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City Boy - City Boy (1976) (Full Album)

After these first two novels, which seem to take place in elaborately embroidered floating worlds not quite our own, White turned toward the more autobiographical novels and straight-up memoirs that made his name. After that success, he left New York to live in Paris for many years. The prose tends toward the straightforward; sex is mentioned but rarely described in detail; and if White is sometimes slightly cranky about, say, the state of literature today or certain eminent artistic closet cases Jasper Johns, Sontag, Cy Twombly, Elizabeth Bishop et al.

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His losses and struggles, as a consequence, seem less sculpted, but more real. By 30, he already felt he was too old for the scene in the back rooms and piers, though he apparently managed to drag himself there nonetheless. They were offered a recording contract by Phonogram on the condition that they change their name from "Back In the Band" and add drums and electric guitar. Lange became the seventh member of the band, helping Chris Dunn hone his bass guitar skills and assisting with City Boy's vocal harmonies.

Their breakthrough came in with their hit song "5. Their subsequent album was named Book Early.


The "5. This album marked an early recording appearance by Huey Lewis , who played harmonica on the second track "It's Only the End of the World".

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Afterwards, Broughton and Dunn two of the original members left the band, and City Boy released Heads Are Rolling as a quartet in The soft rock track "Speechless" made the band briefly popular in the Philippines. Their final album, It's Personal from , failed to attract any attention. Unable to secure a contract with any of the major companies, the band split up in The first four of City Boy's albums were released and distributed by Vertigo Records , part of Phonogram.

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Their debut album, Mark I, was released three years later. Their first single, "Hap-Ki-Do," reached number 32 on the British charts. Kent was replaced by Roy Ward in , shortly before the band embarked on a four-month tour of the United States as opening act for Hall and Oates. Although they signed with Atlantic for U. Despite moving to New York State, the band began to splinter with the departure of Broughton and Chris. Shortly after releasing a single on their own City Boy label in , the group disbanded.

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Apple Music Preview. Sign Out. Sign In. Try It Now. City Boy View on Apple Music. Top Songs See All. It's Only the End of the World.