their deceased elder siblings in this matter.

Alas, he arrives too late, finding Dany about to enter into a political marriage see below , and is then left in a bad position when her new husband tries to have her poisoned—a tactic notorious to Quentyn's uncle Oberyn Martell. In a last-ditch effort to prove his worth, Quentyn visits Dany's two dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal , and attempts to tame them.

He dies of his burns three days later. Connington and Prince Aegon never arrive at Meereen. They have hired the Golden Company , a group of sellswords made exclusively of Westerosi exiles. Once in their company, Aegon shows that he has listened to Tyrion's counsel during their time together despite Tyrion admonishing him to trust no one, "especially me" : he suggests attacking Westeros now, establishing a beachhead which Daenerys can later reinforce.

He too seeks Daenerys's hand, and too is keenly aware that he must have something worthwhile to offer her besides his own bloodline as her nephew. The first conquest is of Griffin's Roost , Connington's former seat, which is a relief to the exiled lord as he has contracted a terminal disease, greyscale , in his travels. Their main target is Storm's End , the siege of which Aegon proposes to lead himself.

Unlike the symbolism of Quaithe's other references, the "pale mare" is a literal horse, carrying a refugee from Astapor. He too brings a gift: plague ; by coincidence or not, those who contract it are said to be "riding the pale mare. On the advice of her councilors, Daenerys marries Hizdahr zo Loraq , a leading noble who is able to pacify the Sons of the Harpy and broker a cease-fire between Meereen and her aggressors, which include Volantis , Qarth and Yunkai; however, she gives in to her attraction to Daario Naharis before the ceremony.

She also locks Viserion and Rhaegal away to keep them from eating anyone, but is unable to capture Drogon , who escapes into the wild. As part of her wedding feast, Daenerys goes against her own wishes and allows the fighting pits of Meereen to reopen, and is present for the first slave-gladiator games Daenerys leaps into Drogon's back and the two fly away, leaving Meereen largely in the hands of Ser Barristan Selmy , who takes over not only the rulership but narration. Selmy, as viewpoint character, becomes convinced that Hizdahr was trying to poison Daenerys—a sweetmeat he offered her turned out to almost kill Strong Belwas when he ate them instead--and is able to organize a coup, but his attempts to re-broker a peace fail, and the war begins in earnest.

The final chapter aside from the epilogue is Daenerys's, as she attempts to return on foot to Meereen from a hill in the southern reaches of the Dothraki sea , which Drogon has taken for his haunt, only to be encountered by the khalasar of Khal Jhaqo as the novel ends. A few chapters deal with the fate of a trainee in the House of Black and White , a girl formerly known as Arya Stark , currently blind. It is revealed that her blindness is yet another step in her training and is maintained by a potion she is given every night; she refuses an antidote, knowing that to yield is to be released from her training.

After passing the blind portion of her regimen and successfully orchestrating the assassination of a hated insurance agent, she is officially advanced in her training. Blackwood is the final bannerman of Robb Stark 's still under arms, but yields once presented with someone to surrender to with whom he has not had a lifelong feud. That night, Brienne of Tarth arrives at Jaime's campsite, claiming to have found one of the Stark girls: "I can take you to her, ser Elsewise, the Hound will kill her.

Her motivation in this lie has yet to be explained. Presumably, however, given her actions at the end of A Feast for Crows , she is leading him to Lady Stoneheart. Doran reveals to his late brother Oberyn 's mistress, Ellaria Sand , and his daughters Nymeria , Tyene and Obara , that he has convinced Princess Myrcella to lie about the events of Princess Ariannel 's botched queenmaking attempt, in which the Kingsguard knight Ser Arys Oakheart was slain and Myrcella herself injured by Ser Gerold Dayne , the Darkstar.

Since Myrcella lost an ear to him to begin with, she has agreed to claim that the Darkstar slew Oakheart as well. Doran has also decided to deny Cersei Lannister 's request that his own son Trystane return to King's Landing with Myrcella, as an ambush has been planned in Tyrion Lannister 's name that would result in Trystane's death.

He dispatches Nym and Tyene instead, one to take up his small council seat and the other to join the Great Sept, thus giving him eyes and ears in the capital. After a period of enforced sleeplessness, she confesses to the High Septon on the charges of fornication and incest with Lancel , though not to adultery nor the slaying of King Robert. This gains her the right to receive visitors, particularly Ser Kevan Lannister , who reveals the news of Myrcella's injury and Ser Arys Oakheart's death in Dorne. Cersei is relieved: this allows her to name Qyburn 's silent champion Ser Robert Strong to the Kingsguard in Oakheart's place, giving her a chance to win a trial by combat.

Eventually she is released to the Red Keep to spend time with her son before her trial Finally, the epilogue closes the novel with the viewpoint of Ser Kevan Lannister , the late Tywin's staunchest supporter, and current regent in light of Cersei's judicial troubles. After supping with Cersei and King Tommen , and noting his niece's now-broken spirit, he is called to Grand Maester Pycelle 's quarters to receive a white raven from the Citadel at Oldtown , a traditional sign that winter has come.

There he finds Pycelle dead, and is then himself assassinated by Varys for "threatening to undo all the queen's good work, to reconcile Highgarden and Casterly Rock , bind the Faith to your little king, unite the Seven Kingdoms under Tommen's rule. Martin offered glimpses of the book at several times between and Published promotionally by Bantam: [7] [8].

When the fourth novel in the series, A Feast for Crows , was published it was missing many of its key characters. This was because the book had gotten far too large to publish as one volume. Rather than simply split it in half and publish it as 'Part 1' and 'Part 2', Martin decided to split the book by character and location. This decision was apparently inspired by a conversation with Martin's friend and fellow writer Daniel Abraham.

Characters in the North and across the sea were held back for A Dance with Dragons. Arya Stark and Asha Greyjoy will appear in both volumes. Approximately one-third of the published A Dance with Dragons consists of material that had been written for the pre-split A Feast for Crows , although much of this has been rewritten by Martin. Martin also promised to try and include some 'catch-up' chapters at the end of the novel to reveal what happened to some of that novel's characters after the cliffhanger endings of A Feast for Crows , such as Sansa Stark , Brienne of Tarth , and Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

A second form of split occurred involving A Dance with Dragons ; while the book has been originally published as a single volume in the middle of , starting around March of many English language editions were designed as two volumes a similar decision to that taken in A Storm of Swords. The first half of these split editions are subtitled Dreams and Dust , while the second half received the subtitle After the Feast , supposedly because they include chapters that happen chronologically after the end of A Feast for Crows.

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