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You know who the antagonist is from the start, but the procedural work done by these officers in locating and capturing this killer was captivating. Oct 20, Randy Tramp rated it it was amazing. Detective Jason Strong must hunt down a serial killer whose signature is a wine glass. Then someone to Jason is targeted. Dalglish is an excellent writer. The characters are interesting, causing the reader to like them. The antagonists murdered women because of something that happened to him in his youth. The plot gripped me. Tension and humor mixed making the story balanced.

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I loved it. I look forward to the next book in this clean series. I love these mini books. They may be short, but they pack a punch of mystery and thriller for the readers that are into that genre. The characters of the detectives, Jason and Vanessa, are well developed. The dialogue flows smoothly and is believable. I enjoyed the plots and will move on to book three. This series is free for me through Kindle Unlimited. Jan 24, Orion rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , ebook , Another fun story. I'm loving the characters. On to book 3! Some more technical details for you.

SAPD doesn't hire from other Academies. You must attend their Academy. They will get you into most PDs, but not the major city PDs. Southwest Gen Hos. Excellent series; endearing characters; great reads. | John C. Dalglish

Don't bully in high school! Being grabbed by a perpetrator is everyone's fear. That is what is so gripping about this tale. The dialogue is good. The main characters are good, but most of all the increasing intensity is what makes this a good read and probably would be a good tv show! Another good read. I was hooked by the first paragraph. The feeling never left me till the end. These books are not too long and sometimes not long enough, you don't want them to end. Looking forward to the next one. Great I like this authors style of writing. It flows through the story and paints a picture of the characters and the action.

Good read Good story. Would recommend to any one who likes a good murder mystery. I like a fast read. Get it now. Jan 17, Karen Byers rated it liked it. The suspense is very good, but the characters come off a little cheesy. Great Stayed up to finish. Couldn't put it down till i knew what happed to Vanessa!!

Cant wait to read next one. Oct 12, Matthew Cousens rated it really liked it. Another solid, quick read. Nov 03, Kelly rated it liked it. For being a very short novel, it is pretty good. Sep 23, Kim Bishop rated it it was amazing. I loved every aspect of this book. I listened to the audiobook, and thought that Paul Heitsch did an excellent job. Especially because as he read the female characters parts, he didn't give them the "Minnie Mouse" voice, nicely done Paul! The story line was very exciting, Detectives Jason and Vanessa trying to find a serial killer on the loose.

The latest victim survives and the detectives are able to piece the killers identity together with her help, but will it be in time to save the killer's I loved every aspect of this book. The latest victim survives and the detectives are able to piece the killers identity together with her help, but will it be in time to save the killer's newest victim?? It was definitely a thrill ride to walk through the investigation with two very likeable characters such as Jason and Vanessa. This book is part of a series, and I did not read or listen to the first one.

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It seems that this book can stand alone because I did not feel like I was missing any pieces to a puzzle when listening to it. I just finished this book and had to take a minute to catch my breath. This one is the 2nd in the Det. Jason Strong series and it's as good if not better than the first one. Great suspense story. A serial killer is on the loose and his victims fit a certain profile.

Too late they discover that Det. Strong's partner fits the profile so it's a race to find this guy before he kills his latest victim. This author can really tell a story and keep you glued to the end. My heart is still pounding. I ca I just finished this book and had to take a minute to catch my breath. I can't wait till his next book comes out. Now I have to figure out how to sleep tonight. Maybe I should read a cheesy romance novel next. Nah, I do love my suspense thrillers, and this one is another winner from John Dalglish! View 1 comment. Okay I am definitely hooked!

This series by John Dalglish is absolutely addicting. He has proven that you can write an interesting book without using the famous four letter words and without including explicit sexual encounters by the characters in the book. I am very impressed and definitely hooked on reading this series. Thank you Mr Dalglish for writing a truly enjoyable series of well written fiction. I have actually recommended your books to my grandchildren that are in high sch Okay I am definitely hooked!

I have actually recommended your books to my grandchildren that are in high school. Honestly these books would be acceptable reading for junior high school as well. By the way, I was more than halfway through this story before I figured out who the 'bad guy' actually was. Looking forward to reading the next book. I like this second story in the Jason Strong Detective series. They are well written and you don't have to worry about bad language or stupid sex scenes.

