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Required Courses 21 Credits 21 Credits 3. Elective Courses 9 Credits 18 Credits 4. Thesis 15 Credits - 5. Sampling design, questionnaire design, interview, and experiment, Management and analysis for quantitative or qualitative data at basic and intermediate levels. It approaches negotiation as a managerial tool used to influence one's peers, superiors, subordinates, suppliers, customers, labor unions, government agencies, trade associations and other entities.

Negotiation is simply a tool that managers use to accomplish their objectives.

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The course covers different frameworks for effective negotiation strategy and makes extensive use of case studies and role plays to develop knowledge and skills in negotiation. Project Management Project management is an essential skill for modern managers operating in a dynamic environment where change is achieved through project implementation. The Project Management course explores all aspects of project management throughout the entire cycle including activities in selection, definition, initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, completion, and post-implementation review.

Students use a project management information system to support their project management activities. On completion students have developed an understanding of project management and have acquired practical experience of the entire project cycle. Matriculation - 35, 35, 35, 35, 35, , 2. Entrance Fee 38, - - - - - 38, 3. Tuition Fee 1 - 43, 43, 43, 43, 43, , Total Academic Expenses 38, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, , Remark 1. All students are required to achieve at least 45 credits. Current Student. Map and Directions. Campus Life. CMMU Intranet. Library Services.

This course provides further instruction and practice in the principles taught in COMM It concentrates on more sophisticated forms of written communication: the job application package, indirect correspondence, and reports. The course might also include modules on graphics, questionnaires, telephone techniques, and organizing and running meetings. Prerequisites: COMM Presents a challenging overview of the workings of an economy.

Stresses measurement and determination of national economic activity, the role of monetary and fiscal policy, and the understanding of inflation, unemployment and growth in an international environment. Prepares students to weigh political and economic issues as they relate to their business ventures.

This course focuses on the context of accounting and the use of accounting information for decision making, planning, and control. The course will consider how differences and changes in the internal operating conditions and in the external political-economic environment can affect a manager's resource allocation decisions.

Topics include incremental analysis, short- and long-run decision-making and financial analysis. Presents an overview of promotional strategies: advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, event marketing, publicity, trade shows, and public relations. Intended for those pursuing a concentrated marketing program. Examines those areas of promotion on the basis of where each fits in the promotional mix and when you should best use them. This course provides the fundamental skills, tools and processes of professional selling.

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Through experiential exercises, practical applications and discussions students develop, deliver and evaluate a wide range of selling methods and presentations. This course also covers the topics of: business intelligence, customer relationship management, sales psychology, sales technologies and ethical issues in selling. Includes descriptive statistics, including numerical and graphical presentation of data, measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary probability, index numbers and time series. Introduction to inferential statistics through selected topics such as sampling, confidence limits of the mean, hypotheses testing and simple linear regression.

Spreadsheets are used for calculations. The purpose of the course is to give the student an appreciation of the role of finance in business and industry and an understanding of the inter-relationships between finance and the other functional aspects of business. This course concentrates on using complex formulas, charts and graphs, database lists and the consolidation of worksheet data within Excel to solve spreadsheet management tasks, and to manage data and lists. As well, students will learn how to use Powerpoint to create advanced, professional presentations.

Students will also be provided with a general overview of contact management and scheduling software. Teaches the practical skills required to successfully launch a new venture with emphasis on how to assess new business opportunities, compose a business plan and obtain the necessary financing. Prerequisites: MKTG This marketing research course will explore research tools and techniques needed to execute various marketing research projects. Emphasis will be on how marketing research fits into the strategic planning process; conducting situation analyses and exploratory research; identifying and locating sources of secondary data including Internet and other online resources; evaluating and selecting appropriate methods for conducting primary research; designing data gathering tools; conducting effective survey fieldwork; and tabulating, analyzing and reporting of primary research findings.

You will be required to complete a major multi-method marketing research project. Builds on the basic selling skills acquired previously and develops analytical, negotiating and conflict resolution skills that are required in complex selling situations. Students will be exposed to the use of industry standard tools and techniques. The unique Self Employment course puts the student in the place of an entrepreneur with a new idea, and teaches the student how to build the idea into a business. The course covers the basics of starting a business, from idea assessment to insurance, in a step by step manner.

At the end of the course, the student will be prepared to pursue a detailed checklist of steps to create a new business venture. Through projects, individual research and case studies, students will learn to analyze foreign operating environments to determine market potential, develop market entry strategies and create appropriate marketing mixes.

An emphasis will be placed on the role of international marketing in the overall growth and strategies of a domestic firm. The course takes the student on a journey through several different industries to transfer the skills necessary to analyse and market new product or service concepts. Focuses on the practical skills used in the growth company environment by a manager or entrepreneur. Identifies the strategic options facing a growing business, while providing practical solutions.

