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And I have a collection of beat stuff that I found while in San Francisco, and yeah, some of it spoke to me a little. But as yet I've still not really managed to get to grips with poetry as a form. I didn't actually buy Further Requirements for poetry tips though, but because i I'd been browsing for hours and wa I've made small attempts to get into poetry before, but not very successfully. I didn't actually buy Further Requirements for poetry tips though, but because i I'd been browsing for hours and was reaching breaking point when I spotted it ii a friend of mine once sent me a link to some of Larkin's poems, and I thought they were alright, and iii my copy has an irresistibly endearing pic of Larkin on its cover, peaking out from the spine like a cross between a mole and Eric Morecombe.

If I remember rightly I thought it might be a little bit like Hitchen's Arguably, which I've been missing since I finished it a couple of months ago. Nevertheless, although half of the value that FR held for me came from the many fine examples of how to review, the remainder came from a fair dollop of poetic education - not specifically sought but gladly found. As an illustration of just how much I needed educating, for example, it was in FR that I came across my first-ever instances of someone in the know labelling any poetry bad and telling me why they thought it so.

For someone with no appreciation of poetry, good or bad, and oh so used to being completely baffled, the idea of a poet finding some poetry bad was a revelation. For the first time it occured to me that maybe the failings hadn't all been mine. The book starts with statements and interviews about Larkin's own works, and like any good interviews with intelligent creatives they're chock-full of interest. More trying are some of the forewords, although some of these also act as pointers to further potential areas of interest of a different authorship. The bulk of the book though is reviews that Larkin wrote - almost exclusively of books of poetry - and although more than a handful could beneficially have been left out, the majority I consider to have been well worth my time.

I have nobody to compare him to, but Larkin struck me as a reassuringly authoritative guide, and I found much to appreciate in the morsels he offered up to be cherished or scorned from the works he appraised. On finishing the book I've turned down the corners of no fewer than 11 pages, and that was exercising some restraint. Some examples of things I enjoyed: Larkin: If you're more interesting as a child than as a grown-up, what's the point of growing up? Llewelyn Cowper: Consider the glow, the glory of being alive, the very chance of it! How heart-piercing, how shocking, how supremely beautiful Larkin: It is no use remonstrating with a reviewer for speaking of the latest Poetry Book Club choice in terms that leave no adjectives for, say, Hardy, Tennyson, and Pope.

If he tries to keep the same critical standard for the lot he will find himself unable to say, not only anything favourable, but anything at all about the month's poetry, simply because critical perspective means that if the classics are in focus then ephemera are not even visible, and vice versa.

Larkin: [Real poems are] self-sufficient as eggs.

Anthony Thwaite

Larkin: Once the certainty of permanent extinction is realized, only a more immediate calamity can dislodge it from the mind, and then only temporarily. I do have to say that very little of the actual poetry quoted within these pages held even the slightest appeal for me. I've come away from the book wanting to read some more of Larkin's own work, some Betjeman, who was one of Larkin's favourites, some Gavin Ewert, as well as some stuff by the critic Cyril Connelly and the book HG Wells in Love , but I'd be surprised if any of these three poets end up doing for me what other people's favourite poets do for them.

As educational and enjoyable a guide as Larkin has been, I think I lack sufficient background knowledge of the pre-modern and the requisite tastes to appreciate the work of most of the people on whom he comments here. Still, I have those few promising leads and, much more importantly, I feel substantially better equipped to tackle poetry in general. Not a bad outcome from something hastily grabbed while on the verge of fainting. Jan 05, Tim rated it liked it. All stuff that Larkin himself hadn't bothered publishing in book form - the title refers back to the collection of generically similar stuff he had published, under the title 'Required Writing', which I read a couple of years ago.

So essentially a miscellany on literary subjects. Its subjects naturally reflect Larkin's own interests and preferences to a large extent.

Further Requirements

There are numerous re or so pages of interviews, broadcasts and mainly book reviews, written from the mids to the mids. There are numerous reviews of Betjeman books, a couple of Dick Francis novels Waugh, Tennyson, Auden, the Powys brothers, Cyril Connolly and Eliot all appear several times he's not an across-the-board fan of all of these, e.

Auden, who nevertheless gets a lot of attention here. A couple of pieces are linked to his profession of librarianship. But I read it okay, to be honest I did skip a few and skimmed a few others, but I read most of it in a week, which is probably not the best way to read this kind of book, and I was kind of slightly bored of it by the time I finished it.

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It wouldn't be fair to hold this reaction against the content, since it obviously wasn't designed to be swallowed whole. One thing I'd like to note because it's contrary to a certain stereotyped view of him is that he appears from these reviews etc.

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He is never cutting or dismissive, even when he doesn't think much of a book he's reviewing I'm afraid I can't always say the same. He clearly belongs within a certain camp poetically - the relatively straightforward, unobscure and indeed anti-obscurity - but he reads well beyond that camp and does so with an open though properly critical mind.

Seems, in short, like a thoroughly decent chap, and not the small-minded little Englander he's caricatured as being although it's obvious where the caricature comes from. Not a thrill-ride for the rest of the world. John Bullock rated it liked it Aug 23, Brendan rated it really liked it Jun 16, Patrick rated it liked it Mar 22, Brian rated it it was amazing May 16, Only for those very interested in Larkin. Calico rated it really liked it Jul 21, Joa Chilltinbarca rated it liked it Sep 30, Nicholas Owen rated it it was amazing May 13, Richard Lidster rated it really liked it May 13, Kayleigh rated it liked it Jun 16, Chiffchaff Birdy rated it really liked it May 29, David rated it really liked it Jan 25, Scott Rorrison rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Lee Lavery rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Gramarye rated it really liked it Nov 22, Daniel rated it liked it Jan 02, Samuel rated it liked it May 11, More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

Original Green Hardback. Condition: Very Good Plus.

First Edition. It was the last book to be published by him during his lifetime and won the W.

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Smith Award. It was also chosen by many critics and reviewers as one of their books of the year. Larkin died in December Further Requirements gathers together many other interviews, broadcasts, statements and reviews. Some of them date from the period after he had chosen the contents of Required Writing; others come from obscure publications, including some early pieces.

Taken all together this collection of fugitive or reprinted material fills in a consistent but sometimes unexpected portrait of Philip Larkin - mordant, intolerant, generous, but always himself. It will give great pleasure to all admirers of his work. Required Writing was dedicated to Anthony Thwaite, one of Larkin's chosen literary executors, who has edited and introduced this new selection.

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