Norman has a port wine birthmark on his face and it something that causes him to get teased and picked on. He finally works up the courage to ask a girl out and she laughs in his face along with her girlfriends who over hear the conversation. Jason is on the hunt for a serial killer who leaves his victims naked, leaning on a tree and holding a bl I like this second story in the Jason Strong Detective series.

Jason is on the hunt for a serial killer who leaves his victims naked, leaning on a tree and holding a bloodstained wineglass.

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When his partner becomes a part of the case he is racing against time to solve these cases. As always, I never get into plot details for fear of spoiling anything about the book. I will say that Dalglish spins a thrilling tale with complelling characters and page turning action.

I give it four out of five stars. On to book 3. I almost forgot that my favorite thing about this book series is that there is NO foul language or sex. That's a big plus for me. Jul 28, Stacy Boyles rated it really liked it. This story begins right where Where's My Son? Detective Jason Strong is the link between the two stories. This story was as good as the first one and kept me on edge till the end. I listened to it on audio and really liked the narrator. He has a nice voice and handles the different characters well. I am so excited because I checked and there are several more books by Dalglish.

I will definitely read them all. What a short and exciting story! Well played. There were a few technical issues that probably needed looked at, like being off being in a forest alone and not hearing two lumberjack guys romping through the forest with chainsaws and even dropping them.


I would also say as a police officer with the slightest hunch that a partner was in trouble an address check would be done to send even a single patrolman in the area that direction. Exciting to the end however! Jan 31, Ryan rated it it was amazing. Jason and Vanessa are in a race to stop this guy before he creates any more "collections". Jason and Vanessa have returned with a case that will test their faith and their partnership. The homeless of San Antonio are dying, but apparently from natural causes. Captain Patton is ordered to make sure these cases are not homicide, so he gets with Lieutenant Banks, and requests her best detectives.

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Jason and Vanessa are back with a new case, and this one pushes them to the limit. Clues are being left at the scene of the homicides but they can't figure out the meaning. Frustration mounts, as does the number of victims, but the detectives won't give up. Will they figure it out too late, or are they smarter than the killer gives them credit for. A bizarre discovery will thrust Jason and Vanessa into the middle of a high profile cold case, and with the temperature now red hot, they must rush to solve it and save a young girl's life.

DEADLY OBSESSION (Clean Mystery Suspense) (Detective Jason Strong Mysteries Book 13)

New partners and old-fashion police work, along with a little luck, are needed to help stop a killer before he can dig another fresh grave. Jason and Vanessa are back with a new case and a big problem. They have a body but can't find the suspect, who may turn out to be another victim. Only through solid detective work will they come to understand the magnitude of the situation and how many more are suffering through the experience of being hostages.

Wedding day arrives for Lieutenant Banks, and the whole gang is enjoying themselves. Jason is the lone detective on duty, and before the night is over, he must leave the celebration. The scene he finds himself at is the opposite of where he just came from. A cold-blooded murder without any apparent motive, and very little in the way of evidence.

Just a group of friends who can't understand why one of their own is suddenly gone. Events will conspire to push Jason and Vanessa's partnership like never before. Lives are lost and futures changed in a mystery that won't come together. Jason and Vanessa are back with a new lieutenant and a new case. With the discovery of a young woman's body on a greenway trail, the detectives are thrown into a desperate search for a killer.

A call sends Jason and Torres out into the early morning darkness. What they find will be their worst nightmare. Identification of the body, and the discovery of who the caller was, will send Jason down a dark path of suspicion, accusations, and fear. Ultimately, he must prove things are not as they seem, and more importantly, remove his own Shadow of Doubt.


The discovery of a young woman's naked body sends Jason out to a disturbing scene. What he finds is a case with no shortage of twists and a growing list of suspects. Vanessa is back, and together they'll struggle to sort through the wreckage of a fatal affair. The body of a young woman is found tossed like trash on the side of the interstate. In their search for the killer, Jason and Vanessa are thrown into the unfamiliar world of big rigs and over-the-road truckers.

With an ever changing suspect list, they find themselves racing to catch a monster who is driven to kill. Jason and Vanessa are called out to a robbery where political connections are complicating an already tense situation. The case quickly takes an ominous turn, and they must find a missing girl before it's too late. Jason Strong Detective 18 books in series. Where's My Son? Publisher's Summary. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free. Cancel anytime.

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