Topics will include all aspects of managing, marketing, operating and administering the venture during this critical stage. Acts as a showcase for students to demonstrate and develop their skills, conducting projects for actual entrepreneurial ventures.


Students work in a wide range of companies for two days a week in term 4B. Students will work off-campus one day a week on a major project related to their marketing field of study. This project typically relates to a specific client company and is carried out under the guidance of assigned faculty members. Internet Marketing continues to play an increasingly important role in the success of every organization. Marketing students need to understand how to develop and implement online marketing strategies and tactics in this constantly evolving digital world.

The course covers internet-specific strategy development and marketing campaign planning and execution in many areas including, but not limited to: website design, search engine optimization, paid search, advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing and online lead generation. This course will provide students with the required knowledge to build online marketing campaigns to increase customer acquisition, conversion, retention and growth.

The course culminates in a final capstone project, in which students will build an Internet Marketing Plan for an actual business. Provides an overview of current issues facing entrepreneurs. Annual subject matter shifts as do the issues covered by the course. Provides students with a multi-dimensional learning environment through lectures, readings, discussions, and business strategy simulation exercises. The role and importance of planning and information for strategic decision-making is the underlying precept. Simulations are intended for application of knowledge and practical experience.

This course demands that students draw heavily from marketing expertise gained in previous courses. This course integrates concepts learned throughout the Marketing Management program. You will use strategic analysis to evaluate opportunities, develop strategy, make business decisions and evaluate outcomes, ultimately applying these concepts to prepare a formal marketing plan.

The role and importance of strategic development and planning for marketing decision-making is an underlying precept. Learning activities include lectures, discussion, case studies, research, and business simulation software. Introduces the fundamentals of project management. Includes the unique characteristics of projects and fundamentals of project planning using techniques such as WBS, Gantt charts, CPM, maintenance and control of projects using check points and milestones, communication, and common sources of difficulty in project management.

This course includes the use of MS Project, in order to familiarize students with typical PM software aids. Note: This program is completing a curriculum assessment. Some courses may be revised, added or deleted during the academic year. Do you want to know if they transfer to courses here at BCIT? In order to be eligible to continue into the second year of the marketing management program a student must have successfully completed all required first year courses or equivalencies. If students wish to re-enter the program they must complete the outstanding courses and re-apply to the program.

At the end of the first year of the program, students having failed one course not in Marketing may continue in the program. Their program option will be held if the failed course is successfully completed at BCIT, 10 days prior to the next term start up. If they are completing the courses at another institution then the students must provide proof of registration for the outstanding course no later than 60 calendar days prior to the term start date. An official transcript with the final grade must also be submitted before acceptance into the program option is granted. Students having failed two courses not in Marketing may continue in the program but their program option seat will not be held.

If the failed courses are successfully completed at BCIT before term start up, the student can re-apply to their preferred option. If completing the courses at another institution students must provide proof of registration for the outstanding course s no later than 60 calendar days prior to the term start date. An official transcript with the final grade s must also be submitted before acceptance into the program option is granted.

Students required to reapply for a program option seat in the Marketing Management Program will be competing for a limited number of seats available and are not guaranteed their first option choice. Marketing Management graduates can obtain transfer credit toward business degree programs at a number of universities both within and outside the province. The BCIT student outcomes reports present summary findings from the annual survey of former students administered by BC Stats one to two years after graduation. These reports combine the last three years of available results for the BCIT Outcomes Surveys of graduates and for Degree graduates.

The reports are organized into three-page summaries containing information on graduates' labour market experiences and opinions regarding their education. More detailed information can be accessed at the BC Student Outcomes website. To view these results, you may need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your Web browser.

A BCIT Business Consulting Project provides second year Entrepreneurship students the opportunity to work over a 16 week period with an organization to conduct extensive market research and prepare a marketing plan or business plan.

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management - Entrepreneurship 101 2012/13

Students work in a team of two or three to identify potential opportunities, conduct research, and recommend effective solutions. Students complete a comprehensive written report and present an oral presentation to the sponsoring organization outlining the student team's marketing recommendations and solutions.

Business Consulting Projects are different from traditional co-op and internship programs. Students are not assigned to actual positions, but rather fill a consulting role for businesses and organizations. Each project has a BCIT faculty member that serves as an advisor for the student consulting team. Exit surveys from participating companies show that the completed strategic business solutions have a value that far surpassed their expectations.

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View a complete list of past Business Consulting Projects students have completed in a wide variety of industries. School of Business faculty are industry experts that treat teaching as their main mission. You will learn in the classroom directly from these experienced professionals - there are no teaching assistants. The core courses in the program are taught to Entrepreneurship students by Rick Kroetsch and Brian Giffen, who have over 40 years of combined teaching experience in this field. Both faculty members have received the School of Business Teaching Excellence Award, and regularly work with new and growing ventures as advisors.

