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Dwight Goddard. In Woods of God Realization. Swami Rama Tirtha. Sreechinth C. Swami Saradeshananda. Nama Mahima. Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust. Then one can see the enemy in the friend and the friend in the enemy. When one can recognize poison in nectar and nectar in the poison, that is the time when death and life become one too.

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Opposites no more remain opposites before one. That is called mental purification. And those who come to this stage are the living sages. T he third field of mental purification is to identify oneself with what one is not. By this one purifies one's mind from impressions of one's own false identity. I will give as an example the story of a sage in India.

The story begins by saying that a young man in his youth asked his mother, who was a peasant-woman living in a village, "What is the best occupation, mother? She answered, "I do not know whether it is practical or not, but they say in the solitude, in the forest. And once or twice in between he came to see his mother. Sometimes his patience was exhausted, his heart broken. S ometimes he was disappointed in not funding God. And each time the mother sent him back with stronger advice. At the third visit he said, "Now I have been there a long time.

S o he went to see a teacher. And there were many pupils learning under that teacher. Every pupil had a little room to himself for meditation, and this pupil also was told to go into a certain room to meditate. The teacher asked, "Is there anything you love in the world? He said, "I love the cow in our house. A ll the other pupils came and went, and sat in their room for fifteen minutes for a little meditation; then they got tired and went away; but this young man remained sitting there from the time the teacher had told him.

After some time the teacher asked, "Where is he? He must be in his room. T he teacher went himself and opened the door and there he saw the pupil sitting in meditation, fully absorbed in it. And when the teacher called him by name, he answered in the sound of the cow. The teacher said, "Come out. You are meditating on God and you do not know where God is, but he is meditating on the cow and he has become the cow; he has lost his identity. He has identified himself with the object on which he meditates. A ll the difficulty in our life is that we cannot come out of a false conception. I will give another example.

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Once I was trying to help a person who was ill, who had had rheumatism for twenty years. This woman was in bed; she could not move her joints.

I came to her and told her, "Now you will do this and I will come again in two weeks' time. And I said, "In six weeks I will come back. Nevertheless her patience was not so great as it ought to have been. O ne day she was lying in bed and thought, "Can I ever be cured?

For her to see her own well-being was impossible, she could not imagine that she would ever be quite well; she could not believe her eyes that her joints were moving; she could not believe it. P eople can be well in their bodies but not in their minds. Very often they hold on to an illness which they could get rid of. And the same thing happens with misery. People who are conscious of misery attract miseries. They are their own misery. It is not that misfortune is interested in them, but that they are interested in misfortune. Misfortune does not choose people; people choose misfortune.

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They hold that thought and that thought becomes their own. When a person is convinced that he is going downward, he goes downward; his thought is helping him to sink. T herefore the third aspect of mental purification is to be able to identify oneself with something else. The Sufis have their own way of teaching it. Very often one holds the idea of one's spiritual teacher; and with that idea one gains the knowledge and inspiration and power that the spiritual teacher has.

It is just like a heritage. The man who cannot concentrate so much as to forget himself and go deep into the subject on which he concentrates, will not succeed in mastering concentration. T he fourth mental purification is to free oneself from a form and have the sense of the abstract. Everything suggests to the eye a form, everything; even so much that if the name of a person whom one has never seen is mentioned, one makes a form of him. Even such things as fairies and spirits and angels, as soon as they are mentioned, are always pictured in a certain form.

This is a hindrance to attaining the presence of the formless; and therefore this mental purification is of very great importance. Its purpose is to be able to think of an idea without form. No doubt this is only attained by great concentration and meditation, but once it is attained it is most satisfactory. A nd the fifth way is to be able to repose one's mind. In other words to relax the mind. I magine, after having toiled for the whole day, how much the body stands in need of rest; how much more then must the mind stand in need of rest!

The mind works much faster than the body; naturally the mind is much more tired than the body. And not every person knows how to rest his mind and therefore the mind never has a rest. And then what happens after a while is that the mind becomes feeble; it loses memory, the power of action; it loses reason. The worst effects are mostly brought about by not giving the mind proper repose. If such infirmities as doubt and fear happen to enter the mind, then a person becomes restless, he can never find rest. For at night the mind continues on the track of the same impressions.

S imple as it seems to be, very few know the resting of the mind and how wonderful it is in itself. And what power, what inspiration, comes as a reaction from it, and what peace does one experience by it, and how it helps the body and mind! The spirit is renewed once the mind has had its rest. T he first step towards the resting of the mind is the relaxation of the body. If one is able to relax one's muscular and nervous system at will, then the mind is automatically refreshed. Besides that, one must be able to cast away anxiety, worries, doubts, and fears by the power of will, putting oneself in a restful state; this will be accomplished by the help of proper breathing.

G reat magnetism is produced by having stilled and purified the mind. And the lack of it causes lack of magnetism. The presence of those whose mind is not purified and stilled becomes a source of unrest for others as well as for themselves. And they attract little because the power of attraction is lost; everyone is fired by their presence, and their atmosphere causes uneasiness and discomfort.