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The thought of a young boy getting separated from his group and then being lost terrifies me and my heart goes out to his family. Every case is different. Some cases require me to read up on them and study them for weeks while others only take a week or so to brush up on. As an avid true crime reader and viewer I am familiar with a great number of cases.

In the end, I need to know the cases well enough to discuss them with Justin who studies them independently from me. Many times we end up recording episodes without having discussed the topics beforehand. Depending on the case, we might have trial transcripts, articles, documentaries, books, or other sources to draw from. One of the first ones that come to mind is In Sight.

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I have met both Charlie and Ali and I think I get along pretty well with them. I also like the topics they choose for their podcast. Hi Aaron! Do you ever feel that you need a break from true crime, and if so, what do you do to unwind?

We can only take so much murder before we need a break and for me that happens when I spend time with my family, watch a movie, listen to music, or play a game on my computer. The best time to unwind is after we release an episode. Both positive and negative? It has helped me in many ways. I can safely say that I feel that Justin and I have become better friends because we have had to work so much together over the years. Another positive is all the amazing people we have met. Both online and in real life. One of the only negatives is that I have very little free time.

Most podcasters put in a lot of work on their shows. Perhaps MMA, but I would need to focus on it to do it justice. The list is massive. I might do that sometime, but for now I have a note on my phone, screenshots, and labeled emails. I like to go to one of these if I am looking for topics. Sometimes I just have some ready off the top of my head. As a result of all of your work researching mysteries and unsolved crimes, have you identified gaps or errors common in a lot of investigations that technology could help to plug? There are older cases that would undoubtedly have benefited from dna testing.

But one of the most common errors that I am seeing are from mistaken eyewitnesses.

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I am not sure that technology can help with that. I think, in the end, that investigations are only as good as the detectives working the case and the evidence they are able to collect. Getting the right mix every time is impossible. You talk about the Reid interrogation technique in a number of your episodes. Is there an episode that sticks in your mind as the most egregious use of this technique that resulted in a confession that was later proved to be false?

The Reid Interrogation Technique involves placing the subject in a room and then telling them that you know they are guilty. Any statements or replies contrary to what the investigators are looking for is met with anger or disappointment. The subject is told that they are lying and that they know they are lying.

Breakfast, day job, pick up kids from school, shower, dinner, family time, podcast stuff research, editing, correspondence, planning, etc.

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I have a long list of favorite books. Which one shocked you the most? As is Kerry Max Cook. The time that you and I have put into it over the years. We stuck with it and continue to enjoy what we do. Two parter sorry! What are your three favorite horror films? How in the world are you two paying your bills given the astronomical amount of research, and production work you seem to put into your episodes.

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It blows me away that you manage to publish weekly, but thank you- I love your work! Do you ever feel during your research a struggle similar to those in H. Lovecraft literature…?

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Hence destroyed its power to create fear, permitting liberation? Yes to the former question and no to the latter. The truth is that sometimes I will read something and it scars me. Luckily, I have many things going on so the terrible knowledge never consumes me. The basic definition of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

However, most of the current decision processes tends to be dominated by the older generation and produce outcomes which neglect future generations.

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Consequently, we, representatives of the younger generation, claim to have legitimacy to be heard by present decision makers. We equip young change agents around the world with the necessary resources to develop their ideas into professional policy-, business-, and social-innovations. In addition, we support the translation of the SDGs into the specific context of political institutions, businesses and civil organisations through workshops and consultancy. The variety of our cultural and academic backgrounds, including Sustainability Science, Design Thinking, Economics, Business, Politics, International Relations, Law, Sociology, History, Culture Science, Earth Science, Environmental Management, Biology and Geography enables us to draw on a broad set of scientific instruments and cultural perspectives.

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