We also maintain an active advisory committee to keep the program curriculum current with entrepreneurial trends.

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Please ensure you have reviewed the detailed information on this site, using the navigation to the right, before submitting the form below. As well, if you meet any of the following criteria, please follow the links for more information, instead of sending the form: you are an international student you are looking for financial aid you have already applied and want to check your application status.

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I have read the information above and still have a question I need answered. School of Business. Entrepreneurship Are you enticed by the idea of starting your own business? Do you enjoy finding unique solutions to problems? Does the idea of single-handedly guiding a business to success interest you? Then you might be an entrepreneur. Whether you're looking to start your own business from scratch or expand on an idea you're already working on, this program will train you with hands-on, real-world skills and knowledge. About the program Two-year program Real-world learning with professional entrepreneurs Business consultant project and practicum provide hands-on experience After graduation, transition to the workforce or apply to complete your Bachelor of Business Administration BBA degree at BCIT with full-time or part-time evening courses To learn more about how the Entrepreneurship diploma can turn your idea into a successful enterprise, visit the Program Details page.

Who should apply for the Entrepreneurship Diploma? Entrepreneurship might be right for you if you: Have some work experience Completed high school and have some post-secondary education Have a "big-picture" kind of outlook Enjoy finding creative solutions to problems Have an interest in developing new business ideas and services If any or all of these apply to you, visit the Program Entry page to start training for your entrepreneurial career today.

Your experience matters Do you have work experience or other post-secondary education? If you do, you might qualify for course credits to help speed up your training. Visit our advanced placement page to learn more. What grads can do The Entrepreneurship diploma program gives you a broad base of business knowledge, including specialized training in the development and growth of new products and services. Some graduates of the program start their own company, while others use the intensive training to improve an existing company, whether it's one they created or someone else's.

Because entrepreneurs can focus on the wider picture of businesses and have a strong, general foundation, their training can be applied to almost any industry, helping to protect them from shifts within a certain field that industry-specialists can't avoid. Graduates of the program will be qualified to start their own company, or find work as coordinators, marketing assistants, or potentially managerial roles at organizations locally and globally. To learn more about the career opportunities and other options available to grads, see the Graduating and Jobs page.

International Exchange BCIT offers a number of international exchange opportunities that helps students gain a global perspective of the economy, culture, government, and everyday life of the country they study in. Learn more about international exchange opportunities and international double degrees with internships. Program Entry. Application processing Open to applications beginning November 1st or next business day. Entrance requirements Applicants must meet all entrance requirements and will be accepted on a first qualified basis as long as space remains.

Recommended for success Applicants are urged to attend an information session offered throughout the year. These are free of charge and are open to all to attend. Registration is requested, but not required. Students accepted into this program will be contacted starting in April regarding the completion of a math assessment test. Advanced Placement You may be eligible to apply to an advanced level of the program through either re-admission or direct entry. Visit the Advanced Placement page for details. Transfer Credit Do you have credits from another post-secondary school?

Apply to program The two-year Marketing Management Diploma program shares a common first year of core business subjects. BCIT accepts only complete applications. In order to apply: Include proof of meeting all entrance requirements prior to submission Convert all transcripts and supporting documents to PDF files Have a credit card ready to pay the application fee Apply Now You can check the status of your application online at any time using the Student Information System.

Scheduled intakes September each year. Advanced Placement Conditions You may be eligible to apply to an advanced level of the program through either re-admission or direct entry. Please note that applications are considered based on: Complete applications : you must show proof that you have completed or are registered in all requirements to be considered. Competitive entry : if the number of applicants exceeds available seats, BCIT will accept those deemed to have the best opportunity for success. Seat availability : confirmation may not be available until approximately one week before the term begins.

Re-admission If you have previously completed part of this program at BCIT and wish to re-enter the program at an advanced level, you can apply for re-admission. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Direct entry If you are new to the program but have completed an equivalent part of it at BCIT or elsewhere and want to apply to an advanced level, you can apply for direct entry. Option 1: If you do not have a diploma or degree.

If you are a mature applicant, you may be eligible to complete an Advanced Placement and Prior Learning APPL assessment to qualify for direct entry to an advanced level of the program. Option 4: School of Business diploma program transfer. It is recommended that you apply when you have met all of the entrance requirements. If you are currently registered in a course, please indicate this on the self-assessment form. Once your application has been assessed and has been approved for direct entry, a seat must become available in the program you have selected.

The Admissions department must wait until the current students obtain their final grades in either December or May to determine how many seats will become available for direct entry applicants. You are requested to specify you program option preference s. Option selection will be completed after current level 2 full-time student transfer requests are processed.

If a seat is not available in your preferred option an alternate option may be assigned. Your requested option cannot be guaranteed at time